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The Yota Saga, Part 16

Another episode in the Yota series from Goran Svensson. It's been a little while since we've heard from Goran Svensson, and no wonder; Part 16 of the Yota Saga is a six-level episode (well, 5 levels and an introduction) that's a whole lot more of the exquisite mapmaking that we've all come to expect from Mr. Svensson, and this kind of work takes time. Some of the levels are more linear than others, but there's so much puzzly eye-candy going on here that you won't notice it. You also won't notice it because you'll be busy trying not to get your ass kicked up around your shoulders - Goran says the map can be beat in Total Carnage, but this reviewer has his doubts. (Okay, maybe John Summer can...) This map is *tough*, Vid-Boi. The term plot is still soap-opera, but has improved markedly from earlier episodes, and contributes to the gameplay far better. No patches accompany this map; if you've been playing along in the series, you're already good to go. If not, you'll need the Shapes Shuttles from episodes 4, 7, 9, 11, 14, and 15, and the Sounds Shuttle from episode 4.

description by Rigger

(4/7/2003) (2191K) MOS Solo
Goran Svensson

Carnage Chambers

This single-level map is great for solo or multi-player extermination, but good luck doing it; as the ReadMe states, ammo is sparse (no foolin!), and monsters just keep on regenerating. About the only flaw I could find anywhere is a typo in the level name in Map View - "Chamgers"? This is Jamie Stafford's first effort at mapmaking, and by the looks of this one, he's going to generate some top-flight maps before he's through.

description by Rigger

(4/7/2003) (8K) Inf Large
Jamie Stafford/Wolf Feather

C-Files Redux

22 levels (well, okay... 20 levels & 2 "secret" levels) that are suitable for solo target practice & Tag-type netplay. On the plus side, most of these levels are a rabbit-warren of interconnected rooms to do the "snipe-&-run" tactic on your netplaying buddies. And as I said, they're great for honing your trigger finger before taking on a more complex map - since you don't really have to worry about where you're going, you can concentrate on ventilating monsters. On the minus side, they show an almost total lack of eye-candy, architectural creativity, or imagination. Edge-smearing isn't rampant, but there's a lot of it on quite a few of the levels (and especially in one level, where you lose an entire room), and "secret" door platforms textured to match the adjacent walls is *way* overdone here. Finding an exit into the next level is super-easy; just look for a Juggernaut, as all transporters are invariably guarded by one.

description by Rigger

(4/7/2003) (439K) Inf Solo
Cyle Gage

Zany Rubicon Netmaps

What a hoot! Eleven netmaps suitable for all sorts of multi-player carnage, with some wackiness thrown into each for good measure. We found the second level, "Skip-Bo", especially hooty in this household, given that *every* poly is a transporter; great practice for shooting-on-the-run. I personally found it moderately difficult to muster the killing instinct, even playing against my wife, given that I was laughing out loud at each level's gimmick (and so was she). Definitely a must-have, and one of the most appropriately-named maps I've ever seen!

description by Rigger

(4/7/2003) (181K) Rubicon Netpaks

M2/M00 Clut Modifier v1.2.3

The M2/M00 Clut Modifier will allow you to extract the palettes from any M2 or M00 Shapes file, and to reinstall them back (after you have modified them). I did this because someone told me that Anvil didn't allow full customization of the palettes. This program has not been fully tested - use at your own risks. New in this version: Corrected a nasty bug that caused an extra color to appear at the end of every clut when editing them in ResEdit. This extra color could sometimes hose a Shapes file when dealing with large cluts. 1.2.2 adds the possibiltiy of not shortening cluts when installing, and corrects PICTs to add transparency. 1.2.3 lets you widen cluts, fixed bugs, and allows editing with Resourcer.
(2/14/2003) (44K) Inf Tools
Charles Lechasseur

Wail 2.5b1

The successor to the Marathon Sound Editor, Wail vastly increases the fun you can have editing sounds.It can handle files of any length, like files from games that use the Marathon engine and the sound file from the Win95 version of M2. It's nicely laid out, it's flexible, it's relatively easy to use. It's still in beta, but this will most likely become the tool of choice for serious Marathon sound editors. v2.1b1 squashes a couple of bugs, adds a pair of (experimental) tags-try 'em out! Docs haven't been updated yet... but whaddaya want, it's still a beta. Super-quick update b2 fixes a bug that slowed down the shuttles. 2.2b1 update fixes a few small bugs, and adds one really cool feature... you can replace used classes with empty ones. 2.3b1 pulls out all code not written by Charles, and releases the program as free software under a BSD-like license. 2.3b2 fixes the 'Compare with' function which got broken in 2.3b1. 2.5b1 has more features and bug fixes than you can shake a stick at - check the readme for details. Source code (879K) is also available.
(2/14/2003) (888K) Inf Tools
Charles Lechasseur

Revival Texture Pack for M1A1 - 256x256 jpg

Completely redone Marathon textures, created by Jay Faircloth for Marathon: Resurrection (an Unreal Tournament mod), ported to M1A1 by Raul Bonilla. Available in 4 flavors; hi-res png (good for Windows machines with lots of RAM), lo-res png (Windows machines with less RAM), hi-res jpg (loaded Macs), and lo-res jpg (more modest Macs). Grab the one you need.
(1/11/2003) (14234K) M1A1 Shapes
Raul Bonilla
  Name Description

Athens Outpost for M1A1 v1.1 SDL

SDL port (by the author) of Athens Outpost for M1A1.
(1/11/2003) (58K) A1SDL
Raul Bonilla

The Yota Saga, Part 14 Extras

This file is a simple Landscapes Patcher that does on ejob: it replaces the alien moonscape in your patched Yota #14 Shapes file with a *very* cool NASA deep-space photo. (You have remembered to patch your Shapes file accordingly for all the Yota episodes, right?) Sent separate from Episode #14 because... Well... Because Goran "forgot to include it". The game runs dandy-fine without this photo, but its coolness factor should not be discounted. MacOS X users should note that this patcher, like all of Goran's Yota Shapes Shuttles, must be used from within the Classic MacOS.

description by Rigger

(1/11/2003) (460K) MOS Shapes
Goran Svensson

The Yota Saga, Part 14

The next in a continuing series of Yota installments from Goran Svensson. Four levels of the sort of mapmaking and eye-candy that continues to push the boundaries of the possible. The plotline, sadly, has decended from "plot" into "soap opera" (AIs in love? C'mon, Goran...). There are far fewer suicide traps in this episode than in earlier offerings. Save early and often; you *will* be on the receiving end of a thorough ass-kicking. A separately available Landscape Patch adds an element of serious visual coolness to the opening level.

description by Rigger

(1/11/2003) (2835K) MOS Solo
Goran Svensson

Revival Texture Pack for M1A1 - 128x128 png

Completely redone Marathon textures, created by Jay Faircloth for Marathon: Resurrection (an Unreal Tournament mod), ported to M1A1 by Raul Bonilla. Available in 4 flavors; hi-res png (good for Windows machines with lots of RAM), lo-res png (Windows machines with less RAM), hi-res jpg (loaded Macs), and lo-res jpg (more modest Macs). Grab the one you need.
(1/11/2003) (6093K) M1A1 Shapes
Raul Bonilla

2 Dreary Maps v1.1 SDL

SDL ports (by the author) of the Dreary Maps for M1A1.
(1/11/2003) (150K) A1SDL
Raul Bonilla


An excellent single-level netmap for Marathon: Evil. Plenty of stuff to hide behind and elevator/transporter platforms to temporarily get you out of whatever trouble your ego got you into, plus lots of weapons and ammo. Not really suitable for KotH, and probably a little small for large LAN parties, but for groups of four or so, it'll do handsomely.

description by Rigger

(1/11/2003) (47K) Evil Large
Simon Dupuis

Secret Doors

Tim Vogel tosses us a neat, concise 2-level map illustrating how to do push-in panel doors, a la 'Wolfenstein 3D'... Merely running the map in the game is enough help to figure out how this is done; opening the map in Forge reveals the timing and triggering finesse. It's an easy Forge trick, but having such a map is useful and will prove helpful to the neophyte mapmaker. A nice instructive map, comparable to some of Jason Harper's smaller offerings from Back In The Day.

description by Rigger

(1/11/2003) (21K) Info
Tim Vogel
  Name Description

Vacation in Vilcabamba

What a hoot! If you enjoyed revisiting Earth in Tempus Irae, you're going to really like your "Vacation In Vilcabamba". The mapmaking is excellent and more than sufficiently puzzly, the new textures are gorgeous, the terminals are completely proof-read, the AI is moderately twisted, and the monster placement is quite good, with a new baddie for you to wrestle with. [hint: "Man's Best Friend", my butt!] This map pack comes with application patches for both AlephOne and Infinity, plus Shapes and Sounds shuttles. Note that the map is named "ViV Copy", rather than just "ViV". You may wish to get rid of the "copy" in the name, although it probably doesn't matter to the game that much. (This may be remedied before you read this review. If so, please disregard.) My only disappointment was that it was only one level; I finished it cheering for more.

description by Rigger

[Ed.: The original version of Vilcabamba has been left up for posterity's sake. This is the same map, but overhauled, and with new nasties...]

(1/11/2003) (2972K) Inf Scenarios
Daniel Thomas

Revival Texture Pack for M1A1 - 128x128 jpg

Completely redone Marathon textures, created by Jay Faircloth for Marathon: Resurrection (an Unreal Tournament mod), ported to M1A1 by Raul Bonilla. Available in 4 flavors; hi-res png (good for Windows machines with lots of RAM), lo-res png (Windows machines with less RAM), hi-res jpg (loaded Macs), and lo-res jpg (more modest Macs). Grab the one you need.
(1/11/2003) (3785K) M1A1 Shapes
Raul Bonilla

Revival Texture Pack for M1A1 - 256x256 png

Completely redone Marathon textures, created by Jay Faircloth for Marathon: Resurrection (an Unreal Tournament mod), ported to M1A1 by Raul Bonilla. Available in 4 flavors; hi-res png (good for Windows machines with lots of RAM), lo-res png (Windows machines with less RAM), hi-res jpg (loaded Macs), and lo-res jpg (more modest Macs). Grab the one you need.
(1/11/2003) (22487K) M1A1 Shapes
Raul Bonilla

Extra Celestial (for M1A1) v1.1 SDL

SDL port (by the author) of Extra Celestial for M1A1.
(1/11/2003) (58K) A1SDL
Raul Bonilla

Me's Massive Netpack V1.2

A bug-fix rebuild of MMN v1.1, plus some new maps to make it better. There's something here for most everyone, for most any game style you care to name. I had some issues running some of these maps under AlephOne-Carbon, but they all work right-as-rain under Classic AlephOne.

description by Rigger

(1/11/2003) (279K) MOS Netpaks
Lewis Hosie

M.A.D.D.s for A1 SDL v3

An update of the SDL port of Quartz's M.A.D.D patch for Infinity. Some changes were made for this version - see the enclosed readme for details.
(1/11/2003) (4315K) A1SDL

SLD Enhanced Shapes

A patcher that will add a number of new wall textures to each wall collection in a standard Infinity shapes file. Consider it extra flexibility. :)
(1/11/2003) (1833K) Inf Shapes
Simon Dupuis
  Name Description

The Yota Saga, Part 15

Another episode in the Yota series from Goran Svensson. Slightly more linear gameplay than earlier episodes, and the term plot still reeks of Soap Opera, but not enough to distract from what rockin'-good mapmaking the author is capable of. Earlier advice applies: Save Early & Often. The last of the six levels in this episode serves as possibly the most twisted Christmas card that you'll ever receive. The full-length .mp3 soundtrack feature returns in this episode, thankfully as a playable level soundtrack, rather than an irritatingly long cutscene that you cannot escape from, as was the case in Episode 13.

description by Rigger

(1/11/2003) (12820K) MOS Solo
Goran Svensson

M1A1 for SDL

In response to some user problems with the existing version of M1A1 for SDL, Raul Bonilla released this. Music is already included. This is on par with the Mac version.
(1/11/2003) (38287K) SDL Scenario
Raul Bonilla

TVogel Textures

A couple of dozen 256x256 textures, including wall textures, liquids, and landscapes.
(1/11/2003) (3583K) MOS Shapes
Tim Vogel

M.A.D.D.s for Aleph One Mac v3

A simple patcher from Quartz that replaces the M2 Bobs in your Infinity/AlephOne Shapes file with resurrected M.A.D.D.s (Marathon Automated Defense Drones) from M1. Comes with a single-level demo map that's suitably labryntine for some good solo fun, and other Good Stuff. This is an AlephOne port of Quartz's M.A.D.D. patch for Infinity.

description by Rigger

(1/11/2003) (1010K) MOS Shapes

Galactic Colour

A NASA-produced image suitable for insertion into any Marathon Shapes file as a space landscape. Nice composition.
(1/11/2003) (1983K) Inf Shapes
Beer Can

Riders on the Storm

Inside, outside, all around the station... A great single-level netmap for smaller LAN parties (four to six players ideally), suitable for all sorts of group warfare. All sorts of corners to snipe around and windows to rain mayhem down from, and no shortage of weapons or ammo. After while, I felt like I was fighting inside a Mobius strip.

description by Rigger

(1/11/2003) (63K) Inf Large
sam killeen

poena.dare's Maps of Pain

Ten netmaps from poena.dare for your dining and dancing pleasure, connected by a central "lobby" for jumping off to any of them. Some levels are more suitable for certain modes of gameplay than others, but some seriously twisted thought went into all of these, and the mapmaking really shines! The author has been sitting on these maps for eight years, or so he says. This reviewer believes that they're well worth the wait.

description by Rigger

(1/11/2003) (2253K) Inf Netpaks
poena.dare #CP#
  Name Description

USS Raider for M1A1 v1.1 SDL

SDL port (by the author) of USS Raider for M1A1.
(1/11/2003) (190K) A1SDL
Raul Bonilla

Athens Outpost for M1A1 v1.1

A remake of one of the first solo maps (with terrminals) ever made for M1 - Jim Brewster's Athens Outpost - here recreated for the Marathon 1 to Aleph 1 project. The original was released 7 years and 7 days ago tomorrow - is that some sort of karma? Wow, replaying this map brought back all sorts of memories - get this, play it, send Raul thank-you email. This version replaces the lava sky with a (very nice) landscape pic.
(10/6/2002) (90K) M1A1 Solo
Raul Bonilla

2 Dreary Maps v1.1

2 maps, both based on the Unreal Tournament map 'Dreary Outpost'. The first level is a solo level, requiring that you simply activate the exit terminal (by activating 7 other switches, first, and trying to stay alive). The second map is a netmap based on a chunk of this level. Decent flow, and it looks great in the M1 textures. Comes with alternative music. This version fixes some minor errors and makes some small modifications to Dreary Outpost.
(10/6/2002) (205K) M1A1 Large
Raul Bonilla

Max Payne Texture Pack for M1A1 - 256x256 v1.1

Just what they sound like - Max Payne textures designed to replace the standard M1 textures in M1A1. Hi-res (256x256). Also available in lo-res. Version 1.1 adds Grendel textures for compatibility with new secret level.
(10/6/2002) (12188K) M1A1 Shapes
Raul Bonilla

M1A1 Map Making Kit

A Shapes Shuttle that allows editing M1A1 maps in Forge. Example maps and the M1A1 Physics model are included.
(10/6/2002) (1824K) MOS Tools
Raul Bonilla


18 levels of 'go through the square room and kill everything and look for the nearly invisible exit'. Use your map; it's easier. Terms are painful. Original release contained a 10 mb shapes file - it's been converted to a 3 mb shuttle containing only the changed collections.
(10/6/2002) (2076K) Inf Scenario

USS Raider for M1A1 v1.1

A remake of one of the first multilevel solo maps (with terrminals) ever made for M1 - Jim Brewster's USS Raider - here recreated for the Marathon 1 to Aleph 1 project. The original was the most downloaded map at the HyperArchive NorthWest, back when stats were kept in 1995-96. It holds up surprisingly well over time - it's still very playable. (Not as hard as it once was... but still pretty tough. :) ) Whoa, the memories... This version fixes a small error in which an erroneous texture was used (plus some other minor stuff).
(10/6/2002) (240K) M1A1 Solo
Raul Bonilla
  Name Description

Max Payne Texture Pack for M1A1 - 128x128 v1.1

Just what they sound like - Max Payne textures designed to replace the standard M1 textures in M1A1. Lo-res (128x128). Also available in hi-res. Version 1.1 adds Grendel textures for compatibility with new secret level.
(10/6/2002) (3040K) M1A1 Shapes
Raul Bonilla

Extra Celestial (for M1A1) v1.1

A remake of a classic M1 map created for the Marathon 1 to Aleph 1 project. True to the original. Great to see this map again! v1.1 fixes a small bug where some aliens didn't attack the player, along with some other minor mods.
(10/6/2002) (89K) M1A1 Solo
Raul Bonilla

M1A1 Mac

A port of the original Marathon to Aleph One. This is a total overhaul of the original version of M1A1 - there are two secret levels, new textures, new scenery, new landscapes. The primary impetus for redoing this was to remove the crashes in the OSX version of Aleph One caused by shooting at a Looker with a magnum or the assault rifle. The latest readme is online, so you can see what you're getting into. The newly reworked alternative mp3 tracks (47.4 mb) from Chibi-Usa are compatible with this scenario.
(10/6/2002) (37078K) MOS Scenario
Raul Bonilla

The Yota Saga, Part 13

Installment 13 of an ongoing series. 9 levels. Several of them are simply 'deathmatch' levels - kill the invisible marine with the shotgun. One is a pretty cool cutscene level, with great camera work. The author continues to push the Aleph One boundaries... but there are definite glitches. (There was no sound in the cutscene level, for example - and the following level had the controls majorly screwed up; I had to quit and restart in order to get control back fully. Similarly, there are levels where to advance, you must kill the invisimarine, who's supposed to drop a chip... but several times he didn't. I had to play these level more than once - and on the level where you must kill TWO of them, and get BOTH chips, I played through at least 8 times; not a trivial task, when killing these guys takes half an hour.) Lighting is great, the new story style... didn't work for me. It might work for you; try it. Overall, I'd say this is some of the best Marathon work being done right now (even WITH the glitches) - definitely worth playing. The massive size is due to an included mp3 - if you're not interested in the (rather heavy) music, you can grab a 2.6 mb musicless version.
(10/6/2002) (6863K) MOS Solo
Goran Svensson

Bonigus 1.1

6 levels, ranging from quite big to very small. Great mapmaking, some interesting gameplay ideas (I liked 'Put your Skeletons in Jail' quite a lot). Sounds are a bit uneven. Definitely some great netplay.
(9/22/2002) (227K) Rubicon Netpaks

Old Bones 1.1

14 maps. Wide range of sizes and complexities - most groups should find maps they like in this pack. Somewhat dark, on balance.
(9/22/2002) (256K) Inf Netpaks


A 14-level solo scenario, built in with the Rubicon engine (though not, maybe, the Rubicon universe). Mapmaking is gorgeous - an awful lot of thought and care went into this. Gameplay isn't quite up to the standard set by the mapmaking, however. (Don't get me wrong - it's very, very good. However, the mapmaking is GREAT.) The biggest problem is the linearity, in my opinion; you can never move on to a new area until you finish the area you're in. There's always one door out. To be fair, some of the biggest complaining that happens on Marathon forums comes when there are too MANY choices - players don't know what to do next. That's not a problem here. If you find a locked door, look around - there will always be a chip for it somewhere nearby. Other problems included some tightness of ammo (consider this a challenge to play better) and some hokiness with regard to the storyline. (In several places, it seemed forced; plot points were being driven by map design, instead of the other way around.) Stepping back, these are all minor complaints - this is a great package, and absolutely worth the download. There were several places I simply stopped playing to gape around me.
(9/22/2002) (2816K) Rubicon Solo
Tilo Probst
  Name Description

Hallucinogenetics 1.2

7 maps. Mostly small - even the larger ones are suitable for small groups. Very pretty layouts. Pretty simple - accent is on carnage.
(9/22/2002) (128K) Tempus Netpaks


14 solo levels (plus 23 net levels). Mapmaking's decent, gameplay is quite hard. (Lots of baddies in lots of tight spaces. On one level you and the guys you're fighting are invisible... and the darkness is broken only by lightning flashes.) Story is okay - though Durandal acts more alien than man-created, and for some reason has forgotten how to spell. Some Stephen King tossed in for no apparent reason. Will keep you busy for a while.
(9/22/2002) (6720K) Inf Scenarios
Jeff Russell

The Yota Saga, Part 12

Installment 12 of an ongoing series. This may be the end of an era. (Or, it may just be bad fish.) In any case, I'm posting this chapter without a full run-through - something that hasn't happened for a long, long time. I made it about three-quarters of the way through the first level, and experienced what other Marathon players have reported, but what I've never seen personally before - a nausea that gets worse the longer you play. I don't know if that means that this level is more REAL than others, or if I've just become allergic to Marathon - but out of fairness to the author, I'm putting it out now, rather than holding onto it for a weakness of MINE. What I've seen of it is quite good; the standard Yota-style tricks (keep an eye open for hidden passageways, sometimes the switch you need is beyond them), the mapmaking continues to impress. Hopefully this is a passing phase.
(8/25/2002) (1590K) MOS Solo
Goran Svensson


A collection of 256x256 PNG files for use with Aleph One (or anything else, for that matter). Some random screens are included, to show the textures in use. Psychadelic.
(7/30/2002) (8820K) MOS Shapes
Beer Can

The Yota Saga, Part 11

Installment 11 of an ongoing series. Three levels, a lot of gameplay. Sometimes frustrating; there are plenty of suicide traps. (Multiple saves...) Eye candy continues to improve from chapter to chapter... but this one has some problems with Pfhortran, the scripting language for Aleph One. You'll almost certainly notice some... oddities as you go, and in a couple of cases, you risk having to start over by re-entering an area you already finished. (This happened to me, far from a save... I lost about 2 hours.) There are some VERY tricky spots - watch your map at all times, and if you feel like you're stuck, run your head into a wall - literally. (Trust me - it'll help.) On balance, a very enjoyable romp... even with the caveats.
(7/30/2002) (2572K) MOS Solo
Goran Svensson

Goran's Netpack

7 maps, 2 already released, 5 new. Wide range of sizes - what they have in common is their use of huge numbers of polys (and views that would crash Infinity in an instant). Heavy on the map complexity, light on stuff like lighting and sounds... but you should find a map in here for most tastes.
(7/30/2002) (1718K) MOS Netpaks
Goran Svensson

Chai'etra Infinitus SDL (tophet)

A replacement for the original SDL port of Chai'etra Infinitus, submitted because the original has invalid file path information in the archive. This version also adds a new, external Chai'etra physics model which can be used with any unmerged maps. (If you've already downloaded the original SDL port, and you don't want the physics model by itself, don't bother with this - simply move the original to its proper location; there's no need to download 7 megs of new stuff just to fix a folder name. Get this one if you haven't downloaded it at all, though.)
(7/30/2002) (7175K) A1SDL
  Name Description

Siege of Nor'Korh v2 (SDL)

An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Randall Currie) of Seige of Nor'Korh v2. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages. Resubmitted on July 30, 2002, to fix a minor filepath error in the zip archive.
(7/30/2002) (4365K) SDL Solo
Randall Shaw

Forge This!

A relatively simple netmap with a couple of Forge tricks in it (hence the name). One of them (a simulated ramp) would KILL Infinity... so make sure you're using Aleph One before you try opening this. The second trick is pretty cool to look at . Tricks aside, the level is pretty straightforward, with a couple of levels, and places to hide.
(6/22/2002) (94K) MOS Large
Goran Svensson

Carlos on the Run

Originally known as Muerte Machine, this grandiose project was abandoned before being completed (read the author's thoughts on this at the Big House site). It's still an amazing piece of work - it plays more like a movie than a Marathon game. Artwork is stupendous, weapons are imaginative... this is as much a gallery of what CAN be done with Marathon as it is a game to be played.

Due to its very large size (and our smallish pipe), you'll have much better luck with the mirrors mentioned on the Carlos on the Run page. Use our local copy as a last resort. Thanks!

(6/22/2002) (59597K) MOS Scenarios
Jesse Simko

Spht'Kr 3D models

An example of some 3D modeling and per-level MML scripting for Aleph One. Spht'Kr models (and the code needed to use them), plus a couple of test levels, showing them in action... It was created as an example for a 3D Tutorial for the scripting-impaired (folks like the author) - check it out!
(6/22/2002) (683K) MOS Shapes

Escape!! 2 v1.0.1

A seven-level solo campaign, built as a sequel to the author's previous 'Escape!' map. Heavily puzzle-based; find a switch, figure out what's new, repeat. Oh... except that you need to keep your eyes open for all the stuff trying to kill you. (And that's a lot of stuff.) Adrenaline is definitely on, here... This works with M2, Infinity, Aleph One, and Aleph One SDL. (You can download the PC version at the Orbital Arm website.)
(6/22/2002) (3291K) M2 Solo
Scott Noblitt

Marathon-Machina v1.0

A seven-level solo campaign - nicely story-based, solid gameplay. A decent romp. (It's not spectacular - but it's quite playable.) This one should keep you busy for a bit!
(6/22/2002) (2188K) Inf Solo
James Smith

Cerberus Demo

The first level of an upcoming scenario. This was actually released in January, but never added to the Archives. Since the (temporary) demise of Fileball, there wasn't any place to download this from, so we've added it here. Read more about it at the Cerberus website
(5/7/2002) (1603K) MOS Scenarios
The Cerberus Team
  Name Description

The Classified 19

An 18 level solo scenario (plus 10 netmaps) that's been 4 years in the making. An answer to map-driven stories... this is a story-driven map. If you fell in love with Marathon because of its storyline, you owe it to yourself to play this one.

Please try the much faster download mirrors listed on the TC19 website first.

(5/7/2002) (9812K) Inf Scenarios
Evil Petting Zoo

Return to Marathon Aleph One (Chapter One)

A Shapes patch and an MML script that allows Return To Marathon to be played with Aleph One. You still need the full Return to Marathon download - this simply patches the shapes file to get around a glitch in the Infinity version (the glitch doesn't affect the game under Infinity, but makes areas unplayable under A1) and replaces the patched RtM application. A fantastic example of how Fux! can be replaced with MML.
(5/7/2002) (469K) MOS Scenario
Raul Bonilla

The Yota Saga, Part 10

Installment 10 of an ongoing series. Two levels this time. Emphasis is on puzzles... you need to use your map, and your head. You need to save frequently - there are LOTS of traps. (They're planned.) If you get caught, your only option is to restart from the last save - so make sure you HAVE that last save. The second level pushes Aleph One's ability to show LOTS of polygons pretty hard - there are areas that caused slowdowns on a 733 MHz G4 (how far we've come!). Some really innovative stuff here - it's a good pair of maps, even if it will have you pulling your hair out at times. :)
(5/7/2002) (2571K) MOS Solo
Goran Svensson

Goran's Health and Oxygen Bars

A shapes patcher that will make your health and oxygen bars somewhat translucent - Aqua-like, if you will. Works under Infinity or Aleph One (or M2, for that matter).
(5/7/2002) (66K) Inf Shapes
Goran Svensson

The Voice

n the author's words, "this is a side trip in the Tempus Irae universe, and may be assumed to take place at any reasonable point during the original storyline." One level, or two if you count the setup intro. Mapmaking is very high quality, and the story is well-written. There are a couple of places where monster triggers could have been placed better... but that's a nitpick, suggesting that only nits are wrong with this one. Download it today - it's a great romp!
(5/7/2002) (540K) Tempus Solo
Mark Levin

Much Superior Grenade v1.1

A remake of the grenade explosion, created by mixing the standard grenade sound with a Myth dwarf bottle. Placed in Inf Sounds, but it comes in two flavors - snd resource for Macintosh, and .wav file for PC - so it should be useable in any Marathon.
(4/21/2002) (93K) Inf Sounds
Beer Can

Chai'etra Infinitus for SDL

A faithful reproduction of a fantastic Infinity scenario, now playable with Aleph One SDL.
(4/21/2002) (7171K) A1SDL Solo
Gareth Wood
  Name Description

Harkozynx 9 for SDL

A faithful reproduction of a large Infinity scenario. It was ported to SDL format by Randall Currie using HFV Explorer.
(4/21/2002) (29840K) A1SDL
Eric K. Salzman

No Stinking Type Pfhor Errors (A1)

A great M2 map from 1996, updated to work under Aleph One. The original map was run through Scalpel (to remove zero-length lines), then merged with Forge. This was a great map in 1996 - it's STILL a great map, and now it works under a much more versatile engine.
(4/21/2002) (1805K) MOS Solo
Beer Can

Endren's Netpack v1.3

This collection is now up to 8 maps, all very well constructed. The first one's a bit odd... insane chess. The rest, though... you could play these for a while and not get bored. Phorever is especially nice.(It almost makes me okay with the idea of a vacuum netlevel... almost.) Version 1.2 fixes most of the known bugs, and adds a map - Coliseum, a rather crazy small arena in which the baddies hate each other, the bobs stand around and watch (and eventually shout 'hey! he's shooting at us!' when you kill enough of them, though they can't do anything about it except die), and when you get bored, the whole place can be flooded with lava. Ouch! v1.3 adds 3 more maps - all relatively small, all interesting. (The late Simplici7y entrant is pretty cool- and that's coming from someone who doesn't like water levels.) Contemplation looks like it needs some work... but it has some serious potential.
(4/21/2002) (194K) Inf Netpaks
Jesse Everett

Up Periscope v 1.9A

An Aleph One SDL conversion (sanctioned by the original author) of Up Periscope, a very enjoyable Infinity map. All terminals and original art are preserved.
(4/21/2002) (720K) A1SDL
Eric Margolis

The Yota Saga, Part 2 (updated)

The second of 20 levels, to be played in order. (The plan is a release every two weeks - he's on schedule.) Again, ammo is sparse, and again, mapmaking is quite good. Puzzles aren't too tough, though monster placement has moved strongly in the 'Rear Admiral' direction - lots of ambushes. The 'boss' battle is a rough one - though I discovered after I was done that there was an easier way. (Pays to read the readme...) All in all, a rollicking good time! Looking forward to chapter 3. This updated version fixes a small bug which keeps some people from finishing the level - a critical chip was sometimes not dropped. In this version, it's always available.
(4/21/2002) (691K) MOS Solo
Goran Svensson

Aleph One Test Maps

A collection of all the novelty maps submitted to the Marathon Open Source project to show off specific strengths or features of the Aleph One engine. The collection has been put together by an outside party, as a convenience - the maps herein are the product of their respective creators. (Original documentation is included when it existed, and authors and creation dates can be found on the Novelty Maps page of the Open Source project.)
(4/21/2002) (457K) MOS Netpaks
Beer Can

The Yota Saga, Part 9

Installment 9 of an ongoing series. The maps are getting more ambitious, and the planning is getting a little dicier. Twice, I ran out of oxygen because I didn't know where I was going... and once, I used up all the ammo needed for a certain kind of baddie before I met that baddie. (If you haven't played level 8, DO IT FIRST.) I even convinced the author to remove a deliberate suicide trap - he figured if you went that way, you deserved to die. If you save lots of versions, though, and label them well, you should be okay. Again, the mapmaking has gotten rather ambitious - great lighting, nice layouts, pretty scary stuff in some places. Watch your ammo, overall.
(3/4/2002) (3113K) MOS Solo
Goran Svensson
  Name Description

Harkozynx 9

A 10 level sequel to Operation Wormwood, the first scenario designed from the ground up to be completed cooperatively. This one has been languishing on the creator's hard drive for years - it's finally being released to the public. It's not completely polished, but it's very playable. It also contains a passel of netmaps, some original, some Bungie's. This one should keep you busy for a while!
(3/1/2002) (15241K) Inf Scenarios
Eric K. Salzman

ooga's Shroom Patch

A large, pretty level with lots of ins and outs, plenty of baddies to keep you busy, and simply insane weapons. Carnage rates should be astronomical.
(3/1/2002) (40K) Rubicon Large

Chips (a_s)

3 maps, relatively simple lighting, all with unusual flow. (The first is an uphill/downhill map - to go up, you have to go around. The second has a water column for climbing, and the third is dark and tight.) These should all be fine with medium-sized groups.
(3/1/2002) (67K) Inf Netpaks
Al Spaceman

Swedish Mayhem v1.0

A very attractive level, in two flavors (one for solo practice, the other for netplay, though both were pretty heavy on the aliens...). What sets this one apart are the physics mods - you'll either love 'em or hate 'em. Some are minor (rocket contrails are removed, so you just see the rocket), others are pretty major (the shotgun has become downright deadly - not that it didn't do an okay job before). Every weapon is altered - details are in the readme. This can be a very entertaining map.
(2/2/2002) (256K) MOS Large
Goran Svensson

The Dragon

Three levels, ranging from small to mid-size, but mostly quite tight, in terms of movement. The second and third levels are quite attractive; the first is a bit too busy for my taste (though tastes vary). Beware of some long views on Stuffed Aubergine - played in Aleph One, there's no problem, but in Infinity, there can be some (non-fatal) smearing from certain places.
(2/2/2002) (108K) Inf Netpaks
Nathan Orion Fulton

Yota 16-bit Sounds v2.0

A Sounds patcher for the Yota Saga maps. The first three segments of this series used the Infinity Sounds file, but all subsequent installments have used a custom Sounds file. This patcher, designed to be applied to a virgin Sounds file, replaces all old versions, and provides 16-bit as well as 8-bit sounds for the series. Version 2.0 fixes a bug in the original in which a bunch of sounds that SHOULDN'T have been copied over, were.
(2/2/2002) (456K) MOS Sounds
Goran Svensson

The Yota Saga, Part 8

Installment 8 of an ongoing series. This one has some caveats. The third level has a baddie which can be taken down with one kind of ammo, and one kind only... and you have VERY FEW ROUNDS to spare. The first time through (well, okay, the first time I actually figured out what I was supposed to be doing), I ran out with one nasty to go... and that's enough; I had to start over, since my saved game was already low on ammo. (I had attempted to shoot through an opening that was blocked; the firing animation looked like breaking glass to me, so I fired again. Two wasted rounds... that's all it took.) Except for this glitch, though, that last level is hard, but a lot of fun. The first two levels are shorter, and with less fighting... but pretty nonetheless. Lots of tricks, as usual. As with all the Yota segments, the readme for this one warns that you should use 8-bt sounds... but the author has since created a 16-bit sound installer for all the Yota chapters (except the first 3, which use the standard Infinity sounds file).
(1/18/2002) (702K) MOS Solo
Goran Svensson
  Name Description

Acid Jazz for Evil Conversion

A conversion of a classic M2 net level, converted for use with Evil.
(1/8/2002) (114K) Evil Large

Acid Jazz Moo/AO Conversion

A conversion of a classic M2 net level, converted for use with Infinity or Aleph One.
(1/8/2002) (95K) Inf Large

Voyager 7

Originally designed for the Simplici7y contest (and released with the rest of the entrants), this is a simple, circular arena with some fun lighting effects (and physics effects).
(1/8/2002) (11K) Inf Small
Scott Noblitt

Acid Jazz for Tempus Irae Conversion

A conversion of a classic M2 net level, converted for use with Tempus Irae.
(1/8/2002) (100K) Tempus Large

The Yota Saga, Part 7

Installment 7 of an ongoing series - you NEED the shapes patch fromPart 4 for this to work. Two levels, this time... but the first level is mostly story development. (Be careful about shooting on this level.) It took me a while to figure out how to get off the first level - the last terminal is NOT intuitive. (Keep tabbing - you'll find it.) Once again, filled with eye candy (lighting/shapes tricks) - the chain-operated door is pretty cool. Play it through!
(12/28/2001) (2558K) MOS Solo
Goran Svensson

The Pit 2001

Complicated, funky spaces, lots of stairs. Takes a little while to get used to - figure out where you are. More than enough ammo and weapons for a huge game - tight enough (once you get used to it) for a small one.
(12/23/2001) (36K) Inf Large
Shannon Murdoch

The Stadium (SM)

Big open (dark) pit, lots of running rooms on the outside, more rechargers than you can shake a stick at.
(12/23/2001) (53K) Inf Small
Shannon Murdoch
  Name Description

Evil Walls 2001

Pretty funny - there's an invulnerable bob in the center of the map, firing rockets in a loop, periodically. You can't hurt him, and you can't survive the rockets... so stay out of the way! Makes for an interesting obstacle course...
(12/23/2001) (27K) Inf Large
Shannon Murdoch

You Can Run...

Double-level map - the bottom is a pillar-filled arena with lots of hiding spaces. The top is a ring around the outside, with teleporters and stairs jumping between the two. Dark. Unmerged.
(12/23/2001) (9K) Inf Large
Shannon Murdoch

Sparks in the Engine Room ƒ

A pit with wild lighting- does a good job of hiding snipers on high. Watch out for that ammo cache! Unmerged.
(12/23/2001) (28K) Inf Large
Shannon Murdoch

DCBob's Map Pack v1.0

Three maps, a total of 11 levels; one was previously released, the other two are new - Jungle Tech is a mazelike level with many tight (but brightly lit) corridors, and The Great Temple of Madness is a claustrophobic, two level map in which you need to lava-swim to get between them.
(12/23/2001) (176K) Inf NetPaks
Johannes Gunnar

A Time To Kill...

Central arena, raised hill, lots of sniping spots, LOTS of ammo.Go for it.
(12/23/2001) (26K) Inf Small
Shannon Murdoch

Hard Target

Good for KOTH - the vertical scale is great enough that SPNKRs are nearly useless for hill-sniping from above. The downstairs is interesting, as well...
(12/23/2001) (22K) Inf Small
Shannon Murdoch

Circular Dismemberment 1.2

A tiny arena with a raised ring around the outside. There's a 2x recharger in the center... but it's pretty hard to use without being SPNKed. Unmerged.
(12/23/2001) (8K) Inf Small
Shannon Murdoch
  Name Description

Redux NetMapPak 2.0

27 maps, ranging from very, very good to... um, well, playable. Made over a number of years by a group of 4 people (and refined along the way), this collection should provide your crew with some serious netplay action. There are descriptions (and credits) for all levels included - start with the Favorites pack, but don't end there. (The Frandall pack is the oddest of the bunch - but that's not always a bad thing.)
(12/23/2001) (1012K) Inf Netpaks
ATMOS Software Productions

Spokes of Carnage 1.0

A two-level wheel. Plenty of ammo and weapons, easy cover. Movement (due to the small size and the teleporters) is very fast.
(12/23/2001) (18K) Inf Small
Shannon Murdoch

Hostile Takeover v1.0.1

Well, here's someone to keep track of! Concept of "Corporate America" in Space as Terminals speak of/depict our typical screwed-up, downsized, can't get it today, it's out-of-order and on and on Company. Laughed so hard this description writer almost fell off the chair! Thank goodness for some very good humor and an excellent and very much fun to play scenario. Ten levels with the last, well, you'll see! Mr. Simciak tells us he took two years to complete and the preciseness and attention to detail shows it. Not too many secrets here, pretty straightforward mission BUT you absolutely should download this Map! It's a Good One!

description by JD
Version 1.0.1 has some minor bug fixes over the previously posted 'Final' version - nothing major.
(12/23/2001) (2054K) Inf Solo

Narrowly Missed

A large central arena, with a maze of corridors around it. Lots of rechargers (though most aren't safe, unless the groups are small).
(12/23/2001) (22K) Inf Large
Shannon Murdoch

The Yota Saga, Part 6

Installment 6 of a pretty good ongoing series. This one's focused on jumping. Grenade jumping, primarily... but you NEED rockets in at least 2 places. Gravity has been dropped just enough to make it all work nicely... I had a blast (literally). Special effects, as usual, are well-used - I especially liked the implementation of the Battle Cat's Split Poly technology. And there's a section, near the end of the level, that couldn't be done in Infinity - there are just too many lines in view. (Very cool floors, though.) A film is included, if you get stuck - I didn't look at it, but the readme says it shows the best way through the level. This series continues to impress!
(12/14/2001) (2598K) MOS Solo
Goran Svensson

The Legacy Sampler

Two and a half years ago, Hamish Sanderson released Trojan: Legacy, a rather odd but extremely interesting little project. Today, Raul Bonilla (the man behind the Marathon 1 to Aleph One project) releases the Legacy Sampler for Aleph One. There are a few differences (the overhead map works, the HUD is different, terminals are green, not blue, The knife from Trojan has been incorporated), but for the most part, this port is faithful to the original, and plays quite well. Give it a whirl... and then go back and play the original (which, unfortunately, no longer installs on MacOS > 9.0 - one of these days, I'll build a new installer for it). The maze section is brilliant.
(12/14/2001) (4424K) MOS Solo
Raul Bonilla/Hamish Sanderson

Stormy Weather

A simple simplici7y map (meaning it has but 7 polys). Sound's a little funky (there are a couple of polys with no sound, leading to some jarring transitions), but it's got decent flow for a tiny map - be careful, the elevator leading out of the moat isn't as responsive as you might think (it's easy to get spanked down there if you think you're coming up..).
(11/29/2001) (10K) Tempus Small
  Name Description

The Yota Saga, Part 5

The fifth installment of a work in progress. This one requires the shapes and sounds released with Part 4 - grab that if you don't have it already. You're suddenly on a pirate ship... and all the baddies are pastel. (Don't think for a minute that they're wusses, though - they'll kick your butt if you let 'em.) Lots of 'find the next switch' puzzles - level construction is pretty nice (you get teased with open areas before they're actually open), but be careful - the ending's a doozy.
(11/24/2001) (455K) MOS Solo
Goran Svensson

Don't Disturb the King

A map designed for KOTH play - the hill is easily accessible via a teleporter... which is switch-controlled. It's actually possible to accidentally activate the teleporter while sniping at someone camping on the Hill, thereby making it that much easier to actually get there. Relatively simple map; other playstyles suffer a bit for the KOTH emphasis (and it's a vacuum net level, which automatically makes it one I won't play again)... but if you're looking for a KOTH map with a cool twist, give this one a look!
(11/22/2001) (27K) M2 Maps
Scott Noblitt

Staircaser v1.0

A Chisel plugin that allows you to auto-create staircases (finally reproducing the Script effect of Phforte 1.x!). Straightforward, simple - it does one thing, it does it right. Check the readme for minor caveats (mostly common-sense stuff).
(11/17/2001) (6K) Inf Tools
Jason Harper

Partial Move v1.0

A Chisel plugin that allows you to horizontally move everything within a specified rectangle of the map. (If you started building too far towards one edge, you can now pull it back.) This differs from the existing 'Better Move' Chisel effect in that it's not applied to the entire map, it's applied to only a subset (hence the name). Pretty slick...
(11/17/2001) (5K) Inf Tools
Jason Harper

Permutator v1.0

This is a Chisel plugin that allows you to set the permutation field of polygons, which specifies what certain poly types do. Yes, Forge lets you do this... but Forge limits you to 'reasonable' values - and Jason has come up with some pretty dang useful 'unreasonable' ones. A simple example: Automatic exits and teleporters are basically the same thing, but with different permutations assigned. Exits use negative numbers to specify levels (-2 is level 2), but teleporters use positive numbers to specify poly numbers (2 is poly 2). Flip the sign, and reverse the effect... and suddenly, conditional teleports are easy. Set a level to 'repair', set an automatic exit to a negative value... and that auto-exit will act as an intra-level teleporter... but ONLY if the repair is completed. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
(11/14/2001) (7K) Inf Tools
Jason Harper

Light Delta 1.0

A Chisel plugin that allows you to add to the normal light intensity for a given light, without changing that light... vastly reducing the number of lights needed. (The demo map included shows 11 distinct lighting effects... and it uses exactly ONE light.) It only works on walls, and a wall can display only one value of the ambient delta field... but if you're building complicated levels, and have run into lighting limits... check this out.
(11/12/2001) (6K) Inf Tools
Jason Harper

SwapPolygons 1.0

A Chisel plugin that lets you swap any pair of polygons - very useful for bringing high-numbered polys down to the beginning, to make them easier to reach in the teleporter menu, for example.
(11/12/2001) (7K) Inf Tools
Jason Harper
  Name Description

Split Line 1.0

Building a map, and reailze you need to add another polygon to the side of an already-filled poly? Dang, you have to delete that filled one and rebuild it... WAIT! This Chisel plugin allows you to split that FILLED poly line! Way cool.
(11/12/2001) (5K) Inf Tools
Jason Harper

Destroy Singularity 1.0

Another cool Chisel plugin - if you've created a map in Forge which has too many lines connected to a point, you'll find you can't delete the point without crashing Forge. If you don't have an older backup... you're in big trouble. This plugin gets you out of it.
(11/12/2001) (4K) Inf Tools
Jason Harper

The Yota Saga, Part 4

Installment 4 of an ongoing series. (This needs to be played in order.) This one's 3 levels... but the first one's pretty short.) Take your time with level 2... there's a LOT to discover, even though the threat factor's pretty low. (I'd say nonexistent... but kill a few bobs, and you'll be in trouble.) Level 3... well, all I can say is he did a good job. Go play. (In case it's not clear: I had a great time playing this map. I don't want to spoil any of it for you.)
(11/4/2001) (3569K) MOS Solo
Goran Svensson

The joy of violent movement v1.0

The first half of an entry that never made it into the Tempus Mapmaking Contest. Movement's pretty linear... but you should be busy enough that you don't even notice. Action was pretty much non-stop... but not so hard I wanted to give up. Nicely laid out - the eye candy is quite good (makes you feel a little better waiting for Gates of Fenris)... mostly, this is just a great adrenaline generator. Give it a run!
(11/3/2001) (680K) Tempus Solo
Todd Proctor

The Craft v1.1

A 12-level romp. Mapmaking ranges from very good to acceptable. The storyline is pretty simple, and missing a term or two (I missed a couple) won't hurt you very much. Gameplay is good, old-fashioned carnage. Kill stuff... kill lots of stuff. There's plenty of ammo, and sometimes you have a bunch of bobs to help you... but lots of times it's just your job to kill stuff faster than it comes at you. It gets harder near the end, too... I'm looking forward to seeing John Sumner's vidmaster films of this one. It's bundled with an older version of Aleph One (for MacOS 9) - but I didn't have any major problems using the current version. (If you DO decide to use the bundled version, be aware that it's older than the 3D model code added a bit ago - if you have models in your Aleph One folder, the bundled app won't launch.)
(10/25/2001) (1468K) MOS Solo
Martin Antell

Magma Pits

Concentric killing fields. The corridors between the large arena in the center and the outside catwalks get to be chokepoints... watch those hulks. Lots of secrets. Amazing - a new M1 map, just shy of 7 years after the game's release!
(10/13/2001) (10K) M1 Large

Fire Brigade 3.0E

This map, in a smaller form, was available on the Testing Grounds for quite some time... and one of the levels was submitted to the Simplici7y contest last year. Here, you'll find 21 levels (15 normal, 6 secret), with generally difficult gameplay. Mapmaking is so-so... but most of the time you'll be trying hard to stay alive, so you won't be looking too closely at the scenery. Lots of secrets - and too many of them are critical. Worth a run-through, though!
(10/13/2001) (2139K) Inf Solo
Toshiki Komeda
  Name Description

Ad Infinitum

A large, symmetrical map - big but tight, except in the outer circle. Lots of running and hiding spaces... but the good toys (and the hill) are all fixed, so you can't run too far. Two flavors - heavy on weapons and monsters... and lighter. (The Heavy version is more fun.)
(10/13/2001) (199K) Inf Large
Garrick Smith

The Yota Saga, Part 3

The third of 20 levels, to be played in order. The two-week schedule has been bumped up a bit - apparently the next chapter is gonna take a while. This one's quite a bit tougher, puzzle-wise, than the last two. (Baddie-wise, too.) Lots to kill, not all that much to do it with, and lots of places to fall down. Several of the critical switches are in unlikely places - if you're totally stuck, look around in map mode, and you might see likely alcoves. (The map's quite dark - at least one switch needed to be shot totally blind, at least on my computer.) This one'll take you a bit longer than the last two...
(9/28/2001) (1095K) MOS Solo
Goran Svensson

Magic Waters

This map was originally submitted to the Bungie Mapmaking Contest in 1997. It was included here because of that... but it was one of several hundred maps that hadn't been looked at. The author discovered it here in September, 2001, and sent in a new readme for it - which got me to finally look at it. Lots of long water channels, a few secrets - plus plenty of places to jump out and snipe from. A bit too big to be a lot of fun with large groups (two of us had trouble finding each other sometimes). Comes with a small souinds patch that adds a new siren sound.
(9/28/2001) (91K) Inf Large
Dave Pellerito


A one-level scenario, complete with new shapes and sounds - the author completed this almost a year ago, but then disappeared. It's easily up to the quality of his other Marathon work... but he had discussed adding more terminals. He never got to that... but we didn't want this to get lost, so it's been packaged up in an easy-to-use installer for your playing pleasure. The Marathon marine meets Lara Croft. This one is all puzzles - see what you can figure out!
(9/26/2001) (3679K) Inf Scenarios
Daniel Thomas

The Yota Saga, Part 1

The first of 20 levels, to be played in order. (The plan, at the moment, is to release one every two weeks.) Straightforward gameplay, new AI (could use a spellchecker), nice mapmaking. Too many baddies just standing around (though I was happy - the ammo's relatively sparse, so the fact that I could see baddies before they saw me made life a bit easier)... but a good start to a long scenario. Here's hoping that the rest of the chapters follow the plan!
(9/8/2001) (341K) MOS Solo
Goran Svensson

Tilo's Third Solo Map

The goal was a spooky map. The mapmaker felt he failed - I'd disagree. There's not enough to fight... but the eye candy more than makes up for it. A fantastic use of the Rubicon Shapes file. Check it out.
(9/3/2001) (274K) Rubicon Solo
Tilo Probst

Gumdrop's Fleamarket v1.3

8 maps - a real grab bag. There's tight, there's open, there's bright, there's dark... you name it, it's probably in here. Quality ranges from so-so to quite good. A couple of physics modifications - the water action on Man of Salts is particularly enjoyable. Definitely worth a look.
(9/3/2001) (264K) Inf Netpaks
  Name Description

Bottle Cap v1.1

A small dual-level arena with most of the action happening in hallways around the outside. This one's not really small, but it works with small groups. Rubicon weapons work nicely in the small spaces.
(9/3/2001) (49K) Rubicon Small
Nathan Orion Fulton

Mobium v2.1

21 maps. Some are retextured Aurora maps (recovered after that project died), a couple came from Damage Incorporated, and one is a nice rendition of Carnage Palace Dee-luxe. The rest are just random maps. Most are pretty big - and the size plus texture choices makes it easy to get lost. Construction is mostly pretty nice, though the elevators are almost universally too slow for Marathon net maps (imo). Check 'em out - with 21 maps, there's GOT to be something your group can use.
(9/3/2001) (799K) Inf Netpaks


Very cool - realistic (falling) snow. A single-level map, more to show off the snow than anything else (though the map plays fine, as a bonus) - requires Aleph One. Check this out!
(9/3/2001) (2270K) MOS Solo
Goran Svensson

Team Warfare v1.0

6 levels (well, one, with 6 variations). Two teams of VacBobs (green and blue), and two health options (normal, and pretty weak). You can start as a neutral player (nobody hates you until you start killing, but the blues hate the greens, and vice-versa), or on a team - action gets pretty frenetic with the final couple of options. A few bugs, but quite playable... see how long you can stay alive on the VacBob levels (without hiding)!
(9/3/2001) (19K) MOS Solo
Joe Auricchio


Hmm. A 21 level solo project... no save points, no terms. (Mostly because they didn't know how to put 'em in.) Lots of square/almost square rooms. Keep an eye on the map - the exits from each level are sometimes only visible in map mode.
(9/3/2001) (427K) Inf Solo
Cyle Gage/Isaac Michaud

Apollo's Revenge

A 10-level (well, 7, really) scenario involving an insane AI, a moral choice, and some fun Marathon tricks. Level construction is pretty good, use of Rubicon textures adds a nice touch, but carnage can be sparse in most areas. Still - it's a nice romp, and the eye candy is nicely done.
(8/22/2001) (1684k) Inf Scenarios

Mendoza 13

A large, multilevel area, filled with passages, steps, tunnels, and stuff - It's busy, but it's easy to find your way around. Lots of teleporters, a functional waterpump, and lots and lots of baddies. Practice staying alive on the first map, solo... then try the second one in a net game (same map, fewer aliens). Big enough to accomodate 8, but playable with 2. Nice map.
(8/22/2001) (119K) Inf Large
David Retchless
  Name Description

Marathon Jigsaw

8 solo levels (and a couple of net levels) - this is a very nicely laid-out project (and quite difficult in parts). Mapmaking is very high-quality, though there are some minor annoyances (at one point, you're required to make a series of jumps from ledge to ledge - miss one, and you have to start over... and over.. and over; in another instance, you'll find yourself inside a beautifully constructed building maze - but the beauty wears off after you've been wandering through the same corridors for 30 minutes; and so on). Overall, flow is great, though, and the gameplay will keep you wide awake. Definitely worth playing.
(8/22/2001) (1554k) Inf Solo
The Jigsaw Group

Oken-egnaro 0.7

A single-level ship, emphasis on carnage. The enclosed physics model ramps EVERYTHING up, almost. There are no terminals - just kill stuff. There are a few secrets - finding them is up to you. (Suffice it to say that if you don't finish with the Flamethrower, SPNKR, and shotguns, you didn't find them all.) Watch those enforcers!
(8/22/2001) (178K) Inf Solo

Marathon Dissent v1.2

The exact level count is fuzzy, due to multiple options, but Dissent is roughly 20 levels of pure Marathon fun. Realistic architecture (well, mostly - there ARE limits to the Marathon engine), a gripping story, and very well-designed gameplay add up to a scenario that'll keep you busy for quite a while. Be sure that you don't neglect the terminals... you WILL die if you choose not to read them. A lot. More info about the story, as well as mirror sites for the download, can be found at the Dissent website. Version 1.2 fixes a bug whereby a not finding a small room (not clearly described) could keep you from finishing a level.

