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A single-level preview of an upcoming total conversion. Don't let the huge size deter you... this one is pretty amazing. There are a few tricks that have never been done before (a fantastic vacuum simulation on a non-vacuum level, for one), and an atmosphere that just can't be beat. You're returning to the Marathon 60 years after your last mission, and it's been abandoned (they thought) for most of that time. It really, really feels it... from the nicely distressed M1 textures, to the trashed scenery, to the neat little touches that you've got to find for yourself, this author has really captured the feel of M1, which many of us have missed for a long time. While carnage is light, don't think it's gonna be a cakewalk... it's not. The puzzles are tough-no gimmes here. Persevere, though... it's worth it! (Wait till you find the proximity detector...)

Also available in floppy-sized chunks.

(3/14/99) (10109K) Inf Scenario
Antonio de Llamas
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