Pfhorte Handbook Reference Set

The Pfhorte Handbook Reference Set is the ideal way to approach map editing. With these handy reference cards, you'll never again have to try to remember which texture, switch or object is which!

The Reference cards are in PICT format, and can be left open in the background. Or, for best results, print them on a color printer.

Due to the large size of the individual reference cards, they are all separate downloads. Each file is also too large to be opened by SimpleText, but any other PICT viewer can open them.
[Note: Actually, they open just fine with SimpleText 1.2 or above. I also reduced filesize by discarding unused colors. -CAE]

Each of the reference card deals only with the stock Shapes file that ships with Marathon. The information can be applied to any map editor, but concentrates mostly on Steve Israelson's Pfhorte and Dan Walkowski's Mia!

Each set in the volume is one page, except for Volume 6 which is 3 separate pages.

The Pfhorte Handbook Reference Set is a companion to the Pfhorte Handbook, the freeware guide to map editing with Steve Israelson's Pfhorte and Dan Walkowski's Mia! Available now at your favorite online service!

The Pfhorte Handbook and the Pfhorte Handbook Reference Set are copyright 1995 John M. Vizcarra ( The Pfhorte Handbook and Reference Set are free and may be freely distributed as whole and complete archives. Commercial distribution is restricted.