Also available in digestible chunks.

If you already have v1.1, you can update it to 1.2 using this updater (127K).

(8/20/2001) (10394K) Inf Scenario
Thomas Reed

Tilo's Second Solo Map

A relatively short romp through an alien spaceship. No oxygen (but a couple of rechargers), plenty of ammo for the targets at hand. Get to the end. Pretty straightforward - only one place gave me a little trouble (because I was careless). Worth the download, if only to play some new stuff for a bit.
(8/2/2001) (181K) Inf Solo
Tilo Probst

Stick a Pfhork in Me, I'm Done

Three levels - starts with an expanded version of Waterloo Waterpark, which the Pfhor have flooded with lava. From there it moves into a pair of levels with lots of tight, branching corridors - lots of stuff to kill you, waiting just around the next corner. I had trouble finding save terms after the first level... and watch out for dead ends.
(7/31/2001) (644K) M2 Solo
Adam Pickett

Tilo's First Solo Collection

This was FUN. 8 or 10 levels, depending on how you count... beautiful mapmaking. Some of the levels had a flow problem (hit this switch, run over here, look for a newly-opened area... run BACK over here, hit this other switch, lather, rinse, repeat), but overall, this was acceptable - the levels were just very nice to look at. Lots to kill, lots of ammo to kill it with. Terms were translated from the original german, and can be a bit difficult to follow (especially since they (for the most part) rely on words, not pictures, to get you from point a to point b)... but again, this isn't critical - when in doubt, kill stuff and throw switches. Give it a look - mapmakers, there are lots of cool ideas here; players, there's a chunk of fun carnage here.
(7/31/2001) (1668K) Inf Solo

Drak's Netmap Pak for ƒ 1.4.1

7 levels, created a while ago and tested on the Testing Grounds but never in included in the Archives. Submitted by Scott Noblitt, in an effort to get good maps released. I KNOW I've seen the first map before, but I can't for the life of me remember where. These were originally built for the now defunct Hadar's Alliance scenario. Flow is generally quite nice - emphasis is on fast movement (even the hallways are wide). Plenty of ammo.
(7/4/2001) (250K) Inf Netpaks
Drakkar Azura
  Name Description

Wake up. Time to die.

A pillar-edged central courtyard, with weapons collection areas around the outside. Plenty of weapons/ammo for small groups - might get insane with bigger ones.
(7/4/2001) (29K) Inf Small
Trevor Smith

Tilo's Net Drafts Pack

Three levels, not really complete. (They're not playable, anyway - no weapons/ammo/baddies, really.) They were made to inspire mapmakers, according to the author - and there's some interesting stuff here in level design. Check 'em out, see what you can make of 'em!
(7/4/2001) (95K) Inf Solo

Terminal Carnage

Originally submitted to the Simplici7y Contest, this is being rereleased for a wider audience. (Or something.) The map consists (as do all entries to that contest) of 7 polygons - in this case, arranged into a single small, dark room with a corridor connecting two sides. Doors are really slow - so while the good weapons are in the corridor, you run the risk of being blasted as you wait for them to reopen.
(7/4/2001) (7K) Inf Small
Blake Noble

A Walk in the City v2.1 (AO)

Emphasis is on symmetry. Mostly just a big arena with cover. Hill is in a lava pit, which makes dodging a bit tricky... There are a few sniper spots, but the walls are too high for most shots. Lighting is pretty monotone Plenty of SPNKRs and 3x canisters, so a blast-fest can be had without too much trouble. Unmerged. Also available in an Infinity version.
(6/23/2001) (22K) MOS Large

Laboratory v1.3 (AO)

A target practice map. You get lots of weapons and ammo, and access to a circular arena - you can let any number of any kind of nasty in that you want, via a set of (protected) switches. Sorta fun to try and get the jugs to wipe everything else out... Unmerged. Also available in an Infinity version.
(6/23/2001) (13K) MOS Solo

Rubicon Spoiler Guide

A full spoiler guide to the Marathon Rubicon scenario. (A 'lite' guide was included with the scenario, but didn't cover all the ins and outs as this one does.) If you're stuck, this is a good place to look.
(6/23/2001) (1260K) Info
Team Rubicon

Sylvain's Netmaps

5 levels, created a couple of years ago by a mapmaker who disappeared off the net. These are being released by his primary beta tester, under the assumption that it's a crime to waste good Marathon levels. (And good they are - most have an organic feel, with lots of curves, and a huge amount of vertical complexity.) Some funky physics stuff on some of the maps - but generally, very nice (large) maps for bigger groups.
(6/23/2001) (287K) Inf Netpaks
  Name Description

The Under Ground v1.0

A large, multi-ringed arena with a myriad of catwalks ringing lava moats. Very symmetrical. Not merged. Also available in an Aleph One version.
(6/23/2001) (75K) Inf Large

A Walk in the City v2.1

Emphasis is on symmetry. Mostly just a big arena with cover. Hill is in a lava pit, which makes dodging a bit tricky... There are a few sniper spots, but the walls are too high for most shots. Lighting is pretty monotone Plenty of SPNKRs and 3x canisters, so a blast-fest can be had without too much trouble. Unmerged. Also available in an Aleph One version.
(6/23/2001) (22K) Inf Large

Warehouse v1.3 (AO)

Crates, explodabobs (you have to figure out how to let 'em out), and enforcers, all with a strange flying physics model... what more could you want? Unmerged. Also available in an Infinity version.
(6/23/2001) (22K) MOS Large

Rock & Roll

Two maps - the first is a single room, a simple arena with some higher points to shoot at the hill from. The second is an expansion of the first - the original room has fancier lighting and more weapons, and the whole map gets a second area.
(6/23/2001) (49K) Inf Netpaks
Anders Persson/Hugo Forss

Midieval Times? 1.1 (AO)

A central arena, surrounded by a maze of castle-looking corridors. Lots of secrets. Minimal lighting. Unmerged. Also available in an Infinity version.
(6/23/2001) (44K) MOS Large

Fusion Patch

Some 32-bit fusion bolt sprites for Aleph One. Very nice to look at. Easily installed.
(6/23/2001) (1171K) MOS Shapes
Alexander Strange

Yadda Yadda Arena v2.5 (AO)

A huge open arena, with raised corners, a central sewage pillar (for climbing), and some outside passageways. Probably better with larger groups. Unmerged. Also available in an Infinity version.
(6/23/2001) (19K) MOS Large
  Name Description

The Mall v1.1 (AO)

A claustrophobic, multi-leveled cityscape. Sniper towers are TINY, and have a very small window on the hill - but the tight line of sight works both ways. Lots of secrets - check for fake walls. Unmerged. Also available in an Infinity version.
(6/23/2001) (76K) MOS Large

Yadda Yadda Arena v2.5

A huge open arena, with raised corners, a central sewage pillar (for climbing), and some outside passageways. Probably better with larger groups. Unmerged. Also available in an Aleph One version.
(6/23/2001) (19K) Inf Large

Laboratory v1.3

A target practice map. You get lots of weapons and ammo, and access to a circular arena - you can let any number of any kind of nasty in that you want, via a set of (protected) switches. Sorta fun to try and get the jugs to wipe everything else out... Unmerged. Also available in an Aleph One version.
(6/23/2001) (13K) Inf Solo

Space Station Arena v1.3 (AO)

A circular station, with a smallish arena in the center, and some manouvering room around the outside. Plenty of drones and vacbobs for help... the big guns are sort of hidden. Unmerged. Also available in an Infinity version.
(6/23/2001) (29K) MOS Large

Rivers N' walkways Arena v1.1 (AO)

A square level, with a bunch of catwalks poised over water areas. Elevators bring you back up if you fall off. Comes with an amazingly annoying physics model that makes it nearly impossible to go down into the water... or indeed, do much of anything except bounce off the sky, when running. Unmerged. Also available in an Infinity version.
(6/23/2001) (31K) MOS Large

Space Ship 51 v1.2

You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike... Actually, there are two sets of twisty passages, joined by fake walls. The big guns are all on the outside. Unmerged. Also available in an Aleph One version.
(6/23/2001) (37K) Inf Large

The Mall v1.1

A claustrophobic, multi-leveled cityscape. Sniper towers are TINY, and have a very small window on the hill - but the tight line of sight works both ways. Lots of secrets - check for fake walls. Unmerged. Also available in an Aleph One version.
(6/23/2001) (76K) Inf Large
  Name Description

The Under Ground v1.0 (AO)

A large, multi-ringed arena with a myriad of catwalks ringing lava moats. Very symmetrical. Not merged. Also available in an Infinity version.
(6/23/2001) (75K) MOS Large

Midieval Times? 1.1

A central arena, surrounded by a maze of castle-looking corridors. Lots of secrets. Minimal lighting. Unmerged. Also available in an Aleph One version.
(6/23/2001) (44K) Inf Large

Space Ship 51 v1.2 (AO)

You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike... Actually, there are two sets of twisty passages, joined by fake walls. The big guns are all on the outside. Unmerged. Also available in an Infinity version.
(6/23/2001) (37K) MOS Large

Warehouse v1.3

Crates, explodabobs (you have to figure out how to let 'em out), and enforcers, all with a strange flying physics model... what more could you want? Unmerged. Also available in an Aleph One version.
(6/23/2001) (22K) Inf Large

Rivers N' walkways Arena v1.1

A square level, with a bunch of catwalks poised over water areas. Elevators bring you back up if you fall off. Comes with an amazingly annoying physics model that makes it nearly impossible to go down into the water... or indeed, do much of anything except bounce off the sky, when running. Unmerged. Also available in an Aleph One version.
(6/23/2001) (31K) Inf Large

Space Station Arena v1.3

A circular station, with a smallish arena in the center, and some manouvering room around the outside. Plenty of drones and vacbobs for help... the big guns are sort of hidden. Unmerged. Also available in an Aleph One version.
(6/23/2001) (29K) Inf Large


The texture choices make my eyes hurt, but the flow's not bad. A large room, with platforms at both ends, weapons on pillars (reachable by jumping), and elevators to get from bottom to top (slow). Busy with aliens on.
(6/11/2001) (25K) Inf Small
The Code Master
  Name Description

CK's Playground (Infinity)

An infinity remake of the author's M1 map of the same name. The author likes the M1 textures better - I'd agree, though this is still fun to play.
(6/11/2001) (8K) Inf Small
The Code Master


A large, bright, multilevel map. Reminded me a lot of the opening to Kill Your Television... but it's different. Plenty of weapons and ammo, plenty of ways up and down - there's a SPNKR, but if aliens are on, getting it makes the game a bit harder.
(6/11/2001) (21K) Inf Large
The Code Master

CK's Playground (M1)

Wow - when I first played this, I was reminded of one of our favorite small maps for M1 (and later M2) - Killing Fields. This one uses totally different weapons, which gives the map a completely different feel... but it's a blast to play as well. Emphasis is on clean shooting. Also available in an Infinity version.
(6/11/2001) (5K) M1 Small
The Code Master

Criminal Defenders x3

18 levels, ranging from straightfoward to insane. (The final level puts you in a small arena with no hiding places and a jugger to fight.) These are playable by mac users, as well... but they were built by Windows Marathoners, for Windows Marathoners, and might have line-of-sight problems here and there. (We didn't find any, but we didn't do a HUGE amount of testing.)
(6/8/2001) (219K) Win95 Netpaks
Kenneth Tschetter

Mik'rath Nightmare

4 solo levels (two flavors each of two separate maps), plus a 'level selector' that itself is non-trivial. If you're looking for the challenge of some very, very hard levels that you CANNOT beat your first time through, these might be for you. If you frustrate easily... maybe you'll want to pass these by.
(6/8/2001) (2674K) MOS Solo

Penance More Will Do

Originally designed as one of the levels for Marathon Rubicon, this map is now being released, retextured, on its own. Extremely fast-paced. If you play using the Infinity version of Rubicon, you'll have serious trouble figuring out where you're going, under-liquid. (The AO version doesn't have this problem.) Comes with a bonus net level called Minotaur - it's what it sounds like.
(6/8/2001) (542K) Rubicon Solo
Matthew Ramquist

13 Group AO

An Aleph One overhaul of a great Infinity Solo map... the textures are AMAZING. Play this - you'll love it. (The term art has also been redone - but the map itself, with some minor exceptions, is pretty much the same as the first one - my review of it still stands.) THIS is what Aleph One is good at.
(6/8/2001) (8358K) MOS Solo
Michael Hunsley
  Name Description

Sea Monkey Milanesa v1.6

4 levels - three new, one classic. The new stuff brings back strongly some of the best architecture of earlier Dierkes masterpieces - Serotonin Uptake Inhibitors came to mind as I ran through the first level. Great care is taken with flow, and even lighting is very nicely done. Grab these. (Watch those maser bobs, though...)
(6/8/2001) (150K) Rubicon Netpaks
Rich Dierkes

Obsidian's Collection

9 maps, ranging from really fun to really irritating. Lighting could use some work, but gameplay is pretty good. Heavy reliance on 5D - maps like Hall of Illusion are really enjoyable because of it. A couple of vacuum levels, including one that's actually a maze - if that doesn't drive you nuts, nothing will. All in all, a collection worth playing. All maps are unmerged.
(5/30/2001) (190K) Inf Netpaks

Rubicon Network Maps

A pretty wide variety of net maps (51 of 'em, actually). Flow and play range from good to very, very good. If you like the Rubicon textures/weapons, don't pass this up - there will be plenty of maps your group will enjoy.
(5/30/2001) (2664K) Rubicon Netpaks
Team Rubicon

Tilo's First Solo Map

Hard to know what to say about this one. It's more of an experiment than anything else. Mapmaking at times is beautiful... but there are a number of problems with the map (some delineated in the readme), and finishing it can be very difficult. (I never did find a save term, so when I got stuck in a poly well into the map, my only choice was to quit and start over... very discouraging.) Still, there is quite a bit to look at here - if you're building maps, this is probably worth a run-through, just for ideas.
(5/30/2001) (265K) Inf Solo

Rubicon Vidmasters - Package 2

More maps in the vein of Rubicon Vidmasters - Package 1 - Four maps, designed to train you as a better fist fighter. Check 'em out!
(5/30/2001) (464K) Rubicon Solo

Rubicon Vidmasters - Package 1

An expansion on Fighters - this collection contains that map, as well as three others; one with projectile fighters, one with Hummers, and one, a modified version of "Honk", from the original Rubicon package. All are set up for Vidmaster training. Films are included. Try your skill!
(5/30/2001) (446K) Rubicon Solo


A pretty simple arena, set up for Vidmaster training. You get no weapons, one bar of health, and a lot of fighters to kill. Three films are included, showing variations on the challenge.
(5/30/2001) (242K) Rubicon Solo
  Name Description

Space Mutiny

A large, geometrical, desperate level - lots and lots of stuff going on, watch the baddies. Weapons have been messed with - balance is very different from stock RED netplay. flow is a bit contstricted by the tight entranceways to various areas... but once you're there, things open up. Watch your eyes in the big playroom downstairs.
(5/30/2001) (26K) RED Large
Phil Walk


A solo romp - keep on your toes, and hunt for that chip. There's a crucial passageway obscured by a fake wall - this, by itself, makes the level far less enjoyable for me, but if you overlook this, it's a decent run.
(5/30/2001) (77K) Inf Solo

Escape!! v1.0.1 (M2Win)

A repackaging of the M2 map Escape!!, for use with M2 for Windows.
(5/15/2001) (696K) M2 Maps
Scott Noblitt

The Bouncy Map Pack

A pair of experimental levels - they're not really playable, since there's little or no ammo or weapons... but there are Q3A-like jumppads to look at, and permission from the creator to use them. Worth a look if you're building.
(5/15/2001) (47K) Inf Novelty

Cyborg Central v1.1

A huge, open arena, surrounded by climbing corridors. Two versions - one crawling with aliens, the other quite sparse. Plenty of ammo in both versions for solo practice or net play with sizeable groups. Also comes with a demo of an interesting start for a solo project - it's really just the first room that's interesting, check out the lighting as the door opens.
(5/15/2001) (171K) Inf Large
Garrick Smith

Orbital Arm Six

A dark, brooding station, with huge lines of sight (these require the map to be played in Aleph One only) - nice views, lots of places to run, plenty of weapons and ammo. There's a KTMWTB problem that seems to be AO related - but other than that, it plays very nicely.
(5/15/2001) (166K) MOS Large
Matt (Low-G) Ramquist

MR NetMaps Compilation

8 maps, most released earlier in other Marathon flavors (M1/M2/Infinity). I couldn't test them all - for the first time in 6 years, I got motion sickness playing Marathon; it's probably the texture choices.
(5/15/2001) (358K) MOS Netpaks
Matthew Ramquist
  Name Description

Lotus v2

A pretty complicated map, but easy to get around. It's set up sort of in the shape of a lotus flower (hence the name), with big weapons available only inside small guardpost-like rooms with forcefields on the door.Lots of secrets, with teleporters to get you quickly to the hill, entire secret areas, and little touches everywhere. The authors recommend that you play without "Dead players drop items" on, so that there's incentive to get folks out of their holding cells. Great for team KOTH. Update redoes all the ammo placement, and fixes some bugs - and adds some nice gameplay features. (The hill access is rather interesting.) Definitely worth a look.
(5/10/2001) (80K) M2 Large
ToastMonkey Consortium

Steve's Evil Toilet

This was the description when this map was called 'Steve No More':
A large, somewhat symmetrical level, with a hill surrounded by a lava moat. The hill is reached by shooting a switch that raises stairs to it, and under the hill (for those willing to brave the lava) is a stronghold with rechargers. (No ammo, though, and no way to get any, so you can't stay too long...) For the really adventurous, there's a kill switch (hard to reach) that floods the entire area around the hill with lava, and blankets the hill with enforcer/hunter crossfire. An interesting netmap... don't play it with groups smaller than 3 or 4, you'll get bored.
This version has had flow completely reworked - there's been some thought put into where folks go, and how to keep groups from getting lost. Nicely done, and worth a look. Don't get flushed!
(5/10/2001) (98K) M2 Large
ToastMonkey Consortium


So there's this guy, see? His name is Hamish Sanderson, and he's done a lot of messing with Marathon. And in April of 2000, when ran a mapmaking contest called Simplici7y, he decided to enter it. But there was this problem - his map, while very cool to look at, didn't work very well. You could run through other players in places, and shots would stop working after a while... he tabled it. A year later, he dusted it off, got some poor fool to help debug it and playtest it, and dumped out on you, the unsuspecting public. It's pretty amazing for a 7-poly map... would definitely have won an award in the contest, had it not been a year late. Cool scenery, great flow, nice weapons tweaks, and a couple of surprises add up to a pretty fun map. Try it out. (More than 2 or three players and it's just a suicide fest... but what do you want for 7 polys?)
(5/4/2001) (14K) Inf Small
Hamish Sanderson

Lumpy Milk

A straightforward level, staggered (lots of up-and-downs), lends itself to KOTH. Weapons and ammo are quite tight for anything over 2 players. The readme has good advice.
(5/4/2001) (17K) Inf Large
Blake Noble

Rubicon Editors

Patchers for Forge and Anvil, plus physics models... all the tools you'll need to build way-cool Rubicon maps. Grab 'em today!
(5/4/2001) (967K) Rubicon Tools
Team Rubicon

Vacationing in Bobland v1.2.1

A solo practice level - more of an experiment than anything else. Started life as a scenario, gutted, then rebuilt. Lots of tight spaces, interesting views. Flow is a bit rough, due to the lack of elevators and the plethora of dead ends... but overall it's a pretty interesting map, and there's tons of stuff to shoot at. The physics model puts you on the side of the aliens... but nothing says you can't shoot 'em anyway. :)
(5/4/2001) (116K) MOS Solo
Casey Battaglino

Pathways 0.5

A large level, unfinished as yet (and maybe will be until a map editor is released without Forge's limitations) - currently it consists of some underground passageways with lava channels, and an outdoor area with an inescapable lava moat. Lava f'lickta abound. Latest version adds a bunch more polys.
(4/16/2001) (150K) MOS Large
Matt Ramquist
  Name Description

Nethell (infinity)

A remake of NetHell 1.1, a very early map for Marathon 1. Simple and straightforward - architecture has been preserved for posterity, textures and media have been updated to work with Infinity.
(4/16/2001) (148K) Inf Large
Matthew Ramquist

M2 Map GIFs

Similar to the M1 Map GIFs, this is a set of GIFs showing all the M2 levels - and in some cases, the level's been broken out into several pieces, to show all the overlapping areas. A nicely done reference source, for those in need of the architecture.
(4/16/2001) (1237K) Info
Joseph Gardner

petri's Map Sack 1.4

7 maps. All sizes. Lots of curves. Focus is on KOTH (some of the best games on that), but supports all standard stuff. Flow was good on almost all of these (we had some trouble on God's Crack - lots of jam-ups). Definitely worth a download.
(4/16/2001) (260K) Inf Netpaks
Peter Cooner Map Roulette: Devil's Haircut

Interesting concept, Map Roulette. One guy slaps up polys for about 20 minutes, then sends it along to the next guy. This continues for as long as all the parties stay interested - then the map is done. This pack contains two maps, both quite playable, whipped out in 6 hours, with four contributors. Take a look... join in!
(4/16/2001) (51K) Inf Netpaks Map Roulettes

Symmetry Simplici7y

Large filesize is due to a huge readme - this was one of the winners of the Simplici7y mapmaking contest, and as such has only 7 polys. Beautifully symmetrical, with very nice gameplay. All in 7 polys!
(4/16/2001) (362K) Inf Small
Charlie Olson

Luminous Pfhishing

A mid-sized, pretty map with a nice combination of tight and open spaces. Lighting is very nicely done, but flow is hampered by very slow elevators - we found ourselves waiting at dead ends for an elevator to come down too often. Ammo and weapons are good for small groups, but larger teams will find quantities tight. Unmerged.
(4/11/2001) (24K) Inf Large
Phish and eNJay

Shishk-a-bob prime

Originally built for (and one of seven winners in) the Simplici7y map contest, this is an average-sized arena built of 7 polygons, with a totally insane number of sprites occupying the space with you. Some are on your side, some are not. A 733 MHz G4 with an nVidia GeForce2 video card couldn't keep up with this at 640x480 with full OGL settings - so be sure to tone it down a bit. Also available in an Infinity version.
(4/11/2001) (11K) MOS Solo
Christian Miller
  Name Description

S'phorn Cross

A large, multilayered set of concentric rings. Flow is hampered by slow elevators - but you can't be shot while in them, so it's probably okay. Lots of nooks and crannies. Not merged.
(4/11/2001) (24K) Inf Large
Phish and eNJay

Shishk-a-bob 7

Originally built for (and one of seven winners in) the Simplici7y map contest, this is an average-sized arena built of 7 polygons, with a totally insane number of sprites occupying the space with you. Some are on your side, some are not. A 733 MHz G4 with an nVidia GeForce2 video card couldn't keep up with the Aleph One version at 640x480 with full OGL settings - so be sure to be careful.
(4/11/2001) (10K) Inf Solo
Christian Miller

Green Dream 1.2

10 maps, a very nice collection of finely polished maps. Flow (as usual) is very smooth - if you get shot, it's 'cause you weren't moving fast enough, not because you got trapped. Some of these just want to make you stop and admire the scenery... but don't. Shooting angles are about as wide-open as they can be; in most cases, you can be shot from a LOT of different places. Any group from 2 to almost 8 will find worthy maps in this pack.
(4/11/2001) (260K) Inf Netpaks
oogaBooga/Randy Reddig

Cyen v1.38

Wow. In the early days of Marathon, there were a bunch of maps made by a guy named Butch Massoni, and they fit in a class by themselves - they were small, loaded with weapons, and the focus was on absurdly high carnage rates. They were some of the most enjoyable netmaps we played. Here's a collection of 31 maps in that genre - they're not as polished as some, but the fun factor (especially for small groups) just can't be beat. Try 'em!
(4/11/2001) (483K) Inf Netpaks

geranimo deth jump! v1.1

An open-air map, with multiple levels and lots of corners to hide behind. Flow's pretty nice - it's hard to get hedged, unless you're going for the big weapons (watch those sewers, they're death traps). Ammo's good for smaller groups (less than 4, say). 1.1 merges the map (thanks, Erkki!) and adds netbobs (there are a LOT of them, in a relatively small space - you'll die a lot with them on).
(4/6/2001) (30K) Inf Netpaks
Erkki Toukolehto

Black Surge v1.1

A simple circular arena with a dual-level central area and some sniping positions reachable via spnkr jumping. Update shrinks the readme dramatically... and fixes a few small bugs.
(4/3/2001) (40K) Inf Large
Erkki Toukolehto

Ode to Pombero v1.9

11 levels, focus on carnage, with interesting nooks and crannies, great lighting, flow, flow, flow. Rich keeps getting better... If you have a group that gets tired of their old maps, this pack will keep you busy for a while. 1.9 update fixes a bug or two, tweaks some minor bits.
(4/2/2001) (264K) Inf Netpaks
Rich Dierkes
  Name Description


5 levels, focus is on vertical movement. Everything is fast - hesitate and you're lost. (Elevators, for example, generally visit a level for a second or two - time the jump-off, or head back to where you started. Once you get a feel for the layout, it works quite well... but at the start, you'll get shot a LOT by people chasing you.) Check 'em out!
(3/18/2001) (374K) Inf Netpaks
Justin Burns

Some More Lh'owon v1.1

13 net levels for M2 (and Infinity, although the texture choices work better in M2). I think my biggest complaint with the original Levels of Lh'owon was the rigid geometry of some of the levels. That is all gone here... curves abound. Flow is great, and much thought has gone into maximizing eye candy without killing performance. Very nice pack.Contains levels suitable for groups of two and up. v1.1 adds two new maps, both of which are pretty interesting. Gotta watch your step on those narrow bridges!
(3/18/2001) (400K) M2 Netpaks
Scott Noblitt


This is a huge scenario (more than 50 levels, but the total number you play is dependent on the routes you choose), with amazing artwork, gorgeous level design, and all-new everything. An enormous amount of time has gone into this project, and it shows. It's not your standard shoot-em-up scenario - thinking is required, and some have found that the non-linearity leads to confusion at times... but work it out, it's worth it. Absolutely one of the all-time best third party Marathon creations ever produced. Also available in an Aleph One version.

Be sure to visit the Marathon Rubicon website for more information and download options

(3/18/2001) (44540K) Inf Scenarios
Team Rubicon

Inf < - > Aleph Converter v1.3

A tiny applescript app that does one thing (and does it right) - it converts Infinity files to Aleph One, and vice versa. (In practical terms, this means maps, Shapes, Sounds, Music, Images, and Physics Models.) Far more convenient than ResEdit. v1.2 adds folder/disc drag-n-drop and compatibility with all 3rd party scenarios. v1.3 now converts entire folders, instead of just one level deep.
(3/18/2001) (8K) Inf Tools
Trevor Smith

Rubicon AO

This is a huge scenario (more than 50 levels, but the total number you play is dependent on the routes you choose), with amazing artwork, gorgeous level design, and all-new everything. An enormous amount of time has gone into this project, and it shows. It's not your standard shoot-em-up scenario - thinking is required, and some have found that the non-linearity leads to confusion at times... but work it out, it's worth it. Absolutely one of the all-time best third party Marathon creations ever produced. Also available in an Infinity version.

Be sure to visit the Marathon Rubicon website for more information and download options

(3/18/2001) (45150K) MOS Scenarios
Team Rubicon

Last Survivor of the Nostromo v2

A couple of years ago, ydnar offloaded the last of his Marathon detritus, a very impressive (though slightly unfinished) map called Last Survivor of the Nostromo. Recently, oogaBooga decided to polish it - better lighting, better weapon balance (okay, forget the 'better' - it now HAS weapon balance), more starting positions, some baddies to mess with. The original was a thing of beauty in a 6-person netgame (well, after customizing weapons and ammo)... this one is better.
(2/28/2001) (45K) Inf Large
oogaBooga/Randy Reddig

Return to Marathon v1.0

In March, 1999, Antonio de Llamas released a single level preview for an ambitious project he'd undertaken - Return to Marathon. You were returning to the Marathon, abandoned after centuries of use, and things were not what they seemed. The response was tremendous... and now, finally, the Return to Marathon team brings you Return to Marathon v1.0. Three levels of spooky, semi-familiar surroundings... incredible terminal art, tons of new creatures, new weapons, plenty of eye candy, a suspenseful storyline... it's not easy, you'll have to work to get through it. This is not for the faint-of-heart... but the adrenaline rush you got when you first played Marathon is back.

Also available in floppy-sized chunks.

Mirrored at, thanks to Ben Reiter.

(2/14/2001) (23219K) Inf Scenario
Antonio de Llamas
  Name Description

Jerkcity 1.5

6 levels, on the small side. You know, I'm getting tired of saying nice things about this guy. Who the heck does he think he is, consistently turning out top-notch netmaps? Okay, go ahead and play these, if you like good flow, and nice architecture, and plenty of weapons and ammo... but don't think I'm gonna be happy about it. (Dang, those red weapons are fun in netplay.)
(2/14/2001) (219K) Red Netpaks

Devil in a Blue Dress v2.2 SDL

An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Craig Caroon) of Devil in a Blue Dress v2.2. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig Caroon's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(2/13/2001) (6510K) SDLSolo
Marathon Map Makers' Guild

Marathon Fell SDL

An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Randall Currie) of Marathon: Fell. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig Caroon's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(2/13/2001) (37483K) SDLSolo
Ben Potter

Grendel Manqué v2

An upgrade of a 5 map collection - it's 15 maps now. Emphasis is on lighting and special effects - maps are very pretty to look at. What I wrote for the first version still holds - Mostly geared to smaller groups (all are playable with 2 players, although most will support more). Well thought-out... even the plainest has a purpose.Definitely worth a look. (And if you're looking, check out the author's map page... a bit unusual, but quite interesting.)
(2/3/2001) (368K) Inf Netpaks
Jason Parsons/Gabe Rosenkoetter

Blunt Hop 1.5

A 7 level nethop pack. Every single one of these maps is worth playing on its own (well, okay, the vacuum level's sort of a pain in the ass), together they total a monstrous netgame potential. Every gamestyle is supported, and every playing style can find a home here. Check 'em out.
(2/3/2001) (311K) Inf Netpaks

Waterfall Arena

A square arena, with a trough around it... and a water elevator to bridge the gap. Obscene numbers of objects/baddies complete the picture.
(1/27/2001) (8K) Inf Large
Heath Gibson

Rocket Launcher

A square level, with a bunch of fake walls, and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of rocket packs. Internally, the level is called 'Die', which is relatively accurate - you can't always see what's coming at you, because of the fake walls.
(1/27/2001) (5K) Inf Small
Heath Gibson
  Name Description

Meerkat Wrecknophobe 1.1

3 more levels from a master. One is simply a fun bit from a RED solo map, but all three are really playable - you'll spend most of your time getting blasted by friends, and very little time trying to figure out where to go next. Those RED weapons are just built for carnage, aren't they?
(1/27/2001) (103K) RED Netpaks

Restored A1/Infinity Shuttle

A replacement for about a third of the infinity textures, using the M1 and M2 counterparts. An interesting effect... try it out and see. (Suggested for Aleph One, but works fine with Infinity ,as well. Textures haven't changed in size.) It's proposed as an early step in the Texture Replacement Project - start with the most colorful and detailed textures in the Marathon series, and you should get a more pleasing final result.
(1/19/2001) (1267K) MOS Shapes

Blinking Launcher Patch

This is pretty cool. It adds a small patch to your SPNKR shapes - when the launcher is capable of firing, it blinks green. When it's not (because it's between shots, or reloading), it blinks red. It works, it doesn't get in your way, and hey - it's tiny. Check it out!
(1/19/2001) (83K) MOS Shapes

Portal of Sigma Demo

A one-level (okay, two if you count the intro room) demo of an upcoming scenario. Portal of Sigma is a Big House inmate, and a promising one. The mapmaking in this demo is gorgeous. Terms need a little work, and the gamplay is rather linear... but both of those will change in the final product - he leads you where he wants you to go... it's a demo, after all. After playing through the level, the first word that came to mind was 'clean'. I think you'll like it.
(1/19/2001) (4948K) Inf Scenario
Simon Dupuis


24 levels, some simple, some more complex... all quite playable for small to medium groups. Emphasis is on movement... and it works well. With 24 maps, your net group shouldnt' get bored too quickly...
(1/14/2001) (497K) Inf Netpaks
Erik H. and Mike F.

Purple Torch 1.3

3 levels, all with fantastic flow. These maps just get better and better. Unholy lets you play netgames in Ian's disgustingly alive hive-like textures... Whiskeyclone is a simple (but hard to dominate) street scene. Singe offers some pretty fun scenery... ick. :) Definitely worth a look.
(1/14/2001) (144K) RED Netpaks

Banzai! (TS)

A very symmetrical map, with lots of nooks for hiding, and a central arena (pretty small) with access from above and below. Dark in the corridors, light in the arena. Straightforward.
(1/14/2001) (43K) Inf Large
Trevor Smith
  Name Description


A small map... but with a lot of altitude differences. Designed so that the fastest shot doesn't always win. Spectacular in-air frags are always fun... Check the underwater passage for extra weaponry.
(1/2/2001) (17K) Inf Small
Al Spaceman

Assault Island

A large map, playable either as net (without the included physics model) or solo (with it). Map's not merged for easier swapping. A large castle, with a moat around it. Secrets are all over the place... many ways in (though most will require hunting). In solo mode, green stuff (troopers, hunters, etc) are on your side. Find those recharge canisters quickly...
(1/2/2001) (216K) TI Large
M.L. Kirby


Otherwise known as Marathon 1-2-3 Converter, this tool will convert M1 data files (maps, shapes, sounds, you name it) to Aleph One format. It's more than just a simple translator - when you tranlsate a map, you also get the MML files needed to make it work as the original. Source is included.
(1/2/2001) (536K) MOS Tools
Loren Petrich


Created in 1997, but never added to the Archives, this walls collection is a pretty amazing example of what you can do with black and white. Textures are cartoonish, prelit... Disneyesque. (Not utterly surprising, since the creator has worked for Disney for quite a while.) These were used (in a modified form) in Hamish Sanderson's Mill2... it would be great to see them used again.
(1/2/2001) (357K) M2 Shapes
Don Carson

MKT Tutorial v.1.1

A 6-level (well, a few more, but who's counting) map containing tutorials on making a slew of cool effects in Marathon. These range from trivial (more realistic smoke contrails via a single change in the physics model entry) to seriously complex (swinging doors, breaking windows, exploding walls). You even get tasty bonuses like a real laser sight and a working flashlight (this is too cool for words). It's all described in easy-to-follow language, and shows off some of Chris's amazing Killing Time artwork. Absolutely worth a download, for all scenario makers. Upgrade adds curved archways, far better breaking windows, and better weapons modification information, as well as a prettier package.
(12/27/2000) (2688K) Info
Chris Komarnicki


Very clever- amazing it hasn't been done before.This one's a lot of fun. It is what it sounds like - you (and your opponent) are the paddles, missiles are the ball. The missiles can't hurt you... but if you miss one, the crusher that it triggers can... A blast.
(12/27/2000) (20K) Inf Novelty
Trevor Smith

Got Curves?

A very pretty map, one that takes good advantage of Aleph One's lack of line-of-sight problems. A very curvy map (surprised?) with (pretty amazing to me) not a single platform. And flow is STILL pretty good! Small weapons in abundance, larger weapons nicely held back. (And you have to work a bit for that SPNKR...) Nice for medium to large groups.
(12/27/2000) (120K) MOS Large
Nathan Orion Fulton
  Name Description

Lush Supersuite v1.2

7 levels, ranging from huge to tiny. Some take inspiration from Bungie levels (you'll know by the name), some are entirely original. All are well-constructed, and provide nicely for heavy carnage. One shows what happens when an insane person gets ahold of Chisel. This pack should be good for groups of all sizes.
(12/27/2000) (224K) Inf Netpaks

Space Survival SDL

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of space Survival v2.5. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig Caroon's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(12/19/2000) (4070K) SDLSolo
Jorge Salas

Carnage Time Arena on Steroids

The same map as Carnage Time Arena v2.0... except for a huge, easy-to-get-lost-in maze under the entire thing (and except for being much bigger than the original, even aboveground.) If you like dark, twisty passages, this map is for you.
(12/19/2000) (129K) Inf Large
Trevor Smith

Chokin' on the Splinters v2.0

A multilevel, familiar-feeling map... but you haven't seen this before, at least not in this form. Lots of tight spaces, good flow... but also easy to get trapped, easy to find yourself in a corner. Plenty of weapons and ammo, but this map would be tight with more than 3 or 4 players. Definitely worth a look for smaller groups. v2.0 removes all the tight spaces, really opens up the flow. (Seems my comment about it being easy to be trapped was interpreted as negative... it wasn't meant that way; v1 had nice flow, though it was necessary to think about where you were going if you were being chased. v2 doesn't have any problem at all with this - movement is hardly restricted at all. Different styles - both were nice. v2 seems to fit more with the author's vision, however, and gameplay is quite fast. :) )
(12/19/2000) (57K) Inf Large

Cathode Ray Photosynthesis

An enormous map, with at least 3 distinct levels, all cleverly linked. Absolutely an Aleph One map... huge viewing distances, lots and lots of polys. For all that, getting around isn't too bad (as long as you don't get stuck underground). Trap your friends in the waterways, then drain 'em! Nail 'em as they come through the only way out...
(12/4/2000) (254K) MOS Maps


Wow. One netpak, 77 levels. Yep, that's right, 77. Mostly pretty good ones, even... some novelty stuff, and at least one that really needs Aleph One (the last one)... but mostly very playable levels. 77 of 'em. THIS MAN IS INSANE! Get the pack - it'll keep you busy for a long, long time. (I can almost forgive a 1+ meg readme with this many new levels.)

Due to its large size, this is also available in digestible chunks.

(12/3/2000) (3426K) MOS Netpaks

Pfh'Joueur Settings

ResEdit file containing instructions that will allow play of Pfh'Joueur under Aleph One. This didn't work for me until I upgraded to OpenGL 1.2.1... your mileage may vary.
(12/3/2000) (4K) MOS Tools
Loren Petrich
  Name Description

Arthur vs. Makbeth

A huge map, several large, open areas connected by tight, twisting corridors. Lots and lots of baddies for solo play - maybe too many for net play (they all regenerate) - you get baddie jams in hallways. Otherwise, an interesting level - some fun strategy stuff can be done.
(12/3/2000) (26K) Inf Large
Johannes Gunnar

Benad's Net Games v1.2 SDK

Now THIS is intriguing. This is a developer's kit for making cool net games like Rugby, Capture the Flag, and Defense. Up to 8 teams are supported. Inside, you'll find a modified version of Aleph One (because the netcode in the current release is 'broken', apparently), a modified version of the venerable Pfhorte 2.0 (plus source code), some small demo maps, and sketchy directions. It'll be very interesting to see what gets done with this! V1.1 fixes a small bug that allowed a ball to appear on a base if you died on it. V1.2 adds a copyright page, refixes that bug that 1.1 was supposed to fix, and adds a few maps to the distribution.
(12/3/2000) (4500K) MOS Tools
Benoit Nadeau

Operation Wormwood (SDL)

An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Randall Currie) of Operation Wormwood v1.0.1. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig Caroon's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(12/2/2000) (5583K) SDL Solo
Eric K. Salzman

Origin of Species v1.1 (SDL)

An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Randall Currie) of Origin of Species v1.1. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig Caroon's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(12/2/2000) (2896K) SDL Solo
Ben Potter/Claude Errera/Tony Smith

Genus Jraxii (SDL)

An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Randall Currie) of Genus J'raxii. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig Caroon's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(12/2/2000) (678K) SDL Solo
Jeremy J. Olson

The Alderian Connection (SDL)

An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Randall Currie) of The Alderian Connection 1.1. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig Caroon's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(12/2/2000) (1086K) SDL Solo
Rudi Bloks

Gemini Station 2.0 (SDL)

An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Randall Currie) of Gemini Station 2.0. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig Caroon's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(12/2/2000) (4260K) SDL Solo
Mike Trinder
  Name Description

Gladiator Station

A tight level, space station? Lighting is very nicely done - dark, but plenty of detail. Some really fun eye candy. A save term (very odd for a net level!). Unmerged on purpose, so you can add whatever physics you like. More weapons and ammo than you can shake a pfhorstaff at. Be careful with that SPNKR... you're more liable to hurt yourself than you enemies!
(11/19/2000) (28K) Inf Large
Alexander Skov

Pfhor Years and Seven Months

Mostly dark, and mostly underwater (okay, sewage). A few walkways on the surface... beware of grenades knocking you off. Plenty of ammo, but no O2... so you gotta kill each other before you run out. (Shouldn't be too hard.)
(11/15/2000) (174K) Inf Large
Johannes Gunnar

Brain Fade

A large Evil map, with a nice combination of claustrophobic spaces and wide-open arena-like areas. (Too many big weapons for the claustrophobic spaces, imo... but some folks like that.) Some line of sight problems if played under normal Evil, but it works without a hitch when using the Evil Addon for Aleph One. Go nuke someone!
(11/15/2000) (67K) Evil Large

Mare Ceti 1.1 (SDL)

An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Craig Caroon) of Mare Ceti v1.1. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(11/14/2000) (184K) SDL Solo

Rising Sun (SDL)

An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Craig Caroon) of Rising Sun. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(11/14/2000) (6K) SDL Small
Michael K Neylon

Missed Island (SDL)

An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Craig Caroon) of Missed Island. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(11/14/2000) (2516K) SDL Solo
Jason Harper

Marathon Infinity Demo (SDL)

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of the Marathon Infinity Demo (done by Craig Caroon). Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(11/14/2000) (16237K) SDL Demo
Bungie Software
  Name Description

Montsegur (SDL)

An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Craig Caroon) of Montsegur. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(11/14/2000) (720K) SDL Solo
Mark Gelotte

Hats Off to Eight Nineteen (SDL)

An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Craig Caroon) of Hats Off to Eight Nineteen. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(11/14/2000) (13K) SDL Small
Randy Reddig

Chai'etra Saga Part 2 (SDL)

An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Craig Caroon) of Chai'etra Saga Part 2. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(11/14/2000) (1135K) SDL Solo
Gareth Wood

Marathon:Evil (SDL)

An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Craig Caroon) of Marathon: Evil. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(11/14/2000) (33048K) SDL Scenario
The Evil Group

Hostile Takeover (SDL)

An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Craig Caroon) of Hostile Takeover final version. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(11/14/2000) (529K) SDL Solo

Water World (SDL)

An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Craig Caroon) of NT's WaterWorld. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(11/14/2000) (353K) SDL Solo
Naoya Takahashi

World Wide Web (SDL)

An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Craig Caroon) of World Wide Web. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(11/14/2000) (26K) SDL Small
Michael K Neylon
  Name Description

Chai'etra Saga Part 1 (SDL)

An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Craig Caroon) of Chai'etra Saga Part 1. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(11/14/2000) (806K) SDL Solo
Gareth Wood

Marathon 2: Durandal Demo (SDL)

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of the Marathon 2 Demo (done by Craig Caroon). Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(11/14/2000) (7280K) SDL Demo
Bungie Software


An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Craig Caroon) of Marathon: RED. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(11/14/2000) (30869K) SDL Scenario
Ian McConville

Carnage Among Enemies (SDL)

An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Craig Caroon) of Carnage Among Enemies. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(11/14/2000) (8K) SDL Small

Be Quick or Be Dead (SDL)

An Aleph One/SDL conversion (done by Craig Caroon) of Be Quick or Be Dead. Also available (on a much faster connection) from Electric Infinity, Craig's Marathon page. To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit their respective pages.
(11/14/2000) (26K) SDL Solo
Mark Hatzitaskos

Simplici7y Contest Entries

In April/May 2000, held a mapmaking competition in which the goal was to make the most interesting map with only 7 polygons. The top 7 maps won prizes... but the other entrants languished in a dark recess of my hard drive until today, when Carl Lineberry suggested that I get off my duff and release them. So - after sorting out the maps that didn't qualify (yes, it's true, we received maps with only 6 polygons), and pulling out a couple of duplicates, I bundled up the remaining 38 entries and made them available. If you haven't grabbed the 7 winning entries, they're still available here.
(11/10/2000) (1420K) Inf Netpaks
Various Artists

Richard's Ten

A pretty amazing nethop pack, in that all the maps are quite good on their own - so 10 of them together is mindbending. These maps are medium-to-large, but still playable by smaller groups - flow is quite good overall. If you get tired of the level you're on, find a terminal! (Or, if you want to keep it simple, agree as a group to ignore all terminals, and play on a single map - the choice is yours.) Some physics tweaks make some weapons even more deadly than they were before (as if that's really necessary for the Evil universe...). Overally, a really, really fun collection.
(11/8/2000) (440K) Evil NetPaks
Richard Ransom
  Name Description

RED MML Resources v1.02

A bunch of MML resources in a ResEdit doc... paste these into a new version of Aleph One, and presto, you can play Marathon: RED with OpenGL. In the words of the author, "...not only does everything work, but the cannon and microwave should have quite a bit more bite. As if they really need it." Lots of folks would argue that they do... in any case, try this out; RED is a pretty amazing package for Infinity, and should be even more impressive under A1. Version 1.01 fixes a small bug in the BNDL resource. 1.0.2 eliminates the "Aleph One cannot be updated, because it cannot be found" problem, and decreases the number of resource types.
(11/6/2000) (112K) MOS Tools
Rio Vierra

Static Fury

A largeish arena, with some fun sniping areas, and the odd trap. Play is surprisingly good - it's been a while since I fired up a Marathon 1 netmap, and this one feels right. Worth a look! Comes with a physics model that allows the pistol to be used for sniping.
(10/31/2000) (31K) M1 Large
Chris Hanks

Stadious Maximus

A huge, sprawling, dark level. Flow isn't as smooth as it could be, due to lots of water areas with limited exits, but once you learn the layout, you should be able to get around fine. Merged with a custom physics model called 'Cyborg Standard' that beefs up both the baddies and the weapons. Pretty hard on normal, as a practice level... pretty sparse, netwise, with less than three players. You gotta love that second trigger on the SMG, though... BLAM!
(10/28/2000) (181K) Inf Large
Alexander Skov

Clovis' Mausoleum v1.1

A fragment of a solo map, overhauled for net play. Has some interesting flow, and plenty of weapons (and baddies for practice). This version REQUIRES the TI Addon for Aleph One... it plays very nicely under it. 3-5 works really well.
(10/19/2000) (35K) TI Large

Carnage Time Arena v3.0 - BNG Rugby

A simple, diamond-shaped map with a raised walkway down the center. Teleporters at either end let you jump back and forth between the areas separated by the walkway... or you can climb the outside stairways (as a target) to reach the top. Version 3 has been redone to work with Benad's Net Games, as Rugby. Dual Shotguns for all 8 players... wow, what a mess that would be. :)
(10/17/2000) (23K) MOS Small
Trevor Smith


A small arena with a sunken pit that fills periodically. Straightforward... mostly. (The twist you'll most likely find by cheating, but it's pretty cool.)
(10/17/2000) (35K) Inf Small
Trevor Smith

5ive Alive

5 levels, to accomodate a wide range of player groups. Mostly arenas, with a full complement of RED weapons. Flow is quite nice - the maps are simple, and allow players to concentrate on what they do best (kill their friends).A couple are specialty maps - there is one in which the only weapon is a fusion mace, another where ammo reloads are only available once you die - but it's a diverse-enough pack that everyone should find something they like. Mmm... the Microwave gun in netplay...
(10/10/2000) (105K) RED Netpack
  Name Description

Space Invaders

The old arcade Space Invaderrs, brought to Marathon. Plays pretty well... though it's too short. (Only 4 waves, of four invaders each.) Take a look! (The Erodrome Beta contained a different implementation of this game... but this is a lot easier to download.)
(10/8/2000) (55K) Inf Novelty
Trevor Smith

Gorton's Fisherman

A large, waterfilled space, with a bunch of solid-ground fighting space. Plenty of ammo to go around... weapons get bigger the farther from the center you get. (The ball, and the only two rechargers, are right in the center.) If you're not good at water fighting, you'll be limited in your options.
(10/8/2000) (77K) Inf Large
Trevor Smith

M2 Shapes Shuttle for Aleph One

A shapes shuttle that contains M2 wall textures (and M2 landscapes); install this into a spare Shapes file, and you can play M2 maps in Aleph One with their original textures. Very simple... very useful. (Scenery is not included... but this shouldn't be a huge deal.)
(9/21/2000) (2118K) MOS Tools
Raul Bonilla

Carnage Time Arena v2.0

A simple, diamond-shaped map with a raised walkway down the center. Teleporters at either end let you jump back and forth between the areas separated by the walkway... or you can climb the outside stairways (as a target) to reach the top. Version 2 is totally redone... retextured, new hidey-holes, PLENTY of ammo. A far better 2-man map. (More than 3 and death rates would get obscene.)
(9/19/2000) (49K) Inf Small
Trevor Smith


A large, square arena, surrounded by a huge maze. Most weapons and ammo (and oxygen canisters - it's a vacuum level) are in the maze. Careful in the bottom right corner... it's possible to get stuck in the passageway. Since it's a vacuum level, there are no explosive weapons, so if you get stuck, you're done.
(9/19/2000) (90K) Inf Large

Teleporter Switch Tutorial

A small tutorial on using switches to transport players around maps. There are three different examples, all with (listed) drawbacks and advantages. A useful technique for moving players around, possibly.
(9/16/2000) (27K) Info
Trevor Smith

Fuxource v1.01

A tool for migrating changes made with Fux! back to the source code. Now your customized M2 or Infinity conversion can benefit easily from the advances in the Open Source builds! v1.0.1 fixes a small typo (that messed up the physics tables), adds the SMG shell casing, and moved all name lists to STR# resources.
(9/12/2000) (89K) MOS Tools
Bo Lindbergh
  Name Description

Chisel 2.1.6-enhanced

Chisel makes you wonder what you can't do with Marathon maps. For anyone doing serious scenario work... if you're not using Chisel, you're wasting your time. This package is for folks who haven't used Chisel yet... or haven't updated their versions in a while. You can always grab just the Chisel app, if you're up-to-date with plugins... or go visit Mike's Chisel World, and see what he has to say. (Of course, all of Mike's Chisel-related stuff is available here, as well.) PLATformer 1.0 is included in this package. Latest release includes new versions of Wot Dat Tag Do Den and Texture Munger. The 2.1.6 update does one thing only - it enables Chisel (again) on 68k Macs. You DO NOT NEED this if you have a PowerPC Mac. (If you don't have Chisel, getting this version won't hurt... you simply don't need to UPDATE to it if you have a Mac that was built after 1994.)
(9/12/2000) (455K) Inf Tools
Mike Trinder

Chisel 2.1.6

Mike Trinder has taken over development of this really cool tool from Bach, and has released a cleaned-up version with a bunch of bug fixes. This is just the core program-if you want other cool effects, look for them separately. (Try searching for Mike's stuff, or for Chisel stuff.) Also available is an effects programming kit (updated!), for use with either Codewarrior or Think Pascal, for those who want to roll their own. Latest update allows Chisel to be used easily with 3rd-party scenarios (like Evil and Tempus Irae). v2.1.4 fixes a long-standing (but unnoticed) problem whereby Chisel would wipe out a map's resource fork. 2.1.5 fixes a minor bug involving the tab key. 2.1.6 is totally unnecessary for PPC users... it simply fixes Chisel to work with 68k Macs. (If you don't know what a 68k Mac is, you can stick with 2.1.5.)
(9/12/2000) (43K) Inf Tools
Mike Trinder

Evil/TI Addons for Aleph One

ResEdit files containing resources to turn Aleph One into a functional engine for Evil and Tempus Irae. Simply open a fresh copy of Aleph One, paste in the resources for the game you want to play, and drop the resultant file into your Evil or TI folder. Boom. Suddenly, playing these scenarios with all the benefits of Aleph One just became as easy as double-clicking! You gain some cool transparency effects, a much-improved nuke gun readout for Evil, and other cool stuff. Definitely worth the (tiny) download.
(9/5/2000) (55K) MOS Tools
Loren Petrich

Apocalypse Net Pack v1.1

A pair of maps that share a similar overall layout, but play very differently. Both are loaded with eye candy (Tempest, especially, has some pretty fun lighting effects), and both have a generally square layout with an outer corridor enclosing an inner complex... but the inner complexes are very different. Tempest is filled with many different types of areas (tight corridors, open rooms, ledges) with multiple paths between them. Tornado has mainly a big arena in the center, with ledges around it, separating it from the outer corridor. Both have great flow, both would work nicely for large groups... Tempest might be too big for smaller groups. Absolutely worth a look, though. Update tweeaks moster placement.
(9/4/2000) (112K) Evil Netpaks
Nick Mason

Marathon RED

An intense, 32-level near-total conversion. No solo scenario has scared me like this since Evil... this has a very Aliens-like feel to it. Add to that the incredible physics tricks performed... no other scenario has let you change sides completely, halfway through a scenario. The storyline is confusing, at first... but it's meant to be. (It becomes clearer near the end.) There are some minor annoyances (some of the puzzles are created purely for gameplay, and don't make much sense in the story), and it's HARD (probably the hardest scenario, out of the box, I've seen), but it's really, really satisfying to beat. Overall, this thing is spectacular. Well worth the download. Comes with a new music file, not included in the above link. For full download options (including a single file including all pieces, as well as the music file separately, and a segmented chunks option), visit RED's Big House site.
(9/3/2000) (16083K) Inf Scenarios
Ian McConville

Phozirus v1.2

A collection of 5 maps (well, 6 if you count a small opening level for one of the other ones - accessible only in single player and coop). Architecture is reminiscent of Jeff Swartz (this is a high compliment, if you don't know Swartz's work) - complex, multilevel areas with great flow and few snags. Emphasis is on carnage, not messing around trying to find stuff. (Although a couple of these really do benefit from study prior to your first real game... ti's nice to know where the various teleporters end up, for example). Perhaps the oddest map is called 'Dark Seed'... a modification of another map in the pack, it's playable ONLY as a KTMWTB level... but there are a LOT of balls. You can either run, weaponless (except for your fists), or walk, armed with a SPNKR. Bizarre... but very interesting. Take a look... this is a great pack!
(9/1/2000) (197K) Inf Netpaks


A small map which uses the Evil glyph textures to suggest the inside of a pyramid. Weapons and baddies galore... but flow is a bit constricted (tbasically, the layout is a series of rooms, linked by a single passageway in either direction). Rooms are either pitch black (gotta love those devlin eyes glowing at you) or brighly lit. If you know the secrets, there are ways around without dealing with the baddies.
(9/1/2000) (20K) Evil Small
  Name Description

Forever Thunderdome v1.0

A takeoff on Thunderdome, with some number-coding to show where teleporters will come out. A nice update on a classic map.
(8/28/2000) (57K) Inf Large
Trevor Smith

The Secret Pit

A circular outdoor arena, with grandstand seats, and a small but deep (waterfilled) pit in the center. All the goodies (SPNKR, TOZT, powerup canisters) are in the central pit... but good players will be able to take a good chunk of health out of someone diving in - the opening is small enough that you have to slow down to a walk to get in. Better hope you actually kill them going down!
(8/28/2000) (11K) Inf Large
Henrique Peirano

Stonehenge (TS)

A circular arena - Stonehenge set in space. Not related to any of the other maps called Stonehenge currently in the Archives. As the author says, more than 3 or so players will lead to absurd carnage rates.
(8/27/2000) (23K) Inf Small
Trevor Smith

Sea of Darkness

A small net map with a raised platform surrounded by a dark ring. Carnage rates should be high with almost any number of players... there's nowhere to hide. (Weapons and ammo are plentiful.)
(8/27/2000) (5K) Inf Small
Ian MacCreery

Jet Li/ITower v1.1

Aother map using the Jet Li physics model. This one is a multi-level skyscraper... takes nice advantage of the flying part of the physics. Update adds MUCH more ammo.
(8/24/2000) (23K) Inf Large

Gettin' to 3rd Base

Released a couple of years ago on Hotline, finally being added to the Archives. A pretty straightforward multi-room map, with a bunch of teleporters to move you around if you don't like taking the long way. Only real problem is that the teleporter pads are quite small... hard to hit 'em right if you're being shot at. (Maybe that was the intention, actually.) One of the rooms is shaped like a baseball diamond, hence the name. Them TI textures are purty!
(8/23/2000) (38K) Tempus Large
Bruce Morrison

Industrial Strength (M2) (revised)

One side is full of canyons and ledges, the other side is a fortress. Between them is a lava river that serves more than one purpose. This map is really pretty to look at, but if you play it with aliens on, you'll never get to see that... revised version fixes smearing, tweaks ammo. This was fixed three years ago, but never made it into the archives.
(8/19/2000) (19K) M2 Large
Mark Conahan
  Name Description

Get Some

Wow. This one isn't new... again, it's a 1997 Conahan production that never made it into the archives... but wow. It's a training package... bobs are replaced with (damn good) pistol shooting marines, troopers are replaced with shotgun-toting marines, and cyborgs are replaced with missile-shooting marines. These guys are GOOD. You wanna practice, but have no net access? Download this. Comes with one of Mark's maps, and some textures that go with it. (Warning: it's very, very hard to stay alive. Find the rechargers, first off.)
(8/19/2000) (879K) Inf Solo
Mark Conahan

The Core (G4 or better) v0.9

This map was actually submitted about 6 weeks ago, but due to an undiagnosed corruption in an Images file, Aleph One stopped working here, so we couldn't test it. Apologies ot the author. This is a large circular arena, with grandstand-like steps around the edges, a towering, climbable hill in the center, and some tunnels for navigation. LIghting is very complex. The title is quite accurate... on a G4/400, there were places where the framerate dropped to 12 fps... and when networked to a G3/450, the problem spots dropped to below 5. Still, it's pretty... worth seeing what Aleph One is capable of.
(8/19/2000) (64K) MOS Large
David Retchless


Three maps from Mark Conahan, originally released in early 1997, but only on Mark's webpage. Finally making their way into the Archives. These all contain Mark's preferred organic shapes, lots of levels, lots of baddies... the cannons on Quetzalcoatl (labeled Pyramid in the readme) are a blast... literally. They give flyby SPNKRing a whole new meaning. Check 'em out!
(8/19/2000) (269K) Inf Netpaks
Mark Conahan

Ode to Pombero v1.7 (M2)

11 levels. These were released for Infinity a few months back... now they're available in M2 format, and they prove that great maps can look great in multiple texturesets. Rich is a master at multilevel carnage... but even those who like shooting folks on a level playing field will find maps to love here. Good, clean carnage, no bugs. Grab 'em and go!
(8/15/2000) (223K) M2 Netpaks
Rich Dierkes

Shiny Things v1.2

4 maps, with a pretty wide range of gameplay options. Tight-in play, wide open play. Claustrophobic flow, liquid flow. Aliens out the yin-yang, alien-free. One thing these maps have in common... you will NOT run out of ammo. Three of the maps use the Pfhor textureset, and generally do a pretty good job of it. The last is a huge waterset map, with almost all types of gameplay included... everyone should be able to find an area they like. Definitely worth a look.
(8/15/2000) (268K) TI Netpaks

While I Was Waiting v1.1

A single-level solo map for the Tempus Irae textureset. This was built because the author wanted to play with the set, and he's done a nice job of showing off the beauty of those textures. There's no plot... you simply have to get to the end. There are a few minor problems (mostly sticky polys), and gameplay has taken a backseat to eye candy... but all in all, a very playable level. Hard, but plenty of health canisters, and ammo. Structurally beautiful. Absolutely worth an adrenaline-packed chunk of your time.
(8/7/2000) (399K) Tempus Solo
Christopher Lund

MonkeNetPack v1.1

A 5-pack of maps, by someone truly disillusioned by the Bungie/MS situation. Politics aside, the maps are nicely made... very geometrical (three circular multilevel arenas, a square one with lots of angles, and one that looks, in plan view, sort of like the Millenium Falcon). Should keep small to medium groups happy for a while. Aliens and bobs, for those playing solo. Nicely balanced weapons. (Don't fire that nuke gun in close quarters!) update fixes some map names, adds merged physics models, little stuff.
(8/7/2000) (253K) Evil Netpaks
Kevin Johnstone
  Name Description

When the Monsters Come Out

A small central arena, and a couple of passageways outside. It starts slow, and builds. A secret area opens up the tiny space to a number of juggs. If you can stay alive long enough, it also gives you access to a way to get rid of them. Maybe best played cooperatively?
(8/6/2000) (53K) Inf Small
Trevor Smith

Little Red Skeletons

A central arena, with a sniper ledge around the top (no way up but regeneration) and four rooms at the bottom. The rooms are safe from snipers... but can be killing pits. One secret.
(8/5/2000) (86K) Inf Large
Trevor Smith

Unreal Weapons Set v1.0

Wishing you could play Unreal Tournament, but don't have a system that can handle it? Love Marathon, but enjoy the Unreal weapons? Dying for the Frogblast: The Ventcore Marathon-to-Unreal conversion, but not able to wait until it's finished? David Karl, who brought you the Alexienth Demo, now brings you the Unreal weapons for Marathon. Noticeably missing is the rocket launcher... just because there are no available slots for it. Pretty impressive, nonetheless. ;)

Because of its large size, this set is also available in digestible chunks.

(8/5/2000) (2842K) Inf Shapes
David Karl

Circular Death

No relation at all to the M1 map of the same name, but quite cool, nonetheless. A central arena, with a staircase leading around the outside edge. A switch at the top of the staircase fills the pit with lava, after bringing the staircase up (thereby making the staircase safe from lava)... a switch at the bottom crushes anyone camping at the switch at the top. Rockets and fusion pistols make sure anyone has access to either switch from almost anywhere... try it out.
(8/5/2000) (13K) Inf Large
Trevor Smith

Rooftops 2

Takes the concept developed in Jet Li/Bob Arena, Rooftops , changes the bullet contrails, and removes the bobs. A net-only map in which if you miss your landing pad, you burn up nicely... heh. Once you get the hang of flying, this one's fun!
(8/5/2000) (26K) Inf Large
Trevor Smith

Shrai Khal

A relatively difficult run-through-and-kill-everything level. Difficult because of the tight quarters and abundance of purple troopers... because it was built with Obed, it's unmerged, and on a mac shows errors in all the terms (for lack of term picts). Still, it's playable, and can give you that adrenaline rush you need while waiting for the next big thing.
(7/18/2000) (96K) M2 Solo
Dave Kozimor

Seven Pansies Prancing

A large, relatively intricate design, in two flavors - night and day. Ammo will NEVER be a problem. Flow is quite good... larger groups will find that there are very few safe places, and those few you do find can end up as killing fields. The first runthrough is a bit confusing, but once you've got the layout down, movement is great. Absolutely worth a look.
(7/18/2000) (123K) Inf Large
ryan herriman
  Name Description

Dogfight Netpack

9 maps, 6 large, 3 medium/small. A few minor problems, but all in all, decent flow, lots of weapons/ammo, varied layouts. If your group is looking for new netmaps, you should find some good stuff in here.
(7/10/2000) (192K) Inf Netpaks
Johannes Gunnar

"Jet Li/Bob Arena, Rooftops"

Adds a new, improved physics model to the Jet Li concept released a few days ago. Now the rockets have been replaced by shell casings (they look like marshmallows flying at you, but they're a hell of a lot more dangerous), and there are lots of dangerous bobs. This is getting very interesting...
(7/10/2000) (25K) Inf Large

Bastard Child v1.0

Originally released with Hell Hole, this map is a simpler, faster version of that legendary practice level. Straightforward carnage... keep killing till you're dead.
(7/10/2000) (25K) Inf Solo
Gary Simmons

Jet Li/Hang Time

Takes the concept developed in Jet Li/Bob Arena, Rooftops and adds flying via rockets... and puts the whole package in a modified Thunderdome. If you can land on that central pillar on your first try... well, it's a new class of vidmastery.
(7/10/2000) (26K) Inf Large
Trevor Smith

The Battle Cat's World Tour v1.1

7 maps, spanning the length and breadth of the world during world war II. Okay, not really. Just 7 maps, all tweaked for pretty nice carnage rates, with great attention to detail and superb flow. (Except for Thom's Trailer, which has no flow at all.) Most are set up for most game types, and should fit a pretty wide range of group sizes. Also included is the Battle Cat's newest cool technique-the Split Poly Technology. Multiple textures on a single wall... he's gone a bit overboard showcasing this technique, but for a fantastic use, open up Arnheim Bridge and check out the large dark room on the west side of the map. Amazing. (Subtle, but amazing.) And of course, it comes with a BattleCat-written readme, which means you're covered if the toilet paper runs out. Ouch! Dang! Okay, which means you're treated to another shining example of acerbic wit and glistening repartee. Or something. Update adds NetBOBs to most levels... which makes them MUCH harder in solo play.
(7/10/2000) (311K) Inf Netpaks
Gary Simmons

Mars Needs Carnage v1.1 (Infinity)

An Infinity version of the recently released M1 map Mars Needs Carnage. Combination of very dark and very light... just different enough from the original maps that it keeps you on your toes.
(7/10/2000) (50K) Inf Large
Trevor Smith

Jet Li/In the Walls

An experiment, more than anything. The map is really just there to show off the physics model. Walkfing's faster, running messes with gravity... pistols shoot rockets (although they still do bullet damage-big difference is if you shoot a close wall, you can die, unlike your standard pistols). If you're interested in making an urban combat map, and don't feel like starting from scratch, this might be a help.
(7/6/2000) (73K) Inf Large
  Name Description

Juggernaut Map Pack

2 levels, both small and geometrical. Both have a jugg in the center of the arena. The first, larger map has room to manouver around the beast... but there are rocket launchers in the center, so it behooves you to take him out. The second one is so small that if you don't kill the jugg, it'll kill you.
(7/6/2000) (64K) Inf Netpaks
Trevor Smith

Moon Games v1.2

Four square rooms, joined to two smaller square rooms by multilevel passageways. Simple layout, but flow is nice. Nothing's hidden... straight-out carnage. Comes with a pair of 4-player films.
(7/6/2000) (53K) Inf Large
Blake Noble

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy v1.0.1

A double-level oval, with a few nooks and crannies, and a large open sewage pool in the center. Quite open, yet lots of cover. Larger groups might find it tight, but less than five should have room to breathe. Nice lighting, good weapons placement (though a little tight on ammo)... a worthwhile download. Update adds a second level that allows more reasonable KTMWTB play.
(6/26/2000) (92K) Inf Large
Michael Watson

Mars Needs Carnage v1.0

Amazing. 4 and a half years after the release of the original Marathon, maps are still being made for that engine. This is a small map that crosses parts of Mars Needs Women and Carnage Palace Deeluxe. Flow is quite good, and the map is familiar enough (yet different) to those who played Marathon in the early days that getting around is second nature. Definitely worth a look!
(6/20/2000) (9K) M1 Bungie
Trevor Smith

Burning Clutch

My goodness. 8 rooms, 8 layers. 328 polygons of goodness. You could probably come up with a more convoluted use for 5D space... but it would involve small dark men in overcoats, and octopi. Amazing. (Do NOT play this drunk )
(6/20/2000) (68K) MOS Small

Warm and TOZT

A large, square arena with a bridgelike structure in the center (over a lava pool). Most action takes place on the ledge around the outside, or down on the floor. Elevators are nice and fast... mix of open and closed spaces. Archive size is due to a number of screenshots. Map is unmerged, on purpose.
(6/20/2000) (294K) Inf Large
Richard Kettering

Sincerely Me

A small net map, originally created for the Simplici7y contest (and so containing only 7 polys). Play is fast and furious, made moreso by two turret guns whcih cover roughly 65% of the small area. Included are two films, showing the level off. Amazing what you can do with 7 polys.
(6/20/2000) (113K) Inf Small
Michael Watson
  Name Description

Evil-Empty Faces 0.65

A very large, multilevel netmap. It's actually quite playable solo, due to the huge numbers of Devlins and drones... if baddies are turned on for a netgame, hill games become insane. (The hill sits in the center of a devlin spawning ground.) Some distance problems, which the author acknowledges... he suggests using this under Aleph One, but that would kill most of the interesting stuff (like devlins, and mini-devlins, and all those great Evil weapons). You could lose 8 in here, easy. Size of the archive is due to a huge Readme... it was almost 4 times bigger, but I pulled out 9 screenshots. (If anyone really wants them, I can send them.)
(6/20/2000) (332K) Evil Large
Richard Kettering

EMR Sound Editor

Charles Lechasseur's Sound Editor (v1.0b4), modified to use names from Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge. Greatly simplifies Sound editing for EMR maps.
(6/11/2000) (297K) EMR Tools


A very enjoyable 3-level map. Nice construction (although a map this polished could do with a bit more eye candy), good layout, interesting story (although it falls apart a bit at the end). A definite player. This map took Second Place in the EMR mapmaking contest.
(6/11/2000) (595K) EMR Solo
Peter de Blanc


Bo Lindbergh's Fux!, modified to work more easily with Excalibur maps. Strings have all been changed to correspond to the EMR equivalents.
(6/11/2000) (369K) EMR Tools


An overhaul of one of the solo levels from Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge, reworked to be playable by itself. If you find yourself fighting without any weapons, you probably went the wrong way at the start. Look around, there's a lot here! Very enjoyable single-level map.
(6/11/2000) (758K) EMR Solo
Bill Catambay

Dream State

A two-level map (well, one plus a welcome level) adapted from a released Pfh'Joueur level. Sound use is great, and gameplay is fun... but architecture causes some 'run-through-here-again-and-again' areas, and the storyline is almost non-existent. A fun map, but with a few flaws.
(6/11/2000) (2401K) EMR Solo
Candace Sherriff

EMR Anvil

Resedit file containing the resources needed to edit Shapes files from the Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge scenario.
(6/11/2000) (18K) EMR Tools
  Name Description

I Sit On Acid

A single-level solo map in which your main goal is to get out alive. Watch the traps.
(6/11/2000) (175K) EMR Solo
Todd Beckman

Don't Crush That Dwarf!

Star Trek meets Excalibur. Definitely an adrenaline rush, but the layout is such that you'll find yourself running back to the recharger far too often... which breaks up the flow. A great level for learning to dodge.
(6/11/2000) (977K) EMR Solo
Alex Feingold

EMR Forge

An updater that will update your Forge application to work with maps made for Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge. Not only does it make editing maps much easier, it saves maps with the EMR creator code.
(6/11/2000) (1221K) EMR Tools


A very impressive 2-level solo map. This one won first place in the EMR Map Contest, in January 2000. Puzzles are about as difficult as you can make them without going overboard... the little touches are brilliant. Non-player characters, cool natural architecture, a sense of humor... continuity between levels... this is a great map. If it gets too difficult, a walkthrough is available.
(6/11/2000) (942K) EMR Solo
Cal Calvinetti


An extremely engrossing single-level solo romp with an amazing attention to detail. Everything, from the cool physics tweaks, to one of the best ship incarnations to date, spells quality. Fantastic.

Also available in digestible chunks.

(6/11/2000) (4855K) EMR Solo
Michael O'Brien


A single-level solo scenario. (Designed as a 2-level project, the second level never got finished... but the map still won third place in the EMR mapmaking contest.) Lots of tricky areas, make sure you save when you can. Takes good advantage of the EMR textures and monsters... will keep your blood flowing!
(6/11/2000) (843K) EMR Solo

EMR Shapes Juggler

Charles Lechasseur's Shapes Juggler 1.3, modified to use names from Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge. Greatly simplifies Shapes editing for EMR maps.
(6/11/2000) (88K) EMR Tools
  Name Description

First Invasion

6 levels, with three being variations on a theme. The overall feeling is confusion... darkness, lots of repeating textures, death from seemingly nowhere. Oh... and watch those physics models.
(6/7/2000) (805K) Inf Netpaks

Pool of Happyness

A large, sewage-filled arena with some tunnels around the outside. Slight smearing problems (nonexistent under Aleph One). Weapons are all around the outside ring, so head right out at the start.
(6/7/2000) (27K) Inf Large
Johannes Gunnar


A small arena, with four alcoves. Watch the crushers!
(6/7/2000) (10K) Inf Small
Jonathan Hall

Simplici7y Contest Winners

On April 17, 2000, announced a contest whereby entrants had to create maps that used exactly 7 polygons. Almost 50 entries came in, most quite interesting. The winning 7 Entries won prizes... and have been bundled here, for your enjoyment. It's amazing what you can do with 7 polys...
(6/7/2000) (668K) Inf Netpaks

Garden Hill

Another huge arena (better suited for the Aleph One engine, which won't smear with distances like this). A huge courtyard surrounds a large double-layered tower. Tight on ammo, but plenty of room to run.
(6/7/2000) (38K) Inf Large
Johannes Gunnar

Wot dat tag do den? 1.2.1

An update to an amazingly useful Chisel plugin. This allows you to see what tags are activated by which switches or chips, and what the resultant action is. 1.1 fixes the effect to work on merged maps as well as unmerged. 1.1.1 allows the overwriting of an exising Tag report. (If you've updated the tags, you certainly don't need the old report, do you?) Use this when new people join projects (to see what's already been done), use this when coming back to old maps you don't have notes for (you do keep notes, don't you?), use this as a last resort when playing scenarios that you can't find the way to the next level in. (That's actually cheating, so don't be proud of this one.) Of all the Chisel plug-ins, I think I use this one the most. 1.2 upgrade adds a bunch of cool functionality (code to trace switch, term, pb actions), and fixes a couple of bugs. 1.2.1 fixes a nasty bug in the switch report code. This is also bundled in the Chisel 2.1.6 enhanced package.
(6/1/2000) (11K) Inf Tools
Mike Trinder

Madman's Maps v0.5.4

20 levels, mostly small to medium-sized. Architecture and lighting can be very entertaining. Some are a bit odd (and would be very difficult to play in net games for any length of time), but ALL are interesting, and have some great ideas. This pack is definitely worth the download. Skullfight, for example, is a brilliant combination of claustrophobic spaces and water-filled areas... you can blast someone with a SPNKR at close range, and if you do it right, you're thown back into the water, protected from the blast. What fun! (It can easily backfire, of course.) Grab this one... your netplay group will thank you for it.
(5/24/2000) (337K) Inf Netpaks
Stefan Thorvardarson
  Name Description

Broadcasting Carnage

A huge open waterfilled arena, with a funky cross in the center. So big that you get smearing under Infinity (although it plays fine under Aleph One). Ammo is a bit tight (would be okay for two or three, but the map is big enough for 5+). Some fun untextured wall tricks. Flow needs work.
(5/24/2000) (21K) Inf Large
Johannes Gunnar

Texture Munger v1.0.2

This is one of the slicker chisel plugins out there... but it's pretty hard to get your mind around it. It lets you use two texture sets on a single level (by mapping the textures to their appropriate origins), or it lets you convert a level from one texture set to another painlessly. (Okay, nearly painlessly.) It's astounding. And it works. Play with it.
(5/24/2000) (53K) Inf Tools
Mike Trinder

Alexienth Demo v1.1

Play the Sorikon updated map (newest version) or play the Alexieth Demo Map even if they're both absolutely too much fun for a grown person such as yourself! Sorikon had some teensy bugs that have now been addressed with this new package, and it is a complete package, make no mistake. Really cool new weapons to play with. But still, as you round a corner in the dark, it is a sure thing guarantee that something will make you jump! It's on the screen dood, not on your desk! The colors/textures coalesce here for a handsome & well thought rendition of a really scary Tarkyl-infested planet. Storyline is decent, a couple of spelling errors but no biggie. There are interesting and endless varieties of creatures, and always, at the end, Mikey! Comes with Patchers for Sounds, Music, Shapes, a Physics file that will make your day! The Demo, BTW, has shades of our newest fav, Source Code, provided you continue exploring. Worth the download! Try it, you'll like it, especially Mikey!

description by JD

Due to its large size, this is also available in digestible chunks.

This package contains an updated version of The Alexienth Demo, as well as an updated version of Sorikon. This accounts for the huge size.

(5/19/2000) (18926K) Inf Scenario
David Karl

Siege of Crumus'mar Demo v1.2

A four-level preview of an upcoming scenario, plus 2 net maps. This is being released for Aleph One because the mapmaking's complicated enough that Infinity can't handle it (long line-of-sight errors). The scenario uses some rescued textures from The Orphanage. I found mapmaking to be quite interesting, but monster placement a bit on the light side. (The final bug fix came in tonight, and I tested level four... I was able to finish it without firing a shot on normal.) It is just a preview, however, and it shows lots of promise. Check it out!

Also available in digestible chunks.

(5/19/2000) (5089K) MOS Solo
Jeremy Young

Benad's Net Maps

Four levels, mostly small (well, except the last one). The first level is the only marathon level EVER to make me seasick. Be warned. Other levels: The Big Donut will make your eyes bleed, if you're not careful... lava everywhere. Dizzy... well, it's aptly named. Enjoy 'em... they can be fun.
(5/12/2000) (173K) Inf Netpaks
Benoit Nadeau

Kito Carnage

Very simple map, with a large water column in the middle (it's where you start), an opening to the outside ring about halfway up, and a wall surrounding it that you can climb for bigger weapons.
(5/12/2000) (7K) Inf Small
Johannes Gunnar

Origin of Species v1.1

In the early days of Marathon mapmaking, a player came on the scene who quickly made a name for himself. Tony Smith started with Dad, Get Me Out of This in early 1996, and never looked back. Eventually, he released the extremely highly regarded Origin of Species series serially, as single-level maps. The final level was released in early 1997 as an Infinity map (all previous levels were for M2). A few weeks ago, Ben Potter approached me with the idea of compiling all of Tony's maps (not just the Origin of Species levels) into a single, cohesive scenario. This project took on a life of its own, partly because it was more complicated than we'd initially thought, partly because we had a superb betatesting team that were relentless in their quest for bugs and problems, and partly because the original maps were so good, we wanted to make sure we did it RIGHT. We hope you enjoy playing the final product as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Remember: Dive into the melee; wield superior firepower; endure.

Because of its large size, Origin of Species is also available in digestible chunks.

It is also mirrored here, as a 4 MB, Stuffit 5.5 .bin file.

(5/12/2000) (5745K) Inf Scenarios
Ben Potter/Claude Errera/Tony Smith
  Name Description

Pfh'Joueur v1.1

An enormous, 19 level opus based in the Marathon universe. A true work of art... this one will keep you busy for days. The gameplay is very good, the story line engrossing, and the mapmaking beautiful. There are usually multiple paths to your objective... be creative, the alternatives can be fun. Definitely worth your time. Update fixes a bunch of bugs in the map (some fatal), and improves a few peripheral files.

Visit the Big House for a list of mirrors.

A 1.0 to 1.1 updater (1.5 MB) is also available.

(5/9/2000) (36859K) Inf Scenarios
Candace Sherriff

Marathon 5 Photo Textures

Two photoshop PICT files, suitable for import into Anvil. One contains a very nice New York skyline, the other some pretty astounding photo textures of urban stuff. If you're building an Earth-like scenario, you MUST check these out.
(5/5/2000) (1986K) Inf Shapes
Lyndon Lorenz


A pretty simple, two level scenario. Start of a scenario, maybe. The author says if folks are interested, he'll continue. No terms (he can't get them to work), and some problems (untextured sides, no monster triggers, that sort of thing) but the mapmaking shows promise. Worth a look if you're looking for a scenario to join!
(4/27/2000) (108K) Inf Solo
Jonathan Felts

Deadman's Carnage Collection

20 levels. Uploaded by Bloodthirster - the email address is his. If your primary goal in netplay is to whale on your friends, these maps might not be for you. There are lots and lots of twisty stairs over lava, flooding arenas (lava-flooding, not just water or sewage), baddies in insane quantities... there are several maps with none of these traps, where the only goal is to waste your friends, but the majority will have you working hard to stay alive long enough to kill them. That said... this is a pretty impressive collection. Flow is great, map construction is very slick... weapons and ammo shouldn't really be a problem-there's a ton of stuff to start out with, then it regenerates at reasonable intervals. Some of my favorites were Soup (ingenious... a hill that SOMETIMES is sitting in lava), BURN! (nice balance between protected areas and open spaces, and a fun physics mod on the SPNKR), Religious Experience (5D with style). Even if you don't like levels where the death rate far outstrips the kill rate, this collection is worth grabbing.
(4/27/2000) (887K) Inf Netpaks

Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge v2.0.1

Without a doubt the most ambitious conversion project yet released for the Marathon Infinity engine. Almost 40 solo levels, 23 net levels, and Shapes, Sounds, and images almost devoid of Bungie original pieces. A sweeping saga of honor and betrayal that will take you through battles with dinosaurs, medieval knights, and near-future software magnates. The solo section should keep you busy for longer than the original Infinity map did... and when you're through, you'll have 23 new net maps to play, loaded with all-new weapons, from your trusty crossbow right up through a high-tech missile launcher. A must-have part of any serious Marathoner's collection. Visit the scenario's website for a list of other download locations. (I've only made the full, binhexed version available here... but the full range of options includes a MacBinary file from several different locations (31 MB), and a variety of "chunk" choices.)
(4/24/2000) (43284K) Inf Scenarios
Marathon Map Makers Guild

Place Your Bets! v2.0

A non-participatory arena for up to eight people. Switches open doors at either end, freeing "teams" of monsters (bobs and S'pht'Kr on one end, everyone else on the other). The point, I guess, is to bet on the outcome... Latest update tweaks physics models, increases monster movement, adds a second level. Here's a hint: At normal difficulty, without juggernauts, the S'pht'kr clean up. Add juggs to the mix, and, well...
(4/24/2000) (34K) Inf Pfhor
Morgan Catha

Balance of Terror v1.2

Hmm... this one's not really classifiable. It's designed as a teams map, with very fixed goals. On the plus side, the goals seem pretty cool, the level design is quite good, and weapons layout has been very well thought out. On the minus side, if the goals are used, a game will be a minimum of 25-40 minutes long, which is a bit much for most groups, the map is really, really big, making getting lost quite easy, and the whole thing has some quirks. (Aliens, for example, are nearly invincible. I finally dropped down to kindergarten, and it still took most of my ammo just to kill two green troopers.) Also, you might not be thrilled with the weapons layout... you have to think carefully, and be aware of what you're picking up. (This is part of the plan.) If you've got a really big group, and lots and lots of time for netgames, this might be for you. Otherwise, grab it maybe to look at level design, which, again, is quite good. The size is due to a shapes patch (another downside for netplay)-it's essentially a mix of texturesets 2 and 4. (Looks nice, if that's any consolation.) This version has been upgraded to the Aleph One engine. (Good thing, too... cause it smears Infinity something awful in a few places.) Pretty gorgeous... but the inherent difficulties haven't decreased.
(4/21/2000) (467K) MOS Large
Morgan Catha
  Name Description

Show'em that You're a Tiger v2.1

A dramatic enlargement of an old Infinity map... the readme still doesn't make that much sense (it suggests this is a small map), but the level is quite interesting. Distances are large, elevators are slow... so without a lot of players, this will be a slow game map, but there's plenty of room for strategy here. Definitely worth a look.
(4/21/2000) (159K) MOS Large
Morgan Catha and David Cornwell

Kobayashi Maru

This map seems to be very similar to the version released 3 years ago, except the sounds patch is quite a bit bigger. The map very similar, and the shapes patch is identical... the level is still in the spirit of the test it takes its name from. (Watch more Star Trek movies if that makes no sense to you.)
(4/21/2000) (1255K) Inf Solo
Morgan Catha

First Strike v1.0

Loosely based on the Mystic Base map from the Mystic Map Pak, this is a netmap with a twist... it can (sort of) be played solo. That is, there is a mission, of sorts, laid out by the terms. Of course, it's a simple, and unattainable one... kill everything that moves (unattainable because there is infinite regeneration), but it's a mission nonetheless. Players of Wheel of Evil might recognize some of the geography. As usual, Nick's mapmaking is impeccable.
(4/19/2000) (117K) Evil Large
Nick Mason

Wheel of Evil v1.0

A huge, organic-feeling map in which 8 people could play with breathing room. More aliens than you can shake a stick at... this one works fine as a solo stress reliever, as well. Probably too many 2x canisters for my taste... but hey, sometimes you just need that helping hand! Very nice design.
(4/19/2000) (75K) Evil Large
Nick Mason

Kill Frenzy v1.01

A multilevel arena map, with tweaked physics. I'm not usually a fan of aliens in net games... but in this case, I'd make an exception. The hill is the entire arena floor, and the baddies generally stay down there. (There's enough for them to do without having to bother with the elevators.) Most weapons and ammo are up on the top level... but in a pinch, you'll find rockets in the center of the arena. This one's a blast!
(4/19/2000) (46K) Evil Large
Nick Mason

Option-Pfhive Millenium Edition

A sounds patcher for Infinity, or M2. (Works with either.) Lots and lots and lots of changes. Some great, some silly... worth a listen. Comes with a physics model that guides most projectiles towards the player, and increases damage overall (making for more brutal encounters). C'mon... you have a cable modem now... grab this!
(4/10/2000) (3738K) Inf Sounds
Mark Smith

Marathon Master Scenario Guide v1.0

Ben Potter (creator of Fell, has compiled a list of all solo maps he's played since he discovered Marathon a few years ago, along with some useful statistics about them. (There are over 600 in all.) With the renewed interest in Marathon generated by the Marathon: Open Source project, some folks are revisiting the archives, looking for good, older maps. This list should help narrow the search!
(3/31/2000) (74K) Info
Ben Potter
  Name Description

Polyus Maximus

A 1023 poly experiment. It started as a test of the limits of the Aleph One engine. It ended as a very playable single level solo map. Gameplay's not very hard, but take the time to look around... mapmaking is pretty amazing. Stuff you could never do with Infinity. Love the F/A-62!
(3/25/2000) (224K) MOS Solo
Jeremy Young

th'shmooze factor

Another 5D offering from the world's only fisheye aficionado. This one is a small room with 4 pillars... 4 times. Confused? Try playing. And beware... he's shooting for 8 layers.
(3/23/2000) (16K) MOS Small

Trippy Dippy

A tiny (well, sort of) 5D map with 3 distinct, spatially overlapping areas. Once you've gotten the textures down, it gets a bit less confusing... but it's all small enough that Jinx_tigr's favorite bug (damage in one frame of reference affects those in another) is abundant here. As Pushkin says, "i'd rather be hit over the head with 5d space anyway." Play it! You'll have fun.
(3/22/2000) (15K) M2 Small

ToastMonkey Presents

A 17-level nethop map with a seriously cool intro level. Most of the individual levels have been released in some form... many have changed pretty radically, though. It's built around two "hub" levels, so that smaller groups can actually play without getting too lost, but larger ones can spread out. Built with Obed for Win95 M2, it's actually not playable under the mac version, due to the long line of sights and transparent lines. Luckily, it works beautifully under Aleph One, available from the Marathon: Open Source site. Get this map for its grandeur alone.
(3/20/2000) (844K) MOS NetPak
Pushkin and Moose-Factory

Mission: Improbable (DT)

A one level sequel to Legacy of the Tsirc (well, three if you count the info levels at the beginning and the end). J.R. Dobbs is back, as spacey as ever...Laundry ticket? You have to retrieve a laundry ticket? Goodness. Physics tweaks make gameplay amazingly addictive... the hyped-up drones and the seriously dangerious MOAH are good examples. Visuals, are, as per usual for Gloops, stunning. Another winner.
(3/19/2000) (466K) TI Solo
Daniel Thomas

Operation Vengeance

A 13-level scenario which manages to pack every trick and novelty ever devised for Marathon, every slick little piece of eye candy, all into an eminently playable package. Engrossing... you walk into a room, begin to marvel at the gorgeous lighting effects, and promptly get wasted by a foursome of invisible compilers. A blast... literally. The downside to all this coolness is the added detail introduces complexity which isn't always fully predictable. There are a few small glitches. Save whenever you get the chance, and change filenames, so you can go back to a previous version if you discover you can no longer go forward. All in all, a truly masterful piece of mapmaking... download this for the ideas alone! (But while you have it on your drive, you should play it...)

Also available in floppy-sized chunks.

(3/11/2000) (5572K) Inf Scenarios
Mark Levin

Marathon Map Viewer v1.4.1

This is one of the coolest tools to come along in a long time. It does just what the name would suggest... it allows you to view maps. It works a lot like Forge's visual mode... except it has a few extra features. Up and down motion is supported (shades of Pfhorte's viewer), and maps can be viewed fully-textured down to wireframe, with almost anything in between. It requires OpenGL, a 3D-rendering interface which is becoming quite common. OpenGL on a 3dfx card requires full-screen mode, which the Viewer doesn't support, but if you have an ATI Rage Pro or Rage 128 (or, according to Apple, the Rage II), get Apple's version. The viewer handles the full range of Marathons... M1, M2, and Infinity. (A first for M1 maps!) It's really slow on my Powerbook G3 (Rage Pro, but only 2 megs, I think..), but being able to fly through Pfhor Your Eyes Only... wow. Prefs are hardcoded (you can change them with Resedit, but...), but speed is variable, you can turn off the (pretty cool) "walk through walls", and it now does portal rendering, significantly speeding things up, in my experience. Additionally, stretched textures (a la Missed Island) now display correctly.) A must-have! v1.3 adds a text status display, the ability to set starting postion, and improved portal clipping. v1.4 adds the use of z-buffering, a framerate display, and some sorting options... big steps, in actuality. 1.4.1 fixes a small bug in the GL rendering code... pretty minor, but Loren says a bug's a bug.
(3/10/2000) (418K) Inf Tools
Loren Petrich
  Name Description

Marathon 5 Artillery Test

I might have pissed him off...

I suggested the last Marathon 5 offering might have been lacking in replay value... this one avoids any such problem by making it nearly impossible to get to the replay stage. (I was able to finish the level on Easy, after failing several times at Normal. It's very, very easy to fall off a ledge whilst shooting, and that's all she wrote.) Very enjoyable, as long as you don't have high blood pressure. (The turret guns are quite satisfying to take out.) Artillery Test is definitely up to Lyndon's usual high quality standards. The full Marathon 5 package is coming closer and closer to reality... I can't wait till it's all put together!
(3/4/2000) (958K) Inf Solo
Lyndon Lorenz

Legacy of the Tsirc

A really enjoyable single-level scenario. Mapmaking is superb, gameplay is extremely finely tuned for very high adrenaline levels, the plot is nicely worked out. The enclosed shapes patch Gives the world of the Tsirc a beautiful feel... download this, you won't regret it.

Also available in floppy-sized chunks.

(3/1/2000) (1950K) Inf Scenario
Daniel Thomas

Codex Atlanticus: The Director's Cut

The original version of this map won the Nardo Mapmaking Contest. It was damn good then. It's a whole new ballgame now. The final level in the original, almost a placeholder, is now a full-blown, jaw-dropping piece of work all by itself. Glitches in the first two levels have been ironed out. The storyline, solid before, is now fleshed out, typo-less, and engrossing. Two out-of-the-park homeruns in two days... This guy's someone to keep an eye on.

Also available in floppy-sized chunks.

(3/1/2000) (2655K) TI Solo
Daniel Thomas

PLATformer 1.0

PLATformer is a Chisel plugin that lets you perform some previously impossible feats with platforms. Demo maps are included. This plugin is also available as part of the Chisel 2.1.6-enhanced package.
(2/28/2000) (62K) Inf Tools
Mike Trinder

Teleport Switcher

A short tutorial and a demo map showing how to make user-controllable teleporters... that is, teleporters whose destination is configurable by the player. Pretty slick... download it, use it in your scenario, give Jägermeister credit, and make your players happy.
(2/20/2000) (45K) Info
Terrence Nowicki

"Unfinished Business, Both Acts (v1.2)"

The first official submission of a map that requires Aleph One, the work-in-progress resulting from the M2 source code release. 8 levels, using several unfinished bits from the Orphanage as a base. Very impressive looking levels... the complexity would crash M2 or Infinity. Even in Aleph One, they can be quite slow in places. They look gorgeous, though. The Temple (big version) is not playable as a net level, but is one of the more complex levels I've seen. Run around in it, get ideas, build your own cool stuff. v1.2 fixes a few 'discrepancies', expands many outdoor areas. The temple, in particular, is more playable.
(2/19/2000) (711K) MOS Netpaks
Mike Schapiro

UESC Duodenium V1.2.1

An extremely enjoyable 2-level scenario. Lighting is great, gameplay is fantastic (I hate those spnkr bobs!), the touches are wonderful. (Check out the Commander's diary...) I think my only real gripe is the number of hidden doorways and passages. (Some of them are critical.) If you don't mind looking hard for the next path, this is one truly satisfying scenario. (You'll get good at dodging missile pairs... this map seems to throw them at you in tight corridors.) Update fixes a couple of minor problems in the first version, and drastically reduces filesize by using jpeg compression on the terminal picts. v1.2.1 update fixes a cosmetic bug that crept back in, somehow... sorry, Michael!

Also available in floppy-sized chunks.

(2/3/2000) (2823K) M2 Solo
Michael Hunsley
  Name Description

Total Workout

A deceptively simple arena. There doesn't look like there is anywhere to hide... until you start playing. Author says it's designed for Tag... but carnage works well, too. Lots of open space, interesting texture usage. (Hint... it's all there for a reason.) Fits all sizes comfortably, from 2 up.
(1/31/2000) (22K) TI Large

Codex Atlanticus

A beautiful 3-level solo scenario, winner of the Nardo Mapmaking Contest. Bugs are minor (I got stuck on a couple of platforms, terms could use a bit of editing, just little stuff), gameplay is major. If you approach this without thinking, you're gonna die. A lot. If you plan your attacks, and figure out patterns... you're gonna have a blast. While the scenery and attention to detail is astounding (I still can't get over how gorgeous the Tempus Irae world is, and what you can do with it), don't stop and look when you get to a place... you'll die. Kill stuff first, THEN look around. (And if you see a pattern buffer... USE IT. It usually means you're gonna meet a whole passel of nasties.) This one is definitely worth the download... it'll keep you on the edge of your seat until the wee hours.
(1/31/2000) (1960K) TI Solo
Daniel Thomas

Deep Blue

A circular arena with a raised corridor around the outside. Lots of vacbobs, lots of minipfhor... and the entire place (including the raised corridor) gets flooded every minute or so. I guess there are plenty of SMGs to compensate...
(1/31/2000) (20K) TI Large


A followup to Mare Ceti and an entry into the Nardo mapmaking contest, this is a beautiful level that gets a bit ambitious in its storyline. Eye candy all around... and one of the first maps I've seen to make use of the ultra-cool tool, Cinemascope. (Whoa, too many links in one description.) Get this: it won't take you that long to finish, but it's fun.
(1/31/2000) (1675K) TI Solo

The Stadium

Originally released as part of the Some More Lh'owon , this level has been slightly modified (and retextured with Tempus Irae textures), but it is still a blast to play. Reminiscent of a classic M1 net level, Circular Death... gameplay is fast and furious. Try it out with more than 3... carnage rates will go through the roof!
(1/31/2000) (32K) TI Large
Scott Noblitt

The Mute

A gorgeous net map, second place winner in the Nardo Mapmaking Contest. Although some of it seems claustrophobic, there are several larger areas, and flow from one area to the next is quite good. Vertical angles, while steep, in no way impeded us from killing one another. The attention to detail is fantastic; if you've always wanted to die in some beautiful garden, this is the place. Check it out!
(1/31/2000) (117K) TI Large
Alan Greene

A Night in Venice

A large, sprawling level with an open space, surrounded by some simple buildings, surrounded by a moat. Plenty of ammo... but you need a big group to keep this one hopping.
(1/31/2000) (383K) TI Large
Adam Kuba Adamczyk
  Name Description

Marathon Sound Editor v1.0b6

This program will allow you to fully customize your M2/M00 sound files. Check out its web page! b5 Update allows in-place editing-you can overwrite the existing file, if you want. (Thanks, Charles!) b6 update reactivates the code to verify class IDs.
(1/21/2000) (293K) Inf Tools
Charles Lechasseur

Marathon: Fell v2.0 Spoiler Guide

Fell v2.0 is a 35-level solo scenario that's wholly the work of one person. As such, it can be less accessible to the masses than a large map made by a variety of mapmakers, because if you don't think the way Ben does, you might miss a lot. To that end, Ben has put together a spoiler guide for you... which includes secrets and strategies for all levels in DocMaker format, plus a film which shows Ben playing through all of the major new levels in one shot. (Yes, it can be done.) This should help anyone who's been stuck on a particular level of Fell for any length of time. (Don't read this if you don't want the levels ruined for you... this should be a last resort, or read after you finish. But that's just my opinion. :) )
(1/21/2000) (683K) Info
Ben Potter

Alien Staff Patch Update 1.0 -> 1.2

Updates the Alien Staff Patch to v1.2. (Requires Alien Staff Patch.) Adds better sound for the hit, reworks the frames a bit, and adds a physics model. (Not clear what the physics model does.) There's still no second trigger.
(1/13/2000) (214K) M1 Shapes
Sam Baxter

Don't Feed the Juggernauts

A straighforward ring, with an inner moat guarded by juggs. Lots of ammo on the outside, bigger weapons in the moat or on the inside. Originally built for Win95 (the original zipped version is also available).
(1/13/2000) (20K) M2 Large
Jadin Hanson

Quades (M2)

5 levels, sort of a wide range. Some seem to be designed for solo practice (too many aliens for a reasonable net game), while others seem to be designed for net play. Flow ranges from constrictive to pretty darn good. Most are quite large... but that's not such a big deal on the solo practice levels. Worth a look. Also available in an M2 flavor, with one additional map.
(1/13/2000) (148K) M2 Netpaks
Jared Decker


6 levels, sort of a wide range. Some seem to be designed for solo practice (FAR too many aliens for a reasonable net game), while others seem to be designed for net play. Flow ranges from constrictive to pretty darn good. Most are quite large... but that's not such a big deal on the solo practice levels. Worth a look. Also available in an M2 flavor, missing one map.
(1/13/2000) (198K) Inf Netpaks
Jared Decker

Mir 1.0

A slick little rotating space station (contains a shapes patch to produce the rotation... don't worry, it's small). Big weapons are upstairs. (If you miss the elevators, check your map view.) And watch your back... the compilers outside can nail you if you're not looking! Might be big for 2, but should be okay for anything larger.
(1/13/2000) (77K) Inf Large
David Retchless
  Name Description

Marathon 5 Lunar Simulation

No baddies, no air, lots of nasty meteor showers. A nice little maze map. Careful... this ain't the moon you know. (There's magma in them thar hills.) Slick, through and through. Not a lot of replay value... but tons o' fun the first time through. C'mon... it's only a meg. Go read about it at the Lunar Simulation Page.
(1/2/2000) (1293K) Inf Solo
Lyndon Lorenz

Bullets Patch

Adds a spent shell casing to the firing sequence with the M1 pistol. The M2 and Infinity pistols have this... why not M1? No sound patch, so you can't hear it hitting the ground.
(1/2/2000) (97K) M1 Shapes
Sam Baxter

Better Lighting

In the hopes of increasing the overall lighting quality of released maps, the author has created three preset collections of lights, allowing for more variability in level lighting. The enclosed example map also shows how to use some of these. If folks actually take the time to learn the basics of lighting, levels will look much more realistic. This small package can help.
(12/26/99) (106K) Info
Scott Noblitt

Bachus' Net Extravaganza

6 levels, three previous releases with tweaks, three new. Mostly geometric layouts, but they work pretty well. Lots and lots of baddies, so solo works fine, lots of physics tweaks so you may or may not have time to figure out what your weapon does before you blow yourself to Kingdom Come with it. A nice assortment for a bit of carnage... or a bowl of carnage, whichever suits you.
(12/21/99) (179K) Inf Netpaks

Evil-Agorapfhorbia v1.0

A large, sprawling netmap with wide open spaces, an easy-to-reach-hill, and lots of nooks and crannies to hide in. Physics tweaked to speed up rockets, to compensate for the wide-open spaces... it works. (Those little smiley-faces are even more frightening now.) Originally made for the Marathon: Chimera project, converted to Evil. (Author hopes that project sees the light of day at some point.) Feels empty with fewer than 3 or 4, but rocks with 5+. Check it out.
(12/21/99) (42K) Evil Large
Jeff Swartz

The Hill

Geometrical, few visual cues as to where you are. Constantly regenerating baddies give you something to shoot at if you have no net connection, but a plethora of invincibility powerups make them rather impotent. Don't fall in the water... you get transported to a room with no escape, and the only way out is to sucide under a crusher.
(12/21/99) (32K) Inf Large
Nathan Trebes


Mark's been making Marathon maps since he could. (4+ years now.) He's collected up his best netmaps, retextured or retooled maps originally built for older Marathons, and added a few new designs. The package contains 18 maps, a few of which are variations on a theme. Carnage is quite high in single-player mode, due to the heavy concentration of aliens... most or all of which disappear in multiplayer mode. If you're looking for a netpack that your gaming group can load up and play for a while on your lunchbreaks, look no further.
(12/14/99) (805K) Inf Netpaks
Mark Conahan
  Name Description

Marathon Xperiments

Two maps (well, there are three, but the first and the third are identical) with some very interesting physics experiments. The first map has a very useful jetpack built into the second trigger of every weapon. One of the best I've used. The second has some pretty serious weapons modifications... as a solo test level, this one'll keep you coming back for more, and as a net level... well, carnage rates will be pretty absurd. Nicely done, as experiments go. Give 'em a try!
(12/14/99) (32K) Inf Large
Christian Thalmann

King's Court (FFA)

A large arena with a corridor system around the outside. Physics have been modified to make sure there's always someone who wants you dead, and lots and lots and lots of baddies have been added. Good for a "see if you can stay alive for more than 30 seconds" run on TC, if you're not hiding in a corner somewhere.
(12/14/99) (32K) Inf Large
King Moo

Alien Staff Patch

Converts the fists in Marathon 1 to a Pfhor staff. No second trigger... and no physics changes. Other than that, though... looks like a pfhor staff.
(12/13/99) (267K) M1 Shapes
Sam Baxter

Blood and Steel v1.0

A very nice large arena, with a fast-moving peripheral ring. Two rechargers in the center, but if your opponents are any good, you won't be able to use them. In solo mode, the aliens give you a nice run for your money... troopers and hunters regenerate at absurd rates, but enforcers and fighters are on your side to help out. (Careful, though... there are enough enforcers that friendly fire is a real hazard.) Attractive design, and great flow.
(12/13/99) (53K) TI Large
Nick Mason

Heptapus v1.1

A wheel-like map with seven spokes. A bit of 5D space gives you a pair of upstairs...personally, I prefer the one with the recharger.Hard to tell, but v1.1 seems to have more monsters than 1.0 had. (No mention in the readme what the changes are.)
(12/12/99) (85K) Inf Large
Dr. Lex

Root Square 1.0.1

A tight, pillar-filled level, with a small open area in the center and a pair of raised catwalks. Lots of attention to lighting detail, to great effect. Not the lowest-poly-count map out there, though... a bit slow on older machines. (Okay, you need a fast ppc to run it.) Quite nice as a solo practice level, due to the repeating baddies... definitely worth the download. Not clear what's new in this version... possibly tweaked weapons placement?
(12/12/99) (124K) Inf Large
Dr. Lex

Two Shapes Utilities v1.0.1

Two programs: 12oo Shapes Mover, which moves shapes chunks from M1 shapes files to M2/inf shapes files... and 1-10 Twiddler, which can help with the 1-animated/1-non-animated switching problem. (If you don't know what that is, you probably don't need this.) Very useful tools for scenario builders! v1.0.1 fixes a small bug that kept the Twiddler from recognizing M2 files.
(12/12/99) (238K) Inf Tools
Loren Petrich
  Name Description

Jingle Bobs v1.1

If you thought the extra cut on the M2 cd was fun, DOWNLOAD THIS MAP! The Bob Boogie Choir performs Jingle Bells, in all it's gory! (No, that wasn't a typo.) Had me rolling on the floor! (It's only 47K, c'mon, download it!) v1.1 adds a couple of nice touches: the bodies don't disappear after death, and you're killed off when it's over, so you can play it again without quitting.
(12/12/99) (47K) Inf Novelty
Dr. Lex

Chisel Collection 3.0

Contains all current (as of 6 Dec 99) Chisel plugins not available individually on this site. This includes Cinemascope 1.0, Geometry Effects, Media Munger 1.0, Texture Munger 1.0, and Write Rotator 1.0a2.
(12/6/99) (151K) Inf Tools
Mike Trinder

Annotator 1.0

Annotator is a Chisel plugin that allows you much greater leeway with where annotations show up. You can make them appear in unexplored areas, you can make them appear only after certain areas are explored... and to a limited degree, you can play with font color and size. This plugin is also available as part of the Chisel 2.1.6-enhanced package.
(12/6/99) (12K) Inf Tools
Mike Trinder

Poseidon 1.1

Poseidon is a Chisel plugin that lets you flip a marathon map (M2 or Infinity) around the X, Y, or Z axes. Pretty slick, actually. Version 1.1 fixes a number of small bugs. This plugin is also available as part of the Chisel 2.1.6-enhanced package.
(12/6/99) (10K) Inf Tools
Mike Trinder

Better Move 2.2

Better Move is a core Chisel plugin that allows you to actually move the entire map on the Forge grid. This is really useful when you run out of room on one side... Version 2.2 actually works on maps with annotations, unlike previous versions. It also adds several cool features, like the ability to move platforms, and the ability to run it more than once on a single map. This plugin is also available as part of the Chisel 2.1.6-enhanced package, and is part of the standard Chisel 2.1.6 package if you downloaded after December 6, 1999.
(12/6/99) (9K) Inf Tools
Mike Trinder

Monster Converter 1.0

Monster Converter is a Chisel plugin that lets you avoid an unpleasant quirk in Forge. When M1 maps are converted to M2 or Infinity maps, Forge ignores the fact that the monster order changed... so you have to go through your maps and click every single one to convert it. (Or you have to nuke the map.) Monster Converter fixes this. This plugin is also available as part of the Chisel 2.1.6-enhanced package.
(12/6/99) (7K) Inf Tools
Mike Trinder

Merge 1.1

Merge is a Chisel plugin that lets you combine two marathon maps. This means you can actually work on complicated but repeated sections separately, and merge them in where you need them. (Good uses are airlocks, signature term areas, and anything else you can come up with.) This version fixes several bugs, and should now be quite useable. This plugin is also available as part of the Chisel 2.1.6-enhanced package.
(12/6/99) (28K) Inf Tools
Mike Trinder
  Name Description

Polygon Converter 1.0

Polygon Converter is a Chisel plugin that allows much more logical remapping of M1 to M2 or Infinity polygon types. This plugin is also available as part of the Chisel 2.1.6-enhanced package.
(12/6/99) (6K) Inf Tools
Mike Trinder

The Black Series (G12)

Wow. Eric has overhauled the original 3 level scenario into this 15-level masterpiece. The mapmaking is gorgeous, as usual... the story has been vastly improved, the textures are wonderful. The only complaint I think I'd voice is that sometimes, the pattern (flip a switch, find the newly-opened area, flip another switch) begins to seem repetitive... but it doesn't happen much, and in the meantime, you're spending too much time fighting for your life to worry about it. Ammo, rechargers, and save game terms are placed very well, to keep you stretching, but not so much you get frustrated. This one's a winner! Also has a new home at The Big House... go visit to read more about it!

Also available in floppy sized chunks.

(11/29/99) (14326K) Inf Scenario
Eric Hill


One of the true masters of Marathon Shapes editing releases another unfinished project... this time a radical departure from the typical Marathon TC. (Is there such a thing?) It's based on (and inspired by) the Millstone textures, by Don Carson... the first project, I think, to use these. There are no weapons, no baddies, no puzzles... just some really, really thought-provoking techniques displayed in a beautiful, mostly greyscale setting. Your first runthrough will probably leave you saying "what's the fuss about?" Well, run around a bit more. Did you find the pool table? Did you think about what you saw? Did you find the dining room? Did the chairs make an impression? Did the landscape texture(s) strike you as unique in any way? (If the answer to all of these is "no", well, you're probably not the target audience of this package. ) Enjoy... if you're building scenarios (or thinking about it), this could very well give you some spectacular ideas. If you just like cool Marathon tricks, grab this... it's worth your time.
(11/19/99) (2365K) Inf Scenario
Hamish Sanderson

Custom Set Remover

The Custom Set Remover does one thing. (It removes custom sets. Duh.) Several collections (landscapes and weapons) have normal sets, and custom sets. (These generally allow for more color flexibility.) If you don't need them, or don't want to update two sets (and aren't planning to add your own custom sets), you can use this simple drag-n-drop tool to remove them from your shapes file.
(11/16/99) (17K) Inf Tools
Charles Lechasseur

Another Lift Test

A really simple map... two rooms, one above the other, with a totally open lift running between them. Yup, you read that right... totally open. A platform open on four sides on two levels? You're just gonna have to download it to see for yourself. Mike built this with the latest version of Chisel and some ideas from Jason Harper. Get it, use it, make cooler maps.
(11/15/99) (8K) Inf Novelty
Mike Trinder

Marathon: Fell v2.0

In April 1999, Fell 1.0 was released, and it was a pretty impressive debut. The work of predominately one person, Fell was an extremely playable, engrossing scenario. Now, 7 months later, Fell 2.0 is released. This is Fell 1.2 with 11 new levels added to the end. Tempus Irae textures are used beautifully here... a tribute to both sets of creators. This one is big, but it's fantastic. It'll keep you trying again, and again, and again, until you finally find that right technique to pass this part, or that. And this, I think, is the test of a good scenario-when you run into difficulty, do you want to hang it up and go home, or are you finding yourself saying, "just one more try..."? If the latter, you know you're playing a winner. And Fell is a winner.

Also available in floppy-sized chunks.

And if you're stuck, grab the Fell v2.0 Spoiler Guide !

(11/14/99) (11216K) Inf Scenario
Ben Potter

One Way Halls

A simple example showing how to exploit a marathon bug to make hallways one way. (That is, you can pass from east to west, but not from west to east.) It's quite effective as a demonstration, but if you choose to use it in a real map, you'll need to polish it up- I was able to (by accident) crush myself in one of the controlling polys. Potentially quite useful in guiding a player to do things in a specific order.
(11/12/99) (5K) Inf Novelty
Bryant Brandon
  Name Description

Levels of Lh'owon v3.1

35 levels, almost all quite good. A surprisingly wide range of play... there are arena-type maps, tight, twisty corridor-type maps, novelty maps... with great texture choices, good weapons placement (geared towards 3-4 players, but they should accomodate the full range without too much trouble), thoughtful flow. Designed for M2, but most look okay in in infinity, as well. There's quite a bit of skill shown here... on several levels, heading carelessly for weapons will kill you. (This is a fun net technique-it tends to favor those who look where they're going over those who blindly run for the SPNKR...) Have a blast... Version 3.0 adds 7 new levels over the last one, and tweaks many (most?) maps for better gameplay and aesthetics. Version 3.1 adds no new levels, but fixes a few glitches, tweaks many levels for improved play, and (most importantly) puts serious effort into lighting... with wonderful effects. Check it out!
(11/10/99) (756K) M2 Netpaks
Scott Noblitt


A 7-level solo scenario, based nearly entirely on a pfhor prison ship. Your job is to, well, escape. (And free a bunch of other bobs, and an AI or so, in the process.) The fighting starts slow, which is good, since weapons are sparse. It quickly gets up to speed, though, so don't get lazy... I guess my biggest complaint (outside of 6 straight levels of Pfhor textures, which is enough to make anybody blind) is the angularity of the maps. Pfhor levels, for me, have always been somewhat organic... curves, and weird shapes. There are lots and lots and lots of square rooms here. Gameplay is good, though, and the storyline is engaging... definitely worth a play. You'll get seriously lost on It's Hidin' Time, I warn you...)
(10/14/99) (1350K) M2 Maps
Scott Noblitt

TC 19 Demo

A two-level demo of an upcoming scenario. This one is plot-based... and it's good. I found it interesting that the first two comments I saw were (in order) "I like it" and "it's too hard!" It's definitely hard... especially if you go running around with guns blazing. First rule: read the terms. Second rule-see the first rule. I found only one bug, and it was minor... attention to detail is very high. Download this, then pester the team to finish the full article!
(10/12/99) (1431K) Inf Scenarios
The Evil Petting Zoo

DropTerm v1.1

A simple little app to extract TERM resources from M1 maps, and reinstall them once you've edited them. Not totally idiot-proof, so be careful... but it fills a niche that's empty.
(9/16/99) (47K) M1 Tools
Neil Justusson

Digivid NetPak

4 netmaps, designed for larger groups (although a couple are quite playable with small groups), and an integrated physics model which changes the railgun (and makes it much more effective in netplay). The maps are generally well-designed, with lighting and flow tending to remove any benefits derived from sniping skills. Carnage rates should be quite high.
(9/13/99) (157K) Evil Netpaks

People I Could Name

A sprawling, symmetrical, multilevel map which is extremely easy to get lost in (since it looks the same in many places). Dark, and big, and hard to figure out if your fodder is above or below you... this one is good for lurkers.
(9/13/99) (64K) M2 Large

Frame Example

A very nice example of a technique first showcased in the BattleCat's World Tour Netpak - Multiple textures on a single wall. Framing might just be one of the best uses of this technique to come to light so far.
(8/12/99) (110K) Inf Novelty
  Name Description

Forge/Anvil FAQ v2.0

A standalone version of Bungie's Forge FAQ v2.0, for easy access. Includes the Forge Companion (available tools) and as a bonus, a promotional page.
(8/12/99) (133K) Info
Joseph Gardner

Pesky Porkchop

A sprawling, open map, with sweeping curves, nice lighting effects, and great flow. This is a really nice outdoor map for any groups of 4+ (I'd guess it's even playable with 3, but carnage rates will be lower). If only he'd stop making those JPEG readmes...
(7/29/99) (201K) Inf Large
Erkki Toukolehto

Trojan: Legacy

Trojan was one of the most ambitious Marathon 1 projects ever done. (In fact, it was one of the most ambitious Marathon projects, period... of any flavor.) The driving force behind that project, Hamish Sanderson, began, two years ago, to bring Trojan to Marathon Infinity... but many other projects got in the way, and the project was shelved. (There is still development going on in the Trojan universe... just not by HAS.) He decided, finally, to release the work they'd finished, for others to see... there are some amazing tricks in here. With the help of Adrian Bourke, this package sports a nifty installer that'll take your marathon files and turn them into a completely different beast... no muss, no fuss. Check this out...see what multiple TCs can do for your skillset.

Also available in floppy-sized pieces.

(7/23/99) (5091K) Inf Scenario
Hamish Sanderson

Marathon Calculator

A rather intricate technique that uses the marathon engine as a binary calculator to add two numbers. Its limit is 31 (as the total), and because the actual mechanism is shown, there's a long walk between the calculator and the answer... but it's amazing what you can do when you're free for the summer. (Really, really detailed explanation.) Definitely worth a look if you're curious about how far the engine can be pushed for non-standard tasks.
(7/19/99) (151K) Inf Novelty
Mark Levin

Last Survivor of the Nostromo...

The last Marathon map ydnar ever made. It's been sitting on his drive until now... it's not entirely finished, but nearly finished for ydnar is polished like a diamond for human mapmakers. (Well, okay, it could use a little bit of lighting and sound work, and maybe some weapons placement... but it's pretty impressive as it stands.) Enjoy it...
(7/13/99) (46K) Inf Large
Randy Reddig

No More Teleporters

Jesse Simko, creator of the eagerly awaited Muerte Machine, has uploaded this nice demonstration showing how to remove half of the warping effect which happens when a player changes levels. (He's eliminated the warp out effect from the start level... but not the warp in effect on the end level. He does, however, give some suggestions for diminishing the latter effect.) This should be very useful to anyone creating levels based in universes where teleporting makes little sense (Earthlike scenarios, for example), or to someone who's looking for a way to get around the 1024 poly limit on a single level. (You won't get completely around it... but if the warp-in effect can be covered up, you can certainly fake it pretty well.) Very nice!
(7/6/99) (34K) Info
Jesse Simko

Lift Test

If you've built complicated elevators (lifts, to those across the pond from us Americans), you've almost certainly run across a Marathon engine limitation which can make it impossible to use the action key to trigger the elevator control (punching or projectiles are all it recognizes). This happens because the active area for a switch comes at some fixed percentage of the floor-to-ceiling height, which may or may not correspond to where you've got a switch. HAS has released a quick demo map showing a rather elegant way around this problem. (If you don't understand my wording of the problem, download the file. It's pretty small. If you're making maps, it could help you make more elegant ones.)
(7/5/99) (16K) Info
Hamish Sanderson
  Name Description

Alex First

Two maps. One (Caverns) is dark, twisty, and has lots of explodabobs and MoaHs. Its main point of interest, though, is its creator... Alex Okita is an artist at Bungie West, working on Oni. This was his first Forge map. (The other map in the archive was made by a friend of his, and is a model of the friend's house. Lots of weapons, but in very specific places... take a runthrough before you play this one.)
(7/3/99) (65K) Inf Netpaks
Alex Okita

Pfhactory N'Utopia

By some incredibly lame oversight on my part, this seminal map never made it into the archives. (It's been finished for years...) It's the base for the Infinity maps Aye Mak Sicur, Aie Mak Sicur, Carroll Street Station, You're Wormfood Dude, and who knows what else. It started life as a huge M1 netmap, grew into an M2 netmap, was probably the first 1024 poly Infinity map, and is just one heck of a map. And now it's here. Sorry for the delay.
(7/3/99) (301K) Inf Large
Randy Reddig

Dual Sided Force Fields

Force fields have been around since Fm created them in Seige of Nor'Korh, but they've been one-sided. (That is, they work from one side, but are passable from the other.) Here, then, is a description (and demo map) showing how to make two-sided forcefields. Nicely done.
(7/1/99) (372K) Info
Michael Watson

The Chickenizer Infinity Project

Three maps, a physics model, and the point of the whole package, a sounds patch. The maps have nice flow, and support a good range of players. (The texture choices sometimes need a bit of work, but...) The physics model is plainly insane, and massively increases the damage you can do with your weapons. (A film of one of the maps is included, so that you can see for yourself what happens.) The sounds patch, though... wow. Mostly digitized (and seriously modified) voices... it ranges from drop-dead funny to seriously surreal. This package is net only... but your local netgroup will enjoy the changes imposed by the various pieces.

Also available in floppy-sized pieces.

(7/1/99) (3417K) Inf Netpaks
Fatal Pfhred and Deadly Morph

Stretch 3.0

Stretch is a cool Chisel plugin that allows you to stretch or mirror textures on walls. 3.0 is a pretty major upgrade that allows alterations of lines (on the automap), so that platforms can be hidden, and various other visual tricks can be performed. Well worth the download if you're building cool maps...
(6/29/99) (26K) Inf Tools
Mike Trinder

Xenophobia [e3]

A medium-sized netmap, based on a circular arena idea (mostly). Lots of details, good lighting, great flow. (There are no dead ends-every passageway has at least two exits.) One nice touch-the starting points have weapons on 'em. This means you'll almost always have at least an assault rifle. For small to medium groups. This used to be part of the Myriad Fury netpak, but the author decided to tweak it a bit and break the maps out. While the last version was billed as final, the author discovered that the recharger in the river was unusable due to the current... and he removed the (useless) oxygen recharger. Once again, the level has been tweaked for better gameplay, and the author promises that it really is final. (For the third or fourth time.)
(6/28/99) (106K) Inf Large
Muhsin Miski

Mr. Spade's Office

A largish arena level, with some darker, tighter corridors around the outside. Nicely done, with plenty of sniper positions and hidey-holes. If you get bored shooting at humans, there's always a potatoanus around to kick here and there.
(6/28/99) (135K) Inf Large
Erkki Toukolehto
  Name Description

Spacewalk:Theme and Variations

6 levels, in somewhat unique nethop form (try it, it's kinda cool), all variations on the original. (Hence the name.) All non-alien texturesets are covered, and various liquid configurations are present. It's interesting how different a single level can be made to feel by retexturing or changing the flow with water. Cool concept. Play it!
(6/24/99) (98K) M2 Netpak

Marathon 5 Drone Test

This is billed as a preview for Marathon 5, with a test map thrown in so you can see the new shapes. I'd say it's one heck of a fun quickie map, with some nasty exploding drones thrown in for your sidestepping pleasure. (Don't fall off the walkway... down is death.) My only disappointment was that there was no ending message... when you're done, the term says the same as it does when you're not done. Ah, well... it's a test. Go read about it at the Drone Test Page.
(6/23/99) (748K) Inf Solo
Lyndon Lorenz

Hex 1.0.4

While Forge has a great visual mode, (one of it's strongest attributes) it still lacks a lot for creating and editing terminals. This version works with Infinity and fixes a few bugs with the earlier version... This update includes a requested manual. It also allows you to veiw picts from within Hex!! Latest update adds support for the recently discovered tag activation option in terms.
(6/22/99) (419K) Inf Tools
Bo Lindbergh

Durandal Terminal Browser 1.4.3

A small app that allows you to browse all the terminals of Marathon 2 and Infinity-text, pictures, everything. Find the terms you missed the first time through. Read the messages you would have seen if you had gone back later... see Bungie's secret M2 term without swimming in lava. Latest update adds support for tag sections.
(6/22/99) (60K) Inf Tools
Bo Lindbergh

Marathon Map Splitter 1.0.7

Bo says it better than I would... from the readme:

"Marathon Map Splitter takes a merged Marathon scenario file as produced by Forge and splits it into individual map, physics, and terminal text files for each level. It also extracts any resources into a "Terminal Picts" file. It is the exact opposite of the "Merge Levels" command in Forge.

This lets you do things like peeking at other people's physics models (ever wondered how to make a potatoanus?), fixing the bugs in Blood Tides of Lh'owon, and converting old Pfhorte-generated scenarios."

Another must-have for scenario builders! 1.0.1 added the conversion of platform info (yes! you can now go back and forth between Forge and Pfhorte!) and a few other things. 1.0.2 fixes a bug which prevented the editing of some Pfhorte maps, and adds an "N" before network level names. 1.0.3 works around physics file weirdness. 1.0.5 added picture conversion from Win95 maps, and 1.0.6 fixes a bug in previous versions that eliminated notes. 1.0.7 adds support for tag sections.
(6/22/99) (42K) Inf Tools
Bo Lindbergh

Any Noise/Anti-Noise [v3]

A large, intricate level, with a variety of areas to fight in. The map centers around a large, fractured arena, but there are plenty of nooks and crannies to hide in, and several ways in and out. There didn't seem to be any dead ends (well, okay, one, but it's minor), and a lot of care has been taken with textures and lighting. There's a nice selection of monsters, if you want to run through it solo. I suppose my only complaint is that the central area is relatively complicated, and we experienced a noticeable slowdown with two ethernetted G3's when fighting in that area. Other than that, an impressive effort.
(6/22/99) (153K) Inf Large
Michael Watson

Bob vs. Godzilla

In the spirit of Jason Harper's Heartbeat comes another "cutscene" level that you can add to your scenario. Or not. It's definitely worth watching, though... and the vistas opened by this pair of maps are pretty wide. C'mon... it's only 15K. Check it out!
(6/11/99) (15K) Inf Novelty
Mark Levin
  Name Description

Round the Darklin' Tree

A small circular killing field, surrounded by an outer ring and filled with just enough stuff to make life interesting. Lots and lots of invisibilities... Pass through the center to kill the lights, pass into (or out of) the outer ring to bring 'em back up. For added fun, the Tempus Choir is replaced by Alvin and the Chipmunks. A fast-paced blast.
(6/8/99) (23K) TI Small
Aaron Parr

The Wind Tunnel

A tall cylinder, filled with openings and interconnected passageways. Physics allow you to drift... main weapon is the nuke gun, which can lead to some nasty suiciding if you're not careful. See how good you are at shooting on the fly!
(6/8/99) (31K) Evil Small
Aaron Parr

Toilet of Jjaro

A few loops, and a flushable toilet. Lots of ammo, and lots of weapons... high carnage. (Beware the yellow and black assault on your eyes in certain parts of this map...)
(6/8/99) (34K) Evil Small
Aaron Parr

Two Tides a Swingin'

A rather convoluted water-filled map, with the rhythm non-trivial to learn... but once you've got it down, this is a pretty cool map for medium to large groups. Lots of secrets, lots of acceptable strategies... nice construction (although on slower machines, it's a dog). Well worth the learning curve.
(6/8/99) (77K) Evil Large
Aaron Parr

John's Infinity NetMaps

Three maps, of various sizes. Construction is attractive, but layout can be a bit confusing. These maps take some getting used to. Once you have the geometry down, though, the flow is quite nice. Lots of curves, lots of exits, lots of fast elevators, some nice tricks. For some incomprehensible reason, two of the three maps haven't been merged, causing that annoying "not made by bungie" message at startup. Worth it, though...
(6/7/99) (194K) Inf Netpaks
John DeWeese

13 Group v2.1

An update to a very interesting solo scenario. Flow is quite good (although figuring out what to do next is not always easy), and level design is great. The spnkr-toting bobs fire four shots at once... they can be seriously deadly in tight places. There is a tendency to overdo on the baddies (especially evident on the second level, which would have been much more enjoyable if I'd found the save buffer down below), but overall, it's really playable, and it keeps the adrenaline level extremely high. This latest version is identical to the previous version, except that the 24-bit chapter screens have been JPEG-compressed. This does three things: it halves the filesize, it REQUIRES that QuickTime be installed in your extensions folder (otherwise, you'll see no picture at all), and it ups the memory requirement a little bit. The first result (filezise dropping from greater than 3 megs to about 1.25 megs) easily makes the second two worthwhile. If for some reason you can't or don't want to have QuickTime installed, the old version is still available. (Thanks to HAS for this smaller version.)
(6/6/99) (1258K) Inf Solo
Michael Hunsley

Another Marathon Soundset

A different Marathon Soundset for System 8.5+. Interesting... a bit strange, but interesting.
(5/30/99) (811K) Sounds
Eric Baskin
  Name Description

Map Exporter v3.5

Exports Marathon2/Infinity maps in a variety of 3D formats. Useful for porting to other games, or for making cool term art for your solo scenario. Comes with source code, so you can do with it as you see fit. You can see a couple of samples of the output, imported into Bryce: AyeMakMetal.jpg (118K) and WaterlooMarblepark.jpg (200K). Updated with new info-if you already have this file, you can download just the new documentation (227K). This update adds support for the M1 format (including correct handling of texture numbering).
(5/30/99) (587K) Inf Tools
Loren Petrich

Anvil Physics Model Reference

A much-needed guide to the ins and outs of physics model editing, using Anvil. Arranged in html format, it's clear and easy to navigate. Still missing a little bit of information, but if you're working with physics models, you definitely want to have this around.
(5/25/99) (100K) info
Mark Levin

CopShot Demo

A 4-level demo of an upcoming Scenario. Mapmaking is pretty good, although there are a few bugs here and there. Gameplay is fine... it picks up as the scenario goes along. The story is still a bit murky, but that's probably intentional... an enjoyable couple of hours, overall. Comments (at least constructive ones) should be sent to the author, who's pretty responsive about fixing reported bugs.
(5/24/99) (2422K) Inf Scenario

Space Survival v2.5

A solo net level, very well done. It builds on the Rocket Marines patch, and sticks you in an arena (actually, a pair of them) with lots of ammo, lots of powerups (don't worry, you'll need 'em), and some truly beefed-up computer opponents. You've got marines firing grenades, jugg missiles, and spnkrs... and you've got pfhor firing guns! Nasty... If you can't get the adrenaline flowing with a few minutes of this map, you're probably dead. This update adds a second version of the map, which acts much more like a practice net level (everything shoots normal ammo, and all marines move at normal marine speed). Several performance and aesthetic tweaks were also added. If you can stay alive for more than a few minutes at TC, consider yourself good at this stuff.
(5/23/99) (454K) Inf Solo
Jorge Salas

TI2-The Lost Levels Spoiler Guide

The spoiler guide for Tempus Irae 2: The Lost Levels. Lots of useful info and insight from each level's creator. Inexplicably not here before now. (It was created almost 3 months ago.)
(5/22/99) (597K) Info

Revelations Netmap Pack v1.3

5 maps, ranging from small and simple to large and starting to be complex. They don't feel complete, somehow... lighting and sound is haphazardly implemented, for example. Flow is okay, though, and they should provide groups with a nice variety of play styles (there's an open thunderdome-type arena (with an extra level), a 5D-type level, some tight corridors, some open streets, a pair of forts...).
(5/21/99) (101K) Inf Netpak
Michael Watson

Fix Alien Ammo 1.1

A chisel plugin that does one thing-it allows you to set how many alien ammo objects appear on a level. (Forge ignores these even if you place 'em... but this way, you can have a non-expiring alien weapon.) Included because it wasn't here.
(5/18/99) (7K) Inf Tools
Mike Trinder
  Name Description

The Hastur's Workshop Archive

Hastur's Workshop, at Double Aught's site, has long been a source of inspiration and answers for marathon mapmakers intent on a better product. Michael Watson decided to preserve those pages in an offline form, in case they are ever removed from Double Aught's pages. (I think as an offline source of mapmaking tips, they're useful enough as they are, no need to justify them as historical.) Comes with a bonus Bungie Forge/Anvil FAQ v2.0.
(5/14/99) (1883K) Info
Michael Watson

Trojan Landscapes 1&2

Two Trojan-related spinoffs... Landscapes 1 and 2. Day and night, in lots of red tones. Rendered beautifully in 256 and Thousands. Send Hamish fan mail if you want him to release more of his odds and ends!
(5/11/99) (484K) Inf Shapes
Hamish Sanderson


The closest anyone's ever come to a cutscene level. Pretty astounding, even given the limitations... play it to see what it's all about. (It's cool. Really cool.) The author gives permission to incorporate this into your scenario, and even offers to customize it for you. Amazing what he thinks of...
(5/11/99) (16K) Inf Novelty
Jason Harper

This Ain't Your Mama's Net Map

A fast-paced, moat-around-a-hill map with access via four elevators and a few teleporters. Construction's quite nice, flow is great. A four-player film is included. Great for KOTH...
(5/6/99) (59K) Inf Large
Lee Heida


A small to medium-sized map, with fast flow (although not always where you think you're going). Multilevel... good for small to medium groups. (Imagine that.) Nice attention to detail... check out the windows into the sewage pool!
(5/6/99) (66K) Inf Small
Muhsin Miski

Map Analyzer v1.5

Produces an amazing array of info about a map (or a folder full of maps), including all basic stats (polys, floor space, weapons availability, textureset, etc), and some aggregate stats on multiple level maps. It was inspired by MapInfo, but generates much more information. This update is a complete overhaul. There are statistics on new things (including textures, lights, liquids, and sounds), and special value statistics, and the source is completely Loren's (all of Kirill Levchenko's code has been replaced). Source is included.
(5/2/99) (235K) Inf Tools
Loren Petrich

Exploding Pipes Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to allow players to destroy walls, or other types of large environmental objects? Here's a tutorial that shows you how to do it. Perfect for the scenario maker who wants a spectacular effect in their project... (I actually had to redownload An AI Called Wanda to make sure a similar effect wasn't used to make the hull breach in Station Alpha (the sequel), but it seems that was just a hole. I have a recollection of it not being there when I started... but there aren't any platforms in the area. As far as I can tell, Mark's come up with a completely unused technique... and a pretty wonderful one, at that.)
(5/1/99) (44K) Info
Mark Levin
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A single level solo scenario. You wake up in a strange room, with a magnum that shoots pfhor bolts instead of bullets... flow is good, the level is hard (though not as hard as Harry's other maps), and generally, completion is possible. (There's at least one suicide trap.) Blasting stuff with pfhor bolts is a rush in itself. Definitely enjoyable...
(5/1/99) (1512K) Inf Solo
Harry Al-Shakarchi


A single level solo scenario. In a lot of ways, it reminded me of a map for M2 called Descent (except that it's far less buggy than Descent was). The title seems to come from what's gonna happen to you a lot of times, playing this map. It's really, really hard. (Playable, but hard.) Minimal save terms means you're gonna keep doing it till you do it right. Construction is pretty good, and flow is straightforward... there's one suicide spot that I found (a really annoying one, too), but mostly, you just gotta keep going till everything is dead. (The final battle is a real adrenaline rush.)
(5/1/99) (780K) Inf Solo
Harry Al-Shakarchi


A three-level (but pretty short) solo scenario. There's a plot, but it's sort of irrelevant... the game is focused pretty tightly on action. It's difficult-the first save term is most of the way through the second level. (At least the first one I found.) Map view helps (some of the areas are labeled, and the labels can save you a bit of headache later). There a few secrets, but mostly, it's just "figure out how to kill 'em all before they kill you" carnage. Definitely worth the runthrough.
(5/1/99) (611K) Inf Solo
Harry Al-Shakarchi

Snaky's Net Levels

7 maps, mostly small (except for the last one, which is quite large). Author says they've been tested with 1 and 2 people... it's doubtful larger groups would have enough weapons and ammo. (In most of the maps, larger groups would trip over each other.) Comes with a bunch of bonus physics models.
(4/30/99) (194K) Inf Netpaks
Hugo Forss

Evil-Towers of Light v1.2

Four towers surround an open arena. The cool thing about this map is that when a tower is occupied, it's lit up (both inside and outside). The nuke gun is in the center of the arena, so while the towers provide cover, he who forsakes that cover is provided with a weapon that can overcome his weaknesses. If you die in a tower, that tower stays lit... so there's a limit to the novelty of the map. It's fun anyway.
(4/30/99) (34K) Evil Large
Andrew D.

Steve No More

A large, somewhat symmetrical level, with a hill surrounded by a lava moat. The hill is reached by shooting a switch that raises stairs to it, and under the hill (for those willing to brave the lava) is a stronghold with rechargers. (No ammo, though, and no way to get any, so you can't stay too long...) For the really adventurous, there's a kill switch (hard to reach) that floods the entire area around the hill with lava, and blankets the hill with enforcer/hunter crossfire. An interesting netmap... don't play it with groups smaller than 3 or 4, you'll get bored.
(4/30/99) (96K) M2 Large
Pushkin and Shen Bodak

Obituary v1.1 (Tempus Irae)

A nice arena with a raised hill, and side passages for added flow. Death rates get quite high when players can shoot across altitudes... Now tweaked with better weapon/ammo placement.
(4/26/99) (31K) TI Small
ToRt Go
  Name Description

Obituary v1.1 (Evil)

A nice arena with a raised hill, and side passages for added flow. Death rates get quite high when players can shoot across altitudes... Now tweaked with better weapon/ammo placement. This map was originally built for Evil, but the first release actually used Tempus Irae textures. This release is in two flavors, and I must say, although I liked the Tempus version when it came out, this map rules with Evil textures/weapons!
(4/26/99) (29K) Evil Small
ToRt Go

Piltdown Network Packet 1

A 5 map collection (well, 6, but one is not accessible, either in network or solo mode, and crashes Forge pretty hard). Mostly small, with pretty plain lighting/sounds Nice for pairs (except for Trax Re, which can fit more).
(4/23/99) (211K) Inf Netpaks
David Burns

Maps for Shipping

Six maps, mostly quite good. (Lords of Chaos is quite buggy, but it seems to be alone in that.)They range from smallish (It's not a Tomber has fantastic flow for a small group) to very large (Embrace the Madness could swallow 5 or 6 without too much trouble). A good combination of styles here... almost everyone in your group should be able to find a map they're comfortable on.
(4/23/99) (278K) Inf Netpaks

Tunnel Hunt Pack

A large, concentrically built map, with rings of passageways around a central force-fielded square. Comes in two flavors, with the second map being an expanded version of the first. Nice construction, and good flow all around...
(4/23/99) (76K) Inf Large

Marathon Music Exploder

A tiny program that's been around forever... just lost from this server. It will take a Marathon 1 Music file and split it into individual tracks, saved as quicktime movies.
(4/23/99) (5K) M1 Tools
Bo Lindbergh

L'howon Landscapes v1.1

Replacements for the existing Alien landscapes (night and day) in both Infinity and M2. More realistic... and this version contains Hamish Sanderson's modifications to make the 8-bit versions look almost as good as the 16-bit versions. Use 'em... or check out Marathon: Fell to see them in use.
(4/20/99) (834K) Inf Shapes
Loren Petrich

Simple Bypassing Levels in Coop-only Tutorial v1.0

A set of techniques useable by mapmakers attempting to force coop players to bypass areas that solo players need to pass through. Simple, clearly explained, these have some limitations (spelled out in the tutorial), but should work quite well regardless. They are far simpler than either Coop-Only Level Bypass Demo or Counter Revolutionary, both to build, and to use. The platform tags mentioned are the Pfhorte versions, since that's what the author uses. Yet another cool tool to extend the marathon experience...
(4/20/99) (51K) Info
Scott Noblitt
  Name Description

Marathon: Fell v1.2

A 24-level solo scenario, primarily the work of one person. A really impressive effort... this one's very hard, and very good. The author made the decision to create realistically-scaled spaces... this means that hallways in spaceships are tight, fighting in rooms can be awkward (and can kill you), there are very few gratuitous areas. (No Colony Ship for Sale here!) It also means that some of the Marathon engine limitations are reached... you can get stuck some places, and walls can be bouncy. Do not let this deter you-the scenario is fantastic on all other points. The storyline is well thought-out and consistent (and interesting!), gameplay is finely tuned to keep you on that adrenalin high for most of the time, and architecture is beautiful to look at. This is a thinking man's (or thinking woman's) scenario. One of the best in a while... grab it. Latest update fixes more bugs, tweaks gameplay... and adds Hamish Sanderson's modifications to the 8-bit landscape textures used here. (They look great now!)

Also available in floppy-sized chunks.

If you already have v1.0 or 1.1, grab the 1.2 Updater (630K) instead.

(4/19/99) (7990K) Inf Scenario
Ben Potter

Cheat Detector 1.oh!

An interesting demonstration of a technique that can (usually) weed out the cheaters from those that aren't using cheats in a given solo scenario. It doesn't always work, but it should work enough of the time that you (as a scenario maker) will get much less mail complaining about problems from people who only encounter those problems because they've cheated to a place they shouldn't be. (It was inspired by, to some degree, Jason Harper's Level Detector, and can be similarly used to control where a player goes based on his playing style.) Like others in this genre, most of the information will be found in terminals within the demo map.
(4/18/99) (152K) Info

Home Grown Carnage

A mostly enclosed, tight-hallwayed map. (There's open space, too, but the dominant type is closed-in.) A few minor glitches, but mainly pretty nice mapmaking. Flow is good-there are multiple exits from most areas, and you won't get hung up on edges too much. Effort has been put into lighting, which (because of the mostly small spaces) shouldn't affect framerates. (The map could use a bit of sound, though...) Comes in two flavors-heavy on the weapons and ammo, for large groups, and lighter on both, for smaller groups.
(4/13/99) (132K) Inf Large

Drink Your Wine

A square arena, with a ledge around the outside and a raised square fortress in the center. Simple, but well-designed for flow. The hill (The central fort) is accessible from both the ledge (via a bridge) and the bottom (via a fast elevator). There are a few pillars to use as cover... but more than two people in the game, and staying on the hill is a non-trivial excercise.
(4/13/99) (20K) Inf Small
Michael Watson

Test Arena

A simple concept, elaborately (and extremely well) executed. This is an arena for testing monsters. Standard monsters, custom monsters... doesn't matter. You get lots of ammo, and a safe island, and a setup that allows the release of exactly the number and kind of monster you'd like, when you want it. It's way more elaborate than you'd ever really need for this task, but hey-if you're going to do something, why not do it right? If you need a test map for your new monster, this would work quite nicely.
(4/12/99) (743K) Inf Novelty
John Zero

Apocalypse Ranch

A remake of the first outdoor area from Kill Your Television, with the addition of a pair of Juggs. Sort of weird... there's tons of SPNKR missiles here, but not one SPNKR. The physics model included, though, gives you missiles instead of grenades, and a whole boatload of 'em... so you should be okay. I suppose.
(4/12/99) (32K) M2 Small

3rd and 7

A large football field, surrounded by seats (?). Nicely laid out, if a little bare... but ammo is really sparse, probably for anything more than two people. Gets a little better once you find the entrance to the control booth, but it's still not enough for bigger games.
(4/12/99) (44K) Inf Large
Michael Watson
  Name Description

Descent into Death

A huge arena surrounded by rising hallways. With big groups, this might be fun, but smaller groups would have a hard time getting close enough to kill. There's a switch in the central pillar which I don't understand at all... all it seems to do is make the upper hallways vulnerable from below. Since only those in the upper hallways can flip the switch, it seems, well... pointless. (I suppose it also makes the area around the hill targetable from above... but there is much more freedom of movement down below, so it's more dangerous to those in the passageways.)
(4/12/99) (63K) Inf Large
Travis Vils

Not a Good Landing v1.1

A four level solo scenario. Mostly well-built, with nice architecture, and decent gameplay. Play would be better, I think, if it weren't quite so predictable (it became pretty clear that when you walked into a room, several baddies would teleport in to fight you; not all that much suspense...). Also, it suffered from a few glitches in mapmaking... terminals and pattern buffers would appear and disappear according to the level's areas... but even covered or retracted, they worked, defeating the purpose of covering or retracting them. On the whole, though, an enjoyable play... the final battle is definitely adrenaline-inducing. (Of course, the fact that you can avoid it altogether is another question-mark...)
(4/11/99) (1924K) Inf Solo
Hugo Forss

Level Detector

From the master of cool tricks comes a bizarre, but thought-provoking idea... a mechanism by which you can determine the difficulty level at which someone is playing. The included demo simply has different terminal messages for each difficulty level (kindergarten through total carnage), but you could, in theory, use the technique to decide where to send a player, depending on what level he's playing on. The possibilities are pretty far-ranging...
(4/6/99) (32K) Info
Jason Harper

"A Breakfast Cafe in Vienna, Austria"

A huge, sprawling level, with just about every possible environment. No matter what sort of battlefield you normally prefer, you should be able to find it here... wide open spaces, tight, twisty corridors, long tunnels, short tunnels, upstairs, downstairs, all around stairs... it's all here. Parts are reminiscent of favorite maps in the past (one section made me think of Hot Handed God of Cops, a couple of areas were similar to Bungie levels), but overall, there's nothing like it. If you don't have at least 5, though, you're gonna be chasing each other a lot...
(4/3/99) (117K) M2 Large

Son of ToastMonkey

Four lavafilled circular arenas, linked together and joined to a fifth small hill in the center... complicated, and with similar lighting to the author's ToastMonkey's Revenge (hence the name). The lava pits are pretty deadly... but the small islands in the middle will teleport you out if you do fall in. Needs a decent-sized group to stay busy.
(4/3/99) (77K) M2 Large

Counter Revolutionary

He's done it again... In response to Mark Levin's Coop-Only Level Bypass Demo, Jason has once again extended the scope of the marathon engine with a cool new tool. The enclosed map shows you how to set up a counter that can count events (number of players appearing, number of secret areas, you name it). The attached readme adds a few extremely innovative potential uses for the technique... if you're making a solo scenario, download this and process it. Use the technique... make Marathon better.
(4/1/99) (55K) Info
Jason Harper

Siphon [e]

A medium-sized bilevel netmap, with a ledge running around a lower canyon area. Lots of details, good lighting, great flow. (There are no dead ends-every passageway has at least two exits.) One nice touch-the starting points have weapons on 'em. This means you'll almost always have at least an assault rifle. For small to medium groups. This used to be part of the Myriad Fury netpak, but the author decided to tweak it a bit and break the maps out. This version is considered by the author to be the final... minor tweaks improve gameplay.
(4/1/99) (93K) Inf Large
Muhsin Miski
  Name Description

Stacked Walkways

A pretty neat demo of two walkways on top of each other. The technique uses scenery items to fake the look of the walkway, so you don't look like you're floating... it seems pretty clear that with a little bit of artistry, the proper scenery items could be created to make the upper walkway look nearly flawless. Also contains an intriguing extension of the author's untextured wall experiments.
(4/1/99) (9K) Inf Novelty
Jason Harper

Brief Nardonic Requiems v1.4

Two very good levels from what a great marathon author. The first level Translation into Loyalty, consists of a few mini arenas with the Tempus Pfhor texture set. The second, I Used to Be uses the outdoor enviroment from Tempus. Two very fun levels that can also be played solo. 1.4 update tweaks lighting, textures, and layout to improve gameplay.
(3/28/99) (96K) TI Small
Rich Dierkes

Patio De Recreo El Diablo

In the author's words, a "glorified Return to Thunderdome". (That's like saying that the Titanic is a glorified rowboat, but who am I to disagree with an author?) Designed as a "net simulator" (which means it requires the Rockets of Fury Shapes patch to turn bobs into rocket-totin' cowboys), it pits you against a passel of nasty bobs in a gorgeous, fast-moving arena. Look for the additions... some of them are truly spectacular. (There's a texture that probably shouldn't have been used as a landscape texture, but it's really my only gripe.) I found carnage rates to be pretty high playing against 8 bobs... I'd imagine that several real opponents would give you the same thrill.
(3/26/99) (153K) Evil Solo
Paul E. Dangerous

Kill the Player (SPN)

A small mazelike map, with an embedded physics model that keeps you on your toes. (It's designed to be played solo-the SPN stands for SIngle Player Network.) You get one magnum (and, if you kill the infrequent vacubob, a fusion pistol), and your job is to kill as many bobs as you can. (There is no end.) Good for target practice... the bodies really pile up. Enough recharge canisters appear that you can keep going as long as you want to.
(3/26/99) (13K) Inf Small

Bungie Maps Turned EVIL

Three Infinity net levels (Duality, Morpfhine, and 'Fugee Camp) retextured (and weaponed) for Evil. Nicely done... Morpfhine with nuke guns is a blast!
(3/26/99) (266K) Evil Netpaks
Logan Patrick

Nuthouse of Idiosyncrasy

A small level with a pit reached by two long mirrorimage corridors. You got enforcers, you got vacuexplodabobs, you got a jug... you gotta kill 'em all, and still find your co-players. Would be horribly crowded with more than two or three.
(3/26/99) (142K) Inf Small
Logan Patrick

Act of Violence

A small square arena with a pit surrounded by a ledge, four pillars, and four rooms. Vacubobs and devlins will duke it out in the pit... you can watch, or you can jump in for the nuke guns. (There's only one elevator out of the pit, but the devlins are stupid enough that if you can beat them to the elevator, you're safe from them.)
(3/26/99) (131K) Evil Small
Logan Patrick
  Name Description

Coop-Only Level Bypass Demo

Wow. Mark wanted a way to set up a level such that coop players would be forced to bypass the level, but solo players would have to complete it. He asked for advice on the discussion forums at Marathon Central, but didn't get any answers... When he came up with a solution, it was complicated enough to warrant a writeup, so here it is. It's actually a demo map, showing (and telling, with detailed terminals) exactly how he accomplished the feat. (It's way more complicated than you might think...) The technique's biggest drawback is its resource utilization... 26 platforms used to divert players to the proper exit. As I read it, I thought, "There must be a better way..." but if there is, I can't think of it. This is very advanced mapmaking... not for the squeamish. If you're at all interested in player control, though, this is worthwhile reading.
(3/26/99) (110K) Info
Mark Levin

The Sons of Ludd

A six-level, action-packed solo scenario. This was released (and announced on last fall, but there wasn't any active archiving going on at the time. I ran across it again recently, and spent the last two nights (till very, very late) beating it... I found it really addictive. It has its problems (sound design could use some work, there are a few untextured walls, that sort of thing-what it could really use is serious beta-testing), but overall, it's quite good. The adrenalin factor is very high-there are several areas that are just nonstop. Ammo placement is great-most of the time, you need to watch your usage, but sometimes you can just go crazy. The storyline is a major plus. Really well written, with hooks that keep you interested to the very end... more scenarios should take this sort of care on their storylines. Sometimes you'll feel like you're just looking for that next switch, and on one level I was very unhappy with the lack of direction (getting out took too much guesswork), but these are minor... the play is great, and I'm panting for the next installment!

Also available in floppy-sized chunks.

(3/26/99) (8861K) Inf Scenario
Marlan Smith

The Marathon SoundSet v1.2

Not technically Marathon sounds, but rather a MacOS 8.5 SoundSet. Pretty well done, overall... a few sounds are rough, but so were the originals. If you use SoundSets, and would like to make your system more Marathon-like, download this today! Update adds a sound for dragging an icon.
(3/25/99) (522K) Sounds
Michael Zannetou

Duality (SPN)

Bungie's Duality, modified with Bobs that shoot grenades or lava globs. The idea is to give people without access to a network the challenge of a net game. (SPN stands for Single Player Network.) Works okay, except that bobs will never shoot like real people... and not much care was taken with the physics model. (Although the shots are right, the sounds aren't... sort of strange when you hear pistol shots, and turn around to see lava globs coming at you.)
(3/24/99) (40K) Inf Small

Jugger Station

A space station with one large central room, and several outlying areas. Nice views from the hallways... and the staircase in the central room adds to the flow dynamics. (Not quite as effectively as it could, since the switch to raise and lower it is on the bottom level-if it were on top, you could trap people in the hole.) Big enough, and spread out enough, that two players might get bored.
(3/23/99) (46K) Inf Large
Casper Bram


A nicely done outdoor canyon. Frenetic at first, because of the baddies waiting for you, but once they're gone, it's quiet again...There's a fast-moving river through the middle, with access to an underground cave, and plenty of nooks and crannies. A single manmade room overlooks the field, with teleporters to various high points. Probably needs three minimum to obtain decent carnage rates.
(3/23/99) (44K) Inf Large
Casper Bram

Mare Ceti v1.1

A very impressive solo level, with fanstastic puzzles, plenty of carnage, some way-cool tricks, and a storyline that ties in wonderfully to the original Tempus Irae story. It feels like an original TI level, although as far as I know, Dispatcher had nothing to do with the Nardo team. I'm pretty amazed with how much you can get into a single level, actually... Play this one, it's great. (I can't remember the last level I found myself leaning forward against my desk, fighting the current...) Update tweaks a few things for better gameplay, and adjusts map goals to allow finishing the level after cheating.

Also available in floppy-sized chunks.

(3/21/99) (2167K) TI Solo
  Name Description

Hoth Preview

A preview of the upcoming scenario, Hoth. This contains a single solo level and two net levels... definitely gives you a flavor of gameplay. With a little work, you can find several additional weapons... the mines are pretty cool! I love the AI... but I'm not sure how big a role he's gonna play in the final.

Also available in floppy-sized chunks.

(3/15/99) (6138K) Inf Scenario


The only game in town for PC users wanting to build maps. A few glitches, still, but all in all, a nice program. (I haven't used it, really, beyond opening it and seeing what sort of features it has... but I've done a bit of work cleaning up maps made with it, so I know about the glitches firsthand.) Shareware, $10.
(3/15/99) (363K) M2 Tools
Stephen Schlueter

Return to Marathon preview

A single-level preview of an upcoming total conversion. Don't let the huge size deter you... this one is pretty amazing. There are a few tricks that have never been done before (a fantastic vacuum simulation on a non-vacuum level, for one), and an atmosphere that just can't be beat. You're returning to the Marathon 60 years after your last mission, and it's been abandoned (they thought) for most of that time. It really, really feels it... from the nicely distressed M1 textures, to the trashed scenery, to the neat little touches that you've got to find for yourself, this author has really captured the feel of M1, which many of us have missed for a long time. While carnage is light, don't think it's gonna be a cakewalk... it's not. The puzzles are tough-no gimmes here. Persevere, though... it's worth it! (Wait till you find the proximity detector...)

Also available in floppy-sized chunks.

(3/14/99) (10109K) Inf Scenario
Antonio de Llamas

Thing What Kicks Spoiler Guide-updated

Most of the posts on the news group lately has been with folks needing help with this level concerning Marathon Infinity. Nick Lewis along with some help from Gary Simmons has put together a spoiler guide with text and picts that should help you through the level. This is a bin hexed file that you will need to debinhex and unstuff. Once unstuffing is complete drag the whole folder into your browser and use the "open file in browser" command to view the pages...Open up the "Main" folder first to read the first page... Joe Gardner has updated this to be standalone (that is, it no longer relies on broken links). If you're having trouble with this level, you'll find the updated file much less frustrating than the older file!
(3/11/99) (391K) Info
Nick Lewis/Joe Gardner

Ode to a Rocket Launcher

A large, symmetrical map that penalizes you for moving around. Fastest way from one side to the other is via a pfhorslime pooter, but it can be worth it. Watch the crushing doors... and keep an eye out for the odd enforcer. Reminds me in places of a few M1 levels... but I think it's just a feeling, not anything concrete.
(3/7/99) (55K) M2 Large

Multiple Message Terminals

Wow. I wrote up a small tutorial to help people create terminals with more than one message in them. The day after I released it, Bo Lindberg sent me mail explaining that I'd taken the hard road, and that there was an easier one. (He also sent along a quick demo map.) I planned to add his info to the tutorial, but backburnered it... Two days later, I got mail from Jason Harper, who explained that your options in this field are nearly unlimited, and sent along a demo map, with a promise of a full tutorial to come. Here it is... and if this technique interests you, you need this file. The example map has a total of 8 different messages, depending on what combination of three switches are thrown. From the creator of Missed Island, a map that revealed a Forge master at work, comes one of the most informative demonstrations I've seen of an advanced mapmaking method. Download this, learn this, incorporate this. Make cool maps. Give Jason more stuff to play, and more incentive to teach new groovy stuff.
(3/6/99) (81K) Info
Jason Harper

Bob Bites Back

An open shallow pool with several simple corridors around it. Hallway space is tight, so if you're out of ammo, you're dead. Carnage rates should be high, especially with aliens on...
(3/5/99) (8K) M2 Small
Glenn Fitzpatrick
  Name Description


It doesn't get much simpler than this. A big figure-8 racetrack, with lots of baddies, and lots of stuff to kill 'em. (And your friends, of course.) All starting positions are in a row, so you could play this one as a real race... first one across the finish line wins. (Mario Andretti never had to worry about being shotgunned from behind...)
(3/5/99) (4K) M2 Small
Glenn Fitzpatrick


A small circular arena, with a raised hill accessible only by 5D tunnels or spnkr-jumping. Weapons and ammo are plentiful, flow is quite nice, cover is even available. Don't worry, though... it's small enough that carnage will be quite high with anything over 3 players.
(3/5/99) (14K) M2 Small
Shen Bodak

Toastmonkey's Return

An interesting KOTH map, with a really raised hill (mostly) only accessible by slow platforms, giving folks plenty of time to pick you off. (In fact, unless you're quick-footed, it's a two step process to the hill... even more time.) This is the sort of pressure that forces secrets into the open... but in any case, defending the hill is no piece of cake either. The area is small, and semi-enclosed, meaning a well-placed pair of spnkr missiles from anyone on the outer ring is gonna toast you. Unless folks are much better than the crowd I usually play with, winning hill times will be relatively low. A nice change of pace...
(3/5/99) (36K) Inf Large

Ledges 1.0

A large arena surrounded by multilevel ledges. Lots of weapons, lots of ammo, and lots and lots of bobs... smaller groups will have trouble staying alive long enough to kill other humans, because the bobs will gang up on you. Larger groups should be okay, though...
(3/5/99) (129K) Inf Large
Glenn Fitzpatrick

Wild Thing's 5 Little Piggies

A 5-level Nethop, although I'm not sure what happens when 4 of the maps use standard evil physics, and the first one uses a custom model... In any case, these are really well-constructed levels. Fine attention to lighting and sound, and lots of thought to flow. My only real criticism might be the superficial similarities of the various levels (with the exception of Castle Evil)-it might be hard, at first, to figure out exactly which map you're in. The first level was entered into the Evil map competition, all the rest are new levels. A very nice pack.
(3/4/99) (260K) Evil Netpaks
Lars Jorgensen


It's hard to know what to say about this one. It starts out slow, and there are lots of sloppy mistakes-spelling is atrocious, lots of untextured sides, baddies stuck in walls and ceilings... but there's also some great mapmaking here. There's a bunch of new art, some of which is pretty good. (Some of which is hard to look at, as well...) Lots of cool tricks, like a shuttle transport that looks like a shuttle transport, a fun hacked-up bob hologram, the list goes on. There are also lots of annoyances... like, pick wrong in the lady and the tiger puzzle, and end up frying slowly. Don't do what you're told, and end up frying slowly. Hit the wrong switch, and get squished. These I suppose I could forgive... but there were a few one-shot doors that made me start over again, because once they've closed, you're done. This is less forgivable. Bottom line-hey, it's free. Download it, play it, overlook the little stuff, give Hippieman grief about the big stuff. Maybe he'll fix it. Learn from the fun stuff. (Monster placement, for example, is quite good, at least when monsters aren't embedded in solid surfaces...) Oh, yeah... one last caveat-although the readme says you need Infinity 1.5, you really need 1.2. If you have 1.5, you won't be able to use the patcher. (Hippieman mentioned he was going to fix this.)

Also available in segmented chunks.

(3/3/99) (9093K) Inf Scenario
Bruce Morrison

M1 Map GIFs

A nicely done set of GIFs covering all the solo levels in M1. (Yes, it's been done before... but I don't think any of the originals are in the Archives... and these are pretty complete, with secret areas, save terms, and rechargers.) Worth a look if you're working your way through M1 again (or for the first time...)
(3/1/99) (744K) Info
Joseph Gardner
  Name Description

Gladiators 3

A huge circular arena, with several surrounding corridors. Elevators connect levels, and the odd jug or MOAH keep you busy if you're having trouble finding your friends in all this room. Lots of little alcoves to hide in and ambush folks from... but it's so big that if you pick too good a hiding place, you may never get the chance to actually ambush anyone. Plenty of ammo.
(2/28/99) (48K) M2 Large
Shen Bodak

Brotherhood of Harmonious Fists

A tiny arena, nice to look at, deadly to be in. In the words of the author, "a real all-punching instant death trip." No weapons, no baddies (well, except for the occasional fighter), and it's set with the Rebellion flag... so you're down to minimal health when you start. Designed for 4+ players (remember, it's tiny!). If you're lucky, you'll be near the center when the rare 2x canister or alien weapon appears. (Then the death rates really go up.)
(2/28/99) (11K) M2 Small

Task-Sensitive Term Tutorial

A tutorial (with nifty pictures and an example map) showing how to allow multiple messages on a term without tying them to full level goals. That is, if you want to change the message on a term after a particular task is completed, but before all the level tasks are completed, this little guy will show you how. My wife says I wrote it because I was feeling like a cool technique we used a few years ago was unappreciated. I'd rather think it's useful info for the Marathon community.
(2/28/99) (88K) Info
Claude Errera

ToastMonkey's Revenge

A large, convoluted map, with a central, raised hill surrounded by a lava moat, and lots and lots of side passages to play with. Tons of secrets... teleporters that take you to the hill (in a roundabout way), an invincibility, little things that'll keep you busy for a while. Beware: there's a switch that puts up barriers around the hill for over 30 seconds... the only way in is via teleporters (while the barriers are up), and the only way out is by dying. An ill-timed switch can really tip the balance in a KOTH game... Made for M2 (it was made with Obed for Win95), but it looks fine with Infinity textures.
(2/25/99) (45K) M2 Large


Big, dark (mostly), multilevel, very nicely constructed. Great flow.
(2/23/99) (149K) Inf Large
Lee Heida

Klaatu Verati Nictu!

A simple arena, in principle... but play it for a little while, and you might change your mind. The hill is accessible via 5D passageways from the outer ring... and you come out on the far side from where you started. Big weapons are on the hill, everything else is in the pit surrounding it... and to make matters a bit more complicated, 3x canisters can be found in sort of hidden corners (we found ourselves shooting at them just out of principle... you never knew when someone would be in there). Adds up to serious carnage, with anything more than 2 players.
(2/23/99) (18K) Inf Small
Aaron Sommer

Unsavory Tidbits (M1)

13 maps, various sizes. Most (all?) were released under the name Netmap13. Still good levels... a few have been redone in the Unsavory Tidbits (M2) version. Not new, by any stretch... just new to the site.
(2/21/99) (165K) M2 Netpaks
Sriranga Veeraraghavan
  Name Description


A couple of levels, and a small shapes patch. The first level is seriously claustrophobic, and you'll be hitting your head on the stairs every time you go down. The fun part comes in with the small shapes patch... it gives bobs the opportunity to kill you with more than their normal weapons. (They don't look like they're using flamethrowers and SPNKRs, but they are...) If you can beat this level solo, you're a damn sight better than I am.
(2/21/99) (220K) Inf Scenario
Dr. Lex

Unsavory Tidbits (M2)

10 maps, all small, most quite nicely done. They're not new, just new to this site. Great for 2-3 person games. Simple, fast, clean... carnage in its pure form.
(2/21/99) (147K) M2 Netpaks
Sriranga Veeraraghavan

Evil-When You Dance

A small, tight map, with no open space other than corridors. One autogun to keep you on your toes... and be aware that most of the weapons/ammo are in the small rooms, not in the corridors. Interesting physics model.
(2/21/99) (57K) Evil Small

The Heap

4 net maps, mostly complicated and large. Intricate construction (except for the first one, but read the readme), interesting lighting. You'll probably want to test 'em in a practice runthrough before you actually play... it's easy to get lost. Lots of thought to flow, though, so once you understand 'em, they're wonderful.
(2/18/99) (408K) Inf Netpaks
Erkki Toukolehto

The Cyborg Quadrille

A large, convoluted level with lots of staircases and chutes. A little too much use of the safety hazard texture, but other than that, a very nice map.
(2/16/99) (14K) M1 Large
Justin Burns


A small arena with a surrounding corridor, and a subterranean waterfilled network of access tunnels. Nice attention to detail, but there are two problems. The tunnels are pretty long, with no exits other than at the ends, which makes it easy to get trapped (I'm not really fond of underwater netmaps, anyway), and the weapons/ammo are really light. More than 2, and you're gonna be duking it out with bare fists.
(2/16/99) (29K) Inf Small
Yoshi Murai

M1 Style Hunters for Infinity

A patch that incorporates the hunters from the original Marathon into the Infinity environment. Replaces the MOAH with a big black hunter who fires nasty firebolts... pretty cool, but the readme gives directions on converting back to something more traditional if this bothers you. Comes with a sounds patch that adds 8-and 16-bit versions of the original Howl (much preferred by many old-timers), and detailed instructions on using the unused sounds slots in the Infinity (or M2) sound file. All of this is ready to add to your own scenario, if you'd like to do so... the necessary physics model is included as a separate file, as well as being merged into the test map. All in all, a pretty cool patch... brings back the old times!
(2/14/99) (268K) Inf Shapes
Hamish Sanderson
  Name Description

Guide to Using Unused Sounds Slots

Detailed information on reactivating (or activating, depending on your view) the unused slots available in the M2/Mi Sounds file. This is a great way to add new sounds, without losing what's already there. The doc mentions that you can see the technique being used in "M1->Mi Hunter conversion patch that this doc is bundled with"-while the patch does have these docs bundled, this version is just the docs. If you want the patch, you need to get it from the Shapes section.
(2/14/99) (11K) Info
Hamish Sanderson

Kiasma 2

A large, sprawling level, with several open arena-like areas, lots of stairs, and some funky tighter passageways. Ammo and especially weapons are a little tight... but 3 or 4 should have no trouble at all.
(2/13/99) (22K) Inf Large
Erkki Toukolehto

M2/Mi Photoshop CLUT

One question that has come up more than most is "How do I get the Marathon CLUT in a form I can use it?" Hamish Sanderson has answered that question, with two files: a Photoshop CLUT file (directly importable), and a PICT containing all the colors in a nice grid, that you can eye-dropper anywhere you need in any painting program. There are also some very useful hints on making Marathon artwork in the readme... if you're doing serious work in Anvil, and having troubles making things look right, get this file. 'Nuff said.
(2/13/99) (14K) Info
Hamish Sanderson

Bob of the Bill

A nice-looking level centered around a big open area with the hill in it. Lots of sniper perches, lots of ways to die. (For example, there's a lava column that it's easy to brush jumping out a window... there goes some health.) Ammo is pretty scarce, but the author said he set the level up to kill you fast, so this isn't a problem.
(2/13/99) (22K) Inf Large
Erkki Toukolehto


A series of courtyards, connected by stone passageways. Very castle-looking. Fantastic attention to detail, especially in the lighting category (although sounds seem to have been neglected). For big groups, this provides a nice balance of open space and tight corridors, with just enough entrances to give someone an out if he's getting shot badly. (For smaller groups, you might be hunting for someone to kill.) Weapons and ammo are segregated... you'll most likely be using the same weapon until you're killed.
(2/13/99) (49K) TI Large
John Marchette

Map Exporter Documentation

Documentation for the Marathon Map Exporter. Contains info on exporting to various 3D games (including a few upcoming ones), and some discussion of the evolution of 3D games. Worthwhile reading for anyone looking beyond the Marathon universe for first-person-shooter games.
(2/13/99) (227K) Info
Loren Petrich


Gives you M2 and Evil weapons for use with either M2, Infinity, or Evil. Comes with a small shapes patch and a physics model (that crashed my computer as soon as I picked up the nuke gun). The horrendous size is not due to any major shapes additions, but to a 3.2 megabyte Quicktime movie in the Credits file... it's the "Think DIfferent" commercial from Apple. If you feel you don't need this enormous movie but you'd still like to try out the shapes, you can grab a slimmed down version I made-it contains everything the original did, except the Credits file... and it does contain a gif of the actual info in that file. (It's only 116K, though...)

Also available in floppy-sized chunks.

(2/12/99) (4138K) Inf Shapes
Dennis Falling
  Name Description

Foxbase Alpha

Two Maps, TI application rules! Read Me has to be converted, it's a dialog in movie format; but what a Read Me! Everything here, explicit instructions. Twenty minutes play recommended with players/teams only way to go. Towers/Castles with jails and various entrys, switches to lock in/lock out opponents, raise/lower a drawbridge. Beautiful layout, leaping to ledges allowed! Winding paths puts one in harms way from any Team's sniper who has the 'base'. 1x here, 2x there. Advantage; more ammo in certain areas. Infinity map, exactamundo layout, textures only difference. Appeared in modified form as "I Do Not Want This" In Tempus Irae: The Lost Levels.

description by JD

(2/12/99) (274K) TI Large
Randy Reddig/David Longo

Hanson: 6-Pack III

(2/12/99) (113K) Evil Netpaks

Forge 1.0.2-Evil Forge 1.0.2

(2/12/99) (109K) Evil Tools
Colin James

Phore Trouble

This eclectic ensemble emphasizing second-party euthanasia echoes with experimentation. Mr. Trebes is very much a work in progress as here you will find intro's, opening screens (Hawaii?), mission sort of, some familiar levels (7 in all includes a final Net for up to "8 players"). There is enough ammo on a level with a Pattern Buffer (also) that you wonder . . . Well, enjoy the carnage and all the Juggers. What next Nathan? E for Effort as a budding Map Maker.

description by JD

(2/12/99) (1117K) Inf Solo
Nathan Trebes

M1 New Weapons 1-3

(2/12/99) (167K) M1 Shapes
D Nielsen Jr.

Evil: MOW-MDN BoBs

(2/12/99) (181K) Evil Shapes
John Marchette

Hanson: 6-Pack II

(2/12/99) (265K) Evil Netpaks
  Name Description

Evil: Polygonal Carnage

Polygons is right! Many many many, tied together in water medium. Slim ammo, freestanding islands to defend as perhaps little bitty KOTHs type play.

description by JD

(2/12/99) (31K) Evil Small

Forge 1.0.4-Evil Forge 1.0.4

(2/12/99) (102K) Evil Tools
Colin James

"Forth, Standoffish"

Package includes two films both of which show solo play against Rocket Bob's. KOTH play with a very difficult Hill to defend. Will support two players, crowded at 6. Small map, fast & furious, short time on your timer. No Bob's with Map.

description by JD

(2/12/99) (158K) Evil Small
Alan Greene

Reformation Preview

This is Gansterz all over again, Homie. Well, at least the Intro Screen. And the dudes. Four levels, comes with Shapes patch & Sounds (Anvil). You awake to find that the Government is killing off all the homeless, poor, and displaced people so that America will be a happy place full of only the rich. Not cool at all. Four levels starting in NYC. You might like this Map if you liked Gansterz, although the two are not related. Mr. Heise has done some spectacular stuff, we don't think this qualifies as such but still very playable.

description by JD

Also available in floppy-sized chunks.

(2/12/99) (5731K) Inf Scenario
Luke Heise

Alpha & BX 711 1.0

This is a very straightforward Infinity Scenario, nothing new. Find the chip, flip the switch & kill the aliens, which always come in bunches & make life easy. Although all text is in German & lengthy, you can pick out "reactor" and the like. Pretty good use of platforms. Standard aliens too with one potential suicide area, but keep at it. Anyway, shut down the reactor, close the Bay doors, etc., etc. Can kill an afternoon, no sweat. This game is extremely clean by the way. Try it if you don't want too much of a challenge, the author did okay.

description by JD

(2/12/99) (646K) Inf Solo
Manuel Rüetschi

Night of the Living Marines

(2/12/99) (18K) Evil Small

Night Winds

Sebastian is 14 years old & puts out a very handsome & complete Read Me file. And the Map ain't bad either! Semi-Rectangular with ledges & Troopers that are just about invincible, Bob's in background blabbing away like they do. Recommended for 2-4 players. Fast & Furious here. Great future for this map maker, good job!

description by JD

(2/12/99) (60K) Inf Small
Sebastian Fritsch
  Name Description

Pfor Arena Warriors

This is an excellent example of superior net map making. All the elements are here, stairs, transporters everywhere, sniper spots, up high/down low, elevators, 2&3x rechargers, life canisters AND an enormous amount of really tuff Flick'ta running about to distract you from your goal, killing your best friends! Recommends 2-4 players. Good job here.

description by JD

(2/12/99) (50K) Inf Large
Orzon Sweden

Moonlight Serenade (neu)

Another Infinity scenario from Germany no doubt as the terminals are in doitch. Or perhaps Deutch. German anyway. No Read Me. Couldn't get the lead out on the first level. Second or third, what to do what to do. Not a lot to get into here. Download but be advised Management shall not be held responsible for any dissatisfaction on player's part.

description by JD

(2/12/99) (1298K) Inf Solo

Last Rites

This package contains two Maps; Last Rites at 3 levels, a work in progress. Author wants feedback on this one, tell him what you think. This is a very handsome effort; twisty, great play. Can you spell Rocket Launcher? If you can't you'd better learn fast! The way this scenario opens and continues to surprise is worthy of a looksee. Great use of design and not a few surprises. Download City, do it! Barbarians at the Gate is a one level puzzle map. Not mentioned in the Read Me but quite a puzzle. This player no doubt forgot something as we couldn't get the term to work. You try it. This guy is good!

description by JD

(2/12/99) (2214K) Inf Solo
Karl E. Ziellenbach

Immigration Station

(2/12/99) (85K) Inf Novelty
Ryan Ballantyne

Splatter Pack

(2/12/99) (524K) Evil Netpaks
Joey Beeson


We've got one! A Map Maker in the budding. Mr. Balmer was twelve years old in 1998 when he was building this scenario. Seven levels and you will be able to tell from various terms and textures who his favorites are. Screens from Olaf Fub, terms & Monsters from the Earth Series, they're all here. But, surprise surprise, this is one clever map with a few tricks thrown in. The terms/storylines are a bit more mature than you'd expect. Comes with sounds & shapes patches (Anvil) as well as an application patch. Wow! Way to go Robin, Good Show! Note: other budding map makers should take a look.

description by JD

(2/12/99) (1536K) Inf Scenario
Robin Balmer

Dustin Patch 1.0

(2/12/99) (193K) M1 Shapes
  Name Description

Tim Installer

(2/12/99) (124K) M1 Shapes

Z.o.G. Corporations

Mattias lives in Sweden and our thinking is he's a newbie at map making. The Z.o.G. Corp. is the AI in the terms with a primary directive on each of three levels; kill everything & report back here, but destroy circuits first. Or hit switches first. The story lacks greatly in continuity. Needs some kind of path to accomplish objectives as you find yourself running 'round and 'round wishing for some clarity and a way to find what you need. From a term on level three: 'the cadetts are revolting', how true. However, a big however, if your aim in life is to flatten aliens, blast your way around elevators (always the same), wind through corridors (always the same), swim through a myriad of underwater tunnels (always the same), you might appreciate this scenario.

description by JD

(2/12/99) (789K) Inf Solo
Mattias Blennow

SSB Netmaps

Also available in floppy-sized chunks.

(2/12/99) (3250K) Evil Netpaks

Home Improvement Shapes (infinity)

(2/12/99) (1694K) Inf Shapes
Nathan Trebes

Dispatch Map

Four map levels here; one solo, two net (sort of) and one novelty. This is from/is the original Dispatch scenario (#1) for solo play called Up Periscope. Pattern Buffer in a Net game? Next level (cmd/cntrl) opens to a Tau Cetu intro screen and it's a map you've seen but now called Speed Bump, amount of ammo suggests net play. Level three (cmd/cntrl) is Bob's Screen Saver, just let it run, don't play. Pretty amusing. Up Periscope (4) is a shortened version of longer Up Periscope, but in water medium with Troopers & PB.

description by JD

(2/12/99) (1703K) Inf Netpaks

Serotonin Update Inhibitors 1.5

This guy's the master of flow. 20 maps, all beautifully laid out, plenty of weapons, no getting stuck on a slow elevator, not a texture out of place. Gorgeous. You could stay busy with this one for weeks.
(2/12/99) (752K) TI Netpaks
Richard Dierkes

Atlantis Gold

Also available in floppy-sized chunks.

(2/12/99) (4660K) Inf Scenario
Atlantis Crew
  Name Description

Hanson: 6-Pack I

(2/12/99) (177K) Evil Netpaks

Hanson: 6-Pack IV

(2/12/99) (116K) Evil Netpaks

K'Parral Arena v1.2

A small map in the Everyone's Mortal But Me style. Nice flow, with fast-moving elevators to get you on the hill, well-judged heights, and good cover potential. Weapons are limited to fusion pistols and the occasional spnkr... groups of more than 3 might find ammo to be a problem. Oh, yeah, and if you leave aliens on, you might have some trouble keeping an eye on your friends... Update changes the aliens present from jugs to hummers (still need to watch 'em, though...) and ups the ammo quite a bit. (Adds assault rifles, as well.)
(2/12/99) (19K) Inf Small
Yoshi Murai


Kids! This is excellent! Would like to know the author because he's got a handle. Six levels, each one a very different venue but a basic mission involving Boomer & data chips with Tycho trying once again to entice you to his side and dissing Durandal. There are five levels with number five transporting you back to the game screen as though you were through, BUT, there's a sixth level where you can just fool around as apparently the author did. Many, many terms on six with one stating an objective signed by Bernard Strauss Jr., Science Officer. 'Member his father? Suspect this may be released when completed & signed by the generator of such a worthy effort. A very good scenario, will keep your interest all the way through. Prison level, Boomer level, vacuum level, this one has it all. Highly recommended!

description by JD

(2/12/99) (2130K) Inf Solo

The Giluen Project

An astounding amount of mileage for a small, tight map. Pretty good too. Way in it even has a Pattern Buffer (personal fave) to assist you. Combat training turned into combat mission. Articulate terms. Spoiler-type Read Me.

description by JD

(2/12/99) (840K) Inf Solo
Tim Frost

Operation Inferno 1.2

A three level solo map that has you chasing after some pfhor again for Durandal. The theme of this one is for you to wipe out the remaining baddies on a planet and then you will get to the final level. I found just a couple of smears and texture problems but on major damage, you will definitely have some battles to fight. Make sure to save your game often.. Level design is good, and very good in some places. Except for a few instances, flow was quite good.
(2/12/99) (1472K) Inf Solo
Jesse Dowdle

Test Wookie/Mario

hummmmmmm 'Test' is probably not the correct forum. Medium size turf area with Troopers running around. If you used the Shapes & Sounds patches (Anvil) the only weapon available to you is Flame Thrower and it makes a ìgulp gulp gulpî sound when fired. Troopers survive fully intact. Author wants feedback but we don't know what he's looking for.

description by JD

(2/12/99) (799K) Inf Scenario
Mark Ellison
  Name Description

Light Blind

(2/12/99) (20K) Inf Large

Home Improvement Shapes (M1)

Also available in floppy-sized chunks.

(2/12/99) (3041K) M1 Shapes
Nathan Trebes

Mmm... it's Crantastic!

(2/12/99) (175K) Inf Netpaks

Forge 1.0.1-Evil Forge 1.0.2

(2/12/99) (422K) Evil Tools
Colin James

"Moonlight Serenade (neu, klein)"

Another edition, later one too. German terms hold you back, to a point. Whereas we couldn't manage level one, "Go For It", at all in the previous edition we almost made it here. Where is that second chip? Does have a room full of ammo you have to look for. Pattern Buffer for saves, but no cheating, darn. Level two, "This is just the Beginning" is a very nifty Net (we think, what else when a room has ten shield canister thingy's and ammo up the you know where). Term we can kind of read says friend is in trouble. This level is also full of aliens of assorted stripe. Level three, Net/aliens/Boomer in the hanger. Level four is back at level one. Maybe third time will be the charm edition of this scenario.

description by JD

(2/12/99) (356K) Inf Solo


This is so cool! You're on earth at some future date and there's rioting in the streets. No Phfor Staffs to strike you here. But hey, you can handle those Molotov Cocktails the rioters are tossing, yes? Two levels which have you going in and out of houses, backyards, alleys and the like. Radiation is the problem in the USA on one and a captive to be rescued somewhere in Paris on level two. Textures are wallpaper & paint, bricks and tiles. Gee, this is so refreshing! AI is a corporation-type who issues you directives on what has to be done. Watch our for those sequenced doors at the entrance to the reactor. Ouch! Most highly recommended, worth a download!

description by JD

Also available in floppy-sized chunks.

(2/12/99) (4773K) Inf Scenario
Dominic Rutherford

Total Barnage

(2/12/99) (515K) M1 Shapes
Brian Maffitt
  Name Description

"Hip Hop, Then You Fall"

A flat, medium sized netmap consisting of an enclosed arena with a number of doorways leading through to additional corridors. Fairly simple, fast flowing design that's set up for all net modes for 2-6 players.
(2/10/99) (23K) Inf Large

Crow Bobs

Patches bobs to look like the title character from the movie, The Crow. Basically just puts a black-and-white face mask on bob. A pretty complete patch, as far as it goes... the dead bob still has the mask. Hard to see from a distance.
(2/10/99) (176K) Inf Shapes
P. Black

Long December v2.1

Fairly open and fast flowing. The main 'arena' is split into two levels with a water pool on the lower level and stairs leading to the higher where a hill is raised up in one corner. Two elevators rise to a ledge/corridor that surrounds the arena. Would support groups of 2-6. Update of a previous release - minor changes to remove possible crashes, and some object placement improvements
(2/10/99) (44K) Inf Small

Outer Limits v2.1

Construction looks interesting, gameplay is fine, for what I could see... unfortunately, there are too many one-shot doors. Twice I got to a place I couldn't continue because I'd opened a door and not immediately gone through. That's one time too many for me... Four levels, if you can get that far.
(2/10/99) (4094K) M2 Solo
Mike Beaton

The Pain Years v1.0

A circular arena with lots of shallow staircases in rings around it. Decent flow.
(2/10/99) (49K) Inf Small
Paul Bertone Jr.

Let's Get Real

Another short, no-brainer solo level. Run around and kill everything installing uplink chips along the way. If there's a plot in those terminals, it was totally lost on me. Whatever.
(2/10/99) (147K) Inf Solo
Joe Allen

Life Was Good

A large EMfH map in the Pfhor texture set, made up from a number of caverns linked by wide stairways/passageways. Some nicely designed rooms and lighting effects, although I found the ambient sounds in one area far too distracting. Has a couple of untextured platform sides, and slow speed of some doors can be annoying.
(2/10/99) (24K) Inf Large
Scott Whitton
  Name Description

Battle at Volar Tempest

Designed for team-play, this is a port of the M2 level Assault: Bunker Attack! to Infinity. The idea here is to enter the opposing teams base and activate four switches that will sound a siren to signify the winning team. This version extends the map by adding more routes into each base, and some other mainly cosmetic changes (also removes the need for IZD).
(2/10/99) (30K) Inf Large

Nothing In There But Death

A large net level designed for EMfH and KotH, consisting of two large 'arenas' and surrounding corridors on various levels. The smaller arena is lava filled with a slightly raised hill in the center, and the other contains more ammo and a shields recharger. Flow is very good with discreet teleporters to quickly transport you between the various corridors. Plenty of sniper points, and a few very handy, but well hidden secrets. Inspired by a dream the author had one night.
(2/10/99) (77K) Inf Large
Tim McLaughlin

Dark Skies Below (evil)

Arena type play, large area should support 6-8+ players. Transport Room along with scattered teleporters. Elevators, stairs, no rechargers but life canisters for your refreshment. Pretty good layout, should be fast & you will get tired running up & down those stairs!

description by JD

(2/10/99) (49K) Evil Large

Multi Perculoso

A small solo level with the simple mission of killing everything and teleporting out, but this one's a great test for your Vidmaster skills. Right from the start you're confronted with hunters and Exploda-BoBs armed only with your pistol, and the last room is a real killer due to some monster physics tweaks. Check out the included films to prove that it really is possible to complete on the higher difficulty levels.
(2/10/99) (932K) Inf Solo
Henerik Lethagen

GNZU-7 Combat Chainsaw

A package with a shapes patch, a sounds patch, and a physics model to give you the chainsaw from Doom. Not having ever played Doom (yes, I admit it), I can't say how faithful the reproduction is, but it looks and works pretty well. Also comes with an application patcher, to give you the proper name when you're using the weapon, but I couldn't find a version it worked for (I tried 1.2 and 1.5). If you really care, you can patch your app manually.
(2/10/99) (171K) Inf Shapes
Steve Liddick

Pfhour Hours Validation

A large, three-level parking garage. I wish the garages I park in had this much space to manouver... but the construction's pretty nice. The upper level's open air, the middle level's pretty well lit, if mostly enclosed, and the bottom level has a serious need for an electrician. Whatever your playing style, you should be able to find an area to excel here. Could be pretty slow for small groups, due to its very large size.
(2/10/99) (59K) Inf Large
Lincoln-Shaun Sanders

Lightning Dome v1.1

A fairly standard hexagonal arena containing a central hill protected by a floor to ceiling wall in most directions. A high walkway runs around the arena, one section of which forms an elevator between the arena floor and the walkway, and a couple of rooms off the arena give access to some of the heavier weaponary. This update fixes a few bugs, tweaks some monster physics, and adds a new secret area.
(2/10/99) (59K) Inf Large
Mike Srstka
  Name Description

Faner Hall

Technically, a 3 level netmap. The first consists of a small room in which all players start, and an a small outside arena hovering in the sky. This would get too packed for more than 3-4 players (oh, and make sure players drop items, otherwise you run out of weapons very fast). Level 2 is where the action is. A 'reconstruction' of two floors of the authors University building, with varying degrees of accuracy. Lots of of rooms and corridors, and a funky Mac lab if you install the included sound patch. This will handle 8 players in all game modes - the Hill is located in the disco/Mac lab, so you'll already be weaving and doging.
(2/10/99) (1090K) Inf Large
Tobias Merriman

Stone Forest

A medium sized circular arena, covered with a regular grid of tall pillars (the stone forest). The center of the arena contains a shallow water filled trough forming the hill with shield rechargers on either side. Suicide rates are bound to be high. Watch for the teleporters to get a better vantage point over the arena.
(2/10/99) (18K) Inf Small

Erodrome Beta

From one of the more innovative TC developers comes this enormous protoscenario. It's a beta version, so there are stil some rough areas... but on the whole, it's worth every byte. There are 20-someodd levels (some are repeats, in order to allow non-linearity of movement), and everything's changed. There is more cool stuff here than I have space to mention... just download it and play it. The arcade games, especially, are amazing... right up there with Missed Island in originality. Just get it. Beware, though... it's R-rated. There is some nudity... not a lot, but just so you know.

Due to its extreme size, we'd prefer you got the chunks instead.

(2/10/99) (18477K) Inf Scenario
Søren Bech Jensen

Prisoners of the Tower

A very complicated map, with lots and lots and lots of secrets. Too many slow-moving elevators for my taste, but if you're willing to take the time to get to know this map, you will find that there are a myriad of ways to kill your friends. As the author says, "the map is your weapon."
(2/10/99) (24K) Inf Large
Daniel Loebl

Many Ways 2 Die v1.0

A large open map with lots of nooks and crannies. The Hill is on an island, surrounded by an annoyingly-depthed lake (it'll slow you down getting onto the hill or out of the area). Lots of places to attack from... and watch for teleporters.
(2/10/99) (18K) Inf Large
Torsten "Totte" Alm


Another one from the master. A tutorial/base for building Marathon sprites... includes three poser models, a detailed readme, and sample output picts. If you're thinking about creating new humanlike sprites, this is a wonderful place to start.
(2/10/99) (243K) Inf Tools
Hamish Sanderson

Welcome to Hell

A 5-level solo effort (four if you don't find the secret level). Straightforward in design, and a bit hokey when it comes to plot, but fun to play nonetheless. See if you can find the secret level without resorting to Forge...
(2/10/99) (312K) Inf Solo
Zane Smith
  Name Description

Spider Web 1.0.1

A central arena surrounded by two interlinked, enclosed corridors in a 'spiders web' design. There are no doors or platforms to get in the way here, so the action can get pretty fast and furious. This one is big enough to support 8 players, but the ammo would be a little light for the trigger happy. M2 compatible for KotH and EMfH games.
(2/10/99) (23K) Inf Small
Keith Robinson


A large open space with a raised hill, some underwater area, and a few side passages. Beware-looking out the window of the side passage (towards the hill) can crash you (too many transparent lines).
(2/10/99) (11K) Inf Small
Andreas Rønning

One Sucker vs. Another Sucker

Designed for simple two player carnarge fests. Players start at small rooms either end of a large oval arena that is surrounded by a enclosed corridor. Plenty of ammo to go around, and even more once you've found your way into the secret areas. Merged with a hand grenade physics model.
(2/10/99) (53K) Inf Pfhor
Kristjan Birgisson

AG3: Retribution

A large netmap designed for multiplayer carnage. The focal point is a medium sized circular water pool, but most of the action will be taking place in the surrounding rooms and corridors. No shortage of ammo on this one. There's a lot of aliens and friendlies placed in this map, so it would also make a fun solo practice level.
(2/10/99) (62K) Inf Large
Alan Gornick III

Ain't Talking About Death

A large square net-level. A head height ledge runs around the outside wall reached by four elevators. The center of the level is more enclosed (lower ceilings) with a pillar containing three shield rechargers. Game play is fast and furious - even more so due to the merged 'speed-up' physics model.
(2/10/99) (18K) Inf Large
Ilkka Koski

Friend to the Wall v1.0

Feels like it was inspired by Carnage Palace DeeLuxe. (Except the lighting is a bit less interesting, and the weapons are really hig-volume.) Nice flow, should be high carnage rates. Author says, "watch your back!" It's good advice...
(2/10/99) (14K) Inf Small
Torsten "Totte" Alm

Gilligan's Island

A medium sized arena with the hill on an island surrounded by water. Most of the water is waist deep making attacks this way fairly unsuccessfull - far easier to jump from one of the three surrounding towers. Some nasty suprises if you use the wrong teleport or hang about for too long on the towers.
(2/10/99) (12K) Inf Small
  Name Description

Marathon 1 Arrival

Bungie's Arrival (the first level of M1), ported to Infinity and containing a shapes patch with the M1 textures. In the words of the creator, "to see how it was meant to be..." One caveat... don't touch the terminals. They'll freeze you hard.
(2/10/99) (626K) Inf Solo

Aye D'No (evil)

Up, down, around, and around. And around. Lots of staircases, lots of tight passageways, but plenty of open space, as well. The textures are cleaner here than in the Infinity version, but mostly it's a great place to blow people up. Plenty of troopers, if you wanna play it solo.
(2/10/99) (51K) Evil Large

B-Blazer Collection v1.0

A pair of net levels that you'll either love or hate. The first is a simple arena, a wide walkway around the outside and eight narrower walkways crossing over a deep lava pool. All the textures are set to slide/wander causing some disorientating effects, although with the amount of ammo available, you'll be too busy killing each other to notice. The second level consists of two large square areas - one is made up from 8 rooms surrounding a central hill, and the second from various corridors and water columns. Teleporters link the two. Again, the texturing uses slide/wander and landscape for floors and ceilings (as well as some untextured sides).
(2/10/99) (32K) Inf Netpaks
David Kurtycz

Zig Eddy Maps

Three levels, all pretty large. The texture choices might give you a headache after a while, and small groups would have trouble staying busy, but for bigger groups, these can be fun. The third one, especially, shows some real promise. (Anyone who'd take the time to write "Kill" in scenery has way too much time on their hands...)
(2/10/99) (180K) Inf Netpaks
Andy Batt

The Big P

A very short solo 'scenario'. To be quite honest, I really couldn't figure out the story line from either the terminals or the readme, but the idea seems be to run around and kill everything. It would be possible to run through the entire level in under 2 minutes if it wasn't for the modified physics that makes some hummers invisible and massively increases their vitality. 10 AR magazines at close range took care of them.
(2/10/99) (273K) Inf Solo
Joe Allen

Brighter than Light

A large, wide-open square space with a hill at the center of one side. Access is either along vulnerable ledges, or via a platform right in front of the hill, activated by a switch behind the hill. Plenty of ammo and weapons.
(2/10/99) (18K) Inf Large
Torsten "Totte" Alm

DFunct Net Maps v1.0

A collection of 14 small to medium arenas (well, the last 6 are variations on a theme). All of these are free flowing and designed for fast games play, with very few places for lurkers to hide out. All game modes are supported in here and there's range of map styles (under water, 'flat' areanas, multi level etc.) that should provide something for everyone.
(2/10/99) (138K) Inf Netpaks
Daniel Farmer
  Name Description

Palace o' Pistol Pleasure

Palace o' Pistol Pleasure is magnum/fusion pistol only map, made up from 6 varied sized/shaped rooms lined up north/south direction, the southern most room holding a hill and 3x recharger. Because of the map linearitity, it can be very difficult to take anyone who gets a foothold at the recharger
(2/10/99) (31K) Inf Large


A 4 (or 1, depending on how you count) level solo map. Some interesting architecture... mostly interesting architecture, actually, since there's no plot, and little to kill. Fun to figure out, though... I didn't like the first (and 3rd and 4th) levels-too much like Colony Ship.
(2/10/99) (1047K) Inf Solo
Joakim Sandgren

JJ's Net Maps

(2/10/99) (1039K) Inf Netpaks
Jon Jones

The Pfhor Stages of Death

A grid of narrow corridors with a crusher room in each corner that is pressure operated, or can be locked down on your opponents. A slightly 5D space corridor leads out from the grid to a medium sized arena that forms the hill and initially holds some of the heavier weaponary.
(2/10/99) (25K) Inf Large

Hank's Place

A small net level made up from various sized passageways. Flow seems quite good. There's a recharger at one end reached by a fairly slow platform and dangerously open to opponents. Set up for EMfH play for 2-4 players.
(2/10/99) (23K) M2 Small
Edmund Winder

The Waters of Fortune

A large, castle-like structure, overlooking and surrounded by a water filled moat. The large arena inside the castle has a central pool that leads outside through underwater tunnels, and four towers rising up from the moat area provide passageways back inside. The mono, sand-colored texturing can make it difficult to judge distances, although there's a lot of lighting/shadow detail, which helps out. A second copy of the map is set up with portions of the lighting changing from daylight to night time over a period of minutes, leading to different styles of play. There's a couple of large viewing distance errors, so you'll need IZD on 68k machines.
(2/10/99) (100K) Inf Large
Maniac Man

Outpost Seibalh

The basic premise of this net level is that it's set in a winter climate where snow and ice cover the ground, the result of which is that your traction with the ground is greatly reduced. It takes a while to learn the new techniques necessary (don't hold down the run key for a long time and use weapon recoil for maneuvering), but it can be fun once you get the hang of things. The map itself is fairly big (> 4 players would be best) and set up for multiplayer carnage with open large chambers on multiple levels, linked by elevators and narrow staircases.
(2/10/99) (69K) Inf Large
Mike Miagowicz
  Name Description

Mega Gun Marathon Patch

Patches your weapons to hold more ammo, fire nastier stuff, and in the case of the fusion pistol, give you a mean little creature to kill for you.
(2/10/99) (541K) Inf Shapes
Michael Sheets

Primal Chaos

A small rectangular arena with a door in each corner leading to an encircling corridor where teleporters will transport you back to ledges overlooking the arena. Due to it's small size, pretty high carnage rates are achieved. Suitable for 2-4 players.
(2/10/99) (12K) Inf Small
Ilkka Koski

The Well

An interesting spiral-staircase-centered level. Some funky 5D going on, and watch the dark pit at the bottom... And beware. We had two separate crashes as people exited the bottom area for the stairs-looks like it might be a too-many-transparent-edges problem. (Doesn't come up every time... just sometimes when you turn right too quickly.)
(2/9/99) (140K) Inf Large
Chris Johnson

This is Not Your War

A huge, two-bunker map. Each side has a team of locals. (Bobs, hunters, a jug.) PIck a side, go kill the other side. (With help, of course.) You'll get killed eventually, but it's pretty fun until you do. Can also be played net, but it gets a bit trickier to avoid getting killed by the locals...
(2/9/99) (173K) Inf Solo
Chris Johnson

Power Plant

A pretty simplistic little map... should take you all of 5 minutes.
(2/9/99) (54K) M2 Solo
Peter Bohning

Escher's Fire Walk With Bob

A small arena with a pillar in the center and a river of lava down the middle, leading into a lake. Sounds simple... except if you drop around the pillar, you'll lose your buddies. They won't turn up the next time you go around, either... or the next time. In fact, the room wraps around the pillar four times before reconnecting with itself. Wow-that must be some sort of a record. General mapmaking is quite good (except for an untextured wall in each of the 4 lava lakes-but you shouldn't be too distracted by the smearing, since you won't stay alive too long out there...).
(2/9/99) (163K) Inf Small
Chris Johnson

Dirt Mines of Aldebaran

I'm not sure this one's playable. It's really, really, really big... and sort of boring. You'd have trouble finding people to kill with 20... good luck with 8 or less. Interesting experiment in mapmaking, though...
(2/9/99) (173K) Inf Large
Chris Johnson
  Name Description


A practice level, more than anything... jugs and drones, modified to die via a single magnum bullet, pop up periodically. Good thing they've been modified, because the only weapons available are, you guessed it, magnums. Treat it like a skeet shoot... where the pigeons shoot back.
(2/9/99) (148K) Inf Solo
Chris Johnson

K.U. Leuven C200 Campus Map 1.0

A reproduction of a science campus in Belgium. Amazingly realistic... the enclosed shapes are great. You won't have too much time to look at 'em, though... the bobs are really mad and really mean. (The flamethrower-carrying one especially... but the spnkr bobs are pretty bad too.) This one will improve your skills quickly... and I'd suggest getting outside quickly, because inside you've got almost no room to manouver. Once again, amazing attention to detail, and a rollicking gameplay. Get it!

Also available in floppy-sized chunks.

(2/9/99) (3563K) Inf Scenario
Dr. Lex

Hill From Hell

Sort of a solo net map. Hmm... that's not right. You've got two kinds of bobs, and you can team up with either one. One defends the hill (the map is a fine KOTH map for large groups all by itself), the other the outer passageways. Nice construction, decent lighting, good flow (once you've figured things out)... This one works well as either a net or solo level.
(2/9/99) (145K) Inf Large
Chris Johnson

Somewhere West of Aldebaran

3 ships, all with strengths and weaknesses, all centered around a nasty (regenerating) jug. Pick your location, attack the jug (or your friends). Don't like the ship you're in? Teleport to one of the other two! Mapmaking is quite nice, gameplay is a bit frenetic.
(2/9/99) (146K) Inf Large
Chris Johnson

Escher's Vertigo

Um... it's a star... no, it's a bunch of triangles that meet in... no, it's, um, it's...Dang. Download it, play it, get totally lost. It's really small inside... but the walls just come and go! There's a tiny bit of smearing, due to a hacked pillar, but you have to work pretty hard to see it... and if your friends are any good at all, you won't get the chance.
(2/9/99) (163K) Inf Small
Chris Johnson

Escher's Shell Game

This is one of the most convoluted (and unpredictable) 5D spaces I've ever seen. A large open area with three pillars... but there are actually 3 open areas, and in each one, two of the pillars are connect points, while the third is not. (Obviously, it's not the same pillar in each arena.) Two-thirds of the time, you can avoid enemy fire by ducking around a pillar... but that last third will kill you... literally. The one saving grace is probably unanticipated by the level creator.. but also by your playmates, most likely: you can actually kill people through 5D space. That is, if you're in one arena, and they're in another, but your motion detector says they're right in front of you, try spraying with bullets or the Tozter. (You won't be successful with grenades or spnkrs.) It truly sucks to be in a room by yourself, hear (but not see) a napalm unit, and find yourself tozted! This one's really, really nasty... play it only with good friends.
(2/9/99) (116K) Inf Small
Chris Johnson


A pac-man like maze, filled with pfhor and... spnkrs? Geez. This one will seriously fine-tune your spanking. After 10 minutes, you should be able to kill pfhor (and your friends) that are in your face by dropping a missile on the ground behind them. (Hint... shoot left.)
(2/9/99) (130K) Inf Small
Chris Johnson
  Name Description

Escher's Bowtie

Amazingly simple, but pretty convoluted... two completely overlapping rooms, with a shared pair of pillars. There's a moving platform between the pillars (you can use it as cover, or as a travel aid), and each time you circle a pillar, you end up in the other room. One room has drones, the other has a single cyborg-leave aliens on during net play, and you can use the wreckage to orient yourself. Beautifully done.
(2/9/99) (88K) Inf Small
Chris Johnson


A clover-shaped space station. Nice lighting effects, and the windows make finding people pretty simple... although you can't actually shoot them through the windows. (It is a space station, after all...) Large groups would feel cramped.
(2/9/99) (166K) Inf Small
Chris Johnson

Torok-Pfhor Hunter

(2/8/99) (131K) Inf Large
M.C. Goodwin


(2/8/99) (500K) Inf Netpaks
Bernie Fritts

Three Ring Circus v0.9

(2/8/99) (39K) Inf Small
Dan Siemens

The Three Shades of Pain v1.0.1

(2/8/99) (68K) Inf Large
Sam Morris

Cuckoo for Carnage Puffs

Exactly the same layout as the M2 edition. Infinity textures are the only difference. All else applies.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (9K) Inf Small
  Name Description

Finale Balconville

Arena type play in a figure eight, rather large area with requisite elevators, 2x canisters, transporters, lifts, and a few aliens for solo play. Off shoots for ammo, sniper slots are transporters in most cases as there's nothing in your line of fire from the slots.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (16K) Inf Large
Andrew Condé

Chris' Arena

Now this is fun. Baby Bob's, such cute Donald Duck voices. Roundish arena-style play, transporters back & forth to arena, big Jugger, Enforcers and a few Phfor thrown in. Doors, hallways. Pick a number for players, probably as many as 4-6. No Read Me for recommendations.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (25K) Inf Small
Chris Smelick

Carnage Into Darkness

No Read Me here but this map is really, really dark! Trying to stay alive while using map key and avoiding some Bobs who may or may not be helpful coupled with kicking a few Pfhor butts along the way to say nothing of your opponent . . . and then in the middle of it all there's this really pissed off Jugger! Beside a Pattern Buffer! Go figure. We liked it! A lot!

description by JD

(2/8/99) (20K) Inf Small

Pandora 1.0.1

(2/8/99) (45K) Inf Small
Sam Morris

Jesus Drives My Semi...

(2/8/99) (16K) Inf Large
Jeremy Wood

Save the Whales! Collect the Whole Set!

(2/8/99) (12K) Inf Small

Kevin's Buckets of Blood

(2/8/99) (49K) Inf Netpaks
Kevin Dunajski
  Name Description

Warp Factory

(2/8/99) (22K) Inf Large


Two levels, first one is 'Contact'. Twisty with switches to get you around. Terminal has no explicit mission, just come back here when finished, with a cc: aliens. Lava surrounding central area with walkways to various places; maze, crusher room, etc. We killed everything we thought & wore out action key but to no avail. Term text remained the same. Next step: cmd/cntrl 2. Called 'Just Survive' and it's great fun! What a bunch of sorehead aliens! We survived, found the last terminal which repeated message of just survive & showed picture of where we'd been. Turned around to go back but . . . the doors are not ajar! Not even close, open the door Richard, ain't gonna happen. Pattern Buffers both levels. Suppose you could play on Total Carnage but heroes tend to buy the farm early on here.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (330K) Inf Solo

Aye D'No v1.2

Up, down, around, and around. And around. Lots of staircases, lots of tight passageways, but plenty of open space, as well. The textures could use a little work (the Evil version seems a bit cleaner, overall), but mostly it's a great place to blow people up. Plenty of troopers, if you wanna play it solo.
(2/8/99) (51K) Inf Large

Arena Green

Green is the sewage pool in center. Raised ledges, ammo rooms, but, if you get shoved into the sewage, no damage. Dude! You can walk on water! Fast play, round & round.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (19K) Inf Small
Chris Smelick

Petrich Map Pak

(2/8/99) (636K) Inf Netpaks
Loren Petrich


(2/8/99) (17K) Inf Large
Peter Pembroke

Grendel Sampler 1.0

(2/8/99) (134K) Inf Netpaks
Gabe Rosenkoetter
  Name Description

Hey! Get off my Castle!

Square Arena, Lava Pit in center with rising pillar controlled by switch, outer raised ledges. Transport gets you into pit so the trick is to... 2-4 players we think.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (9K) Inf Small

Down Town

An early effort, basically a Kill Bob solo level. Appears to be no solution but to kill the "little guy", yep, those little ones again.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (9K) Inf Solo

Palace of Wong

(2/8/99) (371K) Inf Netpaks
Joey Beeson

Temple of Boom v1.1.1

(2/8/99) (43K) Inf Large

Ship O Death

Geoff's Map Making abilities are taking form and this submission is the first one he's tried on. Read me states he is still working on it. We encourage newbies to keep on keeping on.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (58K) Inf Solo
Geoff Mattheis

Malice in the Palace v1.0

(2/8/99) (44K) Inf Large
Dave Peck

Get Up!

A Quad with multiple upright pillar-type thingys to hide behind and some really mean spirited Troopers; this should satisfy two players easily, probably three would be okay, four would be a crowd.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (11K) Inf Small
  Name Description

Eternal Warfare

Large arena, Read Me says best for KOTH, Hill is dead center with lower levels having transporters to sniper slots, ammo... you can leap onto Hill. Comment: when you bring up Map on +++ it is full of religious messages, author's statements/observations on all things Jesus & God 'spelled backward is Dog' kinda stuff. It is kind of yin & yang as you get these messages & then try to KILL your friends in a most dastardly & vicious way! What is that all about???

description by JD

(2/8/99) (14K) Inf Small


(2/8/99) (19K) Inf Large

Hemorrhagic Asylum v1.2

(2/8/99) (158K) Inf Netpaks
Richard Dierkes

Cloud Nine

Arena play; 2x available, cramped for 6 players but could be done, few fighters to distract and a Crusher for fun. Ammo is somewhat scarce, on purpose. One secret.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (49K) Inf Small
Kim Foo-Jones

What's Up

(2/8/99) (11K) Inf Large
Michael Frye

"Pfhor One Bullet, Pfhor Two"

Arena, but a very complex one. All the elements; water, stairs, elevators, Mr. Luby rarely disappoints. One little thing though, every stripe alien is here and they’re mean. You will be very busy playing this map which says it can support up to 8 players & recommends four. Every man for himself play.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (32K) Inf Small
Andrew Luby

Map Demerger 1.0.1

Apparently, a tool very similar to the Marathon Map Splitter. I haven't tested it extensively, but it seems to work as advertised. Not a new tool, just not here before.
(2/8/99) (87K) Inf Tools
Michio Hashimoto
  Name Description

U Boys Play Nice

(2/8/99) (16K) Inf Large
Peter Pembroke


Arena with off-shoot corridor areas for ammo gathering & hiding for a moment. Based on the old Mars Needs Women map. Aliens for solo ‘enjoyment’ and an Anvil patch for a Christmas effect which includes icy surfaces. Wheeeee umph! Careful!

description by JD

(2/8/99) (110K) Inf Large
Kim Foo-Jones

Jail House Rock v1.1

(2/8/99) (31K) Inf Large
Daniel Sniadoski

The Net v3.0

(2/8/99) (56K) Inf Large
Nathan Trebes

Casual Slaughter

Could also be called 'lost in space'. Tricky map good for 3-4 players with room & ammo enough for eight. Eight sided center arena with stairs & passageways all over the joint, feeling of walking in space but walkway materializes as you go. No rechargers or teleporters. Elevators here & there and Pfhor for solo play. Lots of running around, complex design for Arena play.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (27K) Inf Large
Erik Adams

High Seas Combat

(2/8/99) (21K) Inf Large
Corey Crosser

Circle of Pfhor

Arena play with teleporters off main circle, sewage pathways which could make you sneaky as you reenter arena. Very handsome, very fast!

description by JD

(2/8/99) (28K) Inf Small
Chris Smelick
  Name Description

"Happy, Happy, Napalm, Napalm"

(2/8/99) (7K) Inf Small

How Deep Can Shit Git?

Kinda deep. Arena play, sewage pool in the middle, catwalks surrounding same. There is a room you can end up in (off-site as it were) & receive mercy transport back to main arena to continue action or be greeted by your opponent. Kinda interesting. Supports 2-4 players.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (10K) Inf Small

Enemy Sky 2.0

Author would like feedback. Dear Jacob: this is a pretty spacious & convoluted map, looks like fun but Jacob, my Mac crashed twice while trying to traverse ins & outs, ups & downs. Are we doing something wrong? Would like feedback.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (50K) Inf Small

Barney's House

A series of squares & rectangles connected by halls, water elevators; very dark effect. No terms, no Mission. May be a first effort by author, keep going! Play Marathon! Plus, we love the name Barney!

description by JD

(2/8/99) (8K) Inf Solo

How Deep Can Shit Git? (M2)

(2/8/99) (12K) M2 Small

Olympus Mons

(2/8/99) (26K) Inf Small
Kim Foo-Jones

KOH Rocket Soccer

(2/8/99) (19K) Inf Small
Kevin Johnstone
  Name Description

Whispers in the Night

One gigantic invisible Devlin here, kill it with your most deadly weapon then traverse corridor after corridor after . . . well, you get the idea. Looking for the data chip that contains info on experiments to turn Devlins into working drones (bleck). Of course the lights are out and 75% of the switches don't work so maybe it's a sequence thing. There is a Pattern Buffer but who needs it. The chip must be behind that airlock-type door off the Science Lab (no names from Map key) and here's to you Mr. Robinson if you can retrieve it. How much time do you have to spend in someone else's corridors?

description by JD

(2/8/99) (288K) Evil Solo
Andrew Luby

Castle of the Dead

Straight play, in a square, solid center may prevent catching opponent. KOTH, 1x recharger; author states could support Ball, don't think so. Lava perimeter, four large doors to interior & one constantly moving elevator through a lower tunnel; has transporter at end, goes to only sniper spot. Supports both Infinity & M2. First effort map.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (7K) Inf Small

r/net pack 1

(2/8/99) (164K) Inf Netpaks
Russell Liddick

Dark Places v2.0

Figure eight arena type play with two back rooms & stairs between, mostly for ammo. Neat lighting effects, switch at top of stairs lights up sniper plat opposite you. KOTH play, with Hill lighting up as you enter. Good effects with the lighting. Fast play with a few aliens thrown in for solo carnage enjoyment.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (33K) Inf Large
Chris J. Huff

Coyotu Szenegua!!

The first & last thing you hear with this Map Maker's effort, "Hey, Let's Kill BOB!". If you like to Kill Bob, this is for you. No progression, no end, just Kill Bob! Sufficient ammo for the job, but like Bobs everywhere, they just keep coming & coming & coming!

description by JD

(2/8/99) (15K) Inf Solo

Crossfire WS

Dunno. Square with four interior ammo shelves reached by elevator & holding switches. Central cage you can end up in by sudden transport. You can get out, shoot those switches. Gather that ammo before trying your wings here. Designed for 2-4 players, author says maybe 8 player positions.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (9K) Inf Small

The Iggy Collection

(2/8/99) (309K) Inf Netpaks
iggy popped
  Name Description

Bob Graveyard

A simple circular arena with a surrounding corridor. Openings from the top of the corridor onto the arena provide a small amount of cover for snipers. Watch the bob room.
(2/8/99) (24K) Inf Small
Chris Smelick

Civil War v1.1

Arena play, no, it's linear. Perhaps tag. Not KOTH. This is a very complex map, supports solo play (whacko Bob's again) and is full of passageways, elevators, 1x, all connected by spacious outer perimeter encircling entire area with interior sewage passageways. Doors for this, doors for that. Very fast in the running department. Read Me is in a terminal within the game. Clever.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (88K) Inf Large
MIchael Coyle

Lego Land 1.0

A smallish map that looks bigger because of the confusing choice of textures. (Doors don't always look like doors, especially if you're under the influence of the relatively common IR powerup.) Nice flow, though... comes with a film. The minibobs and pfhor can be pretty annoying until you kill 'em all...
(2/8/99) (87K) Inf Large
Daniel Sniadowski

Madman's maps v0.3.5

(2/8/99) (235K) Inf Netpaks

Dual Image Hologram

A shapes patch which puts two different images onto a single texture. The picture you see depends on the angle at which you see it. Not perfect (by a long shot), but clever, and (to my knowledge) never done before.
(2/8/99) (46K) Inf Novelty
Ryan Ballantyne

The Warzone Blues v1.0

What's my purpose in life? Why am I here? What should I do? Is anybody out there? Will I ever get a Launcher so I can reach that chip? Does anybody care? We're so Blue . . .

description by JD

(2/8/99) (64K) Inf Solo

Know what it is like to die!

(2/8/99) (22K) Inf Small
Fuct Kiwi
  Name Description

Polygonal Carnage

No frills, no read me, no pretty little icon but polygons fer sure! All connected. Water media. Could be kinda fun.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (13K) Inf Small

Death By Accident 1.1

Pretty good layout here. Should have considered calling it 'Snipers R Us' because you will have a good time lobbing volleys through all the slots provided. A few Phfor for solo play, lava areas, teleporters. This is not a simple map by any means, tag would be terrific, fast & furious!

description by JD

(2/8/99) (27K) Inf Large

Wasted Over You

(2/8/99) (9K) Inf Large

Pøwer Tø Da' Däla!

(2/8/99) (40K) Inf Large

Mayhem Central

(2/8/99) (16K) Inf Small

The Leisure Center

(2/8/99) (75K) Inf Large
Sam Morris

Cuckoo for Carnage Puffs (M2)

Straight Arena play, no KOTH, very straightforward. Ammo is in rooms outside game field & reached by central transporter, suggested up to 8 players. A few Pfhor thrown in; ahhhh, those M2 textures.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (11K) M2 Small
  Name Description

Blue Water Rapids

The rapids weren't very rapid here, in fact . . . With some major overhaul this could probably work as a Net Level game. We've seen Mr. Trebes later (must be later) work, pretty good stuff. We suspect he has a nephew named Danny also (Danny's Map). Look forward to a little rework, maybe a Mission, different edition of River Ride.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (31K) Inf Solo
Nathan Trebes


A few wall textures have been replaced by lego-looking stuff, and the bobs have been replaced (mostly) by stiff-legged little lego guys (but don't kill 'em, they still use the original bob death sprites). Eh.
(2/8/99) (198K) Inf Shapes
Nathan Trebes

Polymer 1.0.1

(2/8/99) (21K) Inf Large
Jason Jones

Shoot 'em if you got 'em

Another one of Mr. Pembroke's (see title) carnage maps. Thoughtfully provides a Pattern Buffer but also ammo up the wazoo! And chips to find. Set on Total Carnage pleeze!

description by JD

(2/8/99) (28K) Inf Solo
Peter Pembroke

That Giant Splatting Sound v1.0

A central pit with a very small hill on a platform in the center, all surrounded by a large network of various-sized stairways. Lots of opportunities for all kinds of players-lurkers, ambushers, suiciders, frontal attack folk... most of the ammo is in the center, where you're most vulnerable. 'Sup to you whether you need it or not...
(2/8/99) (89K) Inf Large
Dave Bailey

Rockets R Us

Simple Arena, five sides, four elevators, considerable ammo. Standard issue, could have some fun here.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (5K) Inf Small

Bloodlust Net Death Levels

Six levels, on the whole well done. The first two are variations on a theme... and they both make it a bit too easy to die a nasty flaming death for my taste. (I prefer my net deaths to be at the hands of my coplayers...) The others, as well, contain a bit too much nastiness for my taste (crusher platforms are present a lot). One level , however, works really, really well... Additive Light has a wonderful balance of tight space and confusing architecture. The others, too, are quite fun, if you don't have my aversion to non-human killers.
(2/8/99) (171K) Inf Netpaks
Glenn Hoppe
  Name Description

Claustrophobolis 1.0

This map is very claustrophobic. Lava pit but you can walk on it. Elevators to no particular place. Corridors with no straight shots to be had. You might like it if you like suddenly rounding corners to . . . . Blam!

description by JD

(2/8/99) (48K) Inf Large

Coming Back To Reality

A lumpy circle, a simple plan. Supports 2-6 players. No rechargers, air, nada. When you're dead you're dead. Author would like feedback/suggestions.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (7K) Inf Small
Fuct Kiwi


(2/8/99) (47K) Inf Small
Sam Morris

Red House X2

(2/8/99) (15K) Inf Small
Hary Brant

Who Needs Water Treatment?

(2/8/99) (11K) Inf Large
Phor God

Up Both Ways GTWS (M2)

(2/8/99) (25K) M2 Small

Up Down & Around

Another little Kill 'em exercise by Mr. Pembroke. Play on total carnage & wave . . . no that's waves, of aliens will accommodate you. Nice map as usual.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (28K) Inf Solo
Peter Pembroke
  Name Description

Palazzo deDeath v.2.0

(2/8/99) (67K) Inf Large
Allen Murray


A first attempt scenario, still in progress we believe. But hey, there's a sense of humor here, oh thank you thank you thank you! Tycho having trouble with the Spellcheck. A Pattern Buffer, a Fusion gun to die for, a Film to see (what to do) and a level (2 in all) called Bad Tina Birdie. One really neat trick. What more could you ask?

description by JD

(2/8/99) (239K) Inf Solo
Atom Bomb

Sewage Meets Sky (Infinity)

(2/8/99) (107K) Inf Large
Andrew Luby

Peck Pack

(2/8/99) (92K) Inf Netpaks
Dave Peck

Up Both Ways GTWS

(2/8/99) (24K) Inf Small

Lh'owon's Water Treatment (1.0)

(2/8/99) (27K) Inf Large

Who Fears the Marine

We do! It's those crazy Bob's and they are in your face; you enter scenario & aargh, greeted by a contingent of those guys. And a few Pfhor just for the hellavit. Thank goodness for triple strength shield rechargers, you'll need them. Solo play works & with opponents you should have a rollicking good time! No read me, no frills but a well laid out, pretty good size, map. Try it!

description by JD

(2/8/99) (27K) Inf Large
  Name Description

Warehouse 17B

(2/8/99) (36K) Inf Large
Michael Coyle

Medium Rare

Rectangular Arena play here on Medium Rare, package contains two maps. First piece of ammo/goodies you pick up is the old Fish Eye. Will make play interesting maybe. Designed with only two players in mind. Probably could support more. Damn Elevator is the second map. Elevator is very tight, very limited. Definitely for two players only.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (15K) Inf Small
Fuct Kiwi

Bring on the Carnage

Three maps for cmd/cntrl selection, Physics model included, King of the Hill play mostly. Number one is arena style & quite fun, baddies included + an ever self-expoding Jugger. Kill map sez author. #2, lava tunnels which are off shoots from center area that looks like it should be an elevator to reach off shoots however, when you find and shoot the Launcher, Blam, you’re dead. Shoot the shotgun, balm, you’re dead. In order to reach a switch somewhere to activate center elevator, well, Blam, you're dead. No grenade hopping 'cause weapon isn't immediately available. Don't like that. Level three, pick up a Fish Eye & a Blue Light Invincible thingy. Multiple corridors and you are being chased by Juggers here, Juggers there, Juggers everywhere. This level has possibilities but we think mostly for solo or maybe just a couple of players if you leave Juggers on.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (66K) Inf Netpaks

Don't Get Killed

An early effort by Mr. Pembroke, better things to come. A carnage exercise, always a Pattern Buffer thoughtfully included. This reviewer couldn't get to an end as the last Terminal, when action key is struck, dings! Ding Ding Ding. Expect great things from this Map maker at some time in the future (is that a pun?).

description by JD

(2/8/99) (15K) Inf Solo
Peter Pembroke

Paint It Black

No Stones here but . . . what the hell??!! Drones! Everywhere! In your face! Tested this solo so maybe it just read solo & gave us the drones for diversion (Yeah, right!). No room to take a breath, use the 1x recharger, just fire for life! Don't see how this could be a playable Net Map. Please don't tell anyone but had to ratchet down to Kindergarten just to get a look see for this description. Damn! Ouch! Splat! Tab

description by JD

(2/8/99) (13K) Inf Small

Gotcha! Arena

(2/8/99) (10K) Inf Large

Marathon Greatest Hits

25 great levels spanning the whole marathon experience, collected in one place and tweaked to play properly in Infinity. Superb... get this collection if you're looking for a netpack to keep your group busy for an afternoon, or a week. Full credit to the original authors in the readme.
(2/8/99) (1366K) Inf Netpaks
Dave Bailey
  Name Description


(2/8/99) (66K) Inf Netpaks
Graham W Sprague

Flying Fists 1.0

This map is huge! Vast area with KOTH ledge decidedly Large & includes a transporter, can get ammo & leap back onto Hill, cool! Interior great stairway, dark & creepy; maze offshoot from main floor of arena, perimeter walkways, another vast square area for in-your-face carnage. Well, it's HUGE! Could accommodate 10 or more players. Walk-through is absolutely essential! A complex & very interesting layout, check it out!

description by JD

(2/8/99) (51K) Inf Large


(2/8/99) (99K) Inf Large

Dark Skies Below

A large, convoluted map with sweeping lines and a cave-like atmosphere. No sound at all... lots of stairwells, lots of pillars to hide behind. Marked for KOTH, but there's no hill...
(2/8/99) (49K) Inf Large

Air Combat

No air here. Different concept; large oval, you are underwater, totally. Weapons fire & are available floating above you. Air is not a problem. Read me is a pict with directions for swimming; hey, we all know how to do that! This is interesting. Comes with a lid/cover on pool so you're not going anywhere but staying & blasting away. Couple of hidey holes inside some columns.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (182K) Inf Small

Darklord Maps Archive

28 maps. (!) Mostly simple, small, and with ungodly amounts of ammo and weapons. Pretty reminiscent of the Suicide levels, in that sense... carnage rates should be really high.
(2/8/99) (358K) Inf Netpaks

Carnage is the Right Way

Carnage, so apt a name for this little exercise. Ammo up the wazoo, but you can expire! Another test of your skills, Marine!

description by JD

(2/8/99) (28K) Inf Solo
  Name Description

Tu Madre es Enfuego

(2/8/99) (41K) Inf Large
Eric Benacquista

Scorpio's Lair.12.2

(2/8/99) (23K) Inf Large


Always innovative & clever, Map Key 'talks' to you via author. Twists & turns, KOTH upper level (maybe, if you try, it's pretty open), tag on lower levels with waterways, teleporters, switches for . . . . fun. Mr. Smelick is an excellent map maker & takes pride in precise details while providing fun for solo players as well. Get this one.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (38K) Inf Large
Chris Smelick

Olympics in Nagano

(2/8/99) (90K) Inf Netpaks
Masatoshi Soejima

Elevation Preset Templates

A pretty intriguing idea-all elevations, from -8 WU to 8 WU in 1/8 WU increments have been already specified in the 128 polys already existing in these maps. (There are 5 maps-1 for each texture set.) If you can live with the limitation of 896 polys per level instead of 1024, you can use these as starting points for your own levels, and you'll find you don't need to define elevation levels for each altered poly. Pretty cool... The readme describes a few potential problems (nothing major), and workarounds for these. If you're building levels that don't need really bizarre elevations, these could save you enormous amounts of time!
(2/8/99) (57K) Inf Tools

Mini Ques-are

(2/8/99) (9K) Inf Small
Nathan Trebes


Arena-type setup with a circular reservoir in the middle & Big Blue standing on top pegging shots at you. Fast. Shooting at him may cause your weapon to backfire!

description by JD

(2/8/99) (19K) Inf Small
  Name Description

Kill Your Television v2.0

(2/8/99) (70K) Inf Large
Nathan Trebes

Danny's ƒ Level

We suspect a Map Maker in the making here. A kill map with sufficient & sudden transport to keep you from getting bored. Bobs blow up nicely and nobody's too mean. Good Work by, we suspect, Danny.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (97K) Inf Solo

Happy Maps

(2/8/99) (138K) Inf Netpaks

3 New/Old Monsters

(2/8/99) (7K) Inf Novelty
Nathan Trebes

Death Trap

Arena play, KOTH, okay for solo players as aliens abound. Author says 8 players/teams. Would be very crowded with eight teams. No co-op play. Fast & Furious. 1x recharger, couldn't get 2x to work, and location of rechargers is a pain.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (13K) Inf Small
Bernie Fritts

Deth Pfhestival v3.1

Arena type play with back area off shoots for ammo, a few whacko Bobs to bother you or for solo players to cream. 2x, no teleporters but plenty of mobility allowed. Interesting layout, pretty fast.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (34K) Inf Large
Russell Liddick


(2/8/99) (28K) Inf Small
Jeff Shaw
  Name Description


(2/8/99) (19K) Inf Large

Mad Hatters Maze 1.1

(2/8/99) (22K) Inf Large
Daniel Sniadoski

Walcome Ta the Sock

Opening screen at term, photo of unknown doofus geek AI; gather ammo, check back for mission: 'Free the Lost Bob'. Transport into Error Land or Unable to Read Land. Crashidy boomidy splat

description by JD

(2/8/99) (47K) Inf Solo


Two fenced-in squares hovering high over the Lh'owhon (SP!) landscape. Each square contains a switch to activate your forcefield, other guy has same setup. You have a .44 period. Must be a hit switch turn & fire exercise.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (8K) Inf Novelty

Anarchy v2.2

Complex rectangle, Arena style. Stairs up; & up more, down, & down more. Lava medium pool, really hard to get out of. Transporters everywhere; labyrinth in the basement, 2x available, assorted aliens and whacked-out Bobs galore. In summary, this is a kick-ass layout! Fun for solo, excellent for up to 8 players.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (66K) Inf Large
Chris J. Huff

Trilogy's Route 98

(2/8/99) (738K) Inf Small

Ocean of Storms

Read Me by Ed's brother states this was Ed's last map. Gee, we hope he's not in those great Marathon killing fields in the sky. A small Square sorta, with a water wall/trench. There's a blue suited Pfhor that keeps appearing, aiming his staff at you with deadly accuracy. Pretty wide-open, maybe too much so. Try it for Ed.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (16K) Inf Small
Ed Keating
  Name Description

Flash Point

Read Me tells of secrets, a seasoned map maker with a half dozen maps out there. Asks for feedback via email, but hey, no address, no tickee! This is a beautiful map with KOTH play, wherein the Hill is actually a moving platform, tuff! Flick'ta in water canal. This is a large double layered square; perimeter area/walkway outside, and a medium size square with Hill, columns everything you'd want, inside. Comes with a Physics model: Full Throttle. Handsome, playable map.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (34K) Inf Large

An Ancient Battle

Arena type with four bases and peopled (peopled?) with every assortment of alien to come down the pike. This is a fine map, supports up to 8, probably better with 4-6. Also supports solo play. Good Deal here.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (43K) Inf Large
Andrew Luby

Circle Of Doubt

Large inner circle with surrounding stairs leading off to four corner rooms/areas where weapons & ammo can be picked up. Stairs for ammo also. Central area of circle continually raised Compilers upon entering, only alien to be seen. 2x canister. Probably would work as KOTH or tag.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (18K) Inf Small

Chris 1

Arena play doesn't get more straightforward than this map. Ledges for sniper shots, what appears to be a crusher in the middle but no luck in activating. No rechargers, no frills.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (7K) Inf Small

45 Seconds of Carnage

(2/8/99) (75K) Inf Large
Kim Foo-Jones

ET Phone Home

If you play this with allies, which we think you will have to consider, as opposed to opponents, you might survive awhile! This is one busy Map. Comes with two films, Read Me, & of course, The Map. Every alien/sprite you've ever seen is here from Juggers to Flick'ta to those annoying drones, the whole gang. You will be Very, Very busy. A smart layout as well. Lists Jackie Chan as Head Tester. Very playable, works well solo. Big Blue, now there's a problem for you. Unless you play on TC! Ouch!

description by JD

(2/8/99) (102K) Inf Large

Weapons Range

Ya know . . . this was kinda fun. It's a test for various physics models; weapons at one end of a firing range, 'Monsters' at the other. Small barrier in the middle & 'Monsters' (assorted aliens) don't activate until fired upon. We may have misjudged when we leaped over the barrier to mix it up.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (9K) Inf Solo
  Name Description

Like Water Through My Hands

Arena type, spacious with water medium & crosswalks/stairs. Mercy transports if you fall in water. Trouble with ammo registering, but start shooting those dumb Bob's (activate as it were) and things get better. Bob's also become more deadly. Should give you a run for your money. Minor problem with some sounds, can be worked through.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (23K) Inf Small
Ed Keating

Bad Dog

A very precise polygon with raised crosswalks connecting sides, not all that much ammo, didn't see any recharger. One catch, those drones again. They tend to snap hidden doors shut just when your aim is sure. Damn! This could be a really good ride if you like arena-type maps with a few tricks thrown in.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (50K) Inf Small


(2/8/99) (18K) Inf Small
Ed Keating

Artificial Intelligence

Two rooms with different ways of killing bobs. It is pretty amusing to watch them waste themselves... amazing what you can make 'em do. Nice construction, as well.
(2/8/99) (47K) Inf Novelty
Dr. Lex

Cyborg Stalker

Large map overall, maze is central map with rooms on two sides containing weapons + ammo and a 2x. Walls of maze are very high & area is filled with, you guessed it, Cyborgs + a peevish Jugger who tends to blow up & blow you away. Could contain a great number of players, we suspect tag would be about it. Read Me is a text file, but with some bizarre creator-just drop it on SimpleText or BBEdit, double-clicking probably won't get you far.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (112K) Inf Large
Evil Nar

Can You Make It?

When you press Map key, name of the level is "Gauntlet". And it is, and it's fun! Very well laid out, even progresses. Try Total Carnage if you dare. Lots of ammo, even a Pattern Buffer for the faint of heart. Get it for a rainy day or would be good after an altercation with the paper boy!

description by JD

(2/8/99) (20K) Inf Solo
Peter Pembroke

Saniquarium (Infinity)

Rectangle with two stairways on facing sides. Stairs are good hidey holes. King of the Hill. Recommended 2-4 players, sez can possibly accommodate 8. Don't think so, pretty crowded. Arena play.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (11K) Inf Small
  Name Description


Three map levels with No. 1, Dalbom's Street 4, a very complicated layout with basic Arena type play, central area full of nooks & crannies inside & outside that changes from water medium to clear & back. Aliens galore including those teeny guys of every stripe, making this a rapid run for solo play. Supports a multitude of players. Fast! Good! No. 2 is DINO Dungeon, very confined & rather than a Dungeon, appears to be a house, has furniture & a lovely yard full of Juggers. Aliens for solo play. May support four, but a tight arena-type area. Three is River of Pain, elongated oval with upper paths & water paths below. You could get in quite a bind here, do away with the Bob’s & play tag, maybe would support three players. Nice package overall with Dalbom's Street the outstanding offer.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (194K) Inf Netpaks

I Gotta Go Go...

(2/8/99) (7K) Inf Small


A large, waterfilled level with a small island in the center (you have to swim) and some sniping platforms at either end, connected by a mostly open passageway. If you don't mind spending most of your time underwater, this map will hold a large group.
(2/8/99) (19K) Inf Small
Chris Smelick

23 DPM

(2/8/99) (51K) Inf Netpaks
Alastair Stuart


Don't fall off the Catwalk! The amount of ammo on arrival tells you something. "Nathan's Contest". Kill all or don't finish, simple as that, but sure is a fun way to sharpen your kill skills. Total Carnage for the foolishly brave.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (104K) Inf Solo
Nathan Trebes

Sick Land

(2/8/99) (5K) Inf Small
sick boy

Phatal Phred & Deadly MorPH (V1.7)

(2/8/99) (23K) Inf Large
Deadly Morph
  Name Description

Sewage Meets Sky (M2)

(2/8/99) (107K) M2 Large
Andrew Luby


(2/8/99) (6K) Inf Novelty

Wreak Havoc!

(2/8/99) (23K) Inf Large

Sam's Palace of Fun and Games

(2/8/99) (36K) Inf Large

Pfhor Victory

Sinking Ship. Find Data Chip. Capture Key Card. Transport off Starboard Rail, right! Or is that Left? Aft? Overboard? glub gasp glub PS Good Read Me, pay attention!

description by JD

(2/8/99) (100K) Inf Solo
Andrew Luby

Tide Beach

(2/8/99) (10K) Inf Novelty
Nathan Trebes

Third World Think Tank

Read Me states this is a work in progress, also mentions faves in various categories i.e., music; Hendrix, Stones, Pearl Jam, Beck etc., etc. Definitely a scenario in progress. Mr. Johnstone has the right idea and no doubt has big plans. Maybe when he finishes it will Rock!

description by JD

(2/8/99) (41K) Inf Solo
Kevin Johnstone
  Name Description

The Devil's Own

(2/8/99) (108K) Inf Netpaks
David Bricker

Sewage Meets Sky (Evil)

(2/8/99) (109K) Evil Large
Andrew Luby

Log Ride in the Mountains

Mr. Trebes submits a great number of Maps where the primary objective is merely to stay alive. We believe Nathan has something great just waiting to pop out. Perhaps making Maps on one's lunch hour is not the most efficient way to go, however, we appreciate the Map Maker's efforts and give him an A+ in that regard. Stay alive and go with the flow, which is considerable!

description by JD

(2/8/99) (14K) Inf Solo
Nathan Trebes

Saniquarium (M2)

(2/8/99) (13K) M2 Small

Bigger Jumping

Level is called 'Bungie Jumping', but just jumping will do it . Circular map with small cubbyholes all up and down the outer walls of circle, contains the ammo as does floor. Probably 2 players would do it & then it's stand there & take it like a man! Should have an itchy trigger finger to play. Blam!

description by JD

(2/8/99) (42K) Inf Small

Outside Space

(2/8/99) (30K) Inf Large
Erik Adams

Father of Mine v1.0

Arena with a Lava Pit in center, fall in &, well you can get out but, badly damaged. Plenty of ammo, a few switches for... ? Maybe a 2x? Good layout on the Arena. Transporters of course. Launcher is... deadly.

description by JD

(2/8/99) (20K) Inf Small
  Name Description

Jeff's Marathon Crap v.1

(2/8/99) (256K) Inf Netpaks

Pfhor Water Works 1.2

A small level, inspired by Mars Needs Women. Serious attention to lighting, sounds, and architecture... Level centerpiece is a slick little bridge (seems to be based in design on the M1 Marathon Bridge Map, but that could just be coincidence). This one's fun. 1.1 Update tweaks a bad texture, adds an eighth starting point. 1.2 update adds more ammo/weapons, tweaks gameplay parameters for improved flow.
(2/7/99) (153K) Inf Small
Winston Hendrickson

AGM 1.1

A cute tip 'o the hat to the newsgroup. The message will become clear by the time you finish... just check your map view. There ain't no savin', so fight good. (The beginning's the trickiest part, I think...)
(2/6/99) (180K) Inf Large


When people talk of "Total Conversions" of the Marathon universe, Trojan is one of the names that should come up first. Trojan is a complete replacement for the Marathon package-think of it as an action game that happens to use the Marathon engine. The artwork is superb, the new weapons are awesome, the baddies are frightening... and the full package is completed. Twenty-five levels of pulse-pounding excitement... don't pass it up. If you're using the version of M1 that comes on the Trilogy disc, you'll want to grab the Trojan/Trilogy Patch, as well. (It's only 35K.)

Due to its extreme size, Trojan is also available in smaller pieces.

(2/5/99) (10272K) M1 Combo
Hamish Sanderson

Lazer Maze

A tiny map with a playable maze. The object is to get to the chip without passing through any lit doorways... you have a couple of switches to turn them on and off. If you fail, you won't be able to get back where you started from... this was more of a test of mapmaking technique than anything else, but it's pretty cool to see what's doable.
(2/4/99) (2K) Inf Novelty
Mike Trinder

"860 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago"

A reproduction of the famous van der Rohe building in Chicago. Just one floor, actually... nice work, although the faithfulness to size makes fighting a bit tight. Comes in two flavors: the _s version is for playing (full of baddies) and the _p version is for looking around at the architecure (no baddies or ammo).
(2/4/99) (90K) Inf Novelty
Hans G. Andersson

The Adventures of Cyndee 1.0001

A 4-level solo scenario that's designed to be quite topical, for readers of the newsgroup. The levels are basically clear-everything-and-move-on stuff, there to provide a purpose for the terms, which poke fun at a regular of a.g.m. The AI (Cindy Crawford in bits) may show up in future, more serious scenarios. This update doesn't change anything except contact info for the author.
(2/4/99) (433K) Inf Solo
Daniel M. Skatter
  Name Description

Love that Curve Ball

A test (successful) of a technique to produce fireballs that fly around a room. They're pretty cool to look at, but don't get in their way...
(2/4/99) (28K) Inf Novelty
Mike Trinder

"Barcelona Pavilion, 1928-29"

A reproduction of a famous van der Rohe building in Spain. Outdoors... weapons are minimal, but the reproduction is pretty good. Comes in two flavors: the _s version is for playing (full of baddies) and the _p version is for looking around at the architecure (no baddies or ammo).
(2/4/99) (28K) Inf Novelty
Hans G. Andersson

View from the Rock

(2/3/99) (259K) Evil Large
Sir Guillaume

Save Bob

We're not programmed to "Save Bob", sorry. Read Me blatant ad for Mr. Trebes. What's that song by Billy Preston, going 'round in circles . . . Maybe Quick Draw McGraw.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (47K) Inf Solo
Nathan Trebes

Marathon NJ

Another solo level in the continuing Marathon Earth series. A nifty shapes patch along with the innovative style that this author has now come to be known for makes this one a definite download. The shapes are getting cleaner and if you have played the other levels this author has made then you know what to expect. This one starts in Giants stadium and the flow from there is classic! You won't be disappointed.
(2/3/99) (1304K) Inf Scenario
Lyndon F. Lorenz

Nerve and Sinew v1.1

(2/3/99) (97K) Inf Large
Richard Dierkes

Real Houses v2.0

(2/3/99) (44K) Inf Large
  Name Description


Strange. Weird. Author's Read Me calls out Ticks & Blood and 3-D portals, huh? Saw a tick, looks like those singing/whistling flying uglys to this player. No terms, no saves, no nothing, nada, zip. But the Map in itself is laid out well. On Total Carnage you can almost kill yourself firing that little old .44 at the tick. Whas happening Sylvain?

description by JD

(2/3/99) (306K) Inf Solo

Pfhort Brasil v1.0.2

(2/3/99) (132K) Inf Large
Andre Heineberg

DAnSe macabRE

Four Squares connected up & down by stairwells loaded with ammo. Secret switch floods area but you can fire underwater if you do so at point blank range. Grenade throwing Flick'ta, few troopers for solo play. Tag would be the action here. Too big on the myriad stairs, you will be running a lot. Should hold at the very least 4-6 opponents.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (83K) Inf Large
Jason Kammerer

Destination: Unknown

14 levels seven of which are Net levels. On level one, "When monsters are the Dreams", we had trouble with a bit of crashing, however level title is significant. Going on all ok. Level four is clever, you are a potential buyer of a Security System and you're here for a Demo. Term says show you all they've got but then messages cross and it's not just a Demo anymore! All in all this is a very playable scenario. Level five, 'Have you heard the news?' has no info in any terms other than extensive maps. Level six 'I gave my inner child a gun' explains everything to date, including level five wherein 'shadows' are trying to communicate with you. Lengthy, articulate & interesting story/premise for entire scenario. Could have been presented earlier. You are fighting 'dead' shadowy Pfhor who wish to be really dead! And you will help them achieve that goal. We can recommend downloading. Net levels are pretty good. A solid package from Mr. Phelps.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (2971K) Inf Scenario
Sean Phelps

Aye Am Not Feeling Sicur

Hard to believe this is just 20K as it is a spacious tri-area playing field with secrets, switches & a true blue King of the Hill layout. Tested with two players but designed for eight, which makes more sense as two would certainly get lost. Terrific ideas of space views/walkways that extend, lava mediums, and some nasty Flick'ta thrown in. Like this a lot. Wouldn't get too bored exploring solo either.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (20K) Inf Large
Patrick Frye

Ambience 1.0

A very cool chisel plugin that extends the number of ambient sounds available in Marathon from 24 to 172.
(2/3/99) (64K) Inf Tools
Mike Trinder

Tell Me My Mama Makes Good Cookies!

(2/3/99) (39K) Inf Large
Matthew Grieco
  Name Description

Death Echo

Very large, complex map. Read Me has Spoiler/type info with total map layout. KOTH area, basement, ledges, sewage paths, stairs. Armory, Tower, elevators, etc. Supports Total Carnage, 6-8 players. No rechargers, a few Bob's. Moves fast but really spread out. Looks good, however, with nice attention to detail.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (184K) Inf Large
Justin Flame Walker Pease

Millenium Tower v1.0

Author states this is a work in progress, spent a year working on it but was mostly involved in learning Forge during that time. Effort sure shows! This is a terrific, spacious, & complex map. Aliens & sounds to be added, soon Ted says. Hope so, cries out for same. All the elements are here: basement, tower, elevators, transporters plus a Terminal that . . . suffice to say, Be Very Careful! Too funny! Recommended for 4-8 players. If you enjoy, please let the author know, think he needs to hear.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (114K) Inf Large
Ted D'Esposito

Pfhores Bathroom

(2/3/99) (35K) Inf Large
Nathan Trebes

City and Neo

Neo: Good Map, good game play, progresses, nice placement of ammo & you'll need it. One could wish for another Pattern Buffer (or two!). The lighting here is done quite well. Would like to see what this Map Maker could do with a more complex story, although the story is quite up to par as is. The Read Me states this Map's unfinished, dunno know. Try it, it's worth the money.
City: This is really good stuff, keeps you going, adrenaline factor excellent. Mr. Murphy has got a way with Map Making. Opens on old Infinity screen ìRageî (appropriately as you will see if you attempt to play), but it's "Khare: City of KL'Fit". They don't like Marines much. Lots of Juggers, all varieties of Aliens, tuff on the air supply, very. A number of areas where you can get stuck & discouraged. Pattern Buffer way way into the game. As in Neo. I like this artists designs, although textures and all are pretty standard he does great layouts. This will keep you busy for awhile, and keep you moving, we highly recommend this dual map set.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (1895K) Inf Solo
Steve Murphy

Justice is a Loaded Gun

(2/3/99) (38K) Inf Large
Michael J. Hurley

Evil-Everything must Go! v1.0

Simple arena play, author says 4+ players. Ledges here & there & everywhere, good sniper spots. No particular defensive area but lots of room to maneuver, extra wide halls on backside of arena.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (29K) Evil Small
Matt Balara

Three Legged Toad Kabobs

(2/3/99) (12K) Inf Large
Graham Sprague
  Name Description

Dome Sweet Dome

Read Me is important here. Large Arena with off shoots for ammo, weapons; supports KOTH, quantity of players as it is a large area. Offshoots, using quick as lightning elevators, lead to rooms w/transporters. Transporters lead to back hallways full of goodies (Blam!). Very clever design. Anybody camping out in a room is fair game, camping out indeed, during net play! Interesting layout, interesting ideas.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (42K) Inf Small
Jesse Lowther

Phobos Station

(2/3/99) (71K) Inf Large
Jason Kammerer

BOB-Tempus Irae

Nine maps in all from TI.1 - TI.9; 20K up to 28K, includes two Physics models to give you that extra BLOOD! Pretty funny. TI textures are always handsome & here you get an assortment of arenas/squares/circles/King of the Hill, etc. Pretty cramped, very small spaces, with a few aliens thrown in just so you can test the Physics files. Would be pretty fast & short we believe, but you be the judge. This is a Marathon fan from Germany which gives your death scream a slight accent when you pass away.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (87K) TI Netpaks
Bernd Schneider

Yossarian's 7+1 Net Hop Pak

(2/3/99) (193K) Inf Netpaks

Let's Swim in the Pool v1.2

What a Map Maker this fellow is! We're still in somewhat of a Labyrinth mode, not too much though. The changes in textures and structures from very tall edifices to sewage swims to lava jumps is quite extraordinary, very well thought out. This scenario will keep you moving, decimating aliens and looking for a couple of very elusive chips. Switches galore! And they all function (in their time) to open this Map for your "solve the puzzle" pleasure. The story is middle-of-the-road but fits the scenario. Because Mr. Yasuda obviously works hard at map building, we highly recommend a download. Pretty Cool!

description by JD

(2/3/99) (1079K) Inf Solo
Masahiro Yasuda

Marathon: Assault

Read Me states two maps that have been lying around on the author's hard drive a long time. Author says there's a lot of bugs, smearing, and the story is incoherent. There are not two maps in fact, but one (and a minor transport), maybe to a semi-second level. Crashed the old Mac towards the end. We will have to stick with the author's assessment.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (315K) Inf Solo
Mark Levin

Last of the Humans Part III: Contact with Narr

Well, how'd he do dat? This Scenario will eat up the better part of an afternoon and then some. It goes on and on and one just can't give up! The author certainly has a way with map making. As this is only one level it's hard to believe, it is such a gigantic area, could have been broken down to several levels. But you will return here, return there, and keep going. A real challenge from Mr. Murphy. Good Job! Very playable, but oh those damn little drones, couldn't you just kill them??!!

description by JD

(2/3/99) (2965K) Inf Solo
Steve Murphy
  Name Description

Michigan Mayhem v1.2

(2/3/99) (486K) Inf Large
Frank Rossi

Face Objects 1.0.1

An update to a chisel plugin that allows you to specify facing direction for scenery objects. It's not new, but also not here...
(2/3/99) (21K) Inf Tools
Mike Trinder


Well this one will drive you crazy, keep that mojo going, frustrate you, excite you, make you curse the author, praise the author. More fun than a barrel of whacked out monkeys. Term picts are gorgeous, as is layout. A really great map maker. The Read Me alone is worth the download with its referrals to secrets etc. There are some problems in this 5 level game, mostly too tight, dead ends (although author says no) & too many Compilers that can't be annihilated in levels 2-3. Get caught between one of 'em and a wall and sayonara. Save often. But that too is tuff, not that many Pattern Buffers first three levels. Your mission on the last two levels is a prison setting, or two really. Release the friendly prisoners. You believe that? How come they . . . well you'll see. How do you feel about no shields. This scenario was a lot of fun, frustrating, but worthy of your attention. Download it Now!

description by JD

(2/3/99) (1362K) Inf Solo
Rudi Bloks

Alien Vacation

What's not to like about a vacation? Sr. Lorenz is keeping us busy with his Earth Series, always clever, always with fun as the main ingredient. Hit those switches, in order of course, and watch the smashing world of Lyndon's mind open up. Another for your collection. We love this guy!

description by JD

(2/3/99) (1207K) Inf Scenario
Lyndon F. Lorenz

Blender v1.2+

This is a terrific map for solo and Arena play, up to 4 players, maybe more as it's spacious. Devlins everywhere. One 1x recharger, water medium around perimeter & force fields in play with switches to deactivate or activate as you wish along with another switch to flood entire area, glub glub. All the elements of King of the HIll play with platforms, crusher and a dark & foreboding atmosphere, which is what we expect from an Evil application. Pretty good.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (75K) Evil Large
Michael Frye

So I Beat the Shit out of him and Stole his Wallet

Flow's okay, but the texture choices will give you a headache. Retextured, though... could be a good map.
(2/3/99) (24K) Inf Small

To Hell and Back v1.0.1

(2/3/99) (14K) Inf Large
Dan Royer
  Name Description


Pretty nice area with stairs, great sniper spots, 2&3x rechargers, a little lava trap. Recommended for 2-4 players. Transporters included. Can be played on INF or M2. Going up & down all those stairs could be extremely dangerous or extremely Fun!

description by JD

(2/3/99) (36K) Inf Large
George Waters

Piracy! v1.1

(2/3/99) (85K) Evil Large
Michael Frye

Spurious Interrupt v1.2

(2/3/99) (149K) Evil Large
Nick Mason


Four square maps self contained in one for pure arena play with overlapping passages parallel from one to the other. Central areas of arenas comprise different mediums, i.e., water, bouncing floor (so cool!), KOTH/rising pyramid, but no control over rising aspect. Compilers & Phfor here for solo play. Seems to have everything for net play in small areas, but for one thing, no rechargers, dead is dead. Good for two, more might be a crowd. Fast & Furious.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (59K) Inf Netpaks
Jesse Lowther

Keep Running 1.0

Somewhat of a square map with hidey holes. Author says he designed on his laptop, no easy task. A few scattered Pfhor for practice runs. Supports 8 players as that is how many are in Allen's group. Good mobility, no rechargers, one life canister to be seen.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (16K) Inf Large
Allen Heimberger

Stonehenge (ab) v1.2

(2/3/99) (12K) Inf Small
Andrew Bean

Deep Distance

If you've been on a search for TI Maps you may have seen this one. It's Terrific! Started as a solo map & evolved into a Net Map (for unknown reasons?). But it is great fun solo. Exploding Bob's everywhere, can you go the Distance? Has everything TI, lighting, chants, textures. Two 2x's. Great fun, big enough to support 8 players, maybe more. Think tag. Vast areas, stairway symmetry, small halls, sewage paths, transporter to off-map room for goodies. An area that could possibly support KOTH. You should have this in your TI Map collection, whatever the purpose.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (96K) TI Large
  Name Description

Dead by Dawn

Six cmd/cntrl levels. Number one: 30.10.72; a rectangle with the cleverest use of elevators, aka crushers, I've seen in a long time! 2x hard to take the time to reach, perimeter ledge, jump off elevators quick! This is so fast it will make your head spin; play tag, you or your opponent are bound to have a serious mishap! May support KOTH, author likes 2-4 players, tested on two. There is a hidey hole that could be considered the Hill as it's open on two sides. Number Two: Hanger; rectangle, large central raised area for KOTH & smaller connected rectangles for getting around. This is one clever map maker, nooks & crannies to find, odd entries to areas, 1x & 2x; they're outside, dude! Rambo weapons, we love Rambo weapons! Number three: Hummer; rectangle with perimeter ledge & elevators leading to ammo areas, 2x. Fast, KOTH & tag. Number Four: Love is Suicide: Eight-sided rectangular shaped arena, 2x, four ledges that could support KOTH, sudden transport. Great fast play. Number Five: Goodbye Grace; a beautiful square arena laid out under the stars, play at night! No 2x here but the KOTH area is super. Need a two minute tutorial before play on layout. Number Six: Sunday Drinking; five sided arena with elevators to upper ledges, very fast. If you have been drinking, don't drive this map! All of the maps here have an assortment of aliens who have deadly aim, with the first three maps/levels having the greater number, & the deadliest. This is a terrific collection by Mr. Bungie, you should have a go.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (68K) Inf Netpaks
Mr Bungle

Untitled Map So Far...

(2/3/99) (16K) Inf Small
Allen Heimberger

Will You Be My Zombie?

(2/3/99) (27K) Evil Small
Dylan Barrie

Pit Dome Death

(2/3/99) (36K) Inf Large
Justin Flame Walker Pease


Another complex map with switches, lava medium in center of Arena & various back of the Arena pathways. A very tricky access to the 2x recharger, better move fast, but then you will be anyway! Sniper slots, recommended for 4 players, best for tag.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (17K) Inf Large
Brad Krauss

Untextured Walls

A cool demo of what can be done with untextured walls. Hacks, all, but in the right hands, they can make the architecture in Marathon levels look more realistic.
(2/3/99) (20K) Inf Novelty
Jason Harper

Here Come The Drums

(2/3/99) (46K) Inf Large
Mike Miazgowicz
  Name Description

Fast Times at L¹sr High

Five levels, tested with 2-4 players with four being the recommended number. Comes with Anvil Shapes patch (something to do with naked aliens). 1.) Boondoggle; a multi-dimensional environment with four portals. Not sure what is meant by portals here. Very straightforward square playing field, small. 2.) Spiro Caves; large arena with twisty stairs (tunnels) leading off main field to sniper slots & ammo refresh. May be slow due to size & number of tunnels. 3.) Terminal Carnage; built to look a subway terminal, and it does! Long rectangular playing field, lots of elevators to confuse, one transporter, 1x & 2x, fast paced. 4.) War & Remembrance; team war environment, think it's cool! Square divided by boiling lava pit, almost impassible due to ittty bitty span activated by grenade to a switch, each opponents side. Transporters to sniper slots. Very fast paced. 5.) Gymnasium; looks like a Gym, is a Gym! This is a very clever layout with bleachers overlooking in-your-face playing field. Girls locker room, oooooh. Open the window slot & fire, hitting switch & chicks and here is where some good solo play comes in! Don't forget to stand on one of the toilets & open sniper-slot window to main arena. This one's witty & fast & we suggest you try it.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (245K) Inf Netpaks
David Dodson

© MCI b1

(2/3/99) (41K) Inf Large
"Gonou, Tra´kh Mothu"

Shaved Like a Goad IX

(2/3/99) (17K) Inf Large
Graham Sprague

2EZ4U v.83

(2/3/99) (298K) Inf Small
Cyril Blaise

Steps v1.2

(2/3/99) (145K) Inf Large
Christian Welti

Evil-Brancore Fortress

This map cracked up this reviewer so bad we doubt if we can be coherent in our description. It does contain aliens, who remain fairly well hidden. But those Moo rockets they fire with deadly aim, well, the last thing you see before you eat it is a Happy Face as in 'Incoming!'. So then, solo is definitely okay. Carnage area, up to 8 players, sez the author. Too funny, leave the aliens ON!

description by JD

(2/3/99) (73K) Evil Large
Justin Flame Walker Pease


Biggest damn net map you ever saw! Author says tested with two, good for 8 but Holy Mackerel!, there may be room for 10-15+! Multiple very large squares (playing fields) with pillars & various impediments, connected by a variety of ways; stairs, passageways, up/down & all around. Huge rooms with KOTH type possibilities, Ball is here as well. Lava pit is deadly, hate that! 2x-3x's lying about. And whacko Bobs for solo hero-types. For diehard straight arena players this may be a bit too much. Certainly a lot of thought & time went into this complex map. Our recommendation, you definitely should check this one out. Note; no recon, big trouble. Sorry Man!

description by JD

(2/3/99) (246K) Inf Large
Patrick Frye
  Name Description

Honk if you hate people too

(2/3/99) (30K) Inf Small
Mr Bungle

Aqua Arena

Arena is correct term but, oh so much more. This is a very spacious & complicated layout with pathways, off shoot areas, water areas, secret things, per the author, and King of the Hill play. Has been tested primarily with two players, recommends 8 easily. Mr. Ogle states he was looking to build a simple design. Don't think so! Aliens of every stripe so solo players don't fall into boredom.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (142K) Inf Large

Invalid Command

(2/3/99) (117K) Inf Large
Dan Royer

FB Collection

12 maps in all support 2-4 players, KOTH, tag with a few straightforward total carnage pits thrown in. All contain either 1x, 2x rechargers or caniste rs in easy access. Sniper slots & wide playing fields, a few twists & turns. 1.) 2 Hill Wonder; ammo for an army in a square arena, sniper ledges upper perimeter, wide-open field play. 2.) Battle Yard; square, very large open play area with back halls, Hill to defend or use for sniper ledge. 3.) Doomed; complex square with deceptively large playing areas, includes some water medium, lots of running. 4.) Doom I; lava pool, three play areas all connected, little Hills not too defined, running around here. 5.) House of Mirrors; two total carnage pits, poly shaped play area with easy access perimeter paths. Jail Yard; water medium but no sinking, maze-type paths, great sniper spots, open Hill area. 7.) Thunderdome; large arena, sniper ledges, ammo regenerates only in four cubby holes on perimeter. 8.) More Wrath; a few Phfor phor phun, raised water medium in central area, perimeter pathways, non-definable shape/play areas. 9.) Pit Power; large square pit/arena type play, 3x. 10.) Shooting Gallery; could be called 'sniper city'. KOTH with Hill in direct range of numerous sniper slots. Elevators lead to slots, pick one. Fast & Furious. 11.) sbsdsd; smearing,we're afraid, is too prevalent for play or even to check out area. 12.) World I; very large arena, KOTH either end, wide open play.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (168K) Inf Netpaks

"Thank You Sir, May I Have Another!"

(2/3/99) (36K) Inf Small
Jason Kammerer

Armed Robbery

A straightforward Infinity scenario, NOT! The author has a few tricks up his sleeve. Pick up the chips & insert, wha? where? A 4 level scenario that will keep you backtracking & wondering where to go next. It may be difficult to get to the next level here, you know how Durandal is . . . Pattern Buffers are strategically placed as are weapons. A good effort by the author, let's hope heís busy creating more maps, using diverse textures and will continue to create Infinity projects. What were those two F'lickta up to by the way, hummmm, looked naughty.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (422K) Inf Solo
Jonas Bjarnehall

Salamander Salad II

(2/3/99) (12K) Inf Large
Graham Sprague
  Name Description

Capture the Skull

Recommends at least four players, prefers eight. Author says to form Teams & capture the ball. Definitely a playing field setup with some very annoying aliens and a few radical Bobs fighting among themselves, another distraction. Pretty good. Team with most time with the ball wins. Not an actual ball, however. Only complaint, no rechargers/life canisters. So you end up with fast & furious. Cool!

description by JD

(2/3/99) (10K) Inf Small
Jeremy Young


A room full of bouncing platforms-works like the Moon Walk at a carnival. No squishing platforms, so if you die, it's because someone killed you, or because you misjudged the platform in front of you, not because you were standing in the wrong place. A path around the outside gives you some stable ground to breathe on if you get seasick.
(2/3/99) (12K) M2 Small

Beneath the Howling Stars v1.1

A two level solo map that really is just one with the first one being an ammo cache. This thing uses very few textures and IMO was constructed like a "maze". There were some nice tricks thrown in here and there. Although you will probably end up running with your map mode on, you will need to slow down so that you don't get wiped out in the "mini battles".
(2/3/99) (423K) Inf Solo
Ben Fisher

Grip of Impulse v1.4

(2/3/99) (114K) TI Netpaks
Rich Dierkes

Stacked Windows

A further advance of the techniques shown in Untextured Walls. In this case, you can stack openings in a wall. A nice hack... and correctly done, nearly invisible to the player.
(2/3/99) (9K) Inf Novelty
Jason Harper

Discotheque v2.5

A simple arena with funky strobe-like lighting. Should keep you guessing where that next target is...
(2/3/99) (18K) Inf Small
Andrew Bean

Concentrated Orange Juice

Very small square for two players, two sniper locations. Supports tag.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (7K) Inf Small
Dan Royer
  Name Description

Kill the PC

(2/3/99) (28K) Evil Large
Kc Hackford

Help! I'm Bleeding

(2/3/99) (25K) Inf Small

No Brand Name Dome v1.0.1

(2/3/99) (18K) Inf Small
Dan Royer

Flying Circus v1.0b

Three maps/levels here, can do cmd/cntrl or transport between the three. Each has arena play, off-shoots for ammo & terms to transport. Terms say 'you suck' trying to leave level. Interesting. Pretty standard, different textures. Has a film in package to show secret doors of which there were few. Aliens for solo play.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (304K) Inf Netpaks
Cyril Blaise

Devil's Plaything

Large level area for tag but with impediments in the way of freestanding walls, all over. Reminds us of a level where one has to negotiate to somewhere else, but here, that's it, there is nowhere else. The lava ceiling kinda threw us. Thoughtfully includes Marathon Icons in package. We selected double 00 shotgun shells for this game.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (41K) Inf Large
Allen Heimberger


Six maps here with pretty much the same attributes, i.e., arena play, carnage pit, KOTH, 2x. 1.) Snipe Hunt; round arena-type with sewage comprising half of area & containing teleporters. 2x recharger, sniper slots overlooking main area wide stairway. 2.) Church of the Mortician; very dark, dual square (overlapping) layout, KOTH, total carnage area, 2x, very clean. 3.) Lemmings Army; square arena play, straight KOTH with circular stairs wrapped around Hill, or transport to top. 1x canister available. 4.) Jjaro Crescent; arena play, total carnage center, perimeter paths to ledges, ammo, 2x. 5.) Push; square with KOTH in direct center surrounded by lava pit. Transport to Hill. Only way off of hill for more ammo, jump in! TP's under lava with a 1x or 2x canister sitting atop it. Kinda takes it out of you, so be quick! Pretty good. 6.) Gamma Light Redirected; carnage pit, 2x's, sniper posts that are pretty cool, hidey holes. Most complex map layout in package, assorted large areas give you choice of play.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (149K) Inf Netpaks
Lee Heida

At the Heart of It all 1.0.2

A single level solo exercise that has a few interesting & potentially good points. The story (Durandal speaks!) is interesting. Would like to see what this Map Maker could do if allowed some time to fiddle. Some problems with those damn Apes that just explode & explode & explode. Hasn't anybody figured this out yet?

description by JD

(2/3/99) (321K) Inf Solo
Ben Fisher
  Name Description

Rain Bob!

Big rectangular earthen platform surrounded by lava. Bobs fall out of sky, shoot them. Or do as we did, commit suicide by jumping into lava.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (8K) Inf Solo
Nathan Trebes

Labyrinth Ch.2;Not Doing Well

A v2 to the first Labyrinth Map here on the Archives. The Japanese artwork is gorgeous. Of course Mr. Yasuda lives there! Normally when we see Labyrinth we run screaming for the airlock! And, a labyrinth and a Vacuum level, how cool is that! A three level scenario with the first being an information/transport level. When you get to the real deal & bring up the Map, if you don't gasp in awe at the complexity you're not grasping the situation here! But surprise surprise . . . this baby moves right along, plenty of air, some pattern buffers and you can keep your fusion gun well supplied. There is that little problem of finding four data chips, however. Things progress, this is playable, this is Fun! Worth a download!

description by JD

(2/3/99) (1060K) Inf Solo
Masahiro Yasuda

Where's the Juggernauts? v1.4

(2/3/99) (39K) Inf Large
Ian O'Shaughnessy

No Cover!

(2/3/99) (21K) Inf Small
Nathan Trebes

Small Barnyard Animals

(2/3/99) (10K) Inf Large
Graham Sprague

Armadillo Casserole II

Straightforward Arena play, could probably handle three players, two would be better as this is a very small area. Plats, sniper ledges, water medium you can break through.

description by JD

(2/3/99) (8K) Inf Large
Graham Sprague

Keep the Home Fires Burning

This one's a keeper, one of the best. A five-level scenario (six, if you count a little cutscene level) with superb mapmaking, beautiful architectural touches, great flow and monster placement. The plot is engrossing, and really well written, and there are no annoying typos to throw you during play. (This means so much!) You'll find yourself looking for new ways to fight, because the rocket-toting marines you'll encounter aren't as easy to kill as your average baddie... If you find yourself pinned down from one direction, look for another way in. You might find a back door that evens the odds a bit. Play it, you'll like it.
(2/3/99) (2990K) Inf Scenario
Will Briggs
  Name Description

Poked with a Stick

(2/3/99) (16K) Inf Large
Graham Sprague


An enormous 6-level total conversion. (Well, okay, not total... and that's its biggest weakness.) The mapmaking is pretty good, and the new creatures are quite cool (you can see them in a series of very nice pics here if you're up for a 3 meg download, or get an idea from this 500K desktop picture), but I was bugged a bit when a new monster, with lots of new looks/sounds, died with an old sound, or fired with an old sound, or... Okay, it's a trivial complaint. Overall, this is really, really well done. It's been out for a while (as have lots of the recent uploads), but it's the first time I've seen it, and maybe you, too. Lots of art, lots of sound, lots of music (that's where all the new size comes from).

Because of its extreme size, here are floppy-sized chunks.

(1/30/99) (26841K) Inf Scenario
Marcos T. Pinheiro

Tina Shapes

Female replacements for the infinity Bobs. Quite efficient looking... what you'd expect, actually, from a colonist (as compared to, say, a half-naked amazon). Comes with a very large sounds patch (6727K) that has the nice advantage of being selectively applicable to Bobs, VacuBobs, or both (you can patch one, and not the other, and have a mixed crew). Because of it's size, the sounds patch is available in floppy-sized chunks, as well.
(1/27/99) (240K) Inf Shapes
Loren Petrich

No Parole from Rock 'N Roll

10 maps, some conversions from M2 maps, one extension of a TI level, and a few new maps. All in all, a superb package. Everything from death in small places for 2 to huge, sprawling levels capable of supporting 8. Kree Nakorie, a level I hated when it was first released for M2 (it was so hard to figure out what was going on, and the aliens never gave you a chance to look around) is now a superb strategy level. Wow. Everything tastes better on a Nardo bun. Update fixes a couple of small errors on one level.
(1/27/99) (350K) TI Netpaks

Sniper's Dream 2

Sort of in the vein of Everybody's Mortal But Me, but with way more complexity. A central hill, in the middle of a raised cross... with lots of platforms (all nicely fast) and lots of teleporters (easy to figure out)-flow is superb, plenty of weapons... carnage should be really high.
(1/26/99) (20K) Inf Large
Darius Gilder

Virtual Insanity

A gigantic maze. Good luck finding your friends to kill them.
(1/26/99) (42K) Inf Large
Brian Sauber

Pit of Death (infinity)

A straight port of their M2 version.
(1/26/99) (8K) Inf Small
Carnage Inc.
  Name Description

Srea v1.0

Another chisel-influenced level. Lots of concentric circles... with some neat flow in the center.
(1/26/99) (74K) Inf Small
Andrew Miner

Flame Pits I

A large, open level with ledges leading to a central hill, all surrounded by lava moats. If you fall in, find an edge near the hill... you're not toast yet. Also available in an Evil flavor.
(1/26/99) (13K) Inf Large
Andrew Miner

Castle (infinity)

A large map based on (you guessed it) the design of a medieval castle. Weapons are in outer rooms, one weapon (and its ammo) to a room. The center has four chip insertion slots, for opening up the great hall. Beware of falling ceilings, though... Also available in an Evil flavor.
(1/26/99) (93K) Inf Large
Andrew Miner

Circle of Carnage

Pillars, lava river, lots of ways to die. There are a couple of elevated rooms off the sides, with 2x rechargers in 'em... careful, 'cause they're guardable. (Also watch for a weird bug if you leave too fast... you can end up in a glass cage at the bottom of the stairs.)
(1/26/99) (54K) Inf Large
Adam Rose

Alhambra v1.1 (evil)

A huge, wide-open, nicely-built killing area. Weapons and ammo come in clumps... so if you want a particular weapon, you also get lots of ammo for it. Also comes in Infinity and Tempus Irae flavors.
(1/26/99) (63K) Evil Large
Andrew Miner

Living Box Top

Dark, but with great flow, and a cool hill placement.
(1/26/99) (14K) Inf Small
Adam Rose

Fun with Dirt

Gee, M1! Map seems to be rather limited as to Net play. Crusher with which you really aren't involved, lava medium with transporter in middle, jump. Room at end of long alien-filled path leading to an arena-type location, Jugger (those old ugly ones) in the middle. Switch to reactivate elevator back to corridor from whence you came. This could be an in-your-face arena but we found this map lacking in the attributes of Net play. (Really stinks)

description by JD

(1/26/99) (12K) M1 Large
Adam Rose and Brian Sauber
  Name Description

Fever Tag (m2)

A dark arena with some sniping areas surrounding it.
(1/26/99) (26K) M2 Small
Adam Rose

Flow from the Sky

A simple, square arena enclosed by a wall. Access to the wall is gained by climbing the water towers... but the towers can be enclosed in solid columns. Careful if you're going up, and someone's near the switch! Also available in an Evil flavor.
(1/26/99) (13K) Inf Small
Andrew Miner

Did you just shoot me with that?

Tight, almost claustrophobic corridors, lots of teleporters, and bobs everywhere. Easy to kill a few by accident (and then your friends aren't the only ones out to get you...).
(1/26/99) (176K) Inf Large
Steve Barnes

Rj's maps (infinity)

10 levels, designed to be played solo (although not together). A bit linear at first... but good for a bit of carnage, if that's what you're looking for. No real plot on any of 'em.
(1/26/99) (1503K) Inf Solo

Flame Pits V

The most complicated (and in some ways, the prettiest) of the Flame Pits levels. Very nice flow, once you get the hang of it... before that, it's easy to toast yourself running out a doorway on the outer ring. Also available in an Evil flavor.
(1/26/99) (121K) Inf Large
Andrew Miner

Twist (evil)

Circles inside of circles inside of circles inside of... Lots of staircases. A central (small) courtyard. Be sure to collect your weapons and ammo before going in... for some reason, the center doesn't seem to be big on the engine's random list. Nice looking, and very dangerous. Also available in an Infinity flavor.
(1/26/99) (97K) Evil Large
Andrew Miner


(1/26/99) (11K) M1 Small
Adam Rose
  Name Description


A cool idea, in concept... but we couldn't get it to work for us. The idea is that you've got a bunch of interlinked rooms... and monsters in a different part of the level will open and close connecting doors, seemingly at random. If it works, it's pretty cool... you'll never know if that grenade you shoot is gonna blow up in your face as the door closes. In practice, we only had a couple of doors open and close for us...
(1/26/99) (60K) Inf Large
Andrew Miner

nine nine nine

(1/26/99) (23K) M1 Large
Adam Rose

Flame Pits III

Another variation on the Flame Pits theme. Also comes in an Evil flavor.
(1/26/99) (40K) Inf Large
Andrew Miner

Fever Tag (infinity)

A dark arena with some sniping areas around it. A straight port of the M2 version.
(1/26/99) (26K) Inf Small
Adam Rose


An open arena with a moat-surrounded low hill (you can get there from the ground, but not from the moat). Outer stairs lead to sniper perches... as the title implies, the emphasis is on spnkrs.
(1/26/99) (33K) Inf Small
Carnage Inc.

Water Ring

Two levels. The bottom is a maze of twisty passageways, with a few hiding rooms. The top is a more open circle-and-cross based around a raised pool (but still tight).
(1/26/99) (31K) Inf Small
Adam Rose

Rj's maps (m2)

8 levels, designed to be played solo (although not together). (These are 8 of the 19 in the Infinity version.) A bit linear at first... but good for a bit of carnage, if that's what you're looking for. No real plot on any of 'em.
(1/26/99) (1234K) M2 Solo
  Name Description

Gant Center (evil)

Modeled after the Math/Science building at UConn. Multi-level, open map, rather dark overall, but with plenty of bright areas. Flow is good, elevators are nice and fast, ammo is plentiful. Also available in an Infinity flavor.
(1/26/99) (24K) Evil Small
Andrew Miner

Gant Center

Modeled after the Math/Science building at UConn. Multi-level, open map, rather dark overall, but with plenty of bright areas. Flow is good, elevators are nice and fast, ammo is plentiful. Also available in an Evil flavor.
(1/26/99) (20K) Inf Small
Andrew Miner

Flame Pits IV

A central covered arena, with a surrounding lava moat and a second arena above. Judicious use of 5D space to supply a nice quantity of carnage space. Also available in an Evil flavor.
(1/26/99) (153K) Inf Large
Andrew Miner

The Lost Hero Preview

The first 5 levels of a purported 30 level scenario. Hard to say, since if you want the other 25 levels, you need to send money to the author... and these 5 just aren't good enough for that. Whatever... they'll give you a few minutes of blasting fun. (He really should learn about how to make doors look good in rooms taller than 1 wu...)
(1/26/99) (44K) M1 Solo
Scott Shertzer

Sniper's Dream

A multilevel arena, with access to the hill only from the outside ring. Favors the player who can run and aim up...
(1/26/99) (17K) Inf Large
Darius Gilder

The Toolshed

Eerie lighting and some funky 5D add up to pretty good carnage. Watch your back!
(1/26/99) (12K) Inf Small
Darius Gilder

da BOT

A sprawling arena with a couple of surrounding corridor rings.Nice looking... but the outer ring is a bit large (you'll be running a long way from opening to opening).
(1/26/99) (54K) Inf Large
Steve Barnes
  Name Description

Prison Tower

A central building with some very confusing insides, and a few outer passageways. Hard to get used to.
(1/26/99) (50K) Inf Large
Andrew Miner

Dark Rose v2

A true cooperative level... that is, this level cannot be played without at least two players. (You can't open the doors and switches without a second person). At times seems a little gimmicky (like some of the puzzles were created simply to be two-person puzzles, rather than finding puzzles that made sense needing a second person), but pretty well done. Only got through the first couple of levels... but we'll go back.
(1/26/99) (1460K) Inf Scenario
Adam Rose

Flame Pits V (evil)

The most complicated (and in some ways, the prettiest) of the Flame Pits levels. Very nice flow, once you get the hang of it... before that, it's easy to toast yourself running out a doorway on the outer ring. Also available in an Infinity flavor.
(1/26/99) (125K) Evil Large
Andrew Miner

The Altar

A big level, starting in a really dark room, with access to brighter areas. Some neat tricks, but the flooding one causes some nasty smearing... Also available in an Evil flavor.
(1/26/99) (41K) Inf Large
Andrew Miner

Pfhlunk v1

Bigger than it looks at first glance. Very dark (until you find the lights), and very light on ammo (until you find the secret areas).
(1/26/99) (36K) M2 Large
Anders Genberg

Flame Pits III (evil)

Another variation on the Flame Pits theme. Also comes in an Infinity flavor.
(1/26/99) (44K) Evil Large
Andrew Miner

Alhambra v1.1 (tempus irae)

A huge, wide-open, nicely-built killing area. Weapons and ammo come in clumps... so if you want a particular weapon, you also get lots of ammo for it. Also comes in Evil and Infinity flavors.
(1/26/99) (59K) TI Large
Andrew Miner
  Name Description

Castle (evil)

A large map based on (you guessed it) the design of a medieval castle. Weapons are in outer rooms, one weapon (and its ammo) to a room. The center has four chip insertion slots, for opening up the great hall. Beware of falling ceilings, though... Also available in an Infinity flavor.
(1/26/99) (98K) Evil Large
Andrew Miner

The Crossing v1.1

An upgrade of The Crossing. Nothing major, but it plays quite nicely now.
(1/26/99) (22K) Inf Large
Carnage Inc.


Circles inside of circles inside of circles inside of... Lots of staircases. A central (small) courtyard. Be sure to collect your weapons and ammo before going in... for some reason, the center doesn't seem to be big on the engine's random list. Nice looking, and very dangerous. Also available in an Evil flavor.
(1/26/99) (93K) Inf Large
Andrew Miner

Die Hard 4

A small ring, with a tiny area in the center. Travel between the two is via teleporter... well, travel into the center is via teleporter. (Travel out is via dying.) It's not as lopsided as it sounds... the windows open and close at weird intervals. It's pretty simple to nuke yourself trying to shoot someone in the center.
(1/26/99) (28K) Inf Small
Adam Rose

Carnage Soccer Ultimate

4 maps, all based on the same idea as DoubleAught's Carnage Soccer. Some nice twists, here...
(1/26/99) (80K) Inf Netpaks
Andrew Miner

Wrestling Arena

A weaponless square ring, for two contestants to duke it out. If you leave aliens on, you'll have the added challenge of dodging fusion bolts from clueless bobs...
(1/26/99) (8K) Inf Novelty
Adam Rose

Nighttime in Tool City

A wide-open, dark arena with lit sniper ledges and a lit hill. Straightforward, but fun.
(1/26/99) (14K) Inf Small
Darius Gilder
  Name Description

Arena of Death (infinity)

Needs a lot of work. One lighting type, no weapons, broken platforms... hmm.
(1/26/99) (18K) Inf Small
Larry Chesler

Alhambra v1.1

A huge, wide-open, nicely-built killing area. Weapons and ammo come in clumps... so if you want a particular weapon, you also get lots of ammo for it. Also comes in Evil and Tempus Irae flavors.
(1/26/99) (59K) Inf Large
Andrew Miner

Ground Zero

A rather insanely busy map with lots of moving platforms and lava to fall into and stuff to kill you.
(1/26/99) (14K) Inf Small
Ryan Rose

Flame Pits II

A large open area with 4 lava-filled pits. Switches on the outside edge control the lava height... and the aliens that can nail you. Best as KOTH, but playable as EMfH.
(1/26/99) (38K) Inf Small
Andrew Miner

Platform Fun III

Platforms acting as walls constantly change the shape of the playing field, providing differing paths for getting to your objective. Not much to look at, but can be fun to play.
(1/26/99) (46K) Inf Small
Andrew Miner


A large, sprawling level with a variety of area types. Open arenas, tight corridors, sniper ledges... should provide any large group with plenty of areas to kill each other.
(1/26/99) (457K) Inf Netpaks
Anders Genberg


(1/26/99) (4K) M1 Small
Adam Rose
  Name Description

Evadere v1.0

A large level, with architecture reminiscent of the author's Alhambra. A bit darker, though... and with more indoor space. The author has suggested a somewhat unique solo method of play-see the readme for an URL with details.
(1/26/99) (161K) Inf Large
Andrew Miner

Inner Light

Very dark, except for the (sunken) hill. Square.
(1/26/99) (11K) Inf Small
Darius Gilder

I'm Flying

A lava-filled level with a physics model that enables flying. Controls take some getting used to-when the run key is pressed, there's gravity, when you let go, gravity is gone. You can use your fists to move around (left is backwards, right is forwards), and grab the goodies in various alcoves around the place. Expect to die a few times in the lava before figuring out the flying... we found it was the most common form of death in the beginning.
(1/26/99) (25K) Inf Large
Andrew Miner

Mine Field

A raised ring around a deep hole with lava at the bottom. Don't worry, the lava's shallow... and if you fall in (or jump in), you'll end up on top of the central flagpole. Only one way down from there...
(1/26/99) (8K) Inf Small
Adam Rose

Sphere of Carcasses

A tower, surrounded by a lava-filled moat. You can leave the tower to grab the big weapons, but the bridges are narrow... careful firing that spnkr, you might end up in the drink!
(1/26/99) (50K) Inf Large
Adam Rose

Flow from the Sky (evil)

A simple, square arena enclosed by a wall. Access to the wall is gained by climbing the water towers... but the towers can be enclosed in solid columns. Careful if you're going up, and someone's near the switch! Also available in an Infinity flavor.
(1/26/99) (17K) Evil Small
Andrew Miner

Transformer (infinity)

(1/26/99) (38K) Inf Large
Adam Rose
  Name Description

Flame Pits I (evil)

A large, open level with ledges leading to a central hill, all surrounded by lava moats. If you fall in, find an edge near the hill... you're not toast yet. Also available in an Infinity flavor.
(1/26/99) (17K) Evil Large
Andrew Miner

5D Madness

A three-level 5D map. Once you get the hang of it, the flow's great. Mapmaking detail is pretty nice, as well... great for small to medium sized groups.
(1/26/99) (9K) Inf Small
Darius Gilder

The Altar (evil)

A big level, starting in a really dark room, with access to brighter areas. Some neat tricks, but the flooding one causes some nasty smearing... Also available in an Infinity flavor.
(1/26/99) (46K) Evil Large
Andrew Miner

Flame Pits IV (evil)

A central covered arena, with a surrounding lava moat and a second arena above. Judicious use of 5D space to supply a nice quantity of carnage space. Also available in an Infinity flavor.
(1/26/99) (65K) Evil Large
Andrew Miner


A multilevel arena. With aliens on, you're gonna be spending most of your time fighting ticks.
(1/26/99) (17K) Inf Large
Adam Rose

Fast and Furious (infinity)

A direct port of the M2 level with the same name.
(1/26/99) (9K) Inf Small
Carnage Inc.

Up and Down

A simple 5D arena (or pair of arenas, to be more precise). The name comes from the orientations of the hills (which aren't actually hills, unfortunately).
(1/26/99) (12K) Inf Small
Adam Rose
  Name Description


The beginnings of a solo level. Nice detail, as far as it goes...
(1/26/99) (57K) Inf Novelty
Andrew Miner

Orbis (evil)

An open arena, with a couple of satellite rooms. A good demo of the circular powers of Chisel.
(1/26/99) (31K) Evil Large
Andrew Miner

Midnight Carnage (infinity)

A large, open arena with a semi-protected hill, surrounded by dual-level rings. Needs a bigger group if carnage levels are gonna be really high...
(1/26/99) (15K) Inf Small
Darius Gilder

Warehouse 41

A central arena with lots of twisty passageways and out-of-the-way sniper perches spread around. A nice feel to it, although some of the staircases are hard to see around.
(1/26/99) (37K) Inf Large
Adam Rose

Backside Boogie+

Seven maps. A real grab-bag in terms of size and play style-there's big, there's small, there's weapon-specific... one thing they all have in common (well, except maybe Chrome and Metal) is great flow. Cava Solaris, especially, is wonderfully set up to handle anywhere from 2 (well, maybe 3) to 8... give 'em a try.
(1/25/99) (240K) Inf Netpaks
Mike Miazgowicz

Water Works 1.0

A pretty straightforward, find-the-chips-to-open-the-doors level... there's a problem with the final term (seems not to be activated, so there's no way to finish the level).
(1/25/99) (267K) Inf Solo
Jonathan Merriman


A mixed bag. 14 maps, generally with nice attention to detail, but sometimes with some weird angles and texture choices. You'll certainly find a number of very playable maps in this collection...
(1/25/99) (620K) Inf Netpaks
Lee Heida
  Name Description

Twin Dreams

A simple arena surrounded by (and intersected by) a cross-and-square built in simple 5D. Okay for small groups.
(1/25/99) (7K) Inf Small

New College Maps

10 levels, all created by folks at New College. A nice variety, including a few small carnage maps, some team maps (capture the skull, everyone on a guardian, that sort of thing), and general all-around nice levels. Will keep your group of 2-8 busy for quite a while.
(1/25/99) (1059K) Inf Netpaks
Matthew Grieco

Light Rail Test

Another of Lyndon Lorenz's very nice earthlike scenarios. This one's based on the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail System, with extremely nice tracks... it's called a test because it's not done yet, but don't let that stop you, it's quite playable as is. Read the readme for future plans... sounds pretty cool!
(1/25/99) (1182K) Inf Scenario
Lyndon F. Lorenz

Movin' Arena I-V

5 variations on a theme. They all center on the idea of a large arena with a floor made of platforms (hence the name), with varying degrees of complexity to the outer corridors that move around it. Nice, mostly... except that the platforms move pretty slowly, and if you're trapped in a lower corridor with the platform up, you're dead.
(1/25/99) (121K) Inf Netpaks


Converts your HUD to look like what you might see as a Pfhor soldier. Classily done, as should be expected from HAS... right down to the fonts. Deleted inexplicably from these archives... but back now. (Weird.)
(1/25/99) (240K) Inf Shapes
Hamish Sanderson

Dances with Drones

Very difficult, pretty convoluted... but well-built, and with an interesting storyline. You'll die a lot, but it'll be worth it in the end-you'll be stronger for it.
(1/25/99) (607K) Inf Solo
Rudi Bloks

The Incident at Quiliam

A 7 (or 3, if you only count the action levels) level scenario. Nice attention to detail, it'll keep you on your toes. There are always shots coming from somewhere...
(1/25/99) (2359K) Inf Scenario
Mark Hudon
  Name Description

Conquest of K'Yandra Station

A single-level solo scenario. This puppy is hard. Extensive use of force-fields... pretty nicely done, overall. Don't try to blast your way through... you'll only end up dead. Look around, think about what you're doing, and above all, read the readme-it'll keep you alive more than 2 minutes. Definitely worth a look.
(1/25/99) (1691K) Inf Solo
Rudi Bloks

Gates of Fenris Demo v1.2

A single level demo of the upcoming scenario, Gates of Fenris. Comes with a shapes patch, which doesn't seem to do much (except make the "slanted floors" hack look right). A few problems (some smearing from certain angles on the lavafall), but mostly a nicely done level, with a good deal of attention to detail. Should keep you busy for a while...
(1/24/99) (826K) Inf Scenario
Todd Proctor

Bridge of Despair v1.0

Pretty good layout, Arena type square with bridge in the middle, secret doors, variety of levels, and the S'pht are on your side which means they're pretty useless as usual, especially with that Jugger in the middle of your bridge. King of the Hill, Ball are untested but author recommends up to eight players. No cooperative play although solo is also okay per Mr. Mason.

description by JD

(1/23/99) (53K) TI Large
Nick Mason

Donut of Death v1.3

Another 5D arena. Multilevel, with fast elevators joining everything.
(1/23/99) (16K) Inf Large
Candis D. Manson

Evil-DOA Netmaps II v1.0.2

Update fixes the second hill on "Fused", moves the hill on "Slaughterhaus".
(1/23/99) (391K) Evil Netpaks
Jeff Swartz

Carnage Gardens v1.0

Another keeper. Large Arena with perimeter passageways for ammo, 1x & 2x, a couple of elevators, garden pathways. Supports KOTH, Ball, with a sniper outcrop to die for. Up to 8 players and is loaded with mean & nasty aliens for whiz bang solo play; includes a Jugger right there, in the middle of it all! Go ahead, fire your Launcher!. Remember, the Sph't are on your side. At some point lay back & watch everybody duke it out in middle of the Arena, too funny!

description by JD

(1/23/99) (38K) TI Large
Nick Mason

Burning Steel v1.0

Square Arena play, lower level populated by aliens for solo play, upper level ledges have good corners for sniper spots with a raised dais in middle for King of the Hill. Decent layout. Supports up to eight players.

description by JD

(1/23/99) (37K) Inf Small
Nick Mason
  Name Description

Testical Twister v1.0

(1/23/99) (18K) Inf Large
Candis D. Manson

Netropolis v1.1

Nice little 5D map. Flow's great, ammo is, um, plentiful. (If Bungie had built in support for 16 players, it'd still be plentiful.) Textures... well, I don't like the Pfhor set on principle, so don't ask me about the textures.
(1/23/99) (13K) Inf Small
Candis D. Manson

Evil-Plague Maps Pack v2.0

Four maps, Plague Planet, Winds, Water and Thunder. Some of these levels are very similiar to some you might have seen before. They are all nicely constructed. They are large, but, not extremely large once you get to know the level layout. All maps have aliens for solo running and most all net modes are supported. This update merges in a proper physics model, adjusts alien behavior, and features better term graphics. (It also eliminates the individual versions from the download, decreasing size from 440K to 260K.)
(1/23/99) (259K) Evil Netpaks
Nick Mason

RadialParadygm v1.0

(1/23/99) (45K) Inf Small

Evil-DOA Netmaps I v1.0.1

Update fixes a couple of glitches in one level.
(1/23/99) (604K) Evil Netpaks
Jeff Swartz

Jug Jug 1.1

A small square arean that utilizes 5-D space. This level is small and due to the number of objects and their regeneration rate, I had some blinking monsters going on, and this was even on a G3. Small and short hallways are accessed by elevators that orginate from the ground floor. Elevators need to be a bit faster and no matter what size of group you have, this level will give you high carnage rates. Updates speeds up elevators, and decreases some of the ammo.
(1/23/99) (31K) Inf Small
Candis D. Manson


Single level solo scenario... nicely constructed, and fun to play. Although there's no shapes patch, there is a new monster... and he's damned annoying. (You'll notice him as soon as you run into him.) Lots of extra stuff to find... take your time!
(1/23/99) (702K) Inf Solo
Steve Brown
  Name Description

DartBoard Bonanza v1.0

Complex square, supports 2-6 players. Sniper areas, bldg. in main lobby with goodies & a 2x, can get caught here, difficult to get out and would slow you down. A few of those stupid Bob's for solo play. Also has that Fish Eye & the Infra-red. We liked this map, except for the damn Fish Eye.

description by JD

(1/23/99) (17K) Inf Large
Candis D. Manson

Pfhorcade v1.0

A pretty cool little map... Narrow catwalks sit filled with spnkrs and 3x canisters stand above pits with teleporters. The teleporters lead to crushing rooms... so the key is staying on the catwalks. (Because of the 3x canisters, kills will probably be much lower than deaths.) Comes with a film in which RuGGeR whales on Pezman...
(1/23/99) (20K) Inf Small
Candis D. Manson

Ouch! Woman

A small two-level 5D arena. the stairs can be a little hard to get into from the top, especially if you're in a hurry... and the explodabobs are really annoying.
(1/23/99) (10K) Inf Small
Peppé Lé pew

Veil of Maya

A very enjoyable 7 (or 4, if you want to count real levels) level scenario. A bit linear at times, but always with lots to kill, and a decent amount of ammo to kill it with. Gives a very satisfying feeling to finish. Gets two thumbs-up from the BattleCat. (And from me, as well...)
(1/23/99) (1656K) Inf Solo
Tarmo Turunen

Lunacy Cubed v1.1

Hey, this is pretty good! Supports solo play & up to 8 players. You will be busy as this handsome well-thought map is full of ‘tweaked’ Troopers, a bad, bad Jugger & other assorted nasties. Recharger for super shields sure is a good idea! Sounds are familiar but we always liked those sounds anyway. Too funny, when you finally eat it, just lay still & watch the action, those crazy kids keep creaming one another! KaBlam! Pow!

description by JD

(1/23/99) (63K) Inf Large
Nick Mason

Leelas Return 1.0.5

Herr Grund apologizes for the all-German text in the terms, however, if you look at your Map, the level titles are in English. Three levels, and you better put on your running shoes and carry your balance pole! This player, due to the German text, doesn't know whether we talked to Leela or not. Always did like that gentle & helpful AI (Durandal was such a rampant rat!). This is a very challenging scenario to get into, bonk on the head, glub over the head, that kind of thing. But well worth the download. Good Map Making, somewhat standard, but a challenge as well.

description by JD

(1/22/99) (1448K) Inf Solo
Moritz Grund

The J¹raxis Hell Arena

An enormous arena with more space in the outlying corridors and small rooms than in the main area. Construction is generally well done, with nice clean Thunderdome-like choices. The main arena is floodable with lava, so beware... in fact, KOTH games are pretty unlikely to have very high hill times, since the lava switch is not attackable from the hill. If you stay out of the secret passageways, you can have high carnage rates with groups of 3 or 4. As soon as you go exploring, 8 will be too few...
(1/22/99) (110K) M2 Large
Jeremy J. Olson
  Name Description

ClanWars v1

Another keeper. Large Arena with perimeter passageways for ammo, 1x & 2x, a couple of elevators, garden pathways. Supports KOTH, Ball, with a sniper outcrop to die for. Up to 8 players and is loaded with mean & nasty aliens for whiz bang solo play; includes a Jugger right there, in the middle of it all! Go ahead, fire your Launcher!. Remember, the Sph't are on your side. At some point lay back & watch everybody duke it out in middle of the Arena, too funny!

description by JD

(1/22/99) (340K) Inf Large
Randall Shaw

Genus J'raxii

Six level solo scenario. Nicely done, with some thought put into how to make you flip switches in a specific order without making it look like you're being made to flip switches in a certain order. Should keep you busy for a goodly chunk of time...
(1/22/99) (981K) M2 Solo
Jeremy J. Olson

The Elements of Map-Making Style

A nice document detailing some dos and don'ts about mapmaking. These are well thought-out... everyone making maps should read them-there's probably something you haven't considered here.
(1/22/99) (53K) Info
Jason Parsons

CMCT Netmap Pak

A very good map pak from the Califormia Marathon Carnage Team. 10 net levels in all, with 4 by Stephen Richie that have never been released. These are some very fine maps. Worth the download, supports all net modes.
(1/22/99) (400K) Inf Netpaks
Jeffrey Wood

Sym¹Trikzzh Arena

Looks like it might have started life as Duality, but it sure ain't anything like that map now! If everyone stays in the central area, this map would be comfortable with as few as 3. Start exploring, though, and 8 might get lost... A few nice secrets, for those who find 'em.
(1/22/99) (124K) Inf Large
Jeremy J. Olson

Menkalinan! 2.0

An okay 3 (or 4) level scenario, with a pretty bizarre plot. (Well, bizarre might be the wrong word... but it seems to evolve with each level. (The readme suggests this might be the case...) Gameplay is pretty linear, but it'll keep you shooting stuff for a while, and that's the point, right?
(1/22/99) (408K) Inf Solo
Jeremy J. Olson

Balance of Terror

Hmm... this one's not really classifiable. It's designed as a teams map, with very fixed goals. On the plus side, the goals seem pretty cool, the level design is quite good, and weapons layout has been very well thought out. On the minus side, if the goals are used, a game will be a minimum of 25-40 minutes long, which is a bit much for most groups, the map is really, really big, making getting lost quite easy, and the whole thing has some quirks. (Aliens, for example, are nearly invincible. I finally dropped down to kindergarten, and it still took most of my ammo just to kill two green troopers.) Also, you might not be thrilled with the weapons layout... you have to think carefully, and be aware of what you're picking up. (This is part of the plan.) If you've got a really big group, and lots and lots of time for netgames, this might be for you. Otherwise, grab it maybe to look at level design, which, again, is quite good. The size is due to a shapes patch (another downside for netplay)-it's essentially a mix of texturesets 2 and 4. (Looks nice, if that's any consolation.)
(1/21/99) (460K) Inf Large
Bruce Morgan
  Name Description


A rambling level, with several areas all opening on a small arena. Secret (or almost secret) areas offset by the danger/ damage needed to get to them.
(1/20/99) (96K) Evil Large
John Bousfield

Turn AroundŠ(solo)

This Map is EVIL! AI advises they dumped a few dozen Devlin eggs on the base to soften things up . . . gee, thanks! Find the plant from location where you've been dropped, way off side (of course). Communications/Research facility being run by . . . .? Find the "Ice Chip" and insertion point. There is a way to whip it! Be advised you will be called upon to use your bean. Good exercise in Evil Application and those Devlins, the nasty things will always make us jump! Story is okay.

description by JD

(1/20/99) (385K) Evil Solo
Chris Wheeldon


(1/20/99) (142K) Evil Netpaks
Patricio Silva

Evil-Mystic Map Pack

(1/20/99) (1990K) Evil Netpaks
Nick Mason

Evil-Anorexic Sacrifice.1.1

Jeff Swartz is definitely a mapmaker to watch. This is a big level, but moving around is just beautiful. Elevators are quick, and almost always where they should be-you'll rarely find yourself running into a wall. The hill is interesting-centrally placed, and wide open, but defendable, to a point... You won't (as on some hills) be blown off the instant you arrive, by snipers hiding in the wings, but you also won't (as on some maps) be able to stay put forever if your carnagemates are any good at all. Altogether a great map.
(1/20/99) (64K) Evil Large
Jeff Swartz

Way Cursed Hock'n & Pinch'n

Two large levels, with lots of tunnels. (did I say tunnels?) If you are the type of net player that likes to fire it out head on, then these levels are for you. Some of the design was done well, but taking into consideration the motives behind these maps, and what they are made for, it geometry fits the bill.
(1/20/99) (69K) Evil Large
Richard Dierkes


A large circular arena, with three (or maybe four, depending on how you count) levels. Flow is pretty good, especially with 3+ players. The changing sewage level seems a bit superfluous... but that could just be me.
(1/20/99) (84K) Evil Large
  Name Description

Evil-Silent Fear

Leave the aliens on! Mystics! Devlins roaring! Oh; net play-supports carnage, KOTH, Ball, up to eight players. Very large layout, coop play, no. Everything else is here. Solo play for bored Marines, check it out for Net, fast & furious! Remember, the S'pht are on your side!

description by JD

(1/20/99) (37K) Evil Large
Nick Mason

Hammers of the Mighty Thor

(1/20/99) (36K) Evil Large
Lee Heida

Evil-Blazing Hatred

(1/20/99) (38K) Evil Small
Nick Mason

Feeding Time

Wow! An abandoned Devlin Breeding Station, cool! A series of walkways over nests, & watch out, they tend to drop out from under you! This is great for solo play & author says leave aliens on for net. By all means. Large square where you can pick off opponents from the walkways or be bumped into a nest yourself. Textures done really well. Better get rid of the Darling Devlins before you get rid of your opponent. Multi-leveled, offshoots to rear areas, TP's 2x's. Comes with a Spoiler, very concise & informative. Nice Show.

description by JD

(1/20/99) (162K) Evil Large

Evil-Forget Mortality

(1/20/99) (34K) Evil Small

Evil-The Facility

Challenging is always a nice way to put it. Really, really tough is another. Perhaps, think, man! You can do it! What a trip this scenario is for your Evil Application. This will you keep you occupado for awhile. Great use of transitions, water, elevators. Does the word hidden count? This reviewer was sweating when we realized that Mr. Jacob had thoughtfully provided a "walk-through" Film. Have to have it. Dare you to download & succeed without it. The end of the film may have you cracking up (is that a bug?). Get it!

description by JD

(1/20/99) (4646K) Evil Solo
Miles Jacob

Evil-Space Junk.1.1

Two levels. Both of them for the Evil application and they are well built, with some rather strange building techniques at times. But, overall worth your time.
(1/20/99) (201K) Evil Large
Adam Zettlemoyer
  Name Description


(1/20/99) (31K) Evil Large
Jeff Swartz


A stretched-out Waldo World.
(1/20/99) (21K) Evil Bungie
Snow Monkey

P I T - 4 N 1

(1/20/99) (83K) Evil Large
Lars Jorgensen

Evil-Future Ghosts.1.1

This map is all over the map! Big! Small! Corridors, ledges, elevators, lava reservoir, dark, light! Aliens for solo. Supports 4+, all modes of play. KOTH is kinda cool though. If you're familiar with Mr. Swartz's maps then you know what to expect. Expect the unexpected.

description by JD

(1/20/99) (68K) Evil Large
Jeff Swartz

Evil-Isla de Encanta v1.1

BIG map. Supports any type play (Read Me) with KOTH clearly defined. Large area contains water medium, open perimeter passageways in a fairly square arena setting. Handsome layout with 1x recharger & 2x's very difficult to locate (hold your nose). Aliens everywhere for solo play. Recon may be necessary due to considerable ups & downs of stairs, water, cubby holes, etc. We like this one.

description by JD

(1/20/99) (62K) Evil Large
Jeff Swartz

Bug Hunt

The plot's a little hokey (it picks up where Evil left off-the marine, now an AI god, has found Tycho's remains, and reanimated them as a cyborg, just for some revenge-based entertainment), but the level design's okay. Nice and dark, like a devlin-infested system should be...
(1/20/99) (2783K) Evil Solo
Elohymn Underhill


(1/20/99) (100K) Evil Large
Adam Zettlemoyer
  Name Description

Evil-Temple of Nasties

A large "temple-like" structure surrounded by a outside ring makes this level fast. Some very good ideas with design and flow was very good. Supports all modes of net play and is best designed for EmfH.
(1/20/99) (88K) Evil Large
Adam Zettlemoyer

Box Of Chocolates

This is really set up as a coop level, shoot everything that moves level, but you can play it alone, if you like. Sort of a plot, but mostly, it's just run-around-and-kill-everything.
(1/20/99) (690K) Evil Solo
Patrick Frye

X for EVIL

(1/20/99) (44K) Evil Large
Michael Paulus

Pits ahead

(1/20/99) (8K) Evil Small
Claus Selsager


Corridors, upper & lower levels, sniper spots, sewage swims, TP's, all here. Aliens for solo. Supports all play but KOTH. Fast & furious, you will be movin'. Re-con for sure.

description by JD

(1/20/99) (76K) Evil Large
Jeff Swartz

Evil-Screaming Nipples

This is a twofer download with two maps/levels, first of which is Screaming Orgasm, a nifty layout. Supports all types play. Hill is, of course, a Very Tall Pillar in center within reach of cool sniper ledges. Sewage medium partially surrounding large playing field(s) & very fast passage around stairways, transporters, arena areas. Roaring Devlins for Sounds, no aliens to be seen. Second map (level) is really an addition; Screaming Nipples, with those tall pillars serving as nipples (can you see it?). Layout here is really superb in that you have room to move up/down, all over. You should be up however as lower floor level is fraught with lava pools. Plenty of elevators to get you back on a that tall pillar connected by crosswalks to three other pillars, four in all. Supports all play although perhaps best suited for KOTH. Switches to turn off lights too! Aliens here including some irritated Juggers in your face, but that's good for solo players which this level supports. We highly recommend even though you might get a bit of smearing here and there, nothing one can't work through.

description by JD

(1/20/99) (586K) Evil Large

Dr' Kurr Station

A huge, mostly symmetrical level based around a central open area. (I'd hesitate to call it an arena, since it's full of holes dropping into the sewers below...) Level design is quite attractive, with lots of care shown to details.
(1/20/99) (122K) Evil Large
Liam Coonan
  Name Description

Evil-White Sands

A Evil arena level with a few twists. A couple of layers that overlap but map mode can still handle it. There is a neat Forge trick in this level that feels almost like a pusher. It can be a pain at times...Worth the download!
(1/20/99) (80K) Evil Large
Jeff Swartz


Underwater, most of the time. Upside: it's an evil map, so you've got pfhor staffs.
(1/20/99) (73K) Evil Large
Patrick Frye


(1/20/99) (36K) Evil Small
Jeff Swartz

It Doesn't Matter

(1/20/99) (54K) Evil Small
Ian James (Celos)

The Space Station

Read Me tells the story as author says terms don't work (yet). A basic "clean 'em out" mission. The Weapons Towers were cool. The Station is heading toward earth's orbit to nuke it to fine powder. Egad! We wondered how we would get out of here once we finished the mission as term's don't work (yet). We got out! Good little map for your Evil application.

description by JD

(1/20/99) (186K) Evil Solo
Argyrios Saccopoulos


A very good medium sized Evil net level. The stariway alone is reason enough to download this map. I really enjoyed the design of this thing and didn't spend much time on the rest of the parameters of the level. A mistake on my part. Make sure to download this level and email the author. His web page has all his creations.
(1/20/99) (59K) Evil Large
Jeff Swartz

Jjaro Studios

(1/20/99) (36K) Evil Small
Miles Ludwig
  Name Description


(1/20/99) (246K) Evil Netpaks
Kurt Murray

Evil-Tipatae Tibatoh

(1/20/99) (231K) Evil Large
Randall Shaw

Evil-Flight of Fury

(1/20/99) (73K) Evil Large

Evil-SSB Evil Maps

Four choices here via select. Aliens included for solo play, really aggressive Bobs. 2X canisters, heavy ammo. Terms within game are in Spanish. 1). Kharstle: Lava medium area controlled with switches by player, oval with perimeter upper ring for sniping. Seems best suited for maybe three/four. 2). Gam O-Nal: Very wide-open square arena play with terms giving expansive info (Spanish), circle in center for supplies, fast fast fast. 3.) SC old base: Lost in Space attitude, crisscross walkways over square playing field, switches to activate elevators, perimeter & center areas for supplies with a lower sewage swim surrounding all, very hard to get out of. This is a challenging map. Seems best suited for EMFH, multiple players. 4). Disc-Oh! Complex map with TP's for off-site locales, includes lava/water mediums. Starts as a square but evolves. Re-con recommended. Multiple players due to layout. This is a nifty package of maps that will keep your adrenaline going good, can you spell F A S T & F U R I O U S?

description by JD

(1/20/99) (1239K) Evil Netpaks

Evil-Crushed Hope.1.1

Another of Nick's so many aliens I can't even play solo Maps! A Pfhor Water Reclamation Plant, not too large an area but supports up to 8 players (may be a bit crowded) with KOTH, Ball and of course, Carnage. Handsome layout, and you don't sink!

description by JD

(1/20/99) (34K) Evil Small
Nick Mason

Pest Control

Winner of the Evil Map Contest, and with cause. This one is truly spooky, and well built. With a plot sort of like Aliens, but with tie-ins to the Author's previous work (An AI Called Wanda), and making full use of the Evil textures and monsters. The air ducts are pretty damn scary channels to travel through! Get this-it's a fantastic single-level solo adventure. And watch this guy...
(1/20/99) (1657K) Evil Solo
John A. Hancock

Evil-Infernal Damnation

One of Jeff's earlier maps. This one is a very open level that has tons of room for all out carnage. Lava textures with some baddies added for solo practice.
(1/20/99) (78K) Evil Large
Jeff Swartz
  Name Description

HM - La Virgin v1.3

For all who have been begging for an Evil Solo Map, here it is! Mr. Dierkes, that madcap, prolific to the Max guy has created another outstanding scenario. When's the last time you saw those Mystics? There are not enough adjectives to compliment the output of this author, one wonders if he gets out much or is it just so Easy for him. Whatever the reason it's always a Good Day when Richard's artistry hits the Archives. Absolutely Download!

description by JD

(1/20/99) (3760K) Evil Solo
Richard Dierkes


Two levels, the first sort of a concept level. Very interesting architecture, but the switched doors get old after a while. If you're building sweeping spaces, download this map... you might get some very good ideas.
(1/20/99) (310K) Evil Solo
Chris Komarnicki

Evil-Me and my Shadow

(1/20/99) (41K) Evil Large
Jeff Swartz

Evil-Siege & Damnation III

Mr. Dierkes strikes again with three winning maps. Of the level Maps (and where does he come up with those clever connotations?) 'Brutal Contumacy' has loads of ammo and various villains. We played solo and boy, that fusion gun really takes it out of you! Never did find the shield recharger nor any transport, just fight or be so dead dead dead, but cool. 'Profane Vigorosity' has all the Evil gang here and for solo play is most satisfactory. Liked it best. Three level layout with baddies everywhere. Supports several players but boy, will you be busy between the Mystics and your opponents! Third Map is 'Heinous Chops & Apple Sauce'. No Mystics but plenty of Pfhor to keep you occupado. Three excellent exercises, highly recommended. Net, wow, that would be a challenge x's three!

description by JD

(1/20/99) (110K) Evil Large
Richard Dierkes

Evil-Lets Tango

(1/20/99) (155K) Evil Large
Mike Miazgowicz


A very good map made with the lava textures. Flow is good, object placement was well thought out and the use of sounds was placed very well. This map works well with a large group but you could get by with three players. Most net modes supported.
(1/20/99) (84K) Evil Large
Alan Greene

HM - Gus Drips Pink

(1/20/99) (60K) Evil Large
  Name Description

Ill Tidings

(1/20/99) (300K) Evil Large
Gary Iams

King of the Fortress

(1/20/99) (35K) Evil Small
Joel Rosenfeld


(1/20/99) (55K) Evil Large
Jeff Swartz

Evil-Atomic TV

Talk about getting lost! Vast space for game play, very complex map best suited for EMFH, supports all play but KOTH. Complex layout for multiple players, 3 at minimum. Aliens for solo play. Tunnels are cool, can hang out. Vantage points everywhere. Bigger & better from Jeff.

description by JD

(1/20/99) (83K) Evil Large
Jeff Swartz

Evil-Staff Fighting

(1/20/99) (8K) Evil Small
Snow Monkey

Evil-HUD Patch

(1/20/99) (102K) Evil Shapes
Hamish Sanderson

Joker's Dice

Two tiny arenas, joined by a corridor. Pretty mapmaking... extremely high carnage rates with any more than 2.
(1/20/99) (27K) Evil Small
Yoshi Murai
  Name Description

Evil-Argonaut's Tomb v1.0

Totally Terrific Tomb! What a handsome, well designed layout in an EMFH attitude. Large square area, Tomb Shaped, with many, many offshoots; elevators & sniper slots all over, and a 2x affectionately known as 'easy pickings'. Smaller areas (notice the beauty of the mini water plants) plus areas for KOTH if you choose. Could support up to 8 players we believe. Even has an actual tomb/coffin in it. Jump in randomly placed pools for transport. This is a good one, the Pharaohs would have approved!

description by JD

(1/20/99) (186K) Evil Large
Jeff Swartz

Evil-Sights Patch

(1/20/99) (292K) Evil Shapes
Daniel Richelson

Evil-Fear and Loathing

(1/20/99) (55K) Evil Large
Jeff Swartz

Evil-Spank You Very Much!!

A level best suited for KotH. Media involved in this one for underwater fights. A small group will fit perfectly into this level. The lighting fit my tastes, very bright.
(1/20/99) (56K) Evil Large
Jordan Offutt

HM - Don't Panic

(1/20/99) (75K) Evil Large
Tom Kehler

Evil-Big Stuff Little Stuff

Arrgh! A vacuum net level! Not a bad layout, though... and plenty of ammo. Dark...
(1/20/99) (72K) Evil Large
Adam Zettlemoyer

Evil-Shadow Death.1.1

Two maps which are same layouts with v1.1 enhanced (meaner for solo players). Pitch black playing field, a circle with four convergent paths dissecting the field leading to KOTH area, which is a well lit deadly place to be. Elevators to ledges which don't appear to be good sniper slots, may work out. Solo players have much to do what with Mystics & those lower-body/head is missing guys. (who are those guys?) Fast & furious with author calling for smaller groups, 3-6 optimal.

description by JD

(1/20/99) (64K) Evil Small
Nick Mason
  Name Description

Jays Net House v2

Based on the author's house... really light on weapons and ammo, and with some nasty smearing once the place is flooded (weird liquid heights in neighboring polys). The version I played was version 1 (the version submitted to the Evil maps contest), but there's a version 2 included in the archive. I didn't try it... it might fix some of these problems.
(1/20/99) (302K) Evil Large
James Addison

Evil-Mikes Net Levels.3.3

An update of a net map pack posted here many months ago and more recently updated at MidWest. 20 levels varying in size and game options. Most are small levels with minimal polygons allowing for fast action games, although the amount of objects placed can cause problems in some areas (most levels also have initial monsters). There's a few fun 'concept' maps in here such as the ones that have platforms covered in 3x shields canisters and SPNKRS's with the aim to blast the other players into lava, crushing platforms, or a surrounding corridor filled with ExplodaBoBs. All texture smearing and invisible walls seemed to have been fixed, although it's still very easy to get trapped by sharp corners when someone's on your tail. V3.3 fixes a bug in 'Plastic Soul'
(1/20/99) (307K) Evil Netpaks
Mike Srstka


(1/20/99) (120K) Evil Large
Jeff Swartz

Evil-Dust Off 1.3

Now here's a little ditty that will have you guessing just what it is; Net? Mission? Scenario? Starts in a very large square arena with enough ammo for the ROTC crowd. Read Me says 'stay out of the tunnels', but course you have to go there! Xeno-forms (read Devlins) everywhere! Great fun for solo players. Terms with mission, i.e., go to the roof. Sure, past a bazillion xeno-forms who don't mind the light! Every side room, elevator, corridor is trouble with a capital 'T'. But what fun! Could qualify as EMFH if you turn off the aliens, but what fun would that be? Hold down control key, run like hell, shoot your opponents on the fly! Teams would probably work well. Fight your way back to arena area to re-up supplies. Good stuff here!

description by JD

(1/20/99) (121K) Evil Large
Rev. Bleak Cycosis

Evil-Limb from Limb

A big Arena style map. Two rings with different elevations support the outer rim. Teleporters are used to help the flow. This one is for large groups!
(1/20/99) (47K) Evil Large
Simon Christensen

Evil-Mucus Membrane

(1/20/99) (68K) Evil Large
Jeff Swartz

Evil-GuNby's Net Fun.1.1

(1/20/99) (67K) Evil Netpaks
  Name Description

Trigger Abuse

(1/20/99) (243K) Evil Large
Tommy Poulsen

Evil-3 of 1

Quite nice... 5 levels, sorta. The first is simply an intro, to get everyone on the same wavelength. The next 3 are a netloop... each is small, complex, with fantastic flow. The last level is simply the 3-level netloop combined into one level. If you've never played these before, or your group is small, use the three-level loop. If you're familiar with the levels, or you've got a big group, play with the 3-in-one level. Either way, enjoy superb carnage from a superb designer.
(1/20/99) (185K) Evil Netpaks
Jeff Swartz

Evil-Slaughter Net Five

Five net maps from one of Marathons better authors. Los Besos-5D level, Betadine-simple bilevel, B.Pump-a small arena, Chicken Pops-mini arena with two levels, Frenazo-a great level for those that like to sit and snipe. All of these maps can also be played in solo mode for practice. Most of them support all net modes...A very good download for those looking for net maps for small groups.
(1/20/99) (117K) Evil Netpaks
Richard Dierkes

Pay the Evil Piper

(1/20/99) (21K) Evil Small
Timothy Zulewski

Evil-Wild Things 13 Hops

As the title states, 13 levels that are visually pretty nice. I found some of these to be very fast. Object placement was very logical and some of the light sets were great. Fast maps, good flow and no deadends makes this pak a keeper! Don't just fly through these, there are some secrets to be found.
(1/20/99) (636K) Evil Netpaks
Lars Jorgensen

When Daydreams go too far

(1/20/99) (72K) Evil Large
Even Steven

Evil-Hope and Death v1.3

Another very good Evil map from R.Dierkes. As with all of the maps from this author he always gives you multi-levels within levels. This one includes some very good design and flow, great ideas and as always, some very good placement of weapons and ammo. Supports EmfH and KoTh.
(1/20/99) (44K) Evil Large
Richard Dierkes
  Name Description

The King Always Wins

(1/20/99) (592K) Evil Large

Evil-Sinful Consciousness

A small arena wrapped by a outside ring and a elevated ring. The middle is the hill with four elevated paths extendend above water. A fast map, lots of ammo and fun to play. Another good map from Rich!
(1/20/99) (27K) Evil Small
Richard Dierkes

Evil-Wild Things 26 Hops

No Bugs Mi'lady. These are a terrific & very handsome collection of maps designed mostly for EMFH play but have areas for KOTH, terrific sniper slots, lots of lava, especially in 1.) Longhorn Shoot Out, where, as you run about, the lava comes & goes, keep movin'! Lava continues to make an appearance in 2.) Domas Magma (duh!) and 3.) Don't Swim! The hall lighting effects are quite spectacular in these two, Lars has a handle. 4.) RIP is a very small arena type, best for Carnage we believe. 5.) Steel Pulse is very large & well designed to keep one on their toes 6.) Stairway to Health is a very complex Square. 7.) Valley of Death is also a squareish layout with perimeter paths, plenty of sniper slots overlooking a KOTH area, seems larger than megs would imply. 8.) May-A-One supports KOTH with fabuloso sniper slots, bridges and outer paths, 3x somewhat concealed. Lots of room for multiple players. Maps here are all similar but with different attributes. All have inter-map transporter and Circle type maps seem to reign. 14.) Think About It has a particular mean KOTH area in that you can activate a switch & raise or sink Hill into/above lava pit. Cool! Going on to 15/16/17/18 you get House of Sewage; N'oth Rone, A Reena & W.Y.P.I.W.W.Y.G respectively, all very respectable designs. This is a nifty package with, as stated, no bugs, plenty of room if you wish or tight if you like. Worth a download for the fine variety and smart design. 26 Maps in all, something for everyone.

description by JD

(1/20/99) (1229K) Evil Netpaks
Lars Jorgensen


Supports all modes of play with 3-6 players as optimal number. Map key shows two KOTH areas. Fairly complex layout for running around with elevators and medium size areas for splattering opponents. Tag would be good. Version has all the Evil sprites including Devlins! So nasty! But good for solo play, leave on for a team effort against the baddies. There's enough to go around!

description by JD

(1/20/99) (46K) Evil Small
Jeff Swartz


(1/20/99) (48K) Evil Small
Jeff Swartz

Evil-Death Zone

A very large arena level. The inner hall or area is the main arena and the outer areas are the killing zones. Some very unique design and you will need a large group or it will be slow. Supports EmfH and would be playable with smaller groups on KoTh.
(1/20/99) (65K) Evil Large
Nick Mason

Evil-Foul Binge

A netpak consisting of 10 maps. These are the Evil versions but they haven't just been ported over to Evil. He has gone thru and worked on Object Placement. These maps seem to be faster now that they are ported to Evil. Worth the download, 10 very fine net maps that all have good flow and some really nice design.
(1/20/99) (475K) Evil Netpaks
Richard Dierkes
  Name Description

Evil-Time Becomes a Loop

(1/20/99) (52K) Evil Large
Randall Shaw


61 classic maps, adjusted for Evil.
(1/20/99) (4684K) Evil Netpaks

Circularium v1.0f

A multilevel circular arena, with good flow, nice weapons allotment, and good level design. Works best with 3-5, but 2 could play if they don't mind chasing each other.
(1/20/99) (39K) Evil Large
Lincoln Mills

Evil-Urine Pool

Several distinct areas for play of your choice. Didn't see a urine pool, thank God! But at start-up you are in a Mae West-shaped area with water medium paths, 2x's & from there, it's pretty standard stuff. Supports 3-4 players.

description by JD

(1/20/99) (62K) Evil Large
Adam Zettlemoyer


A small to medium sized evil net level. One main arena with some pretty nice visuals. This level had some nice shadings at times. This level comes with a embedded physics model. Small groups would fit perfectly into this level.
(1/20/99) (48K) Small
Jeff Swartz

Over or Under

(1/20/99) (30K) Evil Small
Danny Holley

Evil-Castle Nemesis

A large, central arena with lots of room for carnage shoots. The author states he made this on a fast Mac, you will be able to tell real fast, the central area is very complex and the faster your Mac is, the better this map will be. Supports all net modes and best for large groups.
(1/20/99) (85K) Evil Small
Adam Zettlemoyer
  Name Description

More Textures... How To

A DocMaker file detailing how to add extra textures to a textureset. Quite useful for mapmakers wanting more than the 30-someodd textures Bungie uses... in very simple language.
(1/19/99) (690K) Info

Sand Pebbles

A large outdoor courtyard, surrounded by several buildings (or one, maybe). Nice flow, aided by the openable windows on the upper floor... a few secrets, but nothing that will throw off a net game-very balanced, overall. (You most likely won't run out of ammo, unless you're a really, really bad shot.)
(1/19/99) (101K) TI Large
Perry Noid

Take It To The Hill

Reminded me of the second level of Marathon Infinity. A very large, well laid out water arena level that has pretty good flow along with some fast rings. For as large as this thing is, it was extremely fast. I was expecting it to even play slow on a performa, but I still had good results. A good KOtH map and the author is requesting some films. Take the time and send him some email.
(1/19/99) (36k) Inf Small
Steven McGranahan

"To the moon, Alice!"

(1/19/99) (279K) Inf Netpaks
Lee Heida

Ready To Serve

A complicated little arena. Nice attention to architectural detail and lighting, but sound is absent. You shouldn't miss it too much, though, if you're killing people fast enough...
(1/19/99) (36K) Inf Small
Mike Sugarbaker

Pfhorgotten Pfhortress

A small arena with some surrounding corridors. Lots of secrets, but there's a film to show them to you. Flow isn't bad...
(1/19/99) (15K) M1 Small

Anyone seen the cork lately? v1.1

Arena style for up to 8 players. Water medium in large central room one can see from windows on surrounding pathway. Supports KOH, KMWTB & Tag. Crusher room, ouch, it's bad. Spacious, author says the more the merrier.

description by JD

(1/19/99) (40K) Inf Large
Jeffrey Wood
  Name Description

PipeLine v1.2

A large central, waterfilled arena with a dry hill is surrounded by a matrix of passageways both above and below the waterline. Access to the hill is pretty nice for a water level. Update adds Infinity compatibility.
(1/19/99) (27K) Inf Large
Jeffrey Wood

Smokin' Crack with Hookers

(1/19/99) (24K) Inf Small

Tempus Irae: The Lost Levels v1.1

10 solo levels and 11 net maps, from the group that brought you Tempus Irae.Although the solo levels don't flow together as well as the originals did, neither will you feel totally lost... and the mapmaking is superb. The original Nardo group did much of the work, but Marathon legends Randall Shaw and Randy Reddig each contributed a level to this masterpiece. If you've already downloaded v1.0 from somewhere, you can grab the 1.1 Updater (225K).

Available in floppy-sized chunks as well.

(1/19/99) (12078K) TI Solo
Nardo Group

To Squirm and Stiffen... v1.1

5 maps, all nicely built, all catering to slightly different tastes. Small groups should be able to use all 5, but larger groups will probably pass on the middle three... unless they're looking for 5+ kpm rates. Flow is generally quite good.
(1/19/99) (124K) TI Netpaks
Rich Dierkes


This has to be one of the largest, most complex net levels I have seen. It is really not a net level, although there are many starting points. I believe that the author has put into this level just about everything you could think of. There are some bugs, a couple of untextered sides, some polys not being assigned "alien impassable", but when you download this thing, you will play forever. Some very good visual ideas, but, almost "overkill" in some ways. This author deserves some email, download it, give it a try and let him know.
(1/19/99) (190K) Inf Large
Chris Souza

Pfhor Pfhun

(1/19/99) (101K) Inf Netpaks
Chris Souza


(1/19/99) (76K) Inf Small
"Vernon "Bernt" Legakis"
  Name Description

Where Evers lived...

A large net level representative of a house... nick job. Very tight... don't use the spnkr inside the house! Very good design work.
(1/19/99) (40K) Inf Large
Christian Fett

Seige and Salvation VII

Seven medium-sized Infinity net levels. These levels are all very good with all modes supported. They are stocked with aliens for those that enjoy solo touring. The size of the levels range from large to medium so 3-6 players will fit very well.
(1/19/99) (214K) Inf Netpaks
Richard Dierkes


A 3-level solo scenario, where your job is to clean up after someone else's mess (what else is new?) Starts a little slow, but picks up okay.
(1/19/99) (692K) M2 Solo
Matt Schenk

Psychodelia's Tempus Maps v1.8

13 levels. A real mix... there are some fun levels here, some really big levels, a couple of tiny levels, and some god-awful lousy levels. A few have physics messed with... one's sorta cute (bob-corn popper with a purpose), but the others are just annoying. DON'T play spnkr's house of horrors with aliens on!
(1/19/99) (741K) TI Netpaks
Cy K. Delich

Did You Get That Number? v2.2

Very straightforward map. Recommends 2-8 players or more. Huge Read Me which leads you to believe there's more here than there really is. Stairways (one or two?), sniper spots. Author would like feedback & Films.

description by JD

(1/19/99) (27K) Inf Small
Jeffrey Wood

Gallery of Death

A large, open map with 6 featureless areas linked by catwalks and passageways. Not much in the way of eye-candy, but I suppose the flow's okay.
(1/19/99) (35K) Inf Large
J Coffey

Shadowstalker 1.4

If you've ever played Mike Neylons WWW maps, you'll recognise the basic concept behind this net level. It consists of a 5x5 grid of narrow passageways with slightly larger polys at the nodes. However, this takes the concept further by stacking 3 identical levels, linked by 4 elevators, make tracking someone very confusing. You really need at least 4 players for this, otherwise you could run about for hours without meeting anyone. Supports all game modes, but EMfH would be the most practical. Version 1.3 changes some alien physics, sets the level as magnetic (making that motion sensor even less reliable), and gives the terminal an exit status so the level can be played solo. This update fixes a possible bug in solo games.
(1/19/99) (172K) Inf Large
  Name Description

"Step Aside, Junior"

(1/19/99) (36K) Inf Small
Mike Sugarbaker

Crumpet Monkey 1.4

At first this set of levels looked very familiar. Make sure to take the time to read the "read me". A net hopper that has some really neat tricks. I remember this authors levels due to the doors that open at a angle. When you start on the first level, you;ll know what I mean. Five levels in all, some nice geometry, some nice flow and I only found one dead end on the 4th level. Supports many net modes and will hold up to 8.
(1/19/99) (122K) Inf Netpaks
Todd and Ed Keating

Evil-FireKracker v1.0

A beautifully laid-out map, with a little something for everyone. This one second prize in the Evil map competition (first prize went to a solo scenario), and it's easy to see why. Try it out... carnage for everyone! (Come to think of it, it reminded me a bit of Carnage Palace Deluxe...)
(1/19/99) (78K) Evil Large
Jeff Swartz

Everything Is Allowed

(1/19/99) (10K) Inf Small
Herman Ulltin

HAS' EditNotes

Hamish Sanderson might know more about the down-and-dirty details of color editing for Marathon than anyone outside Bungie. (He has, after all, done 2+ total conversions...) In an effort to find some external value in the enormous amount of work he put into this stuff, he decided to write out some helpful hints for those folks interested in shape editing for Marathon. Beginner or expert, you should read this... you'll almost certainly find something useful here. (Heck, it's only 35K. Download it twice!)
(1/17/99) (35K) Info
Hamish Sanderson


A pretty slick 3-level scenario based in a city... pay phones work just like they do in real life (which means not all that often). New monsters, lots of new textures, great gameplay... try it, you'll like it.
(1/16/99) (1748K) Inf Scenario
Lyndon Lorenz

Marathon Term Text Decoder

A small app that dumps term text to a text file. Quite handy, if you just want the text.
(1/16/99) (32K) Inf Tools
Naoki Yokoyama (nao)
  Name Description

Marathon East

Hack your way across Europe and North Africa, helped along (?) by The Commodore. Not for the weak-hearted... but beautiful, even if you're looking at it from a puddle of goo on the ground.
(1/16/99) (1577K) Inf Scenario
Lyndon Lorenz

Scalpel 1.0.2

Even better than IZD-this actually excises zero length lines from your map! Fix your maps forever, and obviate the need to run extra software when playing Marathon on a 68K machine.
(1/16/99) (28K) Inf Tools
Bo Lindbergh

Fux! 1.0.2

Are you making a scenario, and frustrated by the limitations of the Marathon Engine? Wish you could, say, enable your new weapon (which you've replaced the AR-75 with) on vacuum levels? Want to change the color shift under media? Fux! is your tool! It allows you around some of the hard-coded stuff in the Infinity application itself. (Also works with M2.) Warning-you can really screw up and crash beautifully with this program... be careful! In Bo's words, "If you don't get everything exactly right, you're fuxed."
(1/16/99) (364K) Inf Tools
Bo Lindbergh

Metropolis 2

Three more levels of heavy carnage, based on the textureset used by the original Metropolis. Watch this guy!
(1/16/99) (1215K) Inf Scenario
Lyndon Lorenz

go with the flow

Well, this baby will give you a run for your money! 10 Juggers at once? Please! Although this Map is only 104K it certainly seems much larger, crammed full of good play. Go with the Flow, literally means that. Watch your step. Circle back, figure it out. Terms give good info/instructions. All in all a very playable scenario for Infinity abusers. Count me in!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (1040K) Inf Solo
Chris Wilson

Hot Stuff v2.1

A simple, nice-moving level consisting of a lava pit surrounded by two tiers of hallways. Update is a major overhaul, doubling the size of the map. (There are now two rings on each level, instead of one.) Once you get a feel for the flow, this works very, very well. Latest update tweaks platforms and objects, moves the hill.
(1/15/99) (119K) Inf Small
Jim Head

Wheel of Fortune

(1/15/99) (14K) Inf Small
Marcus Spangenberg
  Name Description

Hedge Maze

(1/15/99) (26K) Inf Large
Seth D. Kromholz

Deeper In

Big. Really big. Lots of hallways, some dark, some not... a few large rooms to blast people in. (Most of the hallways are big enough for blasting, so they're not completely necessary, but...) Doors and elevators are quite slow, so don't count on a fast escape if you run out of ammo...
(1/15/99) (66K) Inf Large
Chris Pietrzykowski

Volvox Station

When you die in space there is no sound, not even that little 'ehhhhhh'. Mr. Kaufmann, a University of Michigan grad student along with help from fellow grad students (whose majors we suspect were math with an emphasis on physics) put this complex, challenging and nerve wracking scenario together. Three levels and . . . you're a Doctor! Level one moves slowly until you figure it out, pattern buffer is available on into the scene. Very articulate terms with words like helix and advice like "remember your Newtonian Physics". huh? Level two is where that 'what goes up must come down' comes into play. This level, oh my Aunt Fannie, good luck! Still, we were jazzed by this Map and looked forward to the end, however when you make it to level three, read the term, and follow directions, you crash. At least we did. Several times. That dead halt while trying to make a move. Tried to no avail, must be a nasty bug. BUT download and play 'til you crash 'cause this is almost a winner. Challenge with a capital "C".

description by JD

(1/15/99) (1026K) Inf Solo
Andy Kaufmann

parallax insignia

(1/15/99) (545K) Inf Large
Edward Easton

M. Weems Maps

(1/15/99) (39K) Inf Large
Michael Weems

Come Get Some of Me

Dual areas for defense, or to defend as your turf. Sniper slots, water medium, precarious ammo retrieval area, 2x, KOTH maybe. The two areas could qualify as defendable bases should you wish to play teams. Lots of small side rooms containing ammo. Interesting map. You might be able to get something going here. Run-through recommended.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (47K) Inf Large
Scott Ingold

Mar 123 Map

Well, this one's fun. Your basic kill mission with all the troopers and other flavors of aliens exploding & flying through the air like your basic Bob's. Two levels, first one hard to get out of. General Mar is the AI, first time we've heard a General say "See Ya!". We suspect Mr. Gregg is fairly new to map making and, if so, he's got a good start.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (907K) Inf Solo
Mark Gregg
  Name Description


A very clever layout of concentric & not so concentric areas wherein you must make your way on assorted pathways and various levels in order to 'steal' a Time Machine. Has possibilities. Best you conserve ammo!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (218K) Inf Solo
Paul Grone Meyer

Kev's Map

Three levels with numero uno a vacuum level. Can't find air rechargers, shield rechargers & the Pattern Buffer, while it saves (only) essentially doesn't work. Triangular elevators are the constant in first two levels with hidden doors to same, but then what. Level three AI says we got you out & then transports to game screen. Not fond of this effort by . . . Kevin?

description by JD

(1/15/99) (1241K) Inf Solo

5 good reasons

Two maps from Herr Mueller with the first being the 'suicide' map. You, as a 'Mechanized Mercenary', are fresh out of stasis & called upon by Durandal to run a kill mission. This is an extremely simple map, best play it on Total Carnage if you want some action. The second map is 'Toad Stroganoff', a Net map with a singular square and a few scattered weapons.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (991K) Inf Solo
Philip Mueller

Net Pack #1

(1/15/99) (84K) Inf Netpaks
Justin Cooper/Sylvan Furness


(1/15/99) (147K) Inf Small


Odd. A whole series of levels where the object is to kill Bob... kill enough of 'em, you win. They don't seem to be linked in any way (except for a few pairs), so you're on your own, weaponwise. (That is to say, kill or be killed with your magnum and your fists.) Addictive, nonetheless...
(1/15/99) (201K) Inf Solo

It's Needs Must Wither...

(1/15/99) (61K) Inf Large
Brett A. Barnes
  Name Description

Fata Morgana

(1/15/99) (208K) Inf Large
Johan Borg

You're Going Down 1.1 (infinity)

We expected better things from a Cornell student who designed his map for net play on the campus game site (whatever). Very small area, says there's a Crusher for players who hide in rooms (one room), didn't experience although we tried, but really like the idea. Recommends up to 8 players. Not many places to hide, no sniper spots to speak of. Gee, must be a "Kill" map!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (14K) Inf Small
Seth D. Kromholz

Stomp Box

(1/15/99) (15K) Inf Small
Stephanie Schindler

Hahn Infinity

(1/15/99) (20K) Inf Small
Tim Kolar

"G4, no more?"

(1/15/99) (23K) Inf Large
Kurt Murray

Farchie's Revenge

A solo level for your Infinity pleasure . . . what a terrific Map by Mr. Kells! This was FUN! Very handsome design, a lot of switches and the Pattern Buffer is hidden; best advice, tab away. Worthy of your attention, try it, you'll like it.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (223K) Inf Solo
Jay Kells

Bob's Mƒ maps

Four maps that support multiple players. RUBIK: Large Arena shaped like the cube, secret doors to get around, elevators, ambush rooms, water on perimeter, will support lots of people. HEY HOGG/Bonanza: Small, very high Hill, sniper ledges, great kill ratio & very fast. The 'lost in space' view is quite spectacular in inner circle. THE DOCTOR SAYS/Turn & Cough: Linear map with an abundance of teleporters getting you to sniper ledges. Center is water medium with ledge hopping for ammo. Somewhat confined but fast with high kill ratio. DIE: Symmetrical with big vistas, water medium, long kill distances, not many transports out of water. Launcher is essential.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (49K) Inf Netpaks
Bob Vandehey
  Name Description


Right idea, nice clean little Map. Could be more thought-out, some excitement maybe. Handsome effort by Mr. Coe.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (364K) Inf Solo
Dominic Coe


An open arena with a ring around it. One buggy area (no textures, teleposting), and some physics changes. (Check out the SPNKR shots...) It's fun to go around blasting the potatoani... but beware your fellow players.
(1/15/99) (45K) Inf Small

The Sea Change v0.09

Oh, this is good. A master map maker in the making with artistry (see classy Read Me, opening screens), imagination and good storytelling. While you transport several times it is, still and all, one level. Pier lives in Kansas & included his Driver's license photo in the Intro and . . . it's cool for him to do so! We liked it. We also like this scenario. Sure could use some expansion for a superduper rendition of an Infinity "not even stupid" game. Keep going Pier. Folks, take a look.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (1571K) Inf Solo


TCAT/To Catch a Thief In the Read me we're referred to as Dudes & Dudettes, told this is cool fun. Not that there's anything wrong with that. In fact, the terms are quite intelligent with Durandal needing help with Boomer, tractor beam problems. This is quite a bit for a one level scenario but it moves along, good assortment of creatures, switches, etc. At the end you find yourself in the most horrendous tunnel/maze-like area you can imagine! You will certainly spend some time here! Early play is pretty good, but oh that last run through. We're wearing out our Map Key!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (1252K) Inf Solo
C. Carlyle McCullough III


(1/15/99) (316K) Inf Netpaks
Gary Nash

The Bob Shower f

(1/15/99) (30K) Inf Large
Martin Cooper

Shower room fun

What the . . . It's a Shower Room! Read Me states first Map that ever worked. Brian, keep going, Map Making is a life experience, ask the pros.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (10K) Inf Solo
Brian Fedde
  Name Description


This scenario doesn't say it's another version of Texus Stations (UPS), but it is. Think it may be a little easier, maybe by a nano byte. Three levels with a specific mission, and No Chips! Maybe one. Bob's are whacked and dangerous so keep moving. The UPS truck for transport is still a nifty idea. The spelling is horrible but we suspect it's an "English" thing. Will certainly keep your interest.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (1557K) Inf Solo
Henrik Madsen

PG-Jetstream 1.1

(1/15/99) (14K) Inf Large
Patrick Gray

Muscles in the Shell

A huge one level scenario. Variety here is tight access and then grand areas. Author says terminals are not worked out but they seemed fairly clear as to where to go, however mission itself is not clear. After exploring everywhere, winding down, following the jillion passageways & taking the myriad elevators one finds those fatal flaws so often seen when an author is inclined to make his Map the toughest ever; compilers that can't be killed or moved, troopers that can't be decimated - you've no choice but to quit and try again. Doesn't change the situation. This is a very worthy effort and a terrific puzzle. You could spend some time here! Complex map!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (1042K) Inf Solo
John Luttropp

RCB Bungie-thonfinity

(1/15/99) (22K) Inf Small
Rich Barker


A Map Maker from Switzerland. A very kind and gentle map, well by some standards. Progresses well, you won't wear yourself out. Great clarity in the term directions. A few twists. A first effort by Mr. Boelsterli (I just wanted to spell that again!) wishing all of us a Happy New Year - oh, that's 1999. Almost makes you want to ring in the New with "Marathoners of the World, Unite!"

description by JD

(1/15/99) (768K) Inf Solo
Ralph Boelsterli


Uni is the University of Tasmania! Three levels reuniting Leela & Durandal in the terms. Although Read Me states 3/4 players this is quite satisfactory as a solo scenario. And boy, you'd better follow directions exactamundo or you are in over your head, i.e., buried. Chips & Key Cards are the exercise here with level two a vacuum level, so you will be moving speedily. A good game for honing your deductive powers; repair the Unix, PC & the Mac. Okay. Worth a download.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (1029K) Inf Solo
Grant Davis


A strange map... two hills, in areas not accessible from one another. Lots of organic-like curves, narrow passageways, multiple exits... needs a big group.
(1/15/99) (28K) Inf Large
Mark Conahan
  Name Description

Chucker Brawl

Another keeper. Large Arena with perimeter passageways for ammo, 1x & 2x, a couple of elevators, garden pathways. Supports KOTH, Ball, with a sniper outcrop to die for. Up to 8 players and is loaded with mean & nasty aliens for whiz bang solo play; includes a Jugger right there, in the middle of it all! Go ahead, fire your Launcher!. Remember, the Sph't are on your side. At some point lay back & watch everybody duke it out in middle of the Arena, too funny!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (108K) Inf Large

Wra'khata from B.V.B.

Three levels with a minimal mission. The spelling & grammar are so bad it's awesome. Don't think it is an English thing but you never know. Good Opening Screen/Music with first term telling you "you will have to extinct the . . . . " Read Me says hard but fun. First level, do everything 5x's but term to transport out-of-order. Second level a prison & you may transport to level three wherein if you don't get the order of the switches right, dead end room/done. Pattern Buffers available and a great assortment of baddies to cream.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (1751K) Inf Solo
Benjamin Blaser

L O R O F+1

A Fabulous Scenario! A Bronze Medalist! Gee, this one was fun! Read Me gives an apology in that author couldn't get text in and so terms generally don't work. Trust us on this, use caution on action key at center term. Pattern Buffers work. Even so, without terms, this is sooooo worth a download. So much crammed in here, an excellent effort by Sr. Garcia, we highly recommend!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (154K) Inf Solo
Victor Garcia

Greg Nelsons Adventure

No Read Me with this game, however, from the Term text we suspect English is not the first language. Pack your fusion pistol for this exercise in mucho water, sewage, wet wet wet. A 3 level scenario with transport from the second level, and thanks at that term, to a "little space ship", this player thinks this was the end. Basically a two level game. If you like fusion action & fruitless attempts to utilize your rocket launcher effectively, this one's for you. Not a bad design, just very wet!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (1348K) Inf Solo

"I'm There Pfhor You, Man"

Nifty! This little scenario is nifty! Comes with a Physics model so please use then watch out for those Phfor Staffs, blammo! And Hunters that are firing missiles at you. Missiles? This is a terrific map by Steven and in the Read Me he states he's been working on bugs. We were devastated when towa rds the end we couldn't fit through a narrow opening, even with just our fists. Overall, we recommend as a great kill ëem exercise. You just may quit sooner than expected, or try another route.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (218K) Inf Solo
Steven Mast

PB's Aqualung

(1/15/99) (27K) Inf Large
Peter M. Bukowinski


(1/15/99) (148K) Inf Large
Victor Bellomi
  Name Description


Chappy is your AI here & your mission is to start a sequence to detonate the present location by finding & inserting eight uplink chips, through eight doors, in 8 or more areas. The planet is populated by Cats and Chappy the AI is a Dog! Chappy tells us that we know nothing, and the real order of intelligence is: mice, dogs, cats, dolphins & humans. Well! This is fun, not a very big area but some nice secrets about & chips in odd places. Hummmmm, wonder where that eighth one is, it's always the last one that's such a pain. Good fun map. Read Me is only author's name as submitted by. Think it may be a young'un.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (1329K) Inf Solo
Mark A. Youngman


(1/15/99) (31K) Inf Large
Rob Short

Decimate >-)

Mr. Schenk in the Read Me states he is 14. We believe it due to several factors, language is one. PG13 for sure! But watch this guy, he is working towards being a Marathon Map Maker Extrodinnaire! This is basically a "Kill all the Aliens" mission with some clever twists. Barry apparently is the AI (Barry?) and gives you clear directions. This is a large scenario with every texture, hallway, lighting, platform, large space, small area . . . you've ever seen in a Marathon game beautifully executed. Shapes patch included. It's terrific! Clever! Playable, flows, progresses. Two levels, some surprises. We are so impressed. However, that darn however; at the end of level two when you finally reach where you were supposed to go for transport, there is a Pattern Buffer (works) and a Terminal (doesn't). Terminal freezes my Mac and all grinds to a stop. See if you can find another way. This is a dynamite design from Matt. Eminently playable, lots of fun!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (1019K) Inf Solo
Matt Schenk

Levelia Map

A lot of mileage in this 68K Map. And smearing too, but you can get through it. When you bring up your Map screen statement is "Don't worry, your just a bigginer, let Bob Dole Do the work". According to Viagra ads we've seen, we believe Bob is involved in 'doing the work'! A kill exercise pure & simple, with those teensy little aliens. Dan should stop listening to all that dinner table politico talk & concentrate on "map making", close the bedroom door and keep going.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (68K) Inf Solo
Daniel Dorman


(1/15/99) (57K) Inf Large
Jeff Cedeno

Deus Ex Machina

A three level game with complex switch placement & areas where, if you don't finish the task while there, you may get stuck. Ms. Clapp has given this scenario Rambo Weapons, yummy! Some interesting twists and turns here, not too easy to figure this puzzle but the prime target is "Big Bad Blue Bob". The Read Me's a gas, something about Men in White Coats . . .

description by JD

(1/15/99) (2209K) Inf Solo
Susan Clapp


A kickass 12-level solo scenario (and one "net" level) from that master of martial humor, the BattleCat. Gameplay is superb, textures (from Borzz) are really well-done (and well-used), but what made this stand out (at least for me) was the tongue-in-cheek style. For example, Gary hates secrets, so secret doors have a "SECRET!" label if you check your map view. All in all, a blast to play. And only 4 megs! (And he didn't pay me 5 bux to write this...)

Also available in floppy-sized chunks.

(1/15/99) (4136K) Inf Scenario
Gary Simmons
  Name Description

Leap of Faith

We have no Faith, at least not that we'd complete this scenario, but we're in a bad mood today. Read Me states "have fun heheheheheh". 'Round & 'round, get the chip, put it . . . . where the sun don't shine? Or, maybe try harder.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (954K) Inf Solo
Chris Frederick

Square Dancing

A big square room, with lots and lots of explodabobs. If this sounds like fun, go for it.
(1/15/99) (4K) Inf Novelty
Gus Sronce Jr

D&M Ultimap

The reason we all have 60 channels on the TV is... choices. This NetPak is all about choices. 16 Maps, each somewhat different, all reasonable. These gentlemen are considered VidMasters in Japan, so they say. They would like feedback as to whether you like, can use, this substantial Pak of maps. They may have a handle. 1. Dimension Doors/Bungieeeeeeee!!! You can fly, pick up ammo for next level/map. 2. You Can't go back, Of Course; hideous maze-type layout. Gather ammo while ye may. 3. Arerona, pick up ammo, bunch of terms with teleporters attached, back to 'You Can't go back, Of Course'! From here to... 4. Lavayard, terms, transport back to YCGBOC. Then... 5. Sewage World, teleport to YCGBOC. 6. Then on to Bungeeeeee! 7. Miharena (now we're getting somewhere!). Square, KOTH, some aliens, cool layout. 8. The Eight, surprise! Different. Crusher, true net (whatever that means), multi-shape layout. 9. Colosseum, KOTH, compilers, arena play. 10. Carnage House Economy, pretty good, Baby Bobs, recon essential. 11. Photon Spirit '97, very complex; Compilers, Pfhor. Big layout! 12. One Hit Terror, maze (horrible), transporters on ledges, good luck! 13. Half & Double, rectangle, qualifies as standard net play. 14. Water World, square (can you say glub?), Flechette for underwater, raised central area for KOTH. 15. Dust of Disappearance, two KOTH locations, no aliens, clean design, can transport to one another's Hill. 16. Sewage Dome, best described as 'combo play', KOTH fer sure, Arena, tag with scattered aliens to distract. Not a big download here, but a selection worthy of your attention. Aliens in majority of levels, first 5-6 frustrating due to back, forward, back thing. But hey, try it!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (499K) Inf Netpaks
Michio Hashimoto

Don't Forget Your Meclizine

One level, you go through it a couple of times. Be sure to save when you can, crashes are not uncommon. Mostly, it's just go through and kill everything... there's plenty of ammo, so don't worry about running out. Not a lot to say about it, unfortunately.
(1/15/99) (961K) Inf Solo
Dante Suffredini

They came from mars

(1/15/99) (65K) Inf Large
Tom Kehler

Pine View (Hell)

Eat right, exercise, stop smoking and you may understand Pine View. It's Hell. A little ragged in the scenery department. A kill or be killed edition for INF.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (213K) Inf Solo
cattan mcclelland

Deep Forest 1.4.6

A large arena speckled with "trees"... large platforms that provide a sniping canopy. Teleporters bring you up, and water cannons on the ground facilitate fast movement (escape or ambush). A few glitches (bouncing polys, solid transparent walls, that sort of thing), but nothing critical. Udate fixes most (all?) of the glitches. Still minimal sounds... more than there was, though.
(1/15/99) (258K) Inf Large
Chris Grantham
  Name Description


(1/15/99) (14K) Inf Small
T.W. Jackson

Dan's Underwater Grotto of Love

Didn't find love’ but did find a decent net map here. Dan must be responsible. Large square with two sides devoted to sniper ledges or perhaps could work for KOTH. Many small squares of f the larger one for ammo, transport, hiding out. Elevator, 1x & 2x. Due to smallish size would probably be fast if opponents don’t disappear in all the rooms.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (8K) Inf Large


Ten maps for your picking-up-ammo pleasure. Map one is square. Map two is roundish. Three is titled Live Fast. Level/Map nine suffers from smearing. Level ten, well, watch out when firing that Launcher! Water medium in most of these maps, good ammo & plenty of ways to recharge when recharger works. Decent Package from the Suicide King. He recommends it here, suicide that is. Fire that Launcher Dude!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (162K) Inf Small
Butch Massoni

One Count of Reckless Endangerment

(1/15/99) (157K) Inf Large
Tyson Green

Juggers of the Jungle

(1/15/99) (19K) Inf Large

Death's Harbinger

BiG map here, Oval with upper ledges for sniper delight, offshoots decidedly cool! Author suggests a run-through to figure out switches, area. Off-site room, lava with a door across pool at the far end, no, don't get curious! This map would be too small for just two players, 8 would probably be just a bit too many. Set your timer on long as this is one heckava neat Net edition!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (59K) Inf Large
Matthew Sheppard

K'Nath Outpost

(1/15/99) (87K) Inf Large
John Viator
  Name Description

Mario's Maps v2.2

(1/15/99) (317K) Inf Netpaks
Mario Saullo


(1/15/99) (8K) Inf Small
Stephen Horowitz

time to kill

(1/15/99) (24K) Inf Large

"Your best bet, man"

A single level solo map and a single net map. Also comes with a shapes patch to replace the assault rifle with the m-16/m203 grenade launcher, but it crashed my machine every time I tried it. The solo level is a bit strange... the AI says she's Leela, but she acts more like Beavis. Keep looking around for new room exits... eventually you'll get to the end.
(1/15/99) (1519K) Inf Solo
Tyson Blades

PG-Funnel 1.2

(1/15/99) (11K) Inf Small
Patrick Gray

PG-Beam Me Up! 1.2

(1/15/99) (21K) Inf Small
Patrick Gray


Interesting story here, in the Read Me and in the Terms. The story was superior to the scenario but still and all, a good little exercise. Two levels; pattern buffers and, a definite must, a Shapes patch. You meet a "self-thinking" Jugger who is "rampant" and contained in the ParaDome. ooooooooo! You might freeze when you fire a weapon other than your Rocket Launcher when in the ParaDome.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (1963K) Inf Solo
David Candland
  Name Description

Vermicide ƒ

(1/15/99) (68K) Inf Small
Damon Holmes

Adexcoriatarium v1.0

Great Map making! Great dialog. Great story. Great mission. Great use of space & some smart ideas. A 7 level game plus two net levels. It ain't that easy either. But then, problems appear on the last of the solo levels, "Mother Can't Save You Now". What a shame. This reviewer couldn't make it work, definitely design glitches; aliens don't die, stuck between a wall & a persistent alien . . . that sort of thing. Maybe you can make it work. Might be worth a try (ahhhh the challenge). It was fun while it lasted!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (1545K) Inf Solo
Simon Biickert and Chris Spicer

Death Rotunda ƒ

A straight port of an M2 sniper arena.
(1/15/99) (14K) Inf Small
Gabriel Gilder


Originally a Map Contest entry (eons ago! We'll get back to you Chris!). Read Me uses term: 'Procrastination proliferating hooligans' aka Bungie. Wha? Bungie/Marathon (ab)users are procrastinators? Say What? Pretty good map, kids. Spectacularly large, complex, rectangle which could support as many as 8+ players, and also (definitely!) solo play. Would seem best suited for tag. Many, many, hidey holes, vast assortment of doors, passageways, stairways, hallways, you name it. 3x available, all ammo & every stripe alien working against you. Run through would be necessary unless you're just... well, run through is recommended.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (220K) Inf Large
Chris Baumbach


There are possibilities with this Map Maker's scenario. Handsome opening screen, articulate term's (from Germany), great English. Layout is imaginative, especially if you like sewage, old mining facilities, prisons and a designated takeout target. Watch out for that leftover gravel crusher in case you forget to carry an exit chip! Advice in a term, 'wear your helmet". Believe it!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (752K) Inf Solo
Steve Hunter


(1/15/99) (111K) Inf Large
Chris Holm

"Vade retro me, Satanas!"

Two maps, one entered into the Bungie map competition, a level from a scenario to be released later (at this point, presumed deceased). Hit the switch, wait for the door to open, kill stuff, find another switch, wait for the door to open... and so on. And so on. And so on. Until you finally say "that's enough, thanks" and quit. (The author could use a bit more humbleness in his readme, given the quality of the map.) The other map is a rather convoluted netmap. (He's not kidding when he says "I'm not on the net, so I don't know s*** about net-levels".)
(1/15/99) (466K) Inf Solo
Thomas Hverring
  Name Description

Don't Make Me Spank You

Look's easy, isn't. This is an exercise in running around but in a productive manner. Practice your timing for sure. And use your head.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (884K) Inf Solo
Mike Lanzetta

Credit Hell

A very good two level solo map. This is one of the maps that was submitted to Bungie for the Map Making Contest. A good story line and some very nice artwork. Some of the geometry is not the norm. But, it works. The author is asking for feedback so please take the time to let him know what you think.
(1/15/99) (966K) Inf Solo
David Lecraw

Exercise in Perversity

A small, dark, seriously 5D map. I'm not kidding... the whole thing is repeated several times. Don't play this unless you're good at spinning around... folks will come from behind pillars on a regular basis. Carnage rates will be horrendously high, even with the invincibilities... there are fusion pistols everywhere.
(1/15/99) (21K) Inf Small
Aaron Sommer

The Tidy-Bowl

The bowl itself is pretty cool, but the pipes are pretty annoying, and don't even get me started on the filtration unit...
(1/15/99) (230K) Inf Large
Samuel Baisden

Backfire 1.7

A small, symmetrical arena with superfast flow and lots of weapons/ammo. The only forseeable problem with KOTH is that the map's so small that you have a shot on the hill from almost anywhere. (This might be good, though...)
(1/15/99) (18K) Inf Small

Outa Here! Map

(1/15/99) (26K) Inf Small
Todd Holcomb


(1/15/99) (18K) Inf Small
  Name Description

Hell Hole V1.5

This 2 level updated version also includes Bastard game play, although starting at level one in Bastard you're frozen on a smear. What can we say about the BC's Hell Hole versions that hasn't already been said? As is so often the case, the Read Me is the icing on this cake. So oil the guns, pack the grenades, don't forget to shave for wind shear and . . . off you go Marine! Hone your kill skills and get your ass trained for Battle!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (320K) Inf Solo
Gary Simmons

NT's WaterWorld

Very clean-looking construction, beautiful attention to detail. KILLER monster placement... literally. (Getting to that first term buffer is a real bear.) The terms are, well... strrange. An adrenaline rush all the way through, though... definitely worth a look. (Don't give up if you die the first 20 or 30 times, though.)
(1/15/99) (499K) Inf Solo
Naoya Takahashi

In the Shadow of Lh¹owon

If ever there was a straightforward, good old days Infinity Scenario laying about, Mr. Finley has captured it all. Durandal, that demanding sarcastic, grumpy AI. Clear directions, flows like fine wine. Ahhhhh the memories of following Durandal, Killing Phor, Using Pattern Buffers, Reuping your Launcher . . . here it is. And it's Free!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (1208K) Inf Solo
Thomas Finley

...and one Pfhor all!

A three level solo map. Nicely done. Terms aren't too exciting, and monster placement needs quite a bit of work, but mapmaking is quite nice. Nice texture choices, nice construction, nice lighting... this one will keep you entertained for a while, at least.
(1/15/99) (405K) Inf Solo
Chip Barber

Personal Holloway

(1/15/99) (31K) Inf Small


Let's hear it for goofy! Your AI 'Roy' has his picture in the term; a plate featuring two fried eggs and a couple of curly bacon strips, looks happy to us! This scenario is funny! Opening music, 'Space Cowboy' by the worst Steve Miller impressionist you ever heard (ow!). And the Map is very good, interesting, convoluted to a certain extent, but Fun! A prison where they let the prisoners keep their weapons, oh yeah, that's a good idea! Describes the main bad guy, a Hunter, as looking like a "big Smurf on Crack". Two levels here. Highly recommended, lots to do. There are some problems with the baddies though. Activate too many and you may get stuck, or your weapons may poop out, at least some of them. Or you may have problems returning to a saved game so we recommend a "play thru" day. Even with the problems this scenario is very playable, just be aware.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (1629K) Inf Solo
Tobias Merriman


(1/15/99) (957K) Inf Large
Brian Wadley
  Name Description

Turnabout Intruder 1.5

(1/15/99) (61K) Inf Large
Matthew Dalia

Crazy Super Net Map

A newbie to map making is Mr. Turner & here has given us a maze-type layout with lengthy halls, water medium corridors and enough fisheye doohickies to last a lifetime. For a first map, not bad. Would appear to be best suited for tag. Lots of running around. Mucho Phfor for solo players.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (161K) Inf Large
Mark Turner

Are You Ready 1.0.0

A huge, sprawling level, one really big ring surrounding a smaller playing field. Needs a minimum of 4 or 5 to be any fun at all...
(1/15/99) (97K) Inf Large
Peter Vanatta


A tiny arena, surrounded by lots of dark passageways and underwater areas. Lots of places to run... but no room to manouver once you get there.
(1/15/99) (15K) Inf Large
sfere/Benjamin Fitts

Nobody's Fool

Two levels; requires Reeboks, fast trigger finger and outstanding action key agility. Pattern Buffer, also lots of ammo and a price on your head.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (178K) Inf Solo
Terence Coe


(1/15/99) (124K) Inf Large
r0b colonna


So . . . how can such a simple little Map be so difficult!? Read Me is sans info so you're on your own. And those platforms, so annoying with their Up&Down maneuvers! A terminal that speaks of getting to the "Garden", huh? Try it. A puzzle for INF fanatics.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (595K) Inf Solo
Gerald Helland
  Name Description


A huge, sprawling level, much larger than its poly count would lead you to believe. Gameplay is pretty good (that is, it'll keep you on your toes)... the only problem is that the level's not finishable. You're required to insert 14 chips... but either that's too many for the Marathon engine, or the author did something wrong, because the chip insertion slots don't acknowledge a chip insertion... and several of them will take an infinite number of chips (which is bad because you onlly have the 14 you need). If you want an adrenaline rush, though, it's a pretty good map for it.
(1/15/99) (408K) Inf Large
Jack Coyle

Delta Scenario

Bring up Map and title shows "Flip Da Switch", which is basically it. Articulate terms, 11 levels, fast transports. Chips are easy to find but this player may have forgotten one, not that it probably mattered. Level 6, "Fight the Power" ended up dead end. No way back, no way ahead. Da Door is closed. All following levels are Net Play. Basic good ideas here but don't you just hate those dead ends? Next level is Net so ok. We really tried but to no avail. Maybe you can beat it! No thrill in a solo scenario to transport to a Net level anyway.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (5788K) Inf Solo
Matt Ramquist

Waterworld 3

Circular water arena with back hallways, switches below water to close off areas for hiding, maybe. Slim ammo, some doesn't register. No rechargers. Looks like those switches might work when dealing with more than one opponent.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (20K) Inf Small

Delphi Interdiction

Good Job! Short but Sweet, you'll use that Map Key quite a bit. Watch out for Kill Area, that damn ceiling you know. Overall this is pretty cool. When you finally reach AI's core and shut him down terminal ends with job well done, etc., and then says, "Sleep Well". No transport to game screen, but be satisfied, you're done. If you accidentally shoot one of the cores, well you'll see . . . the abundance of Bob's (kill 'em) sometimes freezes your screen. This scenario is a challenge in many ways but overall, we liked it!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (412K) Inf Solo
Jesse and David Krebs


Large rooms, linked by doors that look like walls... vertical travel is facilitated by sewage columns. The physics model is pretty heavily weighted to the carnage end of things. (Be careful with the grenades, and with the second trigger on the fusion pistol.) I especially liked the second trigger on the alien weapon.
(1/15/99) (59K) Inf Large
Justin Bellomi

Three Beings

A three level scenario whose first two levels are decent; playable, laid out fairly well. Watch out for deadends, suicide situations as in No Way Out. Mr. Emmott states in the Read Me that as he knows we appreciate some humor, he made a valiant attempt at same. Term's/AI's are kinda cute. The third level is "one of those". Scant ammo. So often in early map making efforts we find a multitude of ammo but not the appropriate weapon for it. Just that lil' ole .44 Here you face Hunters. And they're good, or really bad as the case may be. Twenty blows of your fists just to knock one down. Bap Bap Bap

description by JD

(1/15/99) (1128K) Inf Solo
Andrew Emmott

Netaholics Anonymous

(1/15/99) (89K) Inf Netpaks
John Hopper
  Name Description

Metter Maps

(1/15/99) (322K) Inf Large
Bill Cameron

The Wonders of Solitude

(1/15/99) (80K) Inf Large
John Airaksinen

PG-Crosshatch 1.1

(1/15/99) (16K) Inf Small
Patrick Gray

Jumping Beans

(1/15/99) (14K) Inf Small
Seth D. Kromholz

David¹s Map

Entered for Bungie's Marathon Map Contest. Articulate story, three levels. Mission is somewhat unclear, but a decent layout. And all the guys are here; Tycho, Durandal, Blake. Some smearing and one area where aliens can't be decimated, be careful of getting stuck! All-in-all map maker should keep designing maps, getting better all the time, oh, one level is called "Octopus's Garden".

description by JD

(1/15/99) (630K) Inf Solo
David Miller

More Real than Reality

Sometimes you want to say things like: "this is another Rough & Tumble edition of the Marathon scenario", or perhaps "this Marathon Map really Rocks!", or maybe just give a bit of advice as in: Caps Lock Down/Control Key Depressed/Run Like Hell! Three hair-raising levels plus one Net. News squibs in terms are wry (those Quake people ick) but spelling in mission objectives could stand improvement. Plumb wore out this Marathoner. Try Fast Fast Fast; with a multitude of aliens . . . coming out your ears . . . they're everywhere!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (2231K) Inf Solo


The Map Maker here is co-author on Adexcoriatarium and this is published as a solo effort. Adex was tuff, a pretty good puzzle. With this scenario you basically get the same game. Might have a bit more flow to it, a little different design in some areas. Seven levels with the 7th a Net Level & very handsomely done too. These two scenarios, Adex & Exterminate, are very good for play, you won't finish in a half hour, unless you're a better man than I am Gunga Din! Worth the download, definitely!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (1483K) Inf Solo
Simon Blickert
  Name Description

Island Refuge?+1

Don't get killed! This is probably one of those guilty pleasure, very short, scenarios. Practice your side-stepping skills. Author says excuse the hokey storyline. Okay. First map effort, keep going and in the meantime we'll try to avoid those damn flame-blowing, grenade-rolling guys on wheels!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (65K) Inf Solo


A single-level solo map... decent layout, but too many blind and deaf baddies. Will give you 15 minutes of fun on Major Damage...
(1/15/99) (871K) Inf Solo
M.G. Randall

Bedknobs & Broomsticks

Very nice symmetrical level design-a sort of a helix design with some bulbs at the end. With aliens off, a fantastic small net level. With aliens on, a really nice training level... gets your shooting up to snuff around corners and in tight places.
(1/15/99) (44K) Inf Large

Hard Day at the Office

Rarely does one see a Marathon Scenario so aptly named! Your Boss gave you an impossible deadline? Play this game! Your subordinates are whispering behind your back? Play this game! The copier broke down 25 times? Play this game! It's surprisingly satisfying, a short map, quick heal, takes care of the old office stress. As in KaPow KaPow KaPow

description by JD

(1/15/99) (102K) Inf Solo
Michael W Simon

PG-Cathedral 1.0

(1/15/99) (29K) Inf Large
Patrick Gray


This is a great Map Maker and we would like to see him rework this terrific scenario of three levels, you will stay interested! Read Me admits to some bugs, evidently made on an old Mac. Believe this is author's first effort and what an effort! Playable, difficult, just bypass or go on re: bugs. Articulate, intelligent, humor, Durandal in the term's. Story very good. When your fists shoot cool blasts of fusion, who can say bugs are that bad! A twisty, full of things to do map with level two named Jingle Bells Prison Cells. Transport to three needs a little help. A winnah, coulda been a contender, close but maybe a piece of the cigar, not the whole thing. However, we highly recommend and commend . . . download for sure!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (411K) Inf Solo
Ben Philip

Missed Island

The Granddaddy of puzzle maps. This map won "best use of Forge" in the Bungie Mapmaking competition, and is a treasure-trove of super-cool tricks. Any serious scenario-maker should have this map in their arsenal of tools. (Yes, it's a tool.)
(1/15/99) (3532K) Inf Solo
Jason Harper
  Name Description

Hot Springs of Lh'owon

(1/15/99) (62K) Inf Large
Humberto Acevedo

Overlap 2

(1/15/99) (21K) Inf Small


(1/15/99) (18K) Inf Large

Mr. Bob's Holiday

We're busted! Mr. MacKinney apologizes for a rather small map due to the fact he has a day Job! This is a great little map, very handsome, and you're the Bob just off vacation. AI is Caspar Gomez Garcia but you can call him Gomez. This is a great fun exercise. Leaning over your keyboard to swim just that extra foot . . . know I can make it . . . umph! And no Bobs! That in itself is worth ****s. Get this one.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (187K) Inf Solo
Paul Mackinney

Rogue Moon

We don't have a contest for most difficult scenario ever! Had we, Mr. Thomas would win hands down, or at least get honorable mention. United Earth Military Complex Consortium is the AI/leader. Opening screen of actual Hubble space photos is impressive & beautiful. Can we get this as a desktop picture? Nonetheless, it's a maze, it's a labyrinth, it's going to take up some of your time. This is a well organized, architecturally interesting bit of map making but oh boy, it is a stinker! The term's are too articulate and full of directions for a poor dumb Marine like us to grasp all at once (as you're asked to do). Are we whimpering? Oh yeah! First level is informational "Lock & Load", second is "Fault Intolerant". We did pretty good; thought we had gotten almost home, just around the next bend, and then realized, there is no end in sight! If you succeed here, please send us an email & tell us what you think. We're always interested in feedback.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (3893K) Inf Solo
Tim Thomas

11th Hour

A big, wide-open arena with some cool tight passageways around the outside. Teleporters everywhere... you'll probably have to play it a few times to get the hang of what brings you where. Sizewise, would easily fit 6+, but weapons seem tight for 4 or 5.
(1/15/99) (30K) Inf Large
Will Starck

Jjaro- The Other Durandal

Three levels, good story in the Read Me, clear mission, love the "Muerte Machine". A few musical notes from the "Good, Bad & the Ugly", sounds really Cool! Not sure what to say about this scenario. You might like it if you like to go 'round & 'round. Terms/Durandal are good. Intimidating Pfhor as well. Shoudn't be dismissed too quickly.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (1755K) Inf Solo
jesse simko
  Name Description


Nice little Map but . . . Good ammo, small challenge, nice layout, usual cast of aliens . . . then the wheels fall off. At the only Term. At what appears to be the end. It's the damnable ceiling, & then Mr. Mac gives you an error message. We think we finished.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (62K) Inf Solo


(1/15/99) (11K) Inf Small
Justin Wood


Three levels of a great scenario! This one's a keeper for sure. Read Me is a spoiler of sorts. Opening screen, shades of Star Wars! Term info clear with a slight accent coming from Durandel. You want to be sure to look before you leap on the first level, watch out for suicide pockets which can be avoided using your head. This is excellent game play and will keep your interest as you careen along seeking what you must find and doing what you must do. Great use of space and textures along with cramped passageways and enough elevators to complement Bloomingdale's. Third level is challenging but doable. We're putting this in our files as a go back and play again, it's that good! Download! That's an order Marine!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (3234K) Inf Solo
Sven Reiche


Looks like a pretty well-built level, in Forge... unfortunately, there's no start position. Marathon will generate one, it seems... but it puts you in a place with no exit. Maybe with an update...
(1/15/99) (995K) Inf Solo

Be Quick or be Dead

I'm rather astounded this map won Best Single Player in Bungie's map competition last year. It's not a bad map... but it feels an *awful* lot like some classic Bungie levels, enough so that I'd probably call it creative plagiarism. (The first level, for example, is a hybrid of Waterloo Waterpark and What About Bob. The beginning of level 2 reminded me an awful lot of Arrival, or maybe Ne Cede Malis, at least in parts. It goes on.) Anyway, the action's good. What do I know?
(1/15/99) (1639K) Inf Solo
Mark Hatzitaskos

Phive Levels For U

(1/15/99) (199K) Inf Netpaks
Chris Pietrzykowski

For Ever and Ever 1.1

Comes with a bizarre readme that covers most of the other stuff this author has done, and gives one line to this map. The map itself is a pair of circular arenas, overlain in 5D space. They're different enough in looks that you shouldn't get too confused...
(1/15/99) (20K) Inf Large
"Gairdt "Hans" Lundeen"
  Name Description

The Lawton-Brronson Package

Turns out The Lawton-Brronson is a school club for Marathon wherein tournaments are played and relationships with teachers can be strained. Eight members called into principals office. They want to start a petition addressing unfairness, particularly of one old bat, er, teacher. We suspect this scenario to be an early, very early, effort in map making. Three levels, probs on level one, Rage, with registering data chips in your inventory. Level two & three, Simulacrums & Volunteers respectively. Keep at it boys, we will wait on your College Years for more sophistication in Map Making. We very much appreciate your efforts.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (3532K) Inf Solo
Gabe Haafke/Jason Hackney

Rebel Attack

Good Map, action key oriented on the first of three levels. Primarily a kill aliens & destroy facilities of the "slavers" who are using recycled dead soldiers, ugh! A Read Me and a Spoiler are included in this package courtesy of Mr. Gates, i.e., "created with Word Perfect". Terms are intelligent as is story.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (1354K) Inf Solo
Argyrios Christos Saccopoulos


Three levels with 3 Anvil patches to change textures to suit your preference. Also includes Spoilers for the four (counting original) maps/textures/mediums. These maps/levels are so complicated, convoluted, twisty, tricky, complex, switch oriented, etc., etc., with ammo hidden everywhere & Bobs so deadly . . . well you've got to see it to believe it! Highly recommended for solo play & boy, good luck for Net folks! WHAT FUN! Should support quite a crowd of foolhardy players. Download now! (Note to Bernie, throw in some terminals, give us a mission! You couldn't go wrong with any scenario you choose to design!)

description by JD

(1/15/99) (408K) Inf Netpaks
Bernie Wieser


Opening screen is the VidMaster's Challenge pict. But it's not particularly hard. A fairly straightforward Map with a few challenges, mostly switch sequences. Story lacks direction but this is said in the Read Me. Herr Kieselbach is in Berlin, ain't it grand to know Marthoners "are everywhere!" This Stonehenge not to be confused with the TI Net version.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (510K) Inf Solo
Dominik Kieselbach

Medulus v1.0

(1/15/99) (87K) Inf Large
Andrew Bromell


(1/15/99) (36K) Inf Small
Kurt Murray

Jamie's Mƒ Maps

When that old feeling comes over you and you've just got to get some Bobs and grind 'em into exploding particles of whatsis . . . this series of eleven maps will work. Included; Be My Yeti, Bob Cathedral, Bob This, Let's Get Bob, etc., etc. Up to eleven maps with physics included. All maps could work as Net Levels. Maybe Jamie will do that someday.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (327K) Inf Solo
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The opening screen is so cool! Good design by these bros. No, it's not Italian, keep going! First level a stinker, tuff. Three levels altogether. Very intelligent story, Durandel & Tycho at your tab request. Comes with Shapes & Sounds patches. Nice Map, good effort by the brothers Moore.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (2242K) Inf Solo
Brannon & Corey Moore

Viggos' Map

A one level scenario with three objectives: 1. Disable Complex Computer 2. Destroy All Aliens 3. Return Alive to Ship. Can be done toot sweet!

description by JD

(1/15/99) (181K) Inf Solo
Viggo Skar

David's Merge of Pure Enjoyment

David David David . . . How many invisible Compilers must one kill? Two levels, first one named Purgatory. Oh yeah. It's definitely Hell. More shooting gallery style. If you like to waste Compilers, invisible at that, this one's for you Marine! Blam Blam Blam

description by JD

(1/15/99) (43K) Inf Solo
David Gargus

Inquisitor Deum

(1/15/99) (114K) Inf Netpaks
Tom Bridge

Spiral Hell

One level but crammed full. A challenge if you have lead feet. Term info is somewhat ragged but one can follow. Explore and establish power links is primary mission. Aliens are very aggressive so watch out. AI is not identified but encourages you with "hurry" and like terms. A good little, or not so little, scenario for INF.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (1835K) Inf Solo
Crispin Jones

PG-Focus 1.0

(1/15/99) (7K) Inf Small
Patrick Gray

Hot-handed God of Cops 1.0.3

(1/15/99) (462K) Inf Large
Dan Preston
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El Lobo Feroce

One level, Switch City! Pretty good layout, a lot of running around, decent puzzle here. Could stand better direction for the player, what final result are we looking for? But a good run for your money.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (190K) Inf Solo
Jeff Model


(1/15/99) (46K) Inf Large
Ed Schenk

Here Be Dragons

(1/15/99) (83K) Inf Large

Figure ƒ

Small map but well laid out. Recommended for two players (because that's the number of computers author has access to). Plenty of goodies to re-up your health. Sniper slots, stairs. Might just be really fast & furious! Oh, Arend is 3rd place winner of the Frog Blast the Vent Core contest & is awaiting his "bucket o' guts" prize...

description by JD

(1/15/99) (25K) Inf Small
Arend C Miller

Jameson's Contest Maps

(1/15/99) (94K) Inf Netpaks
Jameson Fisher


Deceptively large figure eight map with a few Troopers thrown in. Off shoot areas with ammo, access to sniper ledges, hideaway areas pulled together by teleporters. Fast, should support at least four players. Clever design here.

description by JD

(1/15/99) (16K) Inf Large
Dale Munoz

Ground Hog

(1/15/99) (37K) Inf Large
Rick Tuttle
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Won Best Net Map in Bungie's mapmaking competition... and it really is a blast. A central waterfilled arena, surrounded by three satellites... and a bunch of secrets. Travel between the areas is accomplished via water cannon, most of the time (although other routes are available). The cannons are a great place to reload when you're out of ammo, but beware the exit... you might just find someone waiting for you there. Best as a King of the Hill map, but plays fine in EMFH mode. Very well done.
(1/15/99) (94K) Inf Large
"Liam "Anubis" Furniss